Applied Studies Raffle Donations 2020We would like to thank all of the people that have donated items for the virtualraffle. We were so blessed to have an overwhelming response to donations that wewere able to have 110 baskets. We appreciate everyone who donated items, money,time and those who purchased tickets. Everyone made this event a hugesuccess. Proceeds from the raffle will be used to support our students in the classroomand beyond.And the winners are (in bold red)BasketNumberBasket Name and Winner1Rainbow Basket - Judith Barefoot2Unicorn Basket - Joshua Walterhouse3Quilt - Cathy Morgan(Handmade quilt made by Bobbie Musiak)4Wooden Solar Decoration - Joshua Walterhouse(Made by Twila Rearick)5I Love You Basket - Michelle Petrillo(Donated by Wendy Auden and Shelly Ryan’s class)6Lottery Basket - Chastity DiFrancesco(Over 250 worth of scratch off tickets donated by WPSD staff)7COVID Tree - Cody Auden(Donated by Kallie Mendenhall’s class)8Gift Card Frame #1 - Kelly Medaglio(Donated by Tropical Cafe, DQ, Eat n Park)9Gift Card Frame #2 - Donald Mazreku(Donated by Starbucks, Panera, Barnes and Noble, JCPenneys)10Gift Card Frame #3 - Cheryl Daniels(Donated by Longhorn, Red Lobster Greensburg)11Gingerbread Bag - Valerie Corbin(Donated by Nancy Possumato)12School Supplies- Girls - Maycee Auden(Donated by Megan Chopek)13School Supplies- Boys - Kallie Mendenhall(Donated by Megan Chopek)

14Bottle Opener Basket - Carrie Rain(Handmade bottle opener and wine cork by Don Rhoten and Cathy Rhoten)15Wreaths - Johnny Lipinski(Homemade by Barb Hancock and WPSD students)16Crocheted Pillows - Timothy Hammill(Handmade by Shirley Hammill)17-19Wine Tumbler #1-Carolyn Kirkpatrick #2-Cathy Morgan #3- Johnny Lipinski(Tumblers and wine bottle stopper handmade by Don and Cathy Rhoten)20Elf Fun - Lisa Fricke(Painted pallet and tree handmade by WPSD students)21Santa Fun - Holly Mendel(Painted pallet and tree handmade by WPSD student)22Santa Carving - Tim and Shirley Hammill(Hand carved by Rich Waltz of Woodpecker Carving Company)23Home Sweet Home Sign - Donna Weiss(Laser carved by Edder Creations)24Scentsy Basket #1 - Kelly Harbaugh(Donated by Kelly Medaglio)25Scentsy Basket #2 - Jennifer Giordano(Donated by Tammy Cartia)26S’mores Basket - Gregg and Kathy Bowers(Handmade hotdog roasting sticks and supplies for S'mores donated by Don and CathyRhoten)27Dipped Painting/Jar - Heather Snyder(Handmade by Cathy Rhoten)28Baby Afghan and Bear - Johnny Lipinski(Handmade by Remember Me -- Paula Durkin)29Dancing Girl Painting - Nina Wolgelenter(Hand Painted by Donna’s Creations (Donna Johnston)30Tin Man - Pam Miller(Handmade by Tim Hammill)31Hand Painted Ornaments Holly Mendel(Hand Painted by Cathy Rhoten’s grandchildren)

32Wooden Handmade Signs - Steve Farmer(Donated by Pam Olah in memory of Jordan Olah)33Christmas and Winter Signs - Johnny Lipinski(Donated by Pam Olah in memory of Jordan Olah)34 - 36Paparazzi Baskets 34-Doug Downes (Men’s) 35-Sally Wellman (Women’s) 36-Mary Blahut (Kids)(Donated by Gretchen Wiesner)37Wooden Signs - Johnny Lipinski(Donated by Pam Olah in memory of Jordan Olah)38Novelty Basket - Steve Farmer(Donated by Gretchen Wiesner)39Santa Basket - Johnny Lipinski 40Apron, chef’s hat, and hot pads handmade by Aeval’s Array -- Valerie CorbinTumbler made by Cathy RhotenPainted cat made by Pam Olah in memory of Jordan OlahDish drying mat made by Sylvia RossiJOY sign made by WPSD studentsBible Bag/Wooden Cross - Tammy Cartia(Made by Sylvia Rossi)41Elk River 25 gift card - Cody Auden(Donated by Tammy Cartia)42Nativity Shadow Box - Sue McAdoo(Handmade by Tim Hammill)43Advent Calendar - Holly Mendel(Handmade by Sylvia Rossi)44Timberbelle Sudoku Books - Holly Mendel(Donated by Jennifer Gee)45Large Floral Tote - Christian Echavarria(Handmade by Sylvia Rossi)46 - 53Snap Jewelry 46-Tammy Shoup 47-Dayne Auden 48-Johnny Lipinski 49-Cathy Rhoten 50-Paula Venzani 51-Johnny Lipinski 52-Paula Venzani

Snap Jewelry Continued 53-Judith Barefoot(Bracelet and snaps donated by Beth Ann Rupert)54Knit Fingerless Gloves - Dayne Auden(Handmade by Anne Evangalista)55Leather Purse and Wallet - Tracy Kochanowski(Donated by Insko Leather Shop)56Art Supply Caddy - Johnny Lipinski(Donated by Jenna Barkey)57Handmade Soap - Johnny Lipinski(Donated by The Soap Peddler)58(x7)Embroidered Earrings59 - 63Holiday Wrapping Bundle 1 59- Tracy Powell 60-Dayne Auden 61-Johnny Lipinski 62- Gina McDonald 63- Steve Farmer Kriss Boyce (2) Cathy Rhoten (3) Linda Critchlow Harriet Cossell(10 pairs of handmade earrings by Linda Critchlow)(Paper, scissors, tape and bows donated by WPSD Staff)64WPSD Basket - Johnny Lipinski 65Mask, Water Bottles Ornaments made by WPSD students of Kallie Mendenhall’sClassDipped tumbler and ASL baskets made by Tabatha LakomyPainted canvas by Donna JohnstonStrip District Basket - Sandi Kitchen(Grandpa Joe’s Candy & Penn Ave Fish Company)66Bath Basket - Ruth Shamburg(Donated by Martha Hutchinson)67-70Steel Cup Coffee Roasters 1 67- Kallie Mendenhall 68- Pam Miller 69- Tatiana Prezioso 70- Timothy Hammill(Donated by Steel Cup Coffee Roasters, the Pinto Family)

71Chihuahua Treat Box - Nina Wolgelenter(Donated by McCafferty Crafts)72Jewelry Tree with Jewelry - Terry Schriever(Donated by McCafferty Crafts)7310 Large Dog Bandanas -Morgan Ryan7410 Small Dog/Cat Bandanas - Cathy Morgan75 - 84Red Truck and Barn 1-31- Michelle Petrillo2- Nicole Borelle3- Cheryl DanielsWooden Snowman 1-2 - Shelly Nicholas & Cathy MorganWooden Gnomes (buffalo plaid) - Veronica ShieldsOutdoor Gnome - Tom AudenAngel with star - Paula VenzaniAngel with Heart - Margorie VinzaniThree wooden Trees - Jenny Luffy(Handmade by Red and Kathy Frain)85Subway Gift Card - Gregg and Kathy Bowers(Donated by Saltsburg Subway)86 & 87Hummingbird Pictures 1 #1-Gina Leskovic #2- Cody Auden(Taken and donated by Donna Weiss)88Osprey Pictures - Tom Walton(Taken and donated by Donna Weiss)8990Movie Basket 1 & 2 - Trent Gray & Trent Gray91-94Single Flower Honey Collection 91- Kriss Boyce 92- Lauren Echavarria 93- Dayne Auden 94- Chastity DiFrancesco(Donated by Megan Chopek and Michele Coville’s class)(Donated by Bumbleberry Farms & mailed directly to you)

95Crocheted Items - Jenna Herstek(Handmade by Elena Carter, Crocheting for Costumes)96Christmas Novelty Basket -Sean Baer(Donated by Krafty Kreation)97Paparazzi Blue and Yellow Jewelry - Michelle Petrillo(Donated by Gretchen Wiesner)98Gift Card Basket - Laura Peery(Donated by Dr. Farmer and the Administrative team of WPSD and Josh Waterhouse)99Eye of the Lion Painting - Tammy Ennis(Painted by Andrea Echavarria)100Creativity Basket - Mindy Nagy(Donated by Alisa Whysong)101Pizza Stone - Cathy Morgan(Donation by Arlene Kerchensky)102Pet Basket - Lisa Schrader(Donated by Heather Stiff)103Baking Supplies - Alex Belgiovane(Donated by Gina McDonald)104Gosia’s Pierogies - Johnny Lipinski(Donated by Amy Dent)105Holiday Signs - Mindy Nagy(Kallie Mendenhall’s class)106Christmas Picture & Wall Sconce - Steve Farmer(Donated by Tara Reiner)107Dental Basket - Cheryl Daniels(Donated by Wendy Eperesi for Kraisinger Family Dentistry)108Julie Muir Photography - Louis Vitale109Three Wood Signs - Cathy Morgan(Handmade by Kimberly Hawkins- D’Angelo)110Bird Feeders - Carrie Rain(Donated by the Learning Center)

Congratulations to all of the winners! We will be reaching out to you to make arrangements foryou to pick up your winnings. You will be able to pick up at the school at 300 East SwissvaleAve, Pittsburgh PA 15218 beginning Wednesday, December 16th. You will be required toshow ID to the security officer to pick up your prize.We would like to thank everyone who made this event possible. We could not havedone this without your help and support. We would like to extend a big thank you toMatt Campion, Jennifer Sinclair, and Sarah Bartlebaugh for helping us to organize andfacilitate this online event. A special thank you to Brian Slavinsky for recording andediting our announcement video.We are planning to host another virtual event in the Spring to benefit the students in theApplied Studies Department at WPSD. Please stay tuned for more informationregarding this event.If you would like to donate to the Applied Studies program you can do so at any time bysending your donation to WPSD at 300 E. Swissvale Ave, Pittsburgh, PA15218. Please direct your donation to Applied Studies.Once again thank you for your support and we hope you have a happy and healthyholiday season.HAPPY HOLIDAYS!