Clubs & ActivitiesGuide2014-2015

Mr. Gary Astorino, School Counselor [email protected] Mrs. Brenda Hertel, School Counselor [email protected] Mrs. Betsy Weiss, School Counselor [email protected] Ms. Ashley Tyler, Guidance Secretary [email protected] 11.17.14

Adventure ClubThe Adventure Club aims to develop and teach life skills, including cooperative learning, tostudents. While students participate in a number of noncompetitive, outward-boundactivities, they learn to devise a plan and solutions to problems that exist outside of theireveryday world. Students build new social skills and are given the opportunity to buildfriendships, resolve disagreements, and work closely with others of diverse backgrounds.The club is open to all students at General McLane High School.For more information please contact:Mr. Brad [email protected] School Lifting/Wellness ProgramThis is a program for interested students to develop their strength and fitness under theguidance of a certified personal trainer.For more information please contact:Mr. Richard [email protected] ClubAnime club members learn about Asian “geek” culture by watching anime videos, readingmanga comic books, playing video games and participating in other fun activities. The clubmeets during tutorial on Wednesdays and occasionally after school. Students meet in room504.For more information please contact:Mr. Jeremy [email protected] ClubArchery club meets mainly in the fall after school from 3-5. Learn how to correctly andsafely shoot and tips for hunting with bow and arrow. In class we will be using recurvebows. Come learn and have fun. No fees.For more information please contact:Mrs. Marla [email protected]

Art ClubArt Club is a chance for students to continue their knowledge of art during Activity Periodby participating in various art projects they may not experience during the school day. Thegoal of the Art Club is to encourage students to experiment and to form a small artcommunity in which students can feel open to express themselves creatively. You do nothave to be taking a current art class to participate in Art Club.For more information please contact:Mrs. Katie [email protected] ClubAll grade levels are welcome. We are looking for people who like to read books and talkabout them. There are no fees or dues. We meet during activity period and at times inbetween. To join, just come to Mrs. Williams' room during Activity Period. Bring yourgreat ideas for good reads and be flexible in your willingness to try new genres.For more information please contact:Ms. Mollie [email protected] ClubChemistry Club is for interested students, who have completed or are currently enrolled inAP Chemistry, to engage younger students to encourage the development of an interest inChemistry or Science Related Fields. Theses students will participate in various activitiesthroughout the year.For more information please contact:Mr. Brad [email protected] OlympiadChemistry Olympiad is a competition that takes place each year that pits the students fromGeneral McLane versus the rest of the country in a chemistry competition. There are fourdifferent rounds of competition. This group meets during the second semester. Participantsshould have at least one full year of chemistry completed. Must be a US Citizen toparticipate.For more information please contact:Mr. Brad [email protected]

Chess ClubThe Chess Club meets during activity periods, tutorials, and after school by arrangements toplay chess. All you have to do is come to a meeting to join.For more information please contact:Mr. David [email protected] ExtremeClub Extreme for all those students interested in a different and challenging workout, clubis for those in shape as well as those wanting to increase their fitness levels a little at a time.We will be using the Insanity workout video as well as others such as P90X and theAsylum workout. Come, be challenged and sweat! Club usually meets after school and/orbefore school 2nd and 3rd semester.For more information please contact:Mrs. Marla tudents work in teams of 5 to study environmental topics and then compete at the countylevel. Students meet Tuesdays after school beginning in January and ending in May.ththEnvirothon is open to 9 – 12 grade students.For more information please contact:Mrs. Karen [email protected] ClubStudents explore the French Culture. A trip to France is planned. The trip is for juniors andseniors who have had at least 2 years of a foreign language. A student's discipline andattendance record can influence whether the student can participate in the trip or not.For more information please contact:Ms. Monica [email protected]

General McLane Acceptance (GMA)GMA is a social club designed for students in the LBGTQ community and their allies.GMA addresses issues both inside and outside of the school. We focus on supportingstudents and learning about the LGBTQ community through topics like: spreadingawareness of National Day of Silence, "coming out" to friends and family, expressingindividuality, building healthy relationships, ways to end bullying, violence, andhomophobia, and discussing current events. Anyone is welcome to join or participate at anytime. There are no requirements or fees other than participating with an open mind. Wemeet every Friday during tutorial throughout the school year. However, the door is alwaysopen.For more information please contact:Mr. Charlie [email protected] Health & Wellness ClubThe GM Health & Wellness Club is for students who have a strong interest in promoting ahealthy lifestyle. The members of the GM Health & Wellness Club develop and promotepositive health and wellness activities for the General McLane Community. The club meetsduring tutorial and afterschool to prepare for activities.For more information please contact:Mrs. Helen [email protected] Lancer Ledger, Student NewspaperThe newspaper editorial board is responsible for overseeing the production of the monthlyhigh school newspaper, The Lancer Ledger. Students of any grade level can join as long asthey have a willingness to learn aspects of newspaper production such as journalism,editing, layout, design, photography, sales, advertising, accounting, and other businessfunctions. The group meets roughly twice a week, once during school and once after school.There is no fee to join. Students need only be dedicated to creating the monthlypublication.For more information please contact:Mrs. Toni [email protected]

HI Q TeamParticipates in Academic Competitions at Pitt. Group practices after school on Monday’sfrom 3:00 to 4:00 in room 505.It is open to any student in grades 9-12.For more information please contact:Mr. Richard [email protected] ClubAny student who has an interest in history and wishes to compete in the local NorthwesternHistory Day Competition, with the idea of doing well enough to go on to the State NationalHistory Day. If they do well enough, they can then compete in the National History Day.Each year the theme is a different aspect of history and peoples roles in that era of history.For more information please contact:Mr. Ray [email protected] ChallengeIngenuity Challenge is a problem solving competition organized by grade level 9/10 (co2racer) & 11/12 (Wind Power Generator). It is sponsored by Erie Engineering Societies andhosted by Edinboro University. The event is typically takes place in November. The groupmeets every Monday and Wednesday after school from3:00 – 5:00PM.For more information please contact:Mr. Nick [email protected] : Junior Engineering & Technical SocietyThis engineering club meets after school from 3:00 to 4:00 or 4:30 once or twice a week toprepare for a testing competition (TEAMS - Test of engineering aptitude math and science)that is ranked at the local, state, and national levels. The club usually runs from Novemberuntil the test day in early March. The meetings center around practicing for the test. The testcontains college-freshman level open-ended engineering problems. In order to participateone must have a teacher recommendation and must plan to take Physics II.For more information please contact:Mr. David [email protected]

Key ClubKey Club is a volunteer organization that encourages students to work on several projectsthat benefit children and the community. Students meet Monday’s during tutorial. Thereis a 13.50 dues fee that is paid to Kiwanis International.For more information please contact:Mr. Lon [email protected] CrewLink Crew is a freshman transition program wherein juniors and seniors serve as "linkleaders" for incoming freshmen students. Link Leaders must apply to be a part of the LinkCrew and applicants are evaluated and selected by the faculty. Link Crew is a yearlongprogram that involves intense training and commitment to planning and carrying outactivities developed to help freshmen students adjust and transition to high school. LinkCrew is a great leadership opportunity for students who are dedicated to making GeneralMcLane a great place.For more information please contact:Mr. Kevin [email protected] James [email protected] United NationsModel United Nations is an academic simulation of the United Nations that aims to educateparticipants about current events, topics in international relations, diplomacy and the UnitedNations agenda. The participants role-play as diplomats representing a nation or NGO in asimulated session of an organ (committee) of the United Nations, such as the SecurityCouncil or the General Assembly. Events occur in the fall at Gannon University and in thespring at Mercyhurst College.For a schedule of events or for more information please contact:Mr. Lon [email protected] Honor SocietyStudents in 11th and 12th grade may apply to National Honor Society if they areoutstanding in the areas of Scholarship, Leadership, Service, and Character. Interestedstudents must have at least a 3.50 GPA and demonstrate strengths in the four areas throughtheir activities and community service.For more information please contact:Mrs. Alison [email protected]

Patient Actor and Medical ClubThe GM Patient Actor and Medical Club is Free and open to all High school students wholove acting or are interested in the medical Field. Members of the club learn about acting inmedical dramas. Students can also learn how to be a Standardized patient actor.Students interested in healthcare can explore many types of healthcare professions, byparticipating with online learning, hands on learning, or community outreach programs.Meetings are during tutorial, activity periods, and after school Tuesdays, Thursdays 3pm to6pm.To join or for more information contactTim @gmail.comLon [email protected] (PA Junior Academy of Science)Students work individually to apply the scientific method to a problem they create in math,science or computer science then present results. Students meet Tuesdays after school untilMay and is open to students in grades 7-12. There is a 10.00 project fee.For more information please contact:Mrs. Karen [email protected] MediatorsStudents work with their peers to help resolve disputes between two people or small groups.For more information please see:Officer Paul [email protected] ClubStudents meet Tuesdays during first block to collect recyclable materials throughout theschool.For more information please see:Miss Laura [email protected]

Recreational ActivitiesStudents participate in various recreational activities after school including: Archery,Volleyball, Putt-Putt, Bowling, Basketball, and Tag Football.For a schedule of events or for more information please contact:Mr. Michael dents design and build a fighting remote controlled robot. The robot will be used tobattle robots created by other schools in NWPA. Throughout the process students will usethe engineering design process and must meet strict criteria. Participating students should bein, scheduled for, or have taken a technology education class. The group meets Mondayafter school and some days during tutorial.For more information please contact:Mr. Nick [email protected] Spanish ClubThe Spanish Club is a social club related to all things Spanish and a chance for makenew friends. Highlights include crafts, food, music, movies, salsa dancing, and more!Membership is open to those currently or formerly enrolled in Spanish classes at GMHS.For more information please contact:Mrs. Megan [email protected] and Debate TeamThe team is part of the National Catholic Forensics League, sponsored locally by GannonUniversity, and dedicated to supporting high school speech and debate activities for public,private, and parochial high schools in the US and Canada. Students compete in one ofseven speech events or four debate events.For a list of events and competition schedule please contact:Mr. Lon [email protected]

Student CouncilThe purpose of the General McLane Student Council is a representation of thestudent body. Activities are planned to enhance the mission of the GM SchoolDistrict. Student council also acts as a platform for students to voice opi