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Managed ServicesReimagining your enterprise means focusingon the things that drive business growth andfinding ways to work smarter, not harder.Hundreds of companies just like yours aredoing exactly that by taking advantage ofour Managed Services. Perhaps you’relooking to reposition your staff away fromlabor intensive tasks, or maybe you require ahighly specialized skillset to run specific partsof your business. From hosting complextechnology infrastructures in the private cloudto performing daily pricebook maintenance,we have a complete staff that has youraccounting needs covered.Experience you can count onWith PDI Services, you get more than 130years of combined experience and ateam of subject matter expertsdedicated to your success.The information you need,when you need it.

PDI Managed ServicesOn the journey to optimize and driveefficiency into every part of yourday-to-day operations, we’ll be right byyour side offering the support and serviceyou need to achieve your goals. Wemanage the critical parts of youroperation, so you can focus on growingyour business. From your pricebook andaccounting to your workforce and payroll,we have you covered.We partner with you to provide: Experience and leadership Accurate reporting Scalability Reduced complexity World-class offerings Industry expertise Controlled labor costsPayroll ServicesBusiness ReviewsAccounting ServicesPricebook ServicesOur firsthandexperience, appliedto your business.Fuel Mgmt

AccountingServicesDrive costs down and laborsavings up.In today’s competitive environment,executives face the challenge of reducingcosts while finding ways to increaseproductivity. PDI Accounting Services canhelp your company operate moreeffectively and economically provideaffordable accounting expertise for yourbusiness.PDI Accounting Services is an outsourcingservice that provides convenience storeautomation, merchandise and fuelOperate more effectively andeconomically by leveragingindustry expertise, accounting,and systems support.tracking, inventory control, managementand financial reporting.Our team has a unique understanding ofthe opportunities and obstacles youencounter every day. We deliver optimumefficiency and profitability by drivingtechnology, processes, and disciplines foryour company.

We partner with you to provide: Merchandise inventory trackingFuel inventory trackingAccounts payablePayroll managementReportsFinancial statementsPDI Pricebook Services has additional add-on processingoptions to better service your processing needs.Rebate Management ProcessingVendors and manufacturers are offering more incentives than ever before. How are youkeeping track of them? How do you ensure you’re getting paid what you’re owed? Ourteam will set up the configuration of the rebate profiles, sponsors, accruals, billing, itemsand packages. We will maintain rebate items in programs and address pricebook cleanupto get your rebates up and accruing as quickly as possible.Cost ExceptionsEver wonder if you actually receive every price you negotiated on your invoices? Ourteam will handle vendor setup and will review identified cost exceptions based on rulesdocumented from your team. We will communicate issues to your team for review andprovide invoice detail for credits back to the vendor on your behalf. We will postexceptions and send credits generated to the vendor and AP contact as well as archivecopies in the vendor folders.MarketLinkCigarette manufactures are paying additional funds for all of the manufacturer-relatedtransactions that are captured in your POS transactional journals. The setup, maintenance,and monitoring of this process can be time consuming and require skillsets in pricebookand technical areas, in addition to a responsive and persistent team, to ensure the files areapproved and data integrity remains flawless. Our team will handle vendor profile set-up,initial mapping rule creation, mapping rule maintenance, and MarketLink processing andbatch processing. We will execute MarketLink reporting and communicate exceptionsback to the vendor while monitoring transmission of site data daily.

PayrollServicesFocus on people, notpaperwork. Reporting for payrolls Ledger postings for payroll Labor analysis reporting available using data id’s ACA reporting-handled via third party integrationPayroll processing is a high-stakes task that is I-9 reporting-handled via third party integration W-2 reporting-handled via third-party integrationtime consuming, stressful, and filled withunexpected challenges. Let PDI PayrollServices share the load, so you can focus onexpanding your business, serving customers,and leading a productive workforce.We partner with you for: Setup and maintenance of employees Processing payroll Payroll tax reporting Garnishment setup and processing Deductions setup and processingStay up-to-date on industrytrends, software updates, taxreporting, and more.

Minimize your administrative costs andmaximize your investment andproductivity with PDI Payroll Services.Efficient and affordable payroll processing.Employee MaintenanceHigh turnover is a reality of our industry, but PDI Payroll Services can ensure that your systemkeeps up with frequent employee hires, terminations, and status changes. A reliableverification system ensures changes are reviewed and approved before they take effect.Time CaptureEmployee training is expensive, and efficiency is a key component of cost control. Our timecapture processes strive to accommodate your existing capabilities, eliminating the needto retrain site personnel.Deduction ProcessingPayroll deductions are as varied and individualized as your workforce, meaning there is nostandard method for applying accurate, across-the-board deductions. PDI Payroll Serviceshas a wealth of experience handling deductions, including child support, garnishments,401K contributions, employee charges, and more.Payroll CalculationFew business processes are as crucial to smooth operations as consistent, accurate payrollcalculations. Unfortunately, overtime, shift differentials, tip reporting, and otherconsiderations mean that payroll calculations are as complex as they are crucial.

BusinessReviewsMake sure you are makingthe most out of yourinvestment.Plainly put, business reviews stimulatebusiness growth. You made an investmentin our world-class technology, and wewant to make sure you are profiting fromall the benefits. A member of our team willmeet with you to evaluate your currentprocesses and practices in order torecommend changes that will allow you touse PDI Enterprise to its fullest potential.Achieve your organization’sgreatest goals by working withour Business Review Team todevelop unique softwarestrategies for your enterprise.We partner with you to: Maximize your investment Increase business efficiencies, reducecosts, and operate more effectively Integrate your business processes Streamline, standardize, and automateprocesses that are currently manual

Seize the opportunity for innovation,accelerate your digital transformation,and experience faster time-to-value.Value design & assessmentDevelop ideal concepts todetermine, benchmark, andimprove the value for advancedbusiness outcomes. Review benchmarks and value drivers Consider investment needs Assess the business and optimize processes Measure performance against indicators Create a business case and value realization plan Ensure governance with a value management office

PricebookServicesInventory values are precise and accuratefor all department types. Sound too goodto be true? It’s not.Precise, accurate pricesthe first time.There’s something special about a well-runcentralized pricebook and its impact onyour store associates. Imaginea world where your cashier quickly scans acustomer’s merchandise and the price isjust right. Your manager smoothly checks ina delivery with their hand-held device,every item scans and at the rightcost. Your scan rate is at an all-time highand your shrink is at an all-time low. There’sfull inventory transparencybecause transactions are capturedelectronically with item level detail.Businesses are constantly looking for waysto improve performance, increaseefficiency, and implement strategies thatmaximize the bottom line. The effects ofoutsourcing your pricebook maintenancehas the potential to reverberatethroughout several parts of yourorganization. And when it comes tohuman resources, the potential impact isenormous.Improvedproductivity50% in 6 monthsPDI Pricebook provides centralized,electronic control of retail pricing andvendor costs, allowing customers tomaximize margins and improve accuracy.

If you’re looking for results, PDI PricebookServices can deliver. Our team of expertshas helped retailers across the countrystreamline their pricebook proceduresand create the best possible customerexperience.With more than 130 collective years of retail pricebook and merchandise inventoryexperience, the Pricebook Services team is capable of handling even the most complex ofpricebook maintenance needs. Our analysts have access to the full range of PDIresources, including the developers who built PDI Enterprise, the consultants whoimplement it, and the customer service team that supports it. You can rest easy knowingyour pricebook is in reliable hands. Maximum use of the latest technology Established relationships with most major grocery wholesalers Adherence to standardization of all item master characteristics, such as descriptions,sizes, brands, manufacturers, packaging, etc. Most current knowledge about POS enhancements and performance standards Access to the collective industry and technical knowledge available at PDICommon IssuesPricebookTeams Face: Unorganized proceduresBreakdown in communicationInadequate pricebook knowledgeLack of timeWhat PDIPricebookServices Offers: Organized proceduresExclusive focus on pricebookVast pricebook knowledgeBest practicesExperience you can count on

PDI FuelManagementServicesOptimize your bulk fuelprocurement & management.Fuel Inventory Management improves yourbottom line by helping monitor, manage andoptimize bulk fuel procurement, freeing uptime and capital. Using our sophisticatedsoftware, our advisors manage your fuelinventory and usage down to the hour. Wemonitor daily fluctuations in the fuel marketthat could affect future pricing.PDI Fuel Management Servicesprovides centralized controland complete supply chaintransparency.Our team uses industry leading tools to buyat the right time, from the right source allwhile holding carriers and suppliersaccountable and improving your cashflow. We review and validate eachdelivery and invoice, virtually eliminatingsupplier error. You’ll gain prompt-paymentdiscounts, and we even fund thetransaction to improve your cash flow.

PDI Fuel Inventory Management Servicesreconciliation provides monitoring, trackingand reconciling of supplier invoices thatintegrates with financial systems andeliminates supplier error.What we do:Strategic Sourcing Aggregate and rank multiple suppliers Identify arbitrage and spot deal opportunities Leverage existing / develop new contractsInventory Management Monitor tanks – inventory levels and daily usage down to the hour Monitor daily market fluctuations in bulk fuel market Determine most opportune time to purchaseFinancial Services Provide optional line of credit to fund transaction (1 invoice) Review and validate delivery and invoice Take advantage of prompt-pay discounts

PDI, the leader in enterprise management softwarefor the convenience retail and petroleumwholesale markets, delivers software solutions toconnect to intelligent business. Our people-firstapproach, combined with our 35-year heritageand best-in-class technology, help you thrive intoday’s digital economy. We’re passionate aboutyour success and delivering exceptional customerexperiences. It’s time to reimagine enterprisemanagement and transform your business.To find out how PDI canstart helping you today:(254) 410-7600