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1Intro to MongoDB Database as a ServiceEnterprises are increasing opting for NoSQL technology to underpin their new application strategy.With a lack of skills and experience in the market to support NoSQL the SCC DBaaS offering takesaway the hassle and day to day maintenance overhead of running a NoSQL environment.SCC MongoDB Database as a Service (DBaaS) leverages the efficiencies of the cloud to provide acomprehensive solution for organisations wanting to remove the resource overhead of deploying andmanaging a NoSQL database environment. This service is delivered from the Sentinel platform whichhas achieved both Pan Government Accreditation (PGA) and PSN Accreditation for systems atImpact Level 2 and Impact Level 3.MongoDB Database as a Service is available for the following database releases: MongoDB 3.0.xHighlightsThe Sentinel Database as a Service Offering includes the following highlights:Around the clock managementGain peace of mind with a service that is backed24x7x365 with experienced NoSQL DBA’s looking afteryou database environment.Performance ManagementOur consultants are driven to optimise the performance ofyour database using the latest tools and years of tuningexperience.Access to UK Database ExpertsManaged by a UK based support team; DatabaseConsultants are available with SC clearance.Up to 99.95% AvailabilitySCC offers a range of database architectures which arebacked by availability SLAs.Free up resources to drive yourbusiness forwardOur services therefore allow customers to reduce theiroperational costs and allow resources and cost savings tobe repurposed into transformational projects that drive thebusiness forward.Delivered from the UK’s first PanGovernment accredited cloudThe entire platform inclusive of hardware, software andnetwork is pan-government accredited for a multi-tenantedenvironment and we are a compliant PSN serviceprovider.Database as a Service2

2Service DefinitionOur ServicesMongoDB DBaaS enables customers to provision MongoDB NoSQL technology on-demand withoutthe need to purchase hardware or manage complex database deployments.SCC will provision the environment to fit your application, performance tune it and then manage thesolution on a 24x7 basis. DBaaS will provide everything you need to deploy a mission criticalapplication through one simple model. Database experts ensure that all areas from administration andbackups to tuning and security have been taken into consideration to deliver a true “enterprise class”database environment.Why Use DBaaS to Outsource Database Management?Database as a Service3

Core Service FeaturesDBaaS FeaturesSupport StanceProactiveSupport Hours24x7Severity One Response Time30 MinsCustomer On - Boarding Event & Incident Management Request Fulfilment Proactive Monitoring Performance Tuning DB Backup Management Enhanced Patching Disaster Recovery Test Support 2.1Customer On-BoardingPrior to the service live date SCC shall provide a DBaaS On-Boarding Service in order to address arange of development, design, configuration and data migration requirements subject to anyconditions specifically agreed with the customer.The initial review that provided will incorporate the following: Environment Familiarisation (Data Model, Application Understanding) Operational Needs (Patching, Backups, DR Tests, Escalation) Architecture Review Database Migration (charged additional as a professional service) Business Requirements (Understand critical business processes and impact on IT)2.2Event & Incident ManagementDatabase as a Service operates a mature event and incident Management methodology to sustainour solutions, enabling detection and management of issues that arise through alarms (events),proactive health-checks or contact from customers. Our support team work 24x7x365 to analyse thehealth of your environment and monitor the operating environment. Our proactive approach ensuresbest practice service assurance and maximised availability.Events and Incidents are categorised by Impact Severity as follows:Database as a Service4

DescriptionSeveritySeverity 1 (Critical) Database or application inaccessible. There is a critical need and a total inability to deliver or use arequired business function of a Service. Database or application component degraded. A database, system, component or application is not availableSeverity 2 (Major)but a temporary fix may be available. Where there is not a critical need to resolve but there is animpact to the delivery or use of the Service. Where there is not a critical need and no impact to the deliverySeverity 3 (Low)2.3or use of the Service.Request FulfilmentThe request fulfillment service module allows our customers to request database service changes andenhancements without any additional fees. We completely remove the need for our customers tohave an in-house database administrator. The below table provides an overview of the includedservice requests:Service RequestIncludedStart/Stop Database Services Create New Bucket Remove Bucket Pause / Resume / Restart / Stop an instance of the Database Configure a database user and role/permissions Perform/ modify/ apply a backup of a database transaction log Clear down of database logs Perform Database Backup Verify a backup operation Perform a rebalancing operation Create/ Modify/ Remove a database Maintenance job Create/ Amend Cluster Replication/RZ Awareness or XDCR Database as a Service5

Amend database security policy Data Export/ Import 2.4 Proactive MonitoringOur advanced monitoring platform combines the best of breed commercial tools with internallydeveloped technology. Having managing customer databases for over 17 years our highly tunedplatform contains all our experience, base-lining the optimal threshold alerts and performance criteria.The highly resilient architecture is built to maximize uptime and offer extendibility to monitor customersystems in third party or on-premise locations. This hybrid approach to monitoring allows SCC toprovide a proactive service for our customers regardless of where your systems are and whether theysit on physical servers or the cloud.2.5 Performance TuningOver time as configuration changes are made and data workloads grow our DBAs will work to ensurethe database performance doesn’t degrade and is tuned to deliver optimum performance out of theplatform for the application. Working from an initial performance benchmark we continually measureour progress and challenge the DBAs to improve the speed of interaction of the database with theapplication layer.2.6 Back Up ManagementSCC are able to configure the native backup to provide customers with a more granular solution. TheDatabase as a Service pricing allows for monitoring and management of the backups, howeveradditional charges will apply for and associated compute or storage.2.7 Enhanced PatchingWith emergency patching to address security vulnerabilities being delivered via the Event & IncidentManagement service, this patching module is intended as a quarterly service covering the following:CPU Patches (Cumulative Patch Updates) Quarterly - vendor recommendations for the customer apply these patches to have proactiverather than reactive maintenance.RUP Patches (Roll-Up Patches) Vendor release of occasional Patches to resolve bugs. SCC will identify the suitability of thesein the context of our understanding of the customer environment.2.8 Disaster Recovery TestingEnsuring that your database is operational and retains its data integrity in the event of a disaster iskey to any recovery plan. For customers who have a disaster recovery plan which includes theDatabase as a Service, this module provides a DBA to assist with a failover test once per annum.Database as a Service6

3DifferentiatorsWith over 17 years’ experience in delivering Database service our team are experts in their field. Weoffer the below key differentiators: Accredited: Consultants are accredited in a wide range of technologies Experienced: Many of our consultants have 10 years plus experience A choice of technologies: Service are available across relational and NoSQL technologies Proven Best Practice: Leading with industry and vendor best practices UK Based: All our Database Consultants are based in the UK SC Cleared: We are able to offer SC Cleared Database Consultants Performance Optimisation: Ensuring the database performs to deliver the service yourusers need.This service is supported by a number of organisational features that further enhance the offering, ourcapability and differentiate SCC from a number of other providers within the CloudStore. Thesefeatures are: Solutions Provider –As a solutions provider this means we will bring to bear our experienceof building IT solutions across the last 40 years, to ensure the return on investment or criticalspend is valued to its maximum. Security Practice – SCC utilises its own Information Assurance Practice to support thedelivery of IT solutions into the government marketplace Professional Services Practice – this practice within SCC offers a wide range ofcomplementary IT skills and capabilities to support any implementation of an IT solution Public Sector experienced specialists –SCC offers a dedicated team of focussedindividuals and excellence in helping our public sector organisations meet the demands withinthe IT service arena. Wider framework access for full solution delivery – Additional infrastructure componentsand services are needed to deliver a full end to end solution. Financial stability – a privately owned multi-billion pound organisation, SCC has many yearsof financial stability and investment capabilities that will ensure continuity of servicethroughout the life of the engagement with your organisation. Greening Government experience and credentials – SCC are leading the way inresponding to the Governments Greening ICT strategy and sustainable procurement agenda,by adopting CAESER (Corporate Assessment of Economic, Social and EnvironmentalResponsibility), an online toolkit which helps companies to demonstrate a commitment tosociety and the environment.Database as a Service7

44.1CommercialsPricingStep 1: Core AgreementServiceMonthly Cost24x7 Managed Service Base Agreementfor a 1-3 Server environment 1,209Step 2: Add Additional NodesServiceAdditional Server NodeMonthly Cost 315Step 3: Add Additional Service ModulesServiceCostDisaster Recovery Test 125 per monthConsulting Day Rate (e.g. Migration) 1,114 per dayStep 4: Add Software LicencesServiceMongoDB Enterprise AdvancedCostPOAStep 4: Add Sentinel Infrastructure as a ServicePlease see IaaS Service Description and pricing.Database as a Service8

5Information Assurance Suitable for IL0, IL1, IL2 and IL3 assets under the GPMS (Government Protective MarkingScheme) Suitable for OFFICIAL and OFFICIAL-SENSITIVE assets under the GSC (GovernmentSecurity Classifications) PGA approved Inter-Domain Gateway – designed to facilitate assured connectivity betweenhigher security domains (e.g. IL3) and lower security domains (e.g.IL2).or for organisationsthat wish to move more sensitive data assets between OFFICIAL and OFFICIAL-SENSITIVE SCC also holds ISO9000, ISO14001, ISO20000 and ISO27001 accreditations which underpinour business operations and Cloud Platform SCC is a regist