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Who we are ?Raghav Pujari 20 years of IT experience prominently in Oracle Technology, Infrastructure ProjectManagement, PeopleSoft Architecture, Production Support, Performance Tuning Oracle 7.x, 8.x, 9.x, 10g Certified Professional (OCP – DBA Track) Area of expertise Hands-on : Infrastructure Architect, Oracle DBA, PeopleSoftAdmin, Upgrade Specialist, System Administrator, Security Administrator etc. Performed multiple Oracle PeopleSoft HR/ Finance major upgrades and platformmigration projects, New Implementation, Hosted Environment Support andManagement Area of expertise : Performance tuning, Performance/Load Testing, Unix Shellscripting, PeopleSoft Installation/ Configuration PSDB Solutions Inc.3

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About Upgrade Case Study Scope included upgrade of PeopleSoft HRMS 8.8 to HCM 9.0 Heavily Customized PeopleSoft HRMS 8.8 System PeopleSoft Modules :Core HR Including PAReProfileBenefit AdmineBenefitsPayroll for NAeCompensation, ePayAbsence ManagementePerformanceTime & LaboreTimePosition ManagementeRecruit/ Candidate Gateway Number of Active users @ 35,000 and 3000 concurrent users Due to nature of customizations and very complex Business Process requiringfrequent changes to the system so code freeze over 2 weeks was imposible PSDB Solutions Inc.5

PeopleSoft Upgrade Challenges HR 8.8 de-support Agreement on newfunctionality in 9.0 Required Access No documentation Business Drivers Impact Analysis Architecture New FunctionalityAssess Code Freeze not anoption Business userswere not receptiveto new changes Manual Fit/Gap Variable scope Estimate Budget Allocate resources Functional Fit/Gap Technical Fit/Gap Define ScopePlan Identify usedcustomization Data Archival Verify DataConversion Scope of QA Testing Interfaces Prioritizing criticalissues Fix vs.Enhancement ManagingPost-go-liveChanges Customizations Upgrade passes Data Conversion QA/Testing External Interfaces Critical issue Support period ChangeManagementExecute PSDB Solutions Inc.Maintain6

Upgrade PassesAs per Oracle DocumentationNew ReleaseDemoSourceCourtesy - Oracle Getting Started on Your PeopleSoft Upgrade DocumentSourceCopy ofProduction0UpgradedCopy ofProduction1SourceUpgradedCopy ofProduction2UpgradedCopy ofProduction3TargetInitial PassCopy ofProduction1Test Move Pass1TargetCopy ofProduction2TargetTest Move Pass . . . . . Repeat until Final Move to Production2 PSDB Solutions Inc.7

How Test Move works ?Upgraded Copy ofProduction 0ApplicationTables2. Export/Import Peopletools System Tables3. Export/ Import System Setup g TablesPeopletoolsTablesSystemCatalog TablesNew Copy ofProduction 1ApplicationTablesPeopletoolsTablesSystemCatalog TablesUpgraded Copy ofProduction 11. Prepare database for Tools Upgrade4. Perform remaining steps in Peopletools Upgrade5. Apply Application Changes6. Build New Objects7. Perform Application Data Conversion8. Complete remaining Application Upgrade Steps PSDB Solutions Inc.8

Challenges in Test MoveStatus before Upgrade :Current DateStatus after Upgrade :Moved back in timeSecurity ObjectsSecurity ObjectsUser Queries & TreeUser Queries & TreeProcess & JobDefinitionProcess & JobDefinitionProcess & JobDefinitionProcess & JobDefinitionCode ChangesCode Changes PSDB Solutions Inc.9

Pros & Cons of Traditional MethodologyProsCons PSDB Solutions Inc.10

No Code Freeze MethodologyInitial PassTemplateTest Move PassTemplateHybrid PassTemplatePost UpgradeTemplateCustom StepsNo Code FreezeMethodology PSDB Solutions Inc.11

Pros & Cons of No-Code Freeze MethodologyProsCons PSDB Solutions Inc.12

No Code Freeze Methodology - First PassUPGHCMCopy of ProdUPGDELTA1UPGDEVApply CustomizationsTools UpgradedDevelopmentApp. Setup DataClonePeopleTools UpgradeDevelopmentUnit TestingCloneUPGHCMCompareTools UpgradedHCMDEMONew Release 9.xCloneIdentify/PreserveCustomizationsAnalyze Upgrade Timing ReportandTune/Automate upgrade stepsCopy Upgrade ProjectUPGTSTMerge Master ProjectApp. Setup DataQA/ TestingCopyDo Application UpgradeUPGGOLDMaster ProjectApp. Setup DataUPGHCMUpgradedValidate Master Project PSDB Solutions Inc.13

No Code Freeze Methodology - Second PassCloneUPGHCMUPGDEVCopy of ProdPeopleTools UpgradeTools UpgradedDevelopmentUnit TestingUPGDELTA1UPGDELTA2CompareTools UpgradedFirst PassCloneCloneUPGHCMHCMDEMOTools UpgradedNew Release 9.xAnalyze and IdentifyDelta CustomizationsUPGTSTMerge Master ProjectApp. Setup DataMigrate Delta ChangesCopy Upgrade ProjectCopyQA/ TestingAnalyze Upgrade Timing Report andTune/Automate upgrade stepsDo Application UpgradeUPGGOLDMaster ProjectApp. Setup DataUPGHCMRun Post Upgrade TemplateUpgradedValidate Master Project PSDB Solutions Inc.14

No Code Freeze Methodology - Third PassUPGDEVUPGHCMCloneCopy of ProdPeopleTools UpgradeUPGDELTA2UPGDELTA1Tools UpgradedCompareTools UpgradedFirst PassDevelopmentUnit TestingCloneUPGHCMHCMDEMOTools UpgradedNew Release 9.xAnalyze and IdentifyDelta CustomizationsUPGTSTMerge Master ProjectApp. Setup DataMigrate Delta ChangesCopy Upgrade ProjectCopyQA/ TestingAnalyze Upgrade Timing Report andTune/Automate upgrade stepsDo Application UpgradeUPGGOLDMaster ProjectApp. Setup DataUPGHCMRun Post Upgrade TemplateUpgradedValidate Master Project PSDB Solutions Inc.15

Fine Tuning Hybrid TemplateClean Unwanted ScriptsRun Steps in ParallelAutomate Manual StepsInclude steps from Test MoveTemplateIdentified long running steps andtuned them PSDB Solutions Inc.16

Create Post Upgrade TemplateRun Steps in ParallelCopy CustomizationsImport Setup TablesRun Data Fixes/ SQL ScriptsFinal Audit steps from deliveredTemplate PSDB Solutions Inc.17

Customizations Review Made Easy Customization Statistics are generated for following criteriaalong with comparison with HR 8.8 release statistics Total Object CountTotal Customization CountTotal Bolt-on Customization countTotal Embedded (Overlapping) Customization Count% of Embedded Customization Detailed Customization Report prepared for following criteriausing scripts in excel spreadsheet Detailed Customization List for each Peoplesoft Object Retired and Dropped Customization Retired and Overwritten Customization PSDB Solutions Inc.18

Customization Analysis Report PSDB Solutions Inc.19

Project ConclusionNo Code Freeze for entireduration of the projectRun Both Hybrid & PostUpgrade Template in 48 hoursNo issues related toSecurityNo need for dual developmentMissed some custom objectsdue to developer error PSDB Solutions Inc.20

Summary Discussed case study about upgrade of PeopleSoft HRMS 8.8 to HCM 9.0 It was complex application using most modules in PeopleSoft and heavilycustomized We faced unique challenges in all 4 phases of the upgrade project Oracle delivered method requires code freeze or track any changes to Peopletoolsobjects We developed “No Code freeze” methodology using Hybrid Template and PostUpgrade Tasks Template Using this methodology we were able to complete upgrade go-live well withinproduction downtime window We used custom developed script to validate customizations This methodology is best suited for Organizations that PeopleSoft system is heavilycustomized with very complex business processes and cannot freeze code longperiod of time PSDB Solutions Inc.21

Questions ? PSDB Solutions Inc.22

Appendix A – List of objects replaced in Test MovePeopletools System TablesSystem Setup Data Peopletools Security TablesUserid, Roles, Permission Lists Records & Indexes Fields, Field Format & Translate Values including Pages, Components & Menus Queries & Tree DEPT Tree Business Processes, Activities Process Definitions, Process Jobs Process Recurrence & Process Control SQL & File Layout Definition App. Engine Process/ Sections Message Nodes, Message Channel App. Messaging Tables Portal Definitions Application Packages XML Publisher Tables Message Catalog Tables COBOL Stored Statements EDI Tables Strings Tables Mass Change Tables Verity Based Indexes Setup Manager Tables Optimization Model Tables Integration Broker Schema Tables Enterprise Portal Content RegistryProject Definition PSDB Solutions Inc.23

Appendix B - Change Assistant Screen ShotsAutomate Manual Step – Task 2-1: Verifying Upgrade User PSDB Solutions Inc.24

Appendix B - Change Assistant Screen ShotsAutomate Manual Step – Task 2-20-15: Generating Oracle Conversion Scripts PSDB Solutions Inc.25