B E T H E C H A N G E F O R A B E T T E R WO R L DCorporate Social ResponsibilityImpact Report2020

2Amway 2021Corporate Social ResponsibilityWelcome!At Amway, our mission is to help peoplelive better, healthier lives.Looking ahead, 2021 holds huge potential for Amway and we are optimistic aboutthe days to come. But we can’t look forward without examining what we did given thesurprising circumstances of 2020. In this report, we’re showcasing some of the storiesand results of our efforts this year.While experiencing the global pandemic of COVID-19, Amway Business Owners andemployees generously helped address needs in their communities and around the world.We are ambitious about ways to continue to nourish children. We will support familyhealth by empowering women and providing economic opportunities. And we willHealth & Nutrition 10weave sustainability into the fabric of our identity.Change is at the heart of our business. We will never stand aside and simply watchthings happen – we are committed to being at the forefront and making positive changehappen. Join us in the journey. We’re just getting started.Candace MatthewsChief Reputation OfficerCOVID-19 Response 6Sustainability 18TA B L E O F C O N T E N T S3 Welcome4 SustainableDevelopment Goals5 Corporate SocialResponsibility10 Health & Nutrition18 Sustainability12 The Power of 519 Sustainable Products6 COVID-19 Response14 Women’s Empowerment20 Sustainable Operations8 Diversity & Inclusion16 Employee Engagement22 Nature Manages3

4Amway 2021Corporate Social ResponsibilitySuccess RequiresCommitment and TeamworkAbout AmwayCorporate Social ResponsibilityWe believe that companies should share their expertise to help address some of theThroughout this report, you’ll see signs of expansion in Corporate Social’s biggest issues. We support the United Nations Sustainable Development GoalsThis aligns with current events, global initiatives, new opportunities, and theand are optimistic that by working together, we can make a difference toward achievingengagement of our people. We are always watching for areas where Amway canthese goals.achieve meaningful impact.U N I T E D N AT I O N S S U S TA I N A B L E D E V E LO P M E N T G OA L SWorking together with select partners that align with our values, we will: Nourish children and support family health by empowering women and providingengaging economic opportunities. Weave sustainability into the fabric of our identity over the next decade. Create ways that all of our stakeholders can authentically engage with CorporateSocial Responsibility. Amway’s Initiatives target these goals.5

6Amway 20217Corporate Social ResponsibilityAmway’s Responseto COVID-19“ I am so proud of the way that Amway Business Owners and employees have created new andinnovative solutions, especially during these challenging times. The bedrock of our collectiveaction is caring for each other — our customers, colleagues, and communities. Congratulationson your initiative and determination. The best is yet to come.”The COVID-19 virus created an unexpected and widespreadhealth and emergency workers, while employees aroundglobal health emergency and Amway employees, marketsthe world rallied to demonstrate our Founder’s Growthand business owners were quick to respond. FifteenMindset – Lead with Heart, Live to Serve, and Love to generously provided support to local front-line-Milind Pant, Amway Chief Executive OfficerA M WAY V I E T N A M AS S I S TA N C EIn collaboration with the Vietnam Government Portal,Amway Vietnam made product donations to help withpersonal care, cleaning and other products valued at 26,000 (USD). Products were sent to isolated areas inthe Lang Son Province.A M WAY E U R O P E D O N AT I O N SA collective response raised donations to local entitiesincluding the Red Cross, Emergency Services, andCivil Protection in all 27 European Markets whereAmway operates. Funds raised purchased respiratorsand intensive care materials. Additional contributionswere made through Amway websites.A DA M A N U FACT U R I N G P R O D U CT I O NMore than 40 cross-functional partners and teamsfrom four Ada manufacturing plants unified in threedays to respond to an urgent need for hand sanitizerat area hospitals and for first responders. More than156,000 units of Amway hand sanitizer were quicklyproduced, packaged, and donated to 30 localorganizations. In addition to the costs associatedwith this production, emergency grants were madeto corporations and non-profit organizations in WestMichigan and Buena Park, California.

8Amway 2021Creating an Inclusive EnvironmentAt Amway, we actively encourage everyone to be their true selves and share theirCorporate Social Responsibility“ At Amway we believe in the power of a culture that includes all people andperspectives - a place where employees can show up and be themselves.A diverse and inclusive environment makes us better and we are workingto embed this into everything we do.”diverse perspectives, unleashing their full potential and sparking solutions that will makea difference in the lives of our employees, communities, Amway Business Owners, and-Claire Groen, Chief People Officercustomers. By seeing people as they see themselves, we can support more sustainablework environments, processes, and solutions.I N C LU S I O N N E T WO R KSAt Amway we’re proud of our four employee run Inclusion Networks: the Women’s InclusionNetwork, Pride Inclusion Network, Multicultural Inclusion Network, and Young ProfessionalsNetwork. This year, our Networks were pivotal in driving meaningful connections andvirtual support in a time many employees felt isolated during the COVID-19 pandemic.U N I T Y C I R C L ESTo provide our employees with a platform to express their feelings and learn from andsupport each other during the unique year that was 2020, we created Unity Circles.These were guided town hall forums that offer open, honest conversation, empoweringresources, and a place where employees could come together to offer support and insights.P R O F ES S I O N A L S O F C O LO R C O N F E R E N C EThis year the Multicultural Inclusion Network partnered with the Diversity & Inclusionteam to host our annual Professional of Colors Conference, themed: Back to Basics.The Conference focused on identifying and overcoming bias and communicatingacross cultures.B E YO U A L LYS H I P T R A I N I N GAllyship trainings for all employees served as an essential first step in creating anorganization centered on equity and equality. The 60-minute sessions outlined specificactions employees can take on the journey to becoming active allies.DAY O F U N D E R S TA N D I N GThe inaugural Day of Understanding continued our series of inclusive conversationswhile providing answers to employees’ questions. The event featured an executivewelcome, three different breakout sessions, a call-to-action session, and a keynotemessage from Marc Morial, President and CEO of the National Urban League. Totalattendance across five sessions was over 1,300 employees.9

10Amway 2021Corporate Social ResponsibilityA M WAY R I V E R BA N K R U NIn 2020, the 42nd annual Amway River Bank Run, the largest in the country, heldin Grand Rapids, Michigan, US, evolved to a virtual race for the 25K, 10K, and 5Kdistances. In October, over 1,900 runners — including more than 50 IndependentBusiness Owners — promoted health and wellness when they finished the race.Hundreds celebrated with a drive-through parade. Special thanks to the 483Amway employees and their families who were prepared to volunteer. We hopeHealth & NutritionS U P P O RT I N G H E A LT H Y L I F E S T Y L E SNutrilite is the world’s #1 selling vitamin and dietary supplement brand* and thisexpertise enables us to help people around the world improve their nutrition.Our Health & Nutrition Global CSR initiatives focus on: Granting children and families access to nutritioneveryone will join us for the 43rd annual event on October 23, 2021.A M WAY KO R E A’ S N U T R I L I T E H E A LT HWATC H E R P R O G R A MRecently recognized with the grand prize at the prestigious Donation for EducationAward hosted by the Ministry of Education, this program educates children aboutnutrition, food choices, exercise, and body composition.A M WAY T H A I L A N D H A P PY H E A LT H Y FA R M F O R K I D S Encouraging healthy and active lifestylesThis program is meant to strengthen nutritional and health value for schools in remote Supporting nutrition and wellness education programsareas of Thailand. Since 2019, Amway Thailand volunteers have helped establish farmsat 35 schools, befitting nearly 5,500 kids by providing them with the resources to havea healthy lunch every day.* Euromonitor International Limited ,

12Amway 202113Corporate Social ResponsibilityThe Power of 5 CampaignWith help from Amway Business Owners and employees, nearly 230,000 malnourishedchildren in 11 countries are getting essential daily nutrients with the help of 15partner organizations. Together, we distribute Nutrilite Little Bits and provide foodsupplements, clean water, and education about nutrition and hygiene to help morechildren survive, thrive, and grow.We are helping children thrive and livehealthy, properly nourished lives throughthe power of people and plants.S O U T H A F R I CAHAITI2 0 2 0 LO CAT I O N S A N D PA RT N E R SAcorn Foundation, a Power of 5 partner in SouthDuring the pandemic, Hope for Haiti was able to enroll Brazil – Amway employees at the Ubajara Farm Haiti – Hope for Haiti & Word2ActAfrica, was able to register as an essential service650 children additional in their Power of 5 program at a Dominican Republic – Solid Rock International & Indonesia – Amway Indonesiaduring COVID-19 so they could provide critical foodnew location, bringing their total number of distributionto participating communities. They also worked withlocations to 24. They also utilized community healthtransportation companies to distribute vital food,workers to identify and help malnourished children.protective gear and medical supplies.World Vision El Salvador – Asociación Agape &Glasswing International Guatemala – Compassion International &Glasswing International Mexico – Un Kilo de Ayuda Panama - Glasswing International South Africa – Acorn Foundation & Headstart Kids Vietnam – Amway Vietnam Zambia – Christian Alliance for Children in Zambia

1415Amway 2021EmpowermentINSPIRING ENTREPRENEURSIn India, the Livelihood Skills program educated200 women on community health education andentrepreneurship in the rural areas of Uttar Pradeshand Bihar. It is estimated that 20,000 peoplebenefitted from this initiative, which resulted inimproved health and nutrition standards; skillsin accounting, marketing, and sales; regularlivelihoods; and increased savings.Empowerment is a new Amway CSR pillar that focuses on empowering people —MOMPRENEUR TRAININGespecially women — around the world to be agents of positive development forAmway Russia hosts a Mompreneur training programthemselves, their families, and their communities.Our empowerment initiative focuses on ways to:to help female entrepreneurs learn how to develop abusiness plan, from budgeting to marketing. The finalproject is a pitch competition before a panel of judges Equip entrepreneursand winners receive a grant to support their start-up. Develop leadersSince the Mompreneur program was implemented in Promote equitable economic opportunities2013, more than 1,700 mothers from 64 Russian citieshave participated.72% of Amway BusinessOwners are women.

16Amway 202117Corporate Social ResponsibilityEmployee Engagementin 2020, each market was very creative about fulfilling the needs of others in their localT H E A M WAY TA I WA N H O P EM A K E R F O U N DAT I O Ncommunities, whether that was in-person or virtually. Together, we embrace the valuesThe Amway Hope Maker Foundation successfullyof social engagement authentically, as a company and as individuals, to be the changelaunched fundraising campaigns strongly supportedfor a better ABOs and employees. Donations were used to assistAmway employees have big hearts, especially for serving others. It’s in their DNA. And6,492 disadvantaged children in remote areas toThis CSR initiative focuses on:improve their competitiveness and confidence through Activating stakeholders to engagea tutoring program and the “Pursue Your Dream” Establishing cross-team collaborationcampaign. Contributions represented an 82% increase Organizing events and communications that enable engagementwhen compared to 2019 giving.A M WAY C H I N A G I V E S TA L E N T A N D T R E AS U R EA M WAY JA PA N R E B U I L D S C O M M U N I T I ESIn 2020, Amway China volunteers contributed nearlyRemember HOPE, Amway Japan’s flagship CSR20,800 volunteer hours that impacted more than 1.1A M WAY N O RT H A M E R I CA E M P LOY E EA D D S J OYA M WAY B U S I N E S S OW N E R SS H OW T H E Y CA R Einitiative, won the Gold Standard Award for CorporateFor more than 10 years, Amway North America receptionistFrom thousands of miles away, Amway Businessmillion children and their families. The Amway CharityPhilanthropy, the most prestigious award of its type inMary Pell has shared happiness with Kids Food Basket,Owners Andy Wu and Angela Huang watched theFoundation, offering equal development opportunitiesthe Middle East, South Asia, and Asia-Pacific organization that provides sack suppers for childrennews about how COVID-19 was affecting the peoplefor children in poverty-stricken areas, also investedThis award recognizes the work of the entire CSR teamin need. She has decorated over 2,500 paper sacks withof Michigan, and they were worried about Amwaya total of 3.9 million (USD), including more than 2over the lifetime of the project, which launched in 2012,drawings, games, puzzles, jokes and insp