Technology Trends in Early Childhood Education2014 with Warren Buckleitner as Johnny Carson and Chip Donohue as Ed McMahon

4 B’s Will Buzz @ NAEYCThursday Nov. 211:00 to 2:30 PMEast Salon B

What would Ben Say?

Agenda1. What do we know? (Chip)2. Trends: Chicken and Egg3. Top down vs. bottom up4. Three stages of multi-touchimplementation: some DAP staffdevelopment suggestionsNUTS AND BOLTS5. Making a Mini Jumbotron6. Some magical apps

What do we know?

Simple relationships64,000 Minutesof ChildhoodHardwareSoftwareMany images stolen from Google images at 2 AMCome git me

Hardware2014 150 Android “tablets for kids.” Game consoles (PS4, Xbox One, Wii U) Smarter smart phones Smarter TVs Blending of Toys with Tablets withConsoles

Sony PS4, Coming Friday

iPad Air (born 10/22/2013)16 oz. 20% thinner 24% lighter“using a new touch-rejection algorithm, iPad Air recognizes ifyour thumb is simply resting on the display while you’re holdingit or if you’re intentionally interacting with the Multi-Touchscreen”

iOS “Guided Access”Use it to lock a child into just one app.So if they hit the home button, they can't change appsunless they enter a pin. This feature can be useful forclassrooms. A better name for this feature might be "applock."First find SETTINGS, and go to GENERAL and thenACCESSIBILITY. Set up your pin. Next start the app youwant to lock, and triple press the HOME button.

ClickN Kids TabletClickN KIDS 99Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 KidsFunTab pro (ematic).XO Learning Tablet

InnoTab 3S 100LeapPad Ultra 150ClickN Kids TabletClickN KIDS 99

“What we want to do is we want to put an incrediblygreat computer in a book that you can carry aroundwith you and learn how to use in 20 minutes . Andwe really want to do it with a radio link in it so youdon’t have to hook up to anything and you’re incommunication with all of these larger databases andother computers.”Steve Jobs, in 1983 on Apple's simple strategy.Wikipedia

Software2014 A gazillion apps Moshi Monsters, Minecraft Google, Pinterest, facebook, Skylanders vs. Disney Infinite(remember Webkinz?); Furby Boom Linear media Books & eBooks A gazillion more apps Everyone’s an app critic


Who will dominate by next holiday season?

Every theory finds a champion intechnologyConstructivismPortfoliosWhole LanguageBottom upLiberalBehaviorismTestingPhonicsTop downConservative ----- 15 - 20 years ----- Neither, and both are correct

Top DownE.g., Hatch AmplifyStrengthsWeaknesses “Teacher proof” You don’t have to Expensive Less control Lower quality Your students, theirtake the blame Efficient Clean and safecloud What happens whenthe contract ends?

Bottom UpTeachers (people who know children)choose apps they like.Strengths More control Easier tointegrate withyour curriculum Higher qualityand quantityWeaknessesLess control Harder to measure Harder to manage More time currating You take the blame Messy

Bottom UpLA Farmer’s Market

Bottom UpPlace Monge Flea Market

iStartSmartAmplify TabletCESA

What happens to student progresswhen the contract ends?

Smart BoardsMono touch vs. multi-touch

“A penny earned isa penny saved”

The Anti Smart BoardTotal: 976 50 inch HD (High Definition) large screendisplay ( 420 at the Flemington Walmart) Articulating wall mounting kit ( 50) Apple TV ( 100) 16 GB iPad 2 ( 350) Foam case for iPad ( 40, hives/12964

Uses Microscope Planning and Reviewing Showing off children’s work during an open house Introducing new apps (whole group time) ebooks Google searching/calendar/images Movies & videos (YouTube & Netflix) Field trip replay

Diana Adams, Minot ND Head Start

Three Stagesof Multi-TouchClassroomImplementation(or Tablet EnhancedLearning)

Multi-Touch Learning3 Stages Beginner: One tablet, some free apps, some use of camera.Play and experiment! If you don’t break it, you’re not trying hardenough. Use gift cards for apps. Emerging: 5 or so color-coded iPads hanging in each area,synched and managed by the teacher, plus 70 self-currated appsin the “cloud closet” that support the curriculum objectives. Master: Use in all parts of the daily routine; large and smallscreens; acute “app-sense,” plus a home sync connection,assessment and use for professional development, bilingual(Mac, Windows, iOS and Android).

How do you fosterdevelopment?

Use Your Theoretical Toolkit

Provide Equilibration Time Play Let staff take home iPads Encourage personal ownership Make it safe to explore — no judgement, no dumbquestions

Ben says.“A wise person crawlsbefore walking, and hasthe skinned knees toshow for it.”

Ben says.“You don’t bake thecake faster by turningup the oven.”

Sign above the piano at the Catherine Cook School

DrawnimalBuilds causality, creativity.Lucas 1.99. Ages 3-5.

ColAR MixBuilds creativity, visualrelationships. PutekoLimited. free, and 2.99.Ages 3-up.

Cuddle Puzzle - Learn Shapes,Numbers, Music and MoreBuilds logic, classification, shapes. Croco 1.99 Ages 3-up.

Easy Studio - Animate with Shapes!Builds animation, graphic arts. Les Trois Elles Interactive. 3.99 Ages 6-up.

Todo Telling TimeLocoMotive Labs 3.99. Ages 5-8.

Bugs and Buttons 2Builds classification, logic, matching, seriation, alphabetorder, memory, timing, temporal relations, angles, music.Little Bit Studio, LLC. 2.99.Ages 3-12.

Sago Mini Forest FlyerBuilds spatial relations. Sago 1.99. Ages 2-up.

Moose MathBuilds math operations, up to 20, counting, addition,subtraction. Duck Duck Moose 2.99 Ages 5-up.

Little Red Riding HoodResponsive, powerful, playful with different branches

Teachley: Addimal AdventureBuilds beginning addition. Teachley, LLC. 3.99. Ages 5-up.

The Human BodyBuilds science, humananatomy, biology, health.Tinybop, 2.99Ages 4-up.

Scratch 2.0Why? Browser based, moves beyond the keyboard andmouse with webcam, the start of a tablet experience.

Rijksmuseum Online Art CollectionBuilds art, history. Rijksmuseum.

Shiny PicnicBuilds classification, sorting, logic, reading. Shiny 1.99. Ages 2-4.

Sago Mini Pet CafeBuilds counting, sorting, fine motor skills, shapes.Sago Sago. .99 Ages 2-4.Sago Mini Bug BuilderBuilds causality. Sago Sago. free Ages 1.5 to 5.

ABC ActionsBuilds language, reading, vocabulary, Spanish.Peapod Labs. 2.99. Ages 3-8.

Before I depart .

Take the child’s point of view

Reward your own development

Get downoff yourthrown

JEAN PIAGET IN 1964“The principle goal of education is to create men who arecapable of doing new things, not simply of repeating what othergenerations have done— men who are creative, inventive, anddiscoverers. The second goal of education is to form mindswhich can be critical and cannot accept everything they areoffered. The great danger today is of slogans, collective opinions,ready-made trends of thought. We have to be able to resistindividually, to criticize, to distinguish between what is provenand what is not. So we need pupils who are active, who learnearly to find out by themselves, partly by their own spontaneousactivity and partly through material we set up for them; wholearn early to tell what is verifiable and not what is simply thefirst idea to come to them.” (Piaget, “Development andLearning, 1964, p. 5; from Piaget’s Theory of IntellectualDevelopment, 3rd Edition by Ginsburg and Opper).

AND REMEMBER.It could be worse.