FLEXHEAD The Flexhead Advantage QUALITY BEST CORROSION RESISTANCEMade from 100% 304 stainless steel EXCELLENT FRICTION LOSS VALUESOne-inch true-bore ID reducing the needto upsize mains and branch lines, 1¼"ID available PRESSURE SURGE PROTECTIONFully braided connection improves pressurecapability and prevents hose damage HIGHEST MAXIMUMWORKING PRESSUREAvailable up to 300 PSI NO O-RINGS OR GASKETSWelded connections reduce potentialleak points at the inlet and outlet fitting TIGHTEST THREAD TOLERANCESOutlet fitting threads are machined fromsolid bar stock reducing potential leaksat the sprinkler head fit-up EXTRA STABILITY BRACKETA full 6-inch base to stabilize the sprinkler headduring installation, pressurization or activation2FEATURES Is seismically qualified, eliminating the need foran oversized ring around the sprinkler head inseismic areas Has the same product design that is dual listedby both UL and FM Can be produced to meet all your projectrequirements Hoses have serial identification with completeaudit tracking of finished goods Hose has comprehensive limited warrantybacked by an A insurance company Offers a variety of flexible fire sprinklerconnections, suspended ceilings, gypsumboard ceilings, freezer, coolers, institutionalapplications, cleanroom and duct applications Offers 1.25" FlexHead hose for superiorfriction loss numbers The 3" Tall MPT Bracket allows the sprinkler toinstall the FlexHead system without touchingthe ceiling tile

BUILDING CONNECTIONS THAT LASTConnect sprinkler heads to sub-mains at least four times faster.FlexHead systems connect sprinkler heads to sprinkler sub-mains in about a quarter of the time it takes to installhard pipe. Expect even greater savings in retrofits, where FlexHead installs six to seven times faster than hard pipe.Increase productivity with the ease of installation, no need to install hangers and there is no on-site assemblyrequired. Every sprinkler connection is a finished, pre-constructed assembly, from the 1" pipe connector to thesprinkler head outlet. In addition, FlexHead provides seismic protection to sprinkler heads allowing for deflectionduring a seismic event.NEW CONSTRUCTION COMPARISONRETROFIT COMPARISONDuring a typical installation, a minimum of fourFlexHeads can be installed in the same time it takesto do one hard-pipe.During a typical installation, a minimum of six FlexHeadscan be installed in the same time it takes to do onehard-pipe. Retrofits in less time.HEADSINSTALLEDFour Flexhead4 FLEXHEADSOne Hard-PipeHEADSSixFlexheadINSTALLED4 FLEXHEADSOne Hard-Pipe1 HARD-PIPE1 HARD-PIPEWANT PINPOINT LOCATIONS? NO PROBLEM.RETROFITS IN LESS TIME.The design makes it easy to accurately locate sprinkler headsNeed to comply to code in unsprinklered buildings?every time. If the spec calls for center-of-tile placement, youIn contrast to costly and labor-intensive hard-pipe retrofits,can do it with ease. In fact, you get center-of-tile placementFlexHead connections install in minutes in even the mostevery install whether the spec calls for it or not. It takes onerestrictive spaces.more headache out of specifying and bidding.SHORTEN YOUR TIME TO OCCUPANCY.ACCOMMODATE FLOOR PLAN CHANGES.Faster installation times help get end-users into their spacesNeed to relocate sprinkler heads? No problem. With itsmore quickly—and get installers on their next projects faster.built-in flexibility it’s much easier to move heads to a newFlexHead connections virtually eliminate punch list itemslocation to accommodate new layouts or uses of the space.commonly found with hard-pipe armovers.3

FLEXHEAD NFPA 13 CODE LANGUAGES & SEISMIC QUALIFICATIONNFPA 13 STANDARDS FOR INSTALLATION OF SPRINKLER SYSTEMS 201917 .*Flexible Sprinkler Hose Fittings17. flexible sprinkler hose fittings and their anchoring components intended for use ininstallations connecting the sprinkler system piping to sprinklers shall be installed in accordancewith the requirements of the listing, including any installation instructions. installed and supported by suspended ceilings, the ceiling shall meet ASTM C635/C635M,Standard Specification for the Manufacture, Performance, and Testing of Metal SuspensionSystems for Acoustical Tile and Lay-In Panel Ceilings, and shall be installed in accordance withASTM C636/C636M, Standard Practice for Installation of Metal Ceiling Suspension Systemsfor Acoustical Tile and Lay-In Panels.*Where flexible sprinkler hose fittings exceed 6 ft (1.8 m) in length and are supported by asuspended ceiling in accordance with, a hanger(s) attached to the structure shallbe required to ensure that the maximum unsupported length does not exceed 6 ft (1.8 m) .17 .*Where flexible sprinkler hose fittings are used to connect sprinklers to branch lines in suspendedceilings, a label limiting relocation of the sprinkler shall be provided on the anchoring component.Reproduced with permission of NFPA from NFPA 13, Standard or the Installation of Sprinkler Systems, 2019 edition.Copyright 2018, National Fire Protection Association. For a full copy of NFPA 13, please go to material is not affiliated with nor has it been reviewed or approved by the NFPA.4

BUILDING CONNECTIONS THAT LASTFLEXHEAD SATISFIES SEISMIC CODE REQUIREMENTSThe FlexHead hose allows the head to move in anydirection during a seismic event without causing damageto the sprinkler system.FlexHead Mounting BracketFlexHead satisfactorily completed full-scale seismic qualification testing at the Structural EngineeringEarthquake Simulation Laboratory located at the State University of New York at Buffalo. Tests were conductedusing the International Code Council (ICC) acceptance criteria “ICC-ES AC-156 Seismic Qualification Testing ofNonstructural Components”. More than 90% of the states in the U.S. are adopting theInternational Building Code (IBC) that address, amongother things, the installation of fire sprinkler systems inseismic zones. The latest version of the IBC defers to ASCE 7 and ASTME580/580M-17 for the sprinkler/ceiling design in SeismicDesign Categories C and D, E & F. In Seismic Design Category C, suspended ceilings areto be designed and installed in accordance withCeilings & Interior Systems Construction Association(CISCA) recommendations for Zones 0-2; and sprinklerheads and other penetrations shall have a minimumof 1 4 inch clearance on all sides. In Seismic Design Categories D, E & F, suspended ceilingsare to be designed and installed in accordance with CISCArecommendations for seismic Zones 3 and 4 with someadditional requirements. Except where rigid braces areused to limit lateral deflections, sprinkler heads and otherpenetrations shall have a 2-inch oversized ring, sleeve, oradapter through the ceiling to allow for free movement of atleast 1 inch of ceiling movement in all horizontal directions. Flexible sprinkler connection provide characteristics thatexceed the most stringent seismic code requirements.The flexibility of the hose allows the head to move withthe ceiling in any direction during a seismic event withoutcausing damage to the sprinkler system.5

FLEXHEAD FLEXIBLE FIRE SPRINKLERCONNECTIONSWe invented the concept of Flexible FireProtection . All our flexible sprinkler pipeand connections are UL Listed and/orFM Approved.THE ONLY PRODUCT THAT: Has undergone full-scale head deployment testingIs seismically qualified for use in Seismic DesignCategories D, E & FIs made of 100% 304 stainless steel includingend fittingsIs fully welded without the need for o-rings or gasketsFLEXHEAD FLEXIBLE FIRESPRINKLER CONNECTIONS UL Listed/ FM Approved Undergone full-scale head deployment testing Seismically qualified for use in SeismicDesign Categories C, D, E & F Made of 100% 304 stainless steelincluding end fittings Every FlexHead hose is leak tested beforeshipment Fully welded 304SS hose doesn't containany O-rings or gaskets6INSTITUTIONAL FLEXIBLEFIRE SPRINKLERCONNECTIONS Available in hose lengths from 24" - 72"Designed to be installed in concrete wallsor ceiling penetrations Available with open hub UHO-3 bracket foreasier installation Easy installation in tight spaces UL Listed / FM Approved

BUILDING CONNECTIONS THAT LASTFLEXIBLE FIRE SPRINKLER CONNECTIONSFlexHead systems connect sprinkler heads to sub-mains at least four times faster than hardpipe. Delivers even greater savings in retrofits. All our flexible sprinkler pipe and connectionsare UL Listed and/or FM Approved.SUPERFLEX FLEXIBLE FIRESPRINKLER CONNECTIONS No need to measure or count the number ofbends, 72" SuperFlex hose is UL listed for upto (12) bends Increased bends create more flexibilityduring installation All Welded, no o-rings Quick inspections and sign offs by AHJ’s forfinal walkthrough Available with MPT (Multi-positional tail)mounting bracket. No need to touch the ceilingtile during installation. Also available with Adjustable ADO24BKT3mounting bracket.SUPERFLEX FLEXIBLE FIRESPRINKLER CONNECTIONWITH PATENTED SLTTECHNOLOGY Fast and easy installation with 1" integratedSlideLOK Coupling Comes fully assembled UL listed for 2" bend radius, up to 12 bendsper hose* (72"hose) Eliminates taping or doping of threaded fittings Flexible design provides versatility for changesin plan Installs on a standard 1" Welded Outlet UL Listed / FM Approved UL Listed / FM Approved1.25" I.D. HOSE WITH BESTFLOW CHARACTERISTICSFLEXIBLE FIRE SPRINKLERDRY PENDENT SYSTEM Best flow characteristics for flexible dropsin the industry Suitable for wet sprinkler systemswith a dry pendent sprinkler head(Dry pendant sprinkler head not included) 1¼" NPT Standard, and 1¼" SLT integratedcoupling option available Great for tenant improvement projects,similar flow characteristic to 1" pipe FM Approved Mounts on the top of freezer or sidewall Moves and flexes along with the structureprotecting the integrity ofthe freezer seal Now available with a Drain Tee FM Approved7

FLEXHEAD FLEXIBLE FIRE SPRINKLER CONNECTIONSWe invented the concept of Flexible Fire Protection . All our flexible sprinklerpipe and connections are UL Listed and/or FM Approved.NO TOUCH CEILING TILE TALLBRACKET MOUNTING SYSTEM(MPT24BKT1) Superior height allows the “MPT” tobe mounted without pre-installing theceiling tile and comes out of the box fullyassembled at 24" Within seconds the MPT Bracket can beadjusted from 24" to 16” to 14 ½" in lengthaccommodating numerous applicationswithout additional fabrication Adjustable Open Hub allows for swift &accurate repositioning at the 1/4 pointsARMSTRONG TECHZONE BRACKET MOUNTING SYSTEM The mounting bracket is specifically designedto be compatible with the Armstrong TechZone suspended ceiling systems FlexHead TechZone mounting braceletsallow for quick TechZone ceiling installations.The FlexHead TechZone system installs in aquarter of the time compared to typical blackpipe armovers. Allows for rapid installation or relocation ofsprinkler heads in suspended ceilings UL Listed / FM Approved UL Listed / FM ApprovedUHO-3 THREADED RODINSTALLATION “Open Hub” design for quick and easyinstallation Can be installed withattachments" or ½" threaded rod The " rod is FM approved to be installed up to4ft off the structure and the ½" threaded rod upto 6ft off the structure Good option for temporary fire protection Ideal for shell applications; easily transitionsfrom UHO-3 to suspended ceiling bracket FM Approved8DRY WALL CEILING ANDSIDEWALL INSTALLATION(ADO16BKT3 & ADO24BKT3) FlexHead ADO16BKT3 and ADO24BKT3 can beinstalled in hard ceilings or sidewall applications. For use with FlexHead hose model numbers 20XX,20XXH, where XX designates hose length in inches. FM Approved

BUILDING CONNECTIONS THAT LASTFLEXIBLE FIRE SPRINKLER CONNECTIONSWhether your application is commercial, industrial, clean room, or institutional, FlexHead flexible sprinkler systems can save you time and money by offering reliable, highly efficient,seismically qualified, and environmentally responsible productsDROP NIPPLE FLEXIBLESPRINKLER CONNECTIONSFOR ANVIL-STRUT LOW-PROFILE FLEXIBLE FIRESPRINKLER CONNECTIONSFOR ANVIL-STRUT Attach to structure with Anvil-Strut and pipe clamp Perfect for applications where youhave limited space Drop nipple with reducer (not included) The FlexHead Low-Profile Model usestraditional Anvil-Strut Channel (not included)to secure the FlexHead sprinkler hose to thebuilding structure Perfect for applications where you have aconcrete deck above the ceiling which securesthe flexible hose to the building structure. This model will have a 1 inch female outlet FM Approved FM ApprovedINDUSTRIAL/DUCTFLEXIBLE FIRE SPRINKLERSCONNECTIONSCLASS 100 CLEANROOMFLEXIBLE FIRE SPRINKLERCONNECTIONS FlexHead flexible sprinkler systems have beenprotecting exhaust ducts in semi-conductor/electronics facilitiesfor more than thirty years Custom manufactured for “walkable"cleanroom ceiling systems in Class100 cleanrooms. Quick installation, install in minutes No need for inspection port Available in Steel, FRP, Polypropylene, and PVC Flexible hoses allow for independent motion(sway) between duct and water main tocompensate for duct vibration and duringpossible seismic activity—eliminating potentialleaks. Allows for quick and easy inspectionof sprinkler heads FM Approved 100% stainless-steel, one-piece system isleak-tested prior to shipping Allows quick and easy relocation when floorplan changes due to reconfigur