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Study Guide forNICET Video Security Systems TechnicianLevel I CertificationPrepared byVlado Damjanovski, B.E.(electronics)andHoward Kohnstamm, VSS SME2009We support and encourage NICET certification.

2Study GuideNICET Video Security System Technician - Level I

Table of ContentsVideo Security Systems Technician VSST I E & OVERVIEW.10VSST - VIDEO SECURITY SYSTEMS TECHNICIAN.10VSSD - VIDEO SECURITY SYSTEMS DESIGNER.10NICET VIDEO SECURITY SYSTEMS CLASSIFICATIONS.11Type A Systems.11Type B Systems.11Type C Systems.11VSST LEVEL I CERTIFICATION.13STANDARDS & PROFESSIONALISM.151. The Basic Principles of CCTV.17Why use closed circuit television?.17Lenses.18Focal plane.18Format.19Focal length.19F-stop (iris opening).21Irises.22.Fixed Iris.22.Manual Iris.22.Motorized Iris.22.Auto-Iris (Video-Drive & DC Drive).22Depth of field.24Focusing.25CCTV cameras.263Study GuideNICET Video Security System Technician - Level I

Camera power supply.27V-phase or LL-phase .28C/CS Mount.29Auto iris lens.29Lens level.29Automatic Electronic Shutter (AES).30Frame integration.31Back Light Compensation (BLC).31Wide Dynamic Range (WDR).31Automatic Gain Control (AGC).32Dynamic Noise Reduction (DNR).32Auto white balance (AWB) & Automatic track white (ATW).322. Assemble Camera Hardware and Place Assembled Camera on Mount . .33Fixed “box” cameras with separate lenses.34Camera Mounts.35Housings.36Fixed dome cameras with integral lenses.37Camera installation checklist.38On the workbench.38On site.383. Low Voltage Power Connections .39NEC.39.Class 1.39.Class 2.39.Class 3.39Understanding voltage and electric current.40Basic electrical z.444Study GuideNICET Video Security System Technician - Level I

.DC and AC voltage.44Electrical parallel and serial connections.45Serial and Parallel Circuits.46Ohms law.48Power to the camera.49Voltage drop calculations.50Power supply capacity calculation.514. Make Low Voltage Splices and Junctions .53Low voltage splices and junctions.545. Coax and Twisted Pair Terminations .57Plenum and non-plenum cables.57Coaxial cables.58Impedance and minimum bending radius.60Types of coaxial cables and connectors.61UTP Unshielded Twisted Pair.64Category 5 and 6 cables.656. Install Camera Mounts.69Wood.69Metal.69Concrete.707. Cabinets and Racks.73Cabinets.73EIA-310-D racks.738. System Testing and Commissioning Tasks.77System interconnecting diagram (Shop Plan).77Verifying cables.78Video signal levels.79Power consumption.805Study GuideNICET Video Security System Technician - Level I

9. Troubleshooting Tasks.81Power cable troubleshooting.81Video cables troubleshooting.8210. Documentation Tasks.8311. Temporarily Mark Cables for Construction . .8512. Record Serial Numbers of Installed Devices .8713. Recover and Store Equipment Documents .8914. Safe Work Site Practices.91OSHA 2202 (Construction Industry Digest).92Electrical installations.92Electrical work practices.93Ladders.93Laser.94Scaffolds, general requirements.94Motor vehicles and mechanized Equipment .95Storage.