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ContentsBefore You Begin. 3Audience, Purpose, and Required Skills.3Getting Help. 3Related Documentation.3The Polycom Community. 3Polycom Unified Communications for Cisco Webex Requirements.4Products Tested with this Release.4Supported Deployment Models. 5Registering RealPresence Group Series or Polycom Trio with CUCM. 7Configuring CUCM for Polycom Endpoints TCP/Unsecure Registration. 7Create a Security Profile for TCP/Unsecure Registration. 7Add a System User for TCP/Unsecure Registration. 9Create a SIP Profile for TCP/Unsecure Registration.11Add a Device Entry for TCP/Unsecure Registration.14Configuring CUCM for Polycom Endpoint TLS/Secure Registration.17Create a Security Profile for TLS/Secure Registration. 17Add a System User for TLS/Secure Registration. 18Create a SIP Profile for TLS/Secure Registration. 20Add a Device Entry for TLS/Secure Registration. 23Configuring RealPresence Group Series for Secure CUCM Registration. 26Configure SIP Settings. 26Import CA Certificate to RealPresence Group Series or ImmersiveTelepresence System.28Enable Encrypted Media Calls. 30Configuring a RealPresence Group Series for One Touch Dial Registration.31Configuring a Polycom Trio for CUCM Registration.31Log In to the Web Configuration Utility.31Configure Line Settings. 32Configure SIP Server Settings. 33Configure Date and Time Settings. 34Configuring a Polycom Trio for Secure CUCM Registration. 35Configure SIP Line Settings. 35Generate Certificates for CUCM. 36Import Root CA and Signed Device Certificates. 37Configure Polycom Trio Visual Plus Codec Priorities. 39Polycom, Inc.1

ContentsConfigure Polycom Trio Visual Pro Codec Priorities.40Configure a Polycom Trio Dial Plan and One Touch Dial Service. 40Polycom, Inc.2

Before You BeginTopics: Audience, Purpose, and Required Skills Getting HelpThis partner deployment guide explains how to integrate Polycom products into Cisco Webexenvironments. It also centers around various Cisco and Polycom call control infrastructures.Polycom’s integrated suite of hardware devices and software applications allows you to integrate best ofbreed video and audio communications across Cisco platforms.Audience, Purpose, and Required SkillsThis guide is written for a technical audience. Polycom expects the administrator to be a mid-level ITprofessional experienced in system administration.The primary audience for this guide is administrators who configure, customize, manage, andtroubleshoot video endpoints that are integrated with Polycom Unified Communication for Cisco Webex. Ifconfiguring Microsoft calendars, the administrator should have Microsoft IT administrative expertise. Theadministrator should also be familiar with video conferencing concepts.Getting HelpFor more information about installing, configuring, and administering Polycom products, refer to thePolycom Documentation Library or Documents & Software at Polycom Support.Related DocumentationFor additional documentation resources related to Polycom's cloud services, see Polycom CommunityThe Polycom Community gives you access to the latest developer and support information. Participate indiscussion forums to share ideas and solve problems with your colleagues. To register with the PolycomCommunity, simply create a Polycom online account. When logged in, you can access Polycom supportpersonnel and participate in developer and support forums to find the latest information on hardware,software, and partner solutions topics.Polycom, Inc.3

Polycom Unified Communications forCisco Webex RequirementsTopics: Products Tested with this ReleaseThe Cisco Webex application enables users to join scheduled meetings by leveraging calendaringintegration and use one click to join the meeting. It is available for endpoints that support calendaring.When the meeting time arrives, the user can select the meeting and, join the conference with just oneclick.Products Tested with this ReleasePolycom products are tested extensively with a wide range of products. You can view a list of theproducts that have been tested for compatibility with this release.Polycom strives to support any system that is standards-compliant and investigates reports of Polycomsystems that are not interoperable with other vendor systems. Note that the following list is not acomplete inventory of compatible equipment, but the products that have been tested with this release.Note: Polycom recommends that you upgrade all of your Polycom systems with the latest softwareversions. Any compatibility issues may already have been addressed by software updates. Referto Polycom Service Policies at -policies.html tosee the Current Polycom Interoperability Matrix.Products Tested with this ReleaseProductTested VersionsCisco Unified Communications resswayX8.9.1 Polycom RealPresence DMA9.0.1 Polycom RealPresence Access Director4.2.5.2Webex Web ClientN/AWebex Teams ClientUnsupportedCisco Webex Meetings Client33.4.4.5 or higher Polycom RealPresence Group SeriesPolycom TrioPolycom, Inc. 6.1.5 and higher5.7.2 and higher4

Polycom Unified Communications for Cisco Webex RequirementsProductTested Versions Polycom Pano App1.1 and eoContentOne TouchDialRealPresence GroupSeriesCisco UnifiedCommunications ManagerRealPresenceDMA/RealPresenceAccess DirectorSIP Polycom Trio Visual Cisco UnifiedCommunications ManagerRealPresenceDMA/RealPresenceAccess DirectorSIP Polycom Trio Visual ProCisco UnifiedCommunications ManagerRealPresenceDMA/RealPresenceAccess DirectorSIP RealPresence GroupSeriesCisco UnifiedCommunications ManagerVCS-ESIP Polycom Trio Visual Cisco UnifiedCommunications ManagerVCS-ESIP Polycom Trio Visual ProCisco UnifiedCommunications ManagerVCS-ESIP RealPresence GroupSeriesVCS-CVCS-ESIPandH.323 RealPresence GroupSeriesRealPresenceDMARealPresenceAccess DirectorSIPandH.323 Polycom Trio Visual RealPresenceDMARealPresenceAccess DirectorSIP Polycom Trio Visual ProRealPresenceDMARealPresenceAccess DirectorSIP Supported Deployment ModelsYou can deploy Polycom products with Cisco Webex using different deployment models.Polycom, Inc.5

Polycom Unified Communications for Cisco Webex RequirementsPolycom supports the following deployment models when integrating Polycom products with CiscoWebex environments: Direct Registration of Polycom RealPresence Systems with CUCM Direct Secure Registration of Polycom RealPresence Endpoints with VCS Direct Secure Registration of Polycom RealPresence Endpoints to RealPresence DMAPolycom, Inc.6

Registering RealPresence Group Seriesor Polycom Trio with CUCMTopics: Configuring CUCM for Polycom Endpoints TCP/Unsecure Registration Configuring CUCM for Polycom Endpoint TLS/Secure Registration Configuring RealPresence Group Series for Secure CUCM Registration Configuring a RealPresence Group Series for One Touch Dial Registration Configuring a Polycom Trio for CUCM Registration Configuring a Polycom Trio for Secure CUCM Registration Configure Polycom Trio Visual Plus Codec Priorities Configure Polycom Trio Visual Pro Codec Priorities Configure a Polycom Trio Dial Plan and One Touch Dial ServiceTo register a RealPresence Group Series system with CUCM, you need to perform steps in both theCUCM and the RealPresence Group Series system.For more information about the Cisco Unified Communications Manager, see the Cisco UnifiedCommunications Manager Documentation Guide. For more information on Polycom RealPresence GroupSeries, see the Administrator's Guide.Configuring CUCM for Polycom Endpoints TCP/Unsecure RegistrationConfigure CUCM for Polycom endpoint TCP/unsecure registration using the CUCM web administratorinterface.Before you configure CUCM, review the Cisco Unified Communications Manager Considerations.Create a Security Profile for TCP/Unsecure RegistrationEnable the Phone Security Profile with digest authentication to secure the Polycom endpoint’s connectionto CUCM.Procedure1. Log in to the CUCM console.2. Select System Security Profile Phone Security Profile.3. Select Add New.4. In the Phone Security Profile Type drop-down menu, select Third-party SIP Device(Advanced) and click Next.Polycom, Inc.7

Registering RealPresence Group Series or Polycom Trio with CUCM5. On the Phone Security Profile Information page, complete the following fields:a. In the Name text box, enter a profile name for the system.b. In the Description field, en