How to setup the range extender by using theSetup Wizard in CD DiscThank you for purchasing Edimax Wireless Access Point. We hope this instruction can help you setup the extenderto extend your existing Wi-Fi network to a further location which has poor Wi-Fi reception.1. This instruction is for Windows computer only.If your computer is a Macintosh, we have a different instruction for Macintosh users on users will use Safari web browser to setup the extender manually.2. This instruction can be applied on Edimax Wireless Access Point Series: EW-7416APn, and EW-7228APn.3. This instruction uses the CD disc came with EW-7416APn or EW-7228APn. If you lost the CD disc, you candownload the Setup Wizard program from Download Area.4. The Setup Wizard program provides an easier way to setup the extender. In case you experience any troublewith the Setup Wizard program, you can manually configure the extender by a web browser like Internet explorer.You can find the instruction on Tech Support area.5. Once the setup is completed, you will get a wireless network from extender. While you connect to the extendernetwork, please enter the same wireless password of your existing Wi-Fi network. 2013 Edimax Computer3350 Scott Blvd., Building #15Santa Clara, California 95054, USAPhone 408-496-1105 Fax

IntroductionTo make Access Point associate with an existing wireless router, you need to do some setup so that the extender canassociate with your existing Wi-Fi network. You need to have some basic understanding about your current networkand you have to enter correct setting in extender.You can feel free to skip step 1 and step 2 if you have some networking knowledge. While you do the step1 and step2, please have your computer (either wireless or wired computer) get on Internet as usual. You can leave the EdimaxDevice off.Step 1. Understand the IP address used in your network.For Windows Vista or Windows 7 computer: click on Start menu. Go to “SearchPrograms and files”. Type in the command “ncpa.cpl” hit Enter key.For Windows XP computer: Click on Start menu. Click on Run. Enter “ncpa.cpl”hit Enter key.You got the “Network Connections” window. You would see the icon of LocalArea Connection or the icon of Wireless Network Connection.Double click on your network connection icon (either Local Area Connection orWireless Network Connection, depends on your connection). You will get into theConnection Status window.If you happen to use wireless network connection, make sure it connect to theexisting Wi-Fi network by checking its SSID name. The SSID should be yourmain wireless network.Click on Details button.For future reference, you may write down the IPv4 address, IPv4 subnet mask,and IPv4 Default gateway. The IPv4 default gateway address is the address ofyour Wi-Fi router.In this example, the computer has IP address and the Wi-Fi routeruses This network uses 192.168.1.x subnet.All the devices in the network have the same first three octets of IP address, butthe last octet number must be different. You can keep the Edimax extender withits default address. However, you may want to assign a new IPaddress to extender. This new IP could be helpful for trouble shooting purpose.Click on Close button twice until you are back to the “Network Connection”window.Page 1

Step 2. If your Wi-Fi network is secured with a wireless security password, youneed to know your wireless password.This step is for Windows 7/Vista Wireless computer. If you have Windows XP or have no Windows 7/Vista wirelesscomputer, you need to log into your Wi-Fi router’s configuration page or you can check with the person who setupyour Wi-Fi network to find out your wireless security password.Click on Network and Internet on the top menu.Click on View Network Status and tasks which is the line belowNetwork and Sharing Center.Click on Manage Wireless networks on the left menu.You should see the network name of your existing Wi-Fi networkin the list.Right click on your Wi-Fi network, click on Properties.Click on Security tab.Click the box of Show characters. That will show you thewireless encryption passphrase used in your wireless network.Take a note of your wireless security key. The key is casesensitive.Edimax extender will need to use the same wireless encryptionkey so it could connect to your Wi-Fi router.Click on Cancel button to close the window.Click on the blue back arrow on the top left corner to go back toNetwork and Sharing Center window.Page 2

Click on Change adapter settings on the left menu. You will beback to the Network connection.For Windows Vista users, click on Manage NetworkConnections on the left menu.Step 3. Use an Ethernet cable to connect the extender with your computer. Donot connect Edimax device to your Wi-Fi router.This Ethernet cable is for setup purpose only. Once the setup is completed, youcan unplug the ethetnet cable.Power on the Edimax device.Step 4. If your computer has wireless adapter, we recommend you temporarilydisable wireless adapter.If you see Wireless Network Connection icon in NetworkConnection window, right click on Wireless NetworkConnection and click on Disable. The wireless networkconnection will be disabled.Page 3

After the extender is setup successfully (later in step 8), you canturn the wireless connection back on by right click on WirelessNetwork Connection and click on Enable.Leave this Network Connection Screen open. Do notclose this window.Step 5. Insert the Edimax CD disk that came with the wireless access point.Once you insert the CD disk in, the AutoPlay pops up.Click on “Run Autorun.exe”.If you see a pop up window asking “Do you want to allow the followingprogram to make changes to this computer”, click on Yes to accept.If your computer is Windows 8, you may experience an AccessViolation error . You can not run the AutoRun.exe program. Instead,click on the option of “Open folder to view files”. Get into the contentof CD disc. Go into the Setup Wizard folder. Go into the English folder.Double click on APWizard.exe program.Click on Setup Utility or Setup Wizard which is the first item in thesetup menu.Click on English to continue.The Setup Wizard finds the Wireless Access Point and shows its currentIP address Click on Next.Page 4

The default password is 1234.Enter 1234 as password. Click on Next.If you ever setup a new login password, please use the new password tologin.The default IP address is NOT choose “Automatically assign an IP address from your network”.Based on information gathered in Step 1, the existing wireless networkuses 192.168.1.x network. We knew there is no device using192.168.1.90 so we give it to Access Point.If you are not sure which address to assign to the Access Point. You cankeep the default address for the extender. Using192.168.2.1 is fine.Click on Next.Select the option of “Repeater Mode”.Click on Next.The default SSID is “Edimax AP”.You can enter any name you like into the SSID box to be the networkname of the extender Wi-Fi network.It is optional to setup new login password. We suggest you ignore thesesettings. This setting is for the login password, not for the Wi-Fi securitypassword.Click on Next.The program searches for available wireless networks. If it does notdetect your network, you can click on “Scan” button to search.Scroll the screen to the right. Take a note about the channel number,Encryption, and Signal of your network. If you see your network showsencryption mixed mode of WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK, please use WPA2AES option in next setup screen.If the signal strength from your existing Wi-Fi network is less than 40,you may need to move the Edimax extender to a closer place so theextender can get better signal from your Wi-Fi router.Page 5

Select your wireless network. Click on Next.Enter your correct wireless security passphrase key. The securitypassword must be the same with the wireless password of your originalWi-Fi network. Please note the password is case sensitive.In our example, our Wi-Fi network has encryption password as1234567890. We enter the same password in the Pre-Shared Key box.Click on Next.Here is the summary page for the extender’s setup.Verify the information especially the wireless security key, click on Set.The extender is saving the setup and rebooting. Wait for 30 seconds.Click on Finish.Click on Exit to close the CD main menu.Page 6

Step 6. Verify the success of extender setup.Go back to the Network Connections window.Double click on Local Area Connection to get into Local Area ConnectionStatus.IPV4 Connectivity indicates the Internet is connected.Click on Details tab.The Ethernet adapter of your computer receives a dynamic IP address like192.168.1.100 from the original Wi-Fi network. This indicates the extender isworking properly.Click on Close to close the Details window.Click on Close to close the Local Area Connection Status window.You are back to Network Connection window. Leave this window open.You may open your web browser to confirm the connection with Internet.If you can browser Internet, the extender setup is successful.Step 7. Disconnect the Ethernet cable from your computer to the extender.Unplug the Ethernet cable between the PC and Extender.The Red X appeared on Local Area Connection for Network CableUnplugged.If your computer was used to wire with your router, you can connect theEthernet cable back to the router.Page 7

Step 8.If your computer has wireless adapter, the wireless adapter was disabled in step3 above. In this step, please enable the wireless network connection.Back to the Network connection Window.Right click on Wireless Network Connection. Click on Enable.Step 9. Try Wireless Network Connection.Use your Wireless computers or smart phones to connect to the wirelessextender.Right click on Wireless Network Connection. Click on Connect/DisconnectIf you have Windows XP, right click on Wireless Network Connection iconand click on View Available Wireless Network.It shows three available wireless networks.The ‘HomeNetwork’ is the original Wi-Fi network in our example. The‘Edimax AP’ is the default name of the extender. If you changed the SSIDname in step 5, you should see the extender in list.Select your extender network and click on Connect button.Enter your wireless security key of your Wi-Fi router.Click on OK button.Select the network type. Click on Close button.Page 8

Double click on the Wireless Network Connection icon to get into WirelessNetwork Connection Status window.IPv4 Connectivity indicates Internet is connected.The SSID indicates the connection is through the extender.Click on Close.Congratulation, the configuration is completed. You can open your webbrowser to access Internet.Once the extender is configured successfully, you may unplug the power ofthe extender then move the extender to a different location.In case your configuration failed, we recommend you verify your wireless encryption password.You have to enter the same wireless encryption password in the range extender. If the extenderis connected to an open Wi-Fi network which has no security, the extender has to be in open andno security.Page 9