XAS 188 CAT USA – Product ReferenceXAS 188 CAT USAPortable compressorStandard Scope of SupplyThe Atlas Copco XAS 188 is a single-stage oil-injected rotary screw type air compressor, powered by a liquid-cooled, four cylinder dieselengine.The unit consists of an air end, diesel engine, cooling circuit, air/oil separation and control systems - all enclosed within a sounddampened HardHat polyethylene shell.Unique features – 110% fluid containment, internal toolbox, external lifting eye, new easy to use controller XC1004Available Modelssingle stage - 100 psi – Caterpillar engineXAS 188Standard FeaturesBenefits Latest Atlas Copco screw technology 189 CFM free air delivery @ 2.37Gal/hr (8.97L/hr) 110% Spillage Free Containment Frame Protects environment from spill/ leaks, avoids costlyclean up Xc1004 controller Easy to use, one controller to regulate the entiremachine Well balanced for safer towing or moving around siteHigh ground clearance for rough site and road conditions Heavy Duty Single Axle Trailer w/ 15” tires Internal tool box Internal Tool Box – Fits 90 lb hammer fit all you needinside the lockable compressor Spin on type compressor oil separator Less than one hour service with no special tools required HardHat Enclosure Heavy duty double wall polyethylene enclosureDent and UV ResistantKeeps looking new for longer and adds to resale value External lifting eye Easy access for getting on/off site Cold weather package Features required for starting at -13 F and cold weatheroperations. Includes: 120V block heater, syntheticcompressor oil, closed circuit breather kit (CCVI),coolant). 1500 hrs / 2 years compressor service interval Lower cost of ownership and increase your uptimeProduct Reference – XAS188 CAT USA

XAS 188 CAT USA – Product ReferenceOptional Features Benefits Extended Draw bar with hose reel Keeps all of the customer’s hoses in the same place,great for municipal bids. It comes as 50' or 100’ SingleHose Reel or Dual Hose Reel Lubricator Ensure effective lubrication of all compressed air tools,improves the functioning of pneumatic equipment whilereducing the wear and tear Safety cartridge To offer extra filtration, safer operations and you it givesthe option to change the air filter without stopping themachine Undercarriage variants and add-ons Electric brakes, Hydraulic brakes, jockey wheel, frame DRings, support mount, several types of loose ballcouplings (2 5/16’’, 2’’ and 2" bulldog), 6 way trailer end. OSHA valve OSHA compressed air safety shut-off valvesimmediately shut off the air supply should the volume ofair flowing through the valve exceed a preset value.(For example: when an air hose breaks) FleetLink Battery disconnect Product Reference – XAS188 CAT USAFleetLink is an intelligent telematics system that helpsoptimize fleet usage; reduce maintenance cost,ultimately saving time and money. It allows you tomanage your machines conveniently wherever you are,always having the latest fleet information at hand.thelatestfleet batteryinformationat losshand. Preventspowerwhen machinery not beingused

XAS 188 CAT USA – Product ReferenceTechnical DataCompressorActual free air delivery1 (FAD)Normal effective working pressureMaximum unloading pressureMinimum working pressureMax. sound pressure level @ 23’ (7m) at normal working speed & pressure2Compression StagesAir Receiver CapacityCompressor oil capacityApproximate air outlet temperatureAir Compressor outletsMax. ambient temperature (at sea level)3Maximum altitudeMinimum starting temperature (with cold weather as standard)EngineEmissions RegulationUnitsXAS 188 CD8 T4Fcfm189PsiPsiPsidB(a)10012558US Gal (L)US Gal (L) F ( C)Number of cylindersAspirationDisplacementEngine speed (Unloaded)Engine speed (Maximum load)Engine oil capacityEngine coolant capacityFuel tank capacityFuel consumption at 100% loadFuel consumption at 75% loadFuel consumption at 50% loadFuel consumption at 25% loadFuel consumption at 0% loadElectrical System (Negative Ground)Battery Capacity (Cold Cranking Amps5)1 According to ISO 1217 ed.3 1996 annex D2 Measured in accordance with ISO 2151 under free field conditions @ 7m distance3 Consult Atlas Copco for proper de-rating instructions for operation beyond ambient limitations4 Horsepower limited by Engine ECU5 According to DIN 72311Product Reference – XAS188 CAT USA14.76 (18.0)2.57 (9.75)200 (93)2 x ¾” F ( C)122 (50)ft (m) F ( C)9842 (3000)-13 (-25)CaterpillarC2.2TUS EPATier 4 FinalKH3XL2.22TD7US EPA Engine FamilyOutput at rated speed (2700 rpm) 476HP48.8cu in (L)rpmrpmUS Gal (L)US Gal (L)US Gal (L)Gal/Hr (L/Hr)Gal/Hr (L/Hr)Gal/Hr (L/Hr)Gal/Hr (L/Hr)Gal/Hr (L/Hr)V4Turbocharged135 (2.21)160024502.05 (7.76)3.5 (13.2)27 (102)2.37 (8.97)1.92 (7.27)1.69 (6.40)1.24 (4.69)1.02 (3.86)12A725

XAS 188 CAT USA– Product ReferenceDimensionsTrailer mounted - HardHat Version139”Weight (Wet - Ready-to-operate)XAS 188 CD8Trailer mountedlb (Kg)2149 (975)LxW xH130 (3.3) x 62 (1.57) x 69 (1.75)DimensionsXAS 188 CD8Trailer mounted Inches (m)Product Reference – XAS188 CAT USA

XAS 188 CAT USA– Product ReferencePrinciple DataCompressor ElementThe XAS 188 compressor utilizes Atlas Copco’s new C-90 element that is driven from the diesel engine with coupling. Our newelement brings even more flow with less fuel consumption.Inlet air is filtered through a heavy-duty two-stage air filter.Air/Oil SeparatorAir and oil separation is achieved through a centrifugal compressor oil separator with a spin on type filter element for easy maintenance.Separators are ASME/CRN approved versions and are stamped accordingly.The separator is equipped with a sealed high-pressure safety relief valve, sonic nozzle, automatic blow-down valve, and pressureregulator.Easy to service, just one hour service, no special tools and up to 1500 hour / 2 years compressor service interval.Air/Oil Separator Tank:Volume4.76 US Gal / 18 LCertificationsASME / CRNMAWP261psi @ 248 FCooling SystemThe cooling system consists of integrated side-by-side aluminum oil cooler with axial fan to ensure optimum cooling. A guard foroperator safety protects the fan. There is an access port on both sides of the fan box for easy cleaningThe cooling system is suitably designed for continuous operation in ambient conditions up to 122 F, with canopy door always closed.Compressor Regulating SystemThe compressor regulating system consists of air receiver/oil separator, compressor element, blow down valve and pressure safety valve.Economic power consumption is assured by the fully automatic 100% step-less speed regulator that adapts engine speed to air demand.Discharge OutletsCompressed air is available from 2 x 3/4” outlet valves, with claw type (Chicago) coupling.Storage CompartmentThe compressor has a built in open top tool box compartment. Tool box dimension is: 33.8”L x 7.4” W x 10” H.Safety FeaturesThe compressor has many safety features: Pressure safety valve, emergency shut down button, low fuel shut down, high temperature enginecoolant, high temperature compressor oil and engine oil pressureEngineCaterpillar C2.2TCaterpillar C2.2T Tier 4 Final, turbocharged, four-cylinder, liquid-cooled diesel engine provides ample power to operate thecompressor continuously at full-load.Meets all US EPA and Environment Canada exhaust legislations with Tier 4 Final compliance. The US EPA engine family is “KH3XL2.22TD7”.The engine utilizes a DOC to meet Tier 4 Final emissions. All functionality of the engine and exhaust after treatment are controlledautomatically on the XC1004 controller.Engine output at rated speed, in accordance to SAE Standard, is 49hp at 2450 rpm, as limited by the engine ECU.The engine has the capability to start the compressor to -13 F (-25 C) due to standard cold start package included.The 27 Gal (102L) fuel tank is sufficiently sized to operate the unit for 11 hours at full-load condition.Product Reference – XAS188 CAT USA

XAS 188 CAT USA– Product ReferenceElectrical SystemThe XAS 188 is equipped with a 12 Volt negative ground electrical starting system.InstrumentationThe instrument control panel is located on the back, of the compressor canopy with easy access.Standard instrument package includes an operating pressure gauge, and fully diagnostic ECU controller with large 3.5” display. The intuitiveAtlas Copco XC1004 controller is easy to operate with all functions conveniently at your fingertips. The controller also manages the engineECU operating system, and a number of safety warnings and shut downs on various parameters (listed below).XC1004 Controller Functionality: Displayed while runningHoursFuel levelRPMOutlet pressure Operational ButtonsStart and stop of the unitView measurements, settings and alarmsGraphical representations of the alarms Compressor measurements displayedRunning hoursFuel levelBattery voltageRunning hoursRegulating pressureMinor and major service counters in hours anddaysCompressor element temperature Engine measurements displayedCurrent fuel levelEngine coolant temperatureEngine oil pressureEngine RPM Warnings and ShutdownsHigh temperature engine coolantHigh temperature compressor oilEngine oil pressureLow fuel levelSettingsReset service timersDiagnostics for engine ECUUnit of measure changes Alarms- Product Reference – XAS188 CAT USAView current & historical alarms presentDM1: View current engine codes (SPN/FMI)

XAS 188 CAT USA– Product ReferenceBodyworkThe compressor is delivered in the HardHat version.HardHat : Our HardHat version comes standard with dual wall, Polyethylene material providing superior corrosion, and UV protectionagainst fading and discoloration. As well as unmatched dent and damage resistance. The canopy is sound attenuated to meet the mostcurrent legal noise requirements. A clamshell style hood offers easy service access to all components.UndercarriageThe XAS 188 compressor is available with undercarriage alternatives, providing utmost flexibility in installation or towing requirements. Single axle trailer setup with: US DOT/Federal MVSS 49CFR571 approved light package and 4 way trailer plug Adjustable height pintle hitch (3” lunette) Trailer brakes not standard (can be added as option) Heavy Duty torsion axle rated at 2,500lbs Safety chains Screw jack leveling Single point lifting structure 15” Rims w/ ST205/75D15 Tires for trailer use Undercarriage options Loose Ball Coupling 2 5/6’’ Loose Ball Coupling 2" Loose Ball Coupler 2" Bulldog Electric Brake Hydraulic BrakeProduct Reference – XAS188 CAT USA

XAS 188 CAT USA– Product ReferenceManufacturing & Environmental StandardsThe XAS 188 is manufactured following stringent ISO 9001 regulations, and by a fully implementedEnvironmental Management System fulfilling ISO 14001 requirements.Attention has been given to ensure minimum negative impact to the environment.The XAS 188 meets all current US EPA, CARB and Environment Canada exhaust and noise emission directives.Supplied DocumentationThe unit is delivered with documentation regarding: Hard copies of the Atlas Copco Operators Safety and Instruction Manual, Atlas Copco Parts Book, as well as electronic copies availableon request. Warranty Registration card for engine and Atlas Copco Compressor (Units must be registered upon receipt). Certificate for air/oil separator vessel and safety valve approval, ASME/CRN (Upon request only).Warranty CoverageCaterpillar Engine: Caterpillar Diesel engines are warranted to be free from defects with regard to material and workmanship for the period oftwelve (12) months, with unlimited running hours from the date of invoicing from Atlas Copco or up to twenty-four (24) months and prior to theaccumulation of 2000 hours of use, whichever occurs firstAtlas Copco Compressor: Warrantied to be free from defects with regard to material and workmanship for the period of eighteen (18)months from date of shipment from the factory, or twelve (12) months from date of initial start-up, whichever occurs first, without limitationof running hours.Air compressor element assemblies used in Atlas Copco portable air compressors, is warranted to be free from defects with regard tomaterials and workmanship for the period of thirty (30) months from date of shipment from the factory, or twenty four (24) months from dateof initial start up, whichever occurs first, without limitation of running hours. Atlas Copco service kits including parts and oils (PAR Oil’s)must be used to maintain warranty. Failure to register warranty upon initial start-up may cause warranty claim delays or rejection of claims.Extended Warranty Programs: Programs are available; please contact your local sales representative for more info.Product Reference – XAS188 CAT USA