ASQ CQE(Certified Quality Engineer)CQE Sample Test #11. What are the major disadvantages of having an improvement team that is too large ?Ⅰ. Difficulty in having constructive input from the entire group.Ⅱ. Difficulty in arriving at consensus.Ⅲ. Difficulty in finding large meeting facilities.Ⅳ. Difficulty, on the part of the recorder, in keeping up with more paperwork.A. Ⅰ onlyB. l and ll onlyC. l, ll and lll onlyD. l, ll , lll and lV2. Which of the following is NOT considered a prevention cost ?A. Writing operating procedures.B. Training.C. Data acquisition and analysis.D. Calibrating test equipment.3. An improvement in quality costs is MOST clearly indicated when :A. Appraisal and failure costs drop.B. Prevention costs increase.C. Total quality costs fall below 15% of total sales.D. Management objectives are met.4. During the building phase of improvement team development, which of the following properly describesteam activities ?Ⅰ. The team leader is usually directive.Ⅱ. The team leader often delegates tasks.Ⅲ. Team members prioritize and perform duties.Ⅳ. Team members are uncertain of their duties.A. ll and lll onlyB. l, ll and lll onlyC. l and lV only- 1 -D. ll, lll and lV only

Sample Test #15. Benchmarking might be defined as any of the following EXCEPT:A. A process for rigorously measuring your performance versus the best-in-class companies.B. A standard of excellence or achievement against which other similar things must be measured orjudged.C. Comparing the performance of one company to a set of standards and then to another'sperformance.D. The search for best industry practices that lead to superior performance.6. Which of the following is the BEST method to developing materials for a training program on the gapsin performance ?A. Secure a workshop trainer.B. Review a record of activities.C. Set up a one shot case study.D. Allocate employees for training.7. In most cases, an improvement team facilitator will NOT normally :A. Be familiar with problem solving techniques.B. Provide feedback to the group.C. Function as the group leader.D. Summarize key ideas generated by the group.8. The ideal results of a quality training effort would NOT include which of the following ?A. Increased cost-of-quality results.B. Improved working methods and morale.C. Increased productivity and job satisfaction.D. Reduced defects and employee turn-over.9. Information that is received by upper management, is often distorted. Which of the following actions iseffective in countering this problem ?Ⅰ. Stop killing the messenger.Ⅱ. Establishing an open door policy.Ⅲ. Practice management by walking around.A. l onlyB. l and ll onlyC. l and lll only- 2 -D. l, ll and lll

ASQ CQE(Certified Quality Engineer)10. Which of the following quality gurus was very critical of merit-pay and individual bonuses ? Hediscouraged management by objectives and the ranking of employees by performance.A. Dr. JuranB. Dr. DemingC. Dr. TaguchiD. Dr. Feigenbaum11. In order to implement a continuous improvement strategy, a company may institute a steeringcommittee or improvement council. Which of the following would generally NOT be a task performed bythis council ?A. The development of a quality vision for the company.B. The combined development and implementation of the company improvement strategy.C. The definition of certain quality objectives for sections of the company.D. The development of quality education and communication modules for the organization.12. A company is planning to completely change its employee performance, appraisal and reward system.Which of the following is NOT viable for consideration in the new system ?A. Integrating subordinate, peer, customer, and self-evaluations with supervisory ratings.B. Using continuous improvement, quality and customer satisfaction as key criteria.C. Requiring work team or group evaluations that are equal in emphasis to individual evaluations.D. Requiring less frequent performance reviews, but utilizing many rating categories.13. Any group, designing a quality information system (QIS) to collect product data, must consider whichof the following items ?Ⅰ. How the results will be used.Ⅱ. The frequency that results must be reported.Ⅲ. The allowable data error variation.A. ll onlyB. l and ll onlyC. ll and lll only- 3 -D. l, ll and lll

Sample Test #114. Which of the following are likely to be positive actions in obtaining a supplier's commitment to qualityimprovement ?Ⅰ. Involving the supplier early in the product development stage.Ⅱ. Partially reimbursing the supplier, when the product is rejected.Ⅲ. Establishing a firm schedule of required product quantities and dates.Ⅳ. Providing meaningful and timely quality performance feedback.A. l and lV onlyB. l, ll and lV onlyC. l, lll and lV onlyD. l, ll, lll and lV15. A pre-award evaluation of a supplier's quality system capability should NOT include consideration ofA. The supplier's product-quality history.B. The supplier's geographical location.C. The supplier's implementation of quality manual procedures.D. The supplier's skills in quality control techniques.16. For TQM success, what structure sequence should be followed ?Ⅰ. Develop a quality policy.Ⅱ. Establish a quality council.Ⅲ. Establish strategic quality goals.Ⅳ. Train for internal audits.A. ll, lll, l, lVB. ll, l, lll, lVC. lll, ll, l, lV17. What is the highest form of partnering with employees ?A. Employee involvement.B. Task teams.C. Cost reduction projects.D. Stock option plans.- 4 -D. l, ll, lll, lV

ASQ CQE(Certified Quality Engineer)18. A product failure in the customer's hands is bad for the company. Why do only 4% of the customersnormally file a complaint ?A. The product guarantee takes care of the product.B. A warranty is in place on the product.C. It is a minor inconvenience.D. They don't think it will do any good.19. The Malcolm Baldrige award is open for competition among which of the following ?Ⅰ. Large manufacturing businesses.Ⅱ. Large and small manufacturing businesses.Ⅲ. Service organizations.Ⅳ. Large service companies.A. l onlyB. l and lll onlyC. ll and lll onlyD. ll and lV only20. Which of the following is NOT a method for customer service data collection ?A. Customer surveys.B. Internal surveys.C. Customer visits.D. Complaint analysis.21. What is the key ranking difference between the Deming philosophy and the Malcolm Baldrige awardcriteria ?A. Deming prescribes "all or nothing" propositions but MBNQA ranks categories with different weights.B. The MBNQA ranks "business results" and "customer focus", but Deming does not consider theseitems.C. The MBNQA has seven categories compared to Deming's 14 points.D. There is no recognized rating system for the MBNQA.- 5 -

Sample Test #122. A vendor may be audited both before and during the execution of a contract. During such a vendoraudit, the focus may be directed at the management and resource management of the company.Whichof the following areas would be EXCLUDED during such an audit ?A. Use and planning of time, manpower and training.B. Defined quality responsibilities.C. Company philosophy and organizational charts.D. Design and process capabilities.23. In obtaining Total Customer Satisfaction, management should NOT undertake which of the followingactivities ?A. Use employee involvement and teamwork.B. Encourage team competition.C. Encourage sacrificing for the team.D. Coordinate efforts of the departments.24. Normally, complaint data for both a product or service organization should provideA. An indication of the organizational areas creating the most problems.B. The degree or extent of customers dissatisfaction.C. The appropriate corrective action to take.D. The total quality costs for the organization.25. The existence of a quality control manual at your key supplier meansA. That a quality system has been developed.B. That a quality system has been implemented.C. That the firm is quality conscious.D. That the firm is a certified supplier.26. A quality control program is considered to beA. A collection of quality control procedures and guidelines.B. A step by step listing of all quality control check points.C. A summary of company quality control policies.D. A system of activities to provide quality of products and service.- 6 -

ASQ CQE(Certified Quality Engineer)27. An audit will be viewed as a constructive service to the function which is audited when itA. Is conducted by nontechnical auditors.B. Proposes corrective action for each item uncovered.C. Furnishes enough detailed facts so the necessary action can be determined.D. Is general enough to permit managerial intervention.28. The term "quality audit" can refer to the appraisal of the quality system ofⅠ. An entire plant or company.Ⅱ. One product.Ⅲ. One major quality activity.A. l onlyB. l, ll and lllC. ll and lll onlyD. l and lll only29. Which of the following items is the MOST important consideration when selecting an audit teammember ?A. Being familiar with the organization that will be audited.B. Being competent in auditing techniques.C. Being competent in many quality control techniques.D. Having technical knowledge of the area being audited.30. You are requested by top management to establish an audit program of the quality systems in eachbranch plant of your firm. Which of the following schemes would you use in selecting the audit team tooptimize continuity, direction, availability, and technology transfer ?A. A full time audit staff.B. All volunteer audit staff.C. Hybrid audit staff (a proportion of answers a and b above).D. An outside consulting firm.- 7 -

Sample Test #131. Which of the following would be considered the WEAKEST reason to initiate an audit ?A. To compare actual practice to a defined standard.B. Follow-up on corrective action.C. Identify the root cause of a recent problem.D. Verify that a quality system continues to meet requirements.32. Findings and observations are audit terms. The best relationship between these terms is which of thefollowing ?A. Observations are broader in scope than findings.B. Observations are seen; findings are discovered.C. Observations generally support findings.D. Findings are reported in writing, observations are reported verbally.33. Quality audits do NOT provideA. Answers to quality system deficiencies.B. Highlighting of faulty company operations.C. An index of quality needs.D. An anticipated indication of customer acceptance of the product.34. The sample size for a product quality audit should beA. Based on ANSI/ASQ Z1.4.B. Based on the lot size.C. A stated percentage of production.D. A very small quantity of product.35. Which of the following parties, traditionally initiates an audit ?A. The client.B. The plant manager.C. The lead auditor.D. The auditee.- 8 -

ASQ CQE(Certified Quality Engineer)36. During the performance of an audit, which of the following are key considerations ?Ⅰ. What sampling plans may be necessary ?Ⅱ. Is the audit schedule progressing as planned ?Ⅲ. Is there a need for a technical specialist ?Ⅳ. Is the level of compliance satisfactory ?A. l, ll and lll onlyB. ll and lV onlyC. l and lV onlyD. l, ll, lll and lV37. When asked to make recommendations on how to correct any deficiencies noted in the exit report,the auditor(s) shouldA. Make the best recommendation possible.B. Confer with the client first.C. Avoid a recommendation in writing but help the auditee of possible.D. Offer no specific advice and few suggestions.38. The example of a supplier's quality management effort to meet your existing contractual requirementsis MOST likeⅠ. A product audit.Ⅱ. A process audit.Ⅲ. A system audit.A. ll onlyB. lll onlyC. l and ll onlyD. l, ll and lll39. The audit team normally advises the auditee immediately upon the discovery of a finding during anaudit. Which of the following items is (are) valid reasons for taking this action ?Ⅰ. If corrected immediately, the findings may be eliminated from the audit report.Ⅱ. If corrected immediately, it shows genuine auditee interest in the objectives of the audit.Ⅲ. If corrected immediately, it demonstrates the strength of an ongoing audit program.A. l onlyB. lll onlyC. ll and lll only- 9 -D. l, ll and lll

Sample Test #140. A purchase order for subassemblies classified as critical must include a review byⅠ. Quality engineering.Ⅱ. The procurement department.Ⅲ. Design engineering.A. lll onlyB. l and lll onlyC. ll and lll onlyD. l, ll and lll41. Which of the following are the MOST logical reasons for providing source inspection ?Ⅰ. The supplier has consistently shown poor out-going quality.Ⅱ. The key inspection points are hidden after assembly at the suppliers' plant.Ⅲ. The supplier requests the inspection to save them potential shipping expenses.Ⅳ. The criticality of the product warrants it.A. l, ll and lV onlyB. ll and lV onlyC. ll, lll and lV onlyD. l, ll, lll and lV42. Inspection operations typicallyA. Help in assuring satisfactory quality.B. Reduce the usability of the product or service involved.C. Require precise equipment in most instances.D. Occur between all manufacturing operators.43. Consider the following statement"A defect which might affect the appearance or general function of essential parts"This definition describes a seriousness classification described asA. Incidental.B. Critical.C. Minor.D. Major.44. Which of the following quality system provisions is of the greatest concern when preparing an auditchecklist for a vendor qualification system audit ?A. Drawing and print control.B. Makeup of the MRBC. Training level of inspectors.D. Calibration of test equipment.- 10 -

ASQ CQE(Certified Quality Engineer)45. In the planning of a new major manufacturing program, the greatest quality effort should be putlogically inA. Inspection of product.B. Nondestructive testing equipment.C. Nonconformance to specifications.D. Prevention of occurrence of substandard quality.46. The first and most important step, in establishing a good corporate quality plan isA.