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MEMBER SERVICES1840 W 49th StreetHialeah, Florida 33012305-817-4261IF YOU ARE UNHAPPYThe plan is here to serve you, if you have a complaint or issueregarding the plan, its operation or any discounts received onincluded services from participating providers, please contactAMERICARD by telephone (305-817-4261); email [email protected] or by mail at AccessOne Consumer Health, Inc. Dept. AEBAM 84 Villa Rd Greenville SC29615 PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU PROVIDE A WAY FOR US TOGET BACK IN TOUCH WITH YOU.2AEBAM GUIDE/07-11

MEMBER AGREEMENTYou are a participant in a Discount Medical Plan Organization (Plan) provided byAccessOne Consumer Health, Inc. (ACH). Shown below are the terms and conditionsof your membership in the Plan. This agreement is between you and AccessOne.The effective date of your membership is shown on the Member ID and shall continue from month to month until AccessOne is notified of your cancellation.The Monthly Charge for participation in the Plan is 29.95 per household (childrenliving in the same household up to age 26 included)The One Time Non-Refundable Processing Fee is: 30.00DISCLOSURESThe plan is NOT insurance;The plan provides discounts at certain health care providers formedical services;The plan does not make payments directly to the providers ofmedical services;The plan member is obligated to pay for all health care servicesbut will receive a discount from those health care providers who havecontracted with the discount plan organization;The name and address of the licensed Discount Medical Plan Organization: Access One Consumer Health, Inc., 84 Villa Road, Greenville, SC29615; (800)896-1962; may find a list of participating providers at: or youmay call: 305-817 4261. You will be able to apply plan discounts to all participatingproviders of each participating network.Participants receive the following: Discounts at participating physicians, podiatrist,chiropractors, and diagnostic imaging centers ranging from 10-50% off standardbilled charges. The rates for participating dentist are from 5-50% off standardbilled charges and average 20%. The vision services (including lenses and frames)are available at participating providers with discounts of 5% to 50% with an average of 25%, Prepaid Labs 5% to 70%, hearing services discounts of 5% to 20%and participating pharmacies provide discounts of 5% to 40%.The Member Agreement (AEBMPA 2011.06), Member Guide (AEBAM GUIDE/07-11)and3AEBAM GUIDE/07-11

Member ID Card (AO-AEBID 08-11) represent the entire Member Agreement between you and AccessOne Consumer Health, Inc. In addition to the discounts included in the Plan, you also receive 24/7 telephonic access to licensed physiciansfor consultative and diagnostic services. All members are also eligible to medicalfinancial advocacy when the total medical bills for any one occurrence exceed 2500. Detailed information on how to use these additional benefits is included inthe Member Guide (AEBAM GUIDE/07-11 )You will be billed at the time of service by the participating provider who will applythe applicable discounts to that bill. In no instance can AccessOne make paymentsdirectly to the provider on your behalf.Your participation in the plan will continue from month to month upon payment ofyour monthly fee and shall cease upon (i) your failure to make the monthly payment; or (ii) notification in writing (USPS), email or facsimile) of you desire to cancel.You may cancel your membership in the Plan within the first thirty (30) days afterthe effective date of membership and receive a full refund on any fees or duespaid, less the non-refundable processing fee. After the first thirty (30) days, youmay cancel participation at any time and if you have pre-paid any membershipfees, the prepayment will be refunded on a pro-rata basis for months you have notused. Notification must be received at least five (5) business days in advance of thenext billing cycle for you not to be charged for that billing cycle. AccessOne mayterminate your participation in the plan if you fail to make your membership payment when due.This plan includes you and your dependent children at no charge. You are not required to list your dependants to participate in the plan. You may add children bycalling AccessOne at 305-817-4261.If you have a complaint regarding the plan you may go or call 800-896-1962. You may also write to AccessOneConsumer Health, Inc. 84 Villa Rd. Greenville, SC 29615. The complaint will be addressed and you will receive a response within 15 days.This Agreement and its Benefit Descriptions represent the entire agreement between you and AccessOne Consumer Health, Inc. and supersede all other prior representations, statements, or written agreements between you and AccessOne.AccessOne Consumer Health, Inc. has no liability for providing nor guaranteeingservice or any liability for the quality of services rendered.You may call Americard Health Network for information on how to use your card:305-817 4261 or 800-772 4522. Visit: or writeto: [email protected] GUIDE/07-11

MEDICALSERVICESACCESSAt participating medicalproviders receive aminimum discount of10% up to 50% at localparticipating providersincluding primary care,family practice, pediatricians,podiatrists,chiropractors.HOW TO USECall your participating primary care physician or pediatrician andmake an appointment. Print the PROVIDER LETTER onpage 7 and present it and your AMERICARD HEALTH NETWORKFOR FAMILIES card at check in when you arrive. To receive thediscount you must pay for services at the time they are rendered.You are required to pay for services at the time they are rendered to receive the special pricing or applicable discount. Tocheck to see If you doctor participates or if you do not have adoctor call AMERICARD HEALTH NETWORK FOR FAMILIES at(305) 817-4261 or visit BE PREPARED TO PAY FOR YOUR VISIT BEFORE YOULEAVE THE PROVIDER’S OFFICE.5AEBAM GUIDE/07-11

If the doctor orders outside labs or other diagnostic tests,make sure that you are referred to a participating test facility.PREPAID LABS & IMAGINGPrepaid Labs - Call 1-800-903-3921 to find a lab near you andorder your test. You must prepay for the services in order toreceive the discounted rate from 20% up to 70% off regularprices.Prepaid Diagnostic Imaging Centers - 10% to 70% off ofservices on CT Scan, MRI, and Pet Scan. All services may notbe offered at each location and will vary according to providerlocation. To make an appointment call 1-877-321-0793.Americard is NOT Insurance. It is not a replacement for insurance. Itis a discounted fee for service program. Neither Americard, AccessOneor any of the provider networks pay for any services rendered by providers nor do they represent the quality of services given. Provider selection is at the full discretion of the member.6AEBAM GUIDE/07-11

WHEN YOU GO TO A PARTICIPATING PROVIDERBRING THIS LETTER WITH YOU(you may copy it as many times as you want)Dear Doctor:Please take a moment to read some important informationabout the consumer card being presented to you. The memberis entitled to receive the negotiated allowable amount throughyour preferred provider agreement with First Access, ProviderSelect, or its affiliated networks.To obtain this amount: CALL 1-888-807-8798Physician savings will be calculated and stated over the phoneand the patient will pay that amount at the time of service.You can expect the following from consumer card patients:100% direction24/7 toll-free access for patient responsibilityIncrease patient volumeNo forms or restrictions. This is not insurance and you cannotbill First Access or its affiliated networks for any portion of yourfees.If you have any questions about the network, please contactProvider Relations at 1-800-730-9730.Thank you for your cooperation in providing these essentialhealth services to our members.Sincerely;First Access Provider NetworkAccessOne Consumer Health, Inc.7AEBAM GUIDE/07-11

DENTALACCESSAs a member of theprogram, you and yourfamily have access toa national network ofover 102,000 availabledental practice locations to choose fromnationwide and over13,000 here in Florida.At participating dental locations, savings are on average20% and may range up to 50% on some dental services,including cleanings, x-rays, fillings, root canals, crowns,bridges and orthodontia.HOW TO to search for a provider or call(800)752-1547.You will be requested to provide your name,group number, membership number and zip code. Once yourinformation is confirmed, you will be provided with the namesand telephone numbers of participating dentists in your community. Please make sure to identify yourself as an DENTEMAXmember when making an appointment and verify the provider isan active participant of the DENTEMAX network. Next, simply present your ID card at a participating dental office to receive your discount and pay at the time of service.Always show your ID cardeach time you visit a provider.8AEBAM GUIDE/07-11

Discount services included under the plan are:Preventative, Diagnostic, Therapeutic: Expenses for examination, x-rays, cleanings, fluoride application and other preventative procedures.Basic Restorative, Endodontic, Periodontics, Oral Surgery:Expenses for extractions, restoration, oral surgery & endodontic treatment.Major Restoration, Prosthodontics: Expenses for crowns,fixed bridgework, full and partial dentures.Orthodontics: Expenses for orthodontic treatment, appliances and follow-up careRemember, the more you use the dental services, the more yousave.Actual cost and savings vary by providerand geographic area.Americard is NOT Insurance. It is not a replacement for insurance. Itis a discounted fee for service program. Neither Americard, AccessOneor any of the provider networks pay for any services rendered by providers nor do they represent the quality of services given. Provider selection is at the full discretion of the member. Selection of a dentist isalso the responsibility of the member and is not based on any representations by DENTEMAX.9AEBAM GUIDE/07-11

VISIONACCESSOver 11,500 opticalcenters offer averagediscounts of 10% to 50%off the regular retailprice of eyeglasses,contact lenses, sunglasses and correctivesurgery (Lasik, RPK,etc.).The Outlook Vision network includes major chains andindependent eye care centers. In addition to local retail optical providers, Outlook Vision also has a mail-order contact lens program for the convenience of our members.Members may save substantially off retail prices by ordering replacement contact lenses from this service.HIGHLIGHTSNationwide vision care discount network consisting of over11,500 providers.Average discounts from 5% to 50% on frames, prescriptionlenses and sunglasses.Mail-order contact lenses replacement program.Discounts on corrective surgery.Purchase as often as you like.Choose from the most popular frames, tints and lenses.Immediate savings at point of purchase.Discounts are applied at the point of sale.No paperwork.10AEBAM GUIDE/07-11

85% of the U.S. population resides within a 15-minute driveof an Outlook provider.Customer service representatives (rather than recordings)answer questions and direct members to Outlook Visionproviders.HOW TO USEAlways show your ID card each time youvisit the provider.Toaccessthevisionnetwork: Simply go or call (800)342-7188 to search fora provider. The customer service representative will request yourname, group number, membership number and zip code. Onceyour information is confirmed, you will be provided with thenames and telephone numbers of participating vision locationsin your community. Please make sure to identify yourself as anOutlook Vision member when making an appointment with aparticipating provider.Mail order program: Call 1-800-CONTACTS and identifyyourself as an OUTLOOK VISION member. You will receivean additional 10% off the service.Americard is NOT insurance. It is not a replacement for insurance. Itis a discounted fee for service program. Neither Americard, AccessOneor any of the provider networks pay for any services rendered by providers nor do they represent the quality of services given. Provider selection is at the full discretion of the member.11AEBAM GUIDE/07-11

PHARMACYSAVINGSThere are more than54,000participatinglocations across thecountry. You can alsouse the mail order program for deeper savings on maintenanceprescriptions.If a participating pharmacy is offering a special on any prescription, the pharmacy will offer you the sale price or thespecial contracted price, whichever is lower. This way youare guaranteed to receive the lowest price possible on allyour prescriptions.HOW TO USETo locate a participating pharmacy near you simply go to search for a provider or call(800)974-3454. When visiting a pharmacy, please be sure to present your ID card, along with your prescription(s), to the pharmacist. The pharmacy’s computer system will compare our contracted rate with the pharmacy’s price. You pay the lower of thetwo prices at the point of sale.For Mail Order: Our members can save even more money byutilizing the mail-order prescription drug program when theyneed a 90 day supply of a drug. Simply call 1-877-774-4474 tohave the form sent. The prescription drug program cannot beused in conjunction with any other offer, coupon or pharmacycard.12AEBAM GUIDE/07-11

Below are just some of the most recognized national and regional pharmacy providers in the Paramount Rx Network.A&PFood City-K-Va-T Food Stores Marc Glassman IncSav-On DrugsA W G Pharmacy Network Food Lion LlcMays Drug Stores IncSchnuck Markets IncAccesshealthFred Meyer IncMcke