Hylander NewsFebruary/March 2017Important DatesFrom the PrincipalGreetings Hylanders,At Columbia Heights High2/092/202/273/06FAFSA/CollegeSchool, where we all be-Night 12thlong, we respect and valuegrade 6pmall of our students. OurNo SchoolCHHS Bandstaff is committed to creating a safe environment inwhich students are able toConcertgrow in their academicCHHS Winterviduals. We want to con-Choir Concerttinue to partner with ourachievement and as indi-families and community as3/09CHHS ParentTeacherConferences4:15pm-7:45pm3/13 - 3/17 No Schoolcess of registering studentsfor classes for the 2017-18school year. Students willbe meeting with theirdeans to complete thisprocess. We ask that youtake a moment to talk toyour child about registeringfor next year’s classes. Thecourse catalogue can beoffered ongoing financialfound on our website andsupport for our students inpaper copies are available activities and athletics. Wein the main office.will be hosting the nextwe offer worlds of oppor-On February 9th, we will betunity for our students. It ishosting a College and Fi-our hope that as studentsnancial Aid Night at 6pm inembrace these opportuni-the Media Center. Admis-ties, they will go out andsion counselors and finan-make a difference in ourcial aid staff from colleges will be here toWe have just ended a successful first semester. Firstsemester report cards willbe mailed and should bemaking their way to yourmonth at 7pm. You areinvited to come to find outhow you can get administration willvantage of this great op-be hosting a five courseportunity!dinner prepared by Chefany questions or concerns,on Thursday, March 9thplease call or email yourfrom 4:15pm-7:45pm in thechild’s teachers. We aremain gym. This is a greatRespectcommitted to partneringtime to connect with yourwith you so that togetherchild’s teachers and learnEducationwe can provide the bestabout your child’s possible for yourWednesday of eachPlease come and take ad-Conferences will be heldExpectationsMedia Center on the thirdProm will be hosted onassist with financial aid and May 13th at the Marriot incollege applications.Brooklyn Park. The highhome soon. If you haveREALthree meetings in the CHHSThe Columbia HeightsAttitudechild.LoyaltyWe are currently in the pro- strong partner, and hasBooster Club has been aJustin Shroyer. The cost willbe 10.00 per couple. Iwould also like to remindstudents that guest formsfor Prom need to be turnedin one week before thedance.We are looking forward toa successful second semester!Columbia Heights Public Schools create worlds of opportunity for every learner in partnership with supportive small-towncommunities by challenging all to discover their talents, to unleash their potential and develop tools for lifelong success.

Page 2Hylander NewsSenior All Night Party InformationAttention All Seniors and Par-Our next meeting is Wednesday,ents of Seniors: Planning is un-February 8 at 6:00 pm, at Colum-derway for the Senior all nightbia Grounds Coffee Shop onparty! This is a Columbia Heights40th Avenue. We hope to see youDo you have questions? pleaseHigh School tradition and athere!contact Jen at (612) 385-4225 ornight to remember for all.Seniors interested in attendingthe party will need to purchasetickets in advance as well ashave a signed permission slip.We also are collecting cans in thestudent parking lot, so bring inyour aluminum.We have a casino bus going topick-up in the main office atTurtle Lake, February 19th, comeCHHS.and join the fun.We need parents interested inplanning, helping with fundrais-WE NEED YOUR HELP!Thank you!help by working a shift.going on, all you have to do is askyour family and friends to use acode when purchasing.nations for the party - mone-1. Go totary, gift cards, actual tickets.our page for updated information.Saturdays for Bingo, come play orWe have a Schwann's campaign(think dorm room stuff) or sport-Parents of CHHS Class of 2017. JoinWe are volunteering at Sarnas onparty itself.lem. We are also accepting do-We also have a Facebook page -Class of 2017 Planning Committeeing efforts, and to work at theIf you can’t offer time, no prob-4. Or call 855-870-7208Jessica at (763)502-1372.Other ways to help:These are now available forPARENT VOLUNTEERS ARE NEEDED !3. Shop2. Shop to GiveImportant Information About AttendanceIn order to avoid interruptions to the classroom,ment is scheduled during the school day, the stu-please send a note with your child in the morningdent must check out and check back in throughof their appointment. The note should state thethe Attendance Office. When the student returnsreason he/she needs to leave the building andto school, a note from the doctor must be present-our Attendance Office will issue a pass. This willed to the Attendanceensure the class isn't interrupted when the parentOffice in order for theor guardian picks up the student.absence to be excused.All medical or dental excuses must be clearedthrough the Attendance Office.If an appoint-

Page 3Hylander NewsAssistant Principal Dr. McLuen has been named InterimDirector of Student ServicesDirector of Student Services Nicole Halabi hasannounced her retirement effective February20, 2017. Halabi retires after 34 years of teaching and administrative leadership; she hasbeen with Columbia Heights Public Schoolssince 2004.“For the last 13 years, Ms. Halabi has been anexemplary employee,” said SuperintendentKathy Kelly.“Ms. Halabi has provided out-standing leadership in Student Services andbeyond, which will be greatly missed. I wish Ms.Halabi nothing but the best as she begins aPrincipal Dr. Laura McLuen has been named Inter-new chapter in her life.”im Director of Student Services.Superintendent Kelly announced in JanuaryWe will miss Dr. McLuen and we wish her the best inthat Columbia Heights High School Assistanther new position.FAFSA and College Night on February 9thThe annual FAFSA Help Night and College Fair is(grants,scholarships,andloans)atcollegescoming up on February 9th in the Media Centerthroughout the nation. We invite financial aid staffat 6:00 pm.from MN colleges to come help out at our FAFSAStudents of all ages and parents canNight. There is a brief presentation atcome speak with a variety of regionalthe start of the evening, and then thecollege reps. Helpful, free college prepremainder of the time will be used toliterature will be available for all. At theanswer questions and support familiessame time, the Media Center comput-completing the FAFSA. Families willer lab will be staffed with professionalneed to bring specific tax documentshelp for those filling out a FAFSA for the first time.The FAFSA (Free Application for Federal StudentAid) is completed by graduating seniors and theirparent(s) online in order to qualify for student aidfrom 2015 with them to complete the FAFSA as wellas the student’s social security number. Seniors willbe receiving this detailed list in advisory before theFAFSA night.Columbia Heights High School - 1400 49th Street NW - Columbia Heights, MN 55421 - 763.528.4600Columbia Heights Public Schools create worlds of opportunity for every learner in partnership with supportive small-towncommunities by challenging all to discover their talents, to unleash their potential and develop tools for lifelong success.

Page 4Hylander NewsSchool Board: Three Sworn-in, 2017 Officers ElectedThree individuals, two incum-tively as Chair and Vice Chair, Sev-and fourth Tuesdays of the monthbents and a newly elected offi-erson was elected as Clerk andat 7 p.m., with the exception ofcial, were sworn-in Tuesday,Hala Asamarai will be the newMarch in which the regular meetingJan. 3 to the Columbia HeightsTreasurer.will be March 28 (no meetingPublic School District Board ofMarch 14 due to Spring Break), andEducation. The full six directorsEach January by state statute, theDecember, in which the meetingalso elected their 2017 officersSchool Board holds an organiza-will be Dec. 12. There are no meet-and voted on a list of annualtional meeting to elect officers andings in July. The School BoardSchool Board requirements.conduct other beginning of theagreed that there will be the optioncalendar year official business.of adding a Work Session the thirdIncumbents John Larkin andIncluded in the list of annual re-Tuesday of the month at 5:30 p.m.Naty Severson and newcomerquirements is appointing directorsand that no new business shall beLorien Mueller received theto standing committees and astaken up by the School Board afteroath of office from Vice Chairschool liaisons, voting on School10:45 p.m. except by unanimousLaura Palmer. Larkin, SeversonBoard salaries and per diem, andconsent of the Board members. Alland Mueller were elected Nov.designating District legal counsel,School Board meetings, open to8, 2016. Larkin begins serving hiselection clerk and official newspa-the public except by statute closedsecond full term; in 2016 Sev-per.sessions, are held at the Districterson was elected to completeThe School Board also approvedCenter Community Room (1440the term of a former BoardRegular Meetings on the second49th Avenue NE, Columbia Heights).member who moved out ofthe District. Mueller will serveher first term on the SchoolBoard. All School Board members serve four-year terms.The School Board also votedon selecting its officers for the2017 calendar year. Larkin andPalmer were reelected respec-

Page 5Hylander NewsParentVueParentVue, is a safe and secure way for parents toWe highly encourage each family toaccess information about their child(ren), monitorhave at least one ParentVue account.and support their academic success and enhanceschool-home communications. You can track yourstudents class schedule, grades, attendance,health, discipline, see upcoming events at theschool, etc. Parent account activation is a self-Please contact Ivonne Padilla at 763528-4601, or send her an email [email protected] if you need an Activa-tion Code.registration process. Each parent is provided aParentVue Apps are also available for iPhone andunique activation key code. For parents residing inAndroid users.the same household, you may choose to activateindividual accounts or choose one to share as afamily.Superintendent Kathy Kelly is on Instagram!We invite you to follow her @thesuptcolheights as she shares stories, news, people, photos, videos and more of what happens in Columbia Heights Public Schools. Start following her today!Office Staff Contact InformationDan Wrobleski, Ivonne Padilla, Principal’s Angela Jacobson, usJohn Kulick, Assistant ari Martin, Records Admin. [email protected] Sagdalen, Activities elen Tomas, Attendance [email protected] Holmgren, Activities ManagerCarla Scheider, School [email protected] Weir, Chemical a Lotito-Meier, Social cer Jason Piehn, [email protected] Beasley, Dean of im Berling, Dean of ollie Sprouse, Dean of [email protected]

Page 6Hylander NewsStudent Artists Earn 26 Minnesota Scholastic Arts AwardsSixteen Columbia Heights High School art stu-In the Silver Key category, Meyer won two awards anddents have earned a total of 26 Art Educators ofOsmanovic won one.Minnesota Gold Key, Silver Key, and HonorableMention 2017 Minnesota Scholastic Arts Awards(MSAA). The art students earned eight GoldKeys, three Silver Keys, and 15 Honorable Mentions.Two of the 16 Columbia Heights High School student artists earned nine of the 26 awards. SeniorNathan Smoka (picture to the right) was selected for three Gold Key Medals and an HonorableMention and Senior Adler Burton’s artworks wereselected for five Honorable Mentions.In addition to Smoka and Burton, nine students received Honorable Mentions. Juniors Christine Ericksonand Greenfield each were recognized twice. JuniorsMarni Borders and Keon Lewis, Sophomore HermellaDemere, and Seniors Osmanovic and Michele Johnson were selected for Honorable Mentions. The 16 arestudents of Art Teachers Dane Hodges and Sarah Honeywell.The 2017 competition had more than 4,300 single student entries and student portfolios from across thestate. The student artwork was judged in 13 differentIn addition to Smoka, four other seniors woncategories. All student award honorees will be recog-Gold Key Awards. Johny Castro was selected fornized at the 2017 MSAA ceremony Feb. 18 at the Weis-two Gold Keys. Kira Greenfield, Whitney Meyerman Art Muse-and Erna Osmanovic (picture below) each willum at the Uni-receive a Gold Key. These eight Gold Keys art-versity of Minne-works will compete in the National Scholastic Artsota in Minneap-Awards competition in New York City later thisolis. Theyear.Gold Key artawards will beon exhibit Jan.31 through Feb.18 at the RegisWest Gallery onthe University ofMinnesota Min-neapolis campus (405 21st Avenue South).Columbia Heights High School - 1400 49th Street NW - Columbia Heights, MN 55421 - 763.528.4600Columbia Heights Public Schools create worlds of opportunity for every learner in partnership with supportive small-towncommunities by challenging all to discover their talents, to unleash their potential and develop tools for lifelong success.

Page 7Hylander NewsActivities and Athletics with Mr. SagdalenThe spring musical is getting underway with new director, Farrah Buffington. Students try-outs have begunand the