TECHINFOTROUBLE-SHOOTINGGUIDEDC ThrustersTrouble-shooting Guidefor DC Thrusters1999 through 2005 thrusterswith 4-wire control systemSIDE-POWER THRUSTER SYSTEMSCONFIDENCE BY CONTROL

Please read over the owners manuals and familiarize yourself with the product. There is atrouble-shooting section in each manual. This guide is meant to be a supplement to theseproviding illustrated instructions for more detailed trouble-shooting.Note: This guide is intended for Thrusters utilizing SIDE-POWER“Plug and Play” wiring only, and not intended for thrusters utilizingSIDE-POWER’s Auto-Main Switch or SIDE-POWER’s voltageconversion box.Recommended Tools for Trouble-shooting: Metric Allen Wrenches, 4mm to 12 mmMetric wrenches or socketsNeedle Nose Vise-Grips(for holding jam nuts when removing battery cables from motor)Phillips head screwdriverSmall jumper wire(with male quick discontent terminals if available, Fig. A)12” jumper wire with alligator clipsMulti-meter (with alligator clips if available)SIDE-POWER THRUSTER SYSTEMSFig. ACONFIDENCE BY CONTROLTroubleshooting DC Thrusters - 2/8

Identifying thruster partsBattery positive postBattery positive postExtra prop drive pinsSolenoid coverSolenoid coverthumb screws(and motor shear pin,SP30Si through SP55Si)Motor harness pigtailThermo switch leadPositive feed cableD2 terminalD1 terminalD1 coil positive feedD2 coil positive feedD2 coil bluesignal wireD1 coil grey signal wireSolenoid setControl boxSIDE-POWER THRUSTER SYSTEMSControl box plugCONFIDENCE BY CONTROLTroubleshooting DC Thrusters - 3/8

If Control Panel does not turn on.(Light between two On buttons does not light)1. Check battery power. The control panel is powered through the bowthruster. The thruster is usually on its owncircuit, meaning the positive and negative batterycables run directly between the thruster and thebattery. A fuse should be installed on the positivecable within 72” of the battery, check that it is notblown. A battery switch is usually installed in closeproximity to the fuse and battery, check that thebattery switch is turned on.Control panel on2. Check voltage at the thruster. You should read battery voltage at the thruster.If there is no voltage at the thruster there is aproblem with the power supply, check the battery,fuse, switch, or cabling.Checking voltage at thruster3. Check for voltage on the control harnesspigtail on motor and at control panel. With multi-meter set to DC volts, check from redwire (positive) to black wire (negative) on motorwiring harness pigtail. If there is battery voltage atthe thruster battery cables, but no voltage at themotor harness pigtail, than proceed to step 4.If there is battery voltage on the motor controlharness repeat step 3 on control harness at thecontrol panel to ensure there is no fault with thecontrol harness run. If there is battery voltageat control panel then there is a problem with thecontrol panel. Please contact your local Side-Powerdistributor for service support.SIDE-POWER THRUSTER SYSTEMSChecking voltage on motor harnessCONFIDENCE BY CONTROLTroubleshooting DC Thrusters - 4/8

4. Check control system positive andnegative. Check for voltage between the battery negativestud and red wire on motor harness pigtail. If no voltage is present, then check that allmotor harness and control box plug connections aretight and in place. If the motor harness checks out,then there may be a problem with the control box.Please contact your local Side-Power distributor forservice support. If voltage is present, locate the thermo switchlead and unplug it from the motor harness. Withmulti-meter set on ohm (Ω), check for continuitybetween the thermo switch lead and the batterynegative stud. There should be continuity; ohmswill go close to 0 (usually about 0.2Ω -0.5Ω).Checking voltage on motor harness to batterynegative studIf there is no continuity between thermoswitch lead and battery negative stud, thenplease contact your local Side-Power distributor for service support.If there is continuity between thermoswitch lead and battery negative stud thenthere is a problem with the control box orthe motor wiring harness. Please contactyour local Side-Power distributor for servicesupport.Checking continuity between thermo switchlead and battery negative postSIDE-POWER THRUSTER SYSTEMSCONFIDENCE BY CONTROLTroubleshooting DC Thrusters - 5/8

If control panel does turn on butthruster does not run, or thrusterruns in one direction only.NOTE: The preceding tests are to be performedwhile the boat is in the water. Please contactyour local Side-Power distributor for servicesupport if you have any questions.1. Bypass control panel and check thrustercontrol box and solenoid operation. Remove control panel and unplug wiring harness orunplug control harness from motor harness pigtail,whichever is more convenient. On the four wireAmp connector (wiring harness if disconnected atcontrol panel or motor pigtail if disconnected atmotor), with short jumper wire, jump from redto blue for starboard run, and red to grey for portrun.Jumping red to blue on motor pigtailNOTE: Be careful not to jump red to black asthis will permanently damage the control boxIf thruster runs when jumping red to blueand grey, than the control panel is mostlikely damaged. Please contact your localSide-Power distributor for servicesupport.If thruster does not run,proceed to step 2.Jumping red to grey on motor pigtail.SIDE-POWER THRUSTER SYSTEMSCONFIDENCE BY CONTROLTroubleshooting DC Thrusters - 6/8

2. Bypass thruster control box and checkthruster solenoid operation.With long jumper wire, jump from negative batterystud to D1 coil grey signal wire for port run, and toD2 coil blue signal wire for starboard run.If thruster runs properly, than the controlbox needs to be replaced.If thruster does not run,proceed to step 3Jumping ground to grey on D1 coil3. Check for solenoid output. With jumper wire still attached from step 2, checkfor voltage on the A2 terminal.If no voltage is present on A2 terminalthen the solenoid pack may need to bereplaced. Please contact your localSide-Power distributor for service support.If voltage is present on A2 terminal thenthe motor may be damaged. Please contactYour local Side-Power distributor for servicesupport.Jumping ground to blue on D2 coil4. Check the operating voltage. Once the thruster is operating properly, check thevoltage between the battery positive post and thebattery negative post while the thruster is running.The voltage will drop initially and then should leveloff after approximately 5-10 seconds.The voltage should be no lower than 9.5 for a 12volt thruster and 19 volts for a 24 volt thrusterafter the voltage has stabilized.If the voltage does not stabilize and continues todrop below 9.5 or stabilizes below 9.5 for 12 voltthrusters (19 volts for 24 volt thrusters), than thebattery source needs to be check to ensure theamp capacity is sufficient to run the thruster or thecable run needs to be checked for voltage drop.Please contact your local Side-Power distributor forservice support if you have low operating voltage.SIDE-POWER THRUSTER SYSTEMSChecking voltage on A2 with ground to bluejumper attachedCONFIDENCE BY CONTROLTroubleshooting DC Thrusters - 7/8

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