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Scaffolds produced under Instant-label have life-long durability and bestpossible quality. Only first class raw materials are used for these scaffoldsand before they leave the factory every single peace undergo a thoroughfinal inspection.All Instant scaffolding is approved by the Directorate of Labour Inspectionand meets all current European regulations and all the stringent safetyrequirements worldwide.INSTANT alloy tower scaffolds are lightweight, and yet very robust,designed to be easily assembled without any tools. Alloy Tower scaffoldingis very versatile - a low maintenance solution to constructing everythingfrom simple freestanding tower to more complex staging systems.We import INSTANT aluminum scaffolding, produced by Instant UpRightLtd., the world’s largest producer of facade-, alloy tower- and customconstructed aluminum scaffolding. The brand has been represented onthe Norwegian market since 1973.INSTANT scaffolding is produced only by first-class raw materials, includingaluminum equivalent to the one used in aviation.INSTANT scaffolding is easily distinguished by the very special joints calledRib-Grip , a technique that was developed by the manufacturing engineersalready in 1966. This production gives superior strength and durability. Dueto its high quality Rib-Grip joins come with 10 years warranty.Product Key FeaturesRib-Grip Jointing System Three times longer duration and much greaterstrength than that of a traditional welded joints 10 year warrantyAdjustable Leg Quick and easy levelling on rough or unevensurfaces. Once loaded they cannot beaccidentally releasedAutomatic locking Brace Hooks & Heavy ‘Rhino-nose’ Better grip and slip resistance during and afterassembly when one goes up or down No prior ‘priming’ and an easy-release catchdesign aids disassembly. Extremely durable- resisting damage if droppedFluted frame rungs Provides better grip and increased slip resistancewhen climbing frames during assembly or onceerectedTX2000 Platform Lightweight, available in standard and trapdoorformats Provides all-round edge protection All components can be easily replaced in case ofdamageScaffoldsScaffolds


Instant Span Load Class 3; Max. Load capacity: 200 kg/m². Max. load per scaffold:720 kgMax. working height freestanding: 14m; Max. working height rooted:30mScaffolding width: 0.74 m (single width) and 1.37m (double width)Scaffolding length: 1,3 / 2,0 / 2,5 / 3,0 mAll vertical frames can be used with leg adjustment and wheel/footplateRib-Grip supporting structure jointsBase section in loose or contractable partsLightweight, quick assembly / disassembly without toolsGreater flexibility: eg. installation in stairwells, auditoriums, cinemas,theaters, and etc.Opportunity for Advanced Guardrails for extra safetyInstant Span 300INSTANT Span 300 consists of vertical frames with 7 steps and 30 cm stepdistance. The scaffold has non-slip steps and is approved as access ladder.The new Z-configuration bracing enables quick, trouble free assemblywhile providing a very rigid structure. It is extremely compact and flexibleas it comes with more choices of length, width and different platforms.Instant Span 400Instant Span 400 has vertical frames with 5 steps and 40 cm step distance.The scaffold equipped with internal oblique stairs. With fewer componentsto stock or lose this versatile ladder frame tower can be used to constructsimple free standing mobile towers or more complex staging systems witha host of accessories.Alloy Tower ScaffoldsAlloy Tower Scaffolds

INSTANT Snappy is an ideal lightweight scaffold for indoor installation andmaintenance works, which folds out and assembles in seconds. Highlyversatile, it can be combined with Instant Span Tower Systems to gainworking heights up to 4m. Diagonal bar locks automatically and guaranteescomplete security. Used by many different trade types such as decorators,electricians, heating and ventilating contractors and sign-writers, Snappyprovides a robust work platform which can be transported in a small van.Instant Snappy 300 7 step vertical frames for alternate platformheights with 300 mm distance between eachstep Max platform height without add-ons 1.95 m(working height 3.95m) Width 0.74 m, length 2 m, weight 41 kg Rib-Grip – cold formed joints Fluted frame rungs for better grip Can be modified with INSTANT Snappy 300components Highly cost effective alternativeInstant Snappy 400 5 step vertical frames for alternate platformheights with 400 mm distance between eachstep. Max. platform height without add-ons 1.95 m(working height 3.95m) Rib-Grip – cold formed joints Fluted frame rungs for better grip Width 0.74 m, length 2 m, weight 44 kg Can be modified with INSTANT Snappy 400components Very cost-effective optionInstant Snappy Junior 4-step vertical frames for alternative platformheights Dual platform Max. platform height of 1.0 m (working height3.0 m) Width 0.74 m, length 1 m, weight 27 kg,including platform and wheels Highly affordable optionAlloy Tower ScaffoldsInstant Snappy / Snappy jr.

Instants scaffolding portfolio is not limited to the standard products. Specialparts combined with standard scaffold components provide both creativeand cost-effective solutions for scaffold customization. No coner is out ofreach, for our high qualified engineers with over 40 years experience inaccess in height solutions.Instant SpandeckInstant Spandeck, is a lightweight aluminium walkway, bridging and stagingsystem in ONE versatile unit. It has a unique reversible design which allows itto be used individually as a walkway or side by side as staging.Spandeck aluminium walkways can be inverted and used in multiplecombinations to provide decks spanning from 3.7metres or 12 feet upto 9.1metres or 30 feet and working platform areas of virtually unlimiteddimensions.Completely modular and available off the shelf as a prefabricated unit,the Spandeck walkway system provides a simple, cost-effective and safesolution for even the most bespoke access requirements.Instant Snap-outSnap-Out offers an unbeatable solution to access within enclosed orrestricted access areas, where it can be difficult and time consuming toenter with regular scaffold frames. Snap-Out sections are compact & lightto handle weighing approx. 40Kgs. Snap-Out’s components include 2 mfoldable scaffold sections and foldable guardrails.Instant StairwayThe Instant Stairway tower is a versatile unit which can easily convert botha standard Span 300 and a Span 400 mobile access tower into a stairwaytower. Providing safe landings every 2 metres, no special guardrails arerequired – the tower uses standard guardrails, bracing frames and toeboard.Instant AviationINSTANT Aviation delivers fixed and modular special scaffolds and dockingsolutions for maintenance, repair and inspections of aircrafts. InstantUpRight has over 40 years of experience in design, sales and installation ofthese scaffolds and docking solution. This has resulted in excellent qualityand cost effective solutions.Instant TankSCAFThe Instant TankSCAF is a versatile modular system scaffolding designed andmanufactured to meet the most varied internal and external constructiondemands. Can be used as a lightweight quick erect solution for access tocurved surfaces and complex geometries.The TankSCAF is a flexible safe system scaffold ideal for carrying outmaintenance and repair work inside and outside storage tanks and silosfrom petrochemical plants, water storage tanks, biodiesel tanks, palmoils, grain silos and more. The system is ideally suited to the varied accessrequirements of chemical plants, power stations, bulk storage terminals,paper mills, shipyards and breweries.Special ScaffoldsSpecial Scaffolds

Special Scaffolds

contact usThe INSTANT brand has been known on the Norwegian market formore than 30 years. Norway’s leading rental shops, large governmentagencies as well as a vast number of entrepreneurs and contractors areamong our faithful and satisfied customers.Scaffolding Products, and INSTANT scaffolds in particular, havetraditionally been, and will continue to be, a very important businessarea for us. However, we have broadened our range of products, addingfacade scaffolds, lifts, material lifts, pedal lifts, building fences, walkwaysand material handling products also known as Blue Products. Also, weare certified providers of yearly inspections, educational services, andother services for lifts and lifting equipment.Our main objective will always be to deliver high quality products atreasonable prices. We know that quality is essential for safe and secureoperation.Thus, our slogan: Our Quality - Your safety.NorwayTel.: 47 23 19 11 [email protected]: 370 5 233 [email protected]: 371 263 58 [email protected]: 372 680 76 [email protected]