CAREER ROADMAPAirman Recruit to Master Chief RoadmapsThe educational roadmap below will assist Sailors in the AS community through the process ofpursuing professional development and advanced education using various military and civilianresources e.g. PQS program; SMART Transcript; NKO (E-Learning); Navy College; etc. Successfulleadership is the key to military readiness and will always require a high degree of technical skill,professional knowledge, and intellectual development.What is a Career Roadmap for Aviation Support Equipment maintainers?AS roadmaps are just what the name implies – a roadmap through the Enlisted Learning andDevelopment-Continuum from AS Airman Recruit through AS Master Chief. The principal focus is tostandardize a program Navywide by featuring the existing skills of AS necessary to be successful in theNavy. The ultimate goal of a roadmap is to produce a functional and competent AS.What is the Enlisted Learning and Development Continuum?Enlisted Learning and Development Continuum is the formal title given to the curriculum andprocess building on the foundation of Sailorization beginning in our Delayed Entry Program throughRecruit Training Command and throughout your entire career. The continuum combines skill training,professional education, well-rounded assignments, and voluntary education. As you progress throughyour career, early-on skill training diminishes while professional military education graduallyincreases. Experience is the ever-present constant determining the rate at which a Sailor trades skilltraining for professional development.Do Sailors have to follow the Roadmap?Yes. The AS roadmap includes the four areas encompassed by the Continuum in ProfessionalMilitary Education to include; Navy Professional Military Education, Joint Professional Education,Leadership and Advanced Education.Some training and education is mandatory (Recruit Training, AS ‘A’ School at Naval Air TechnicalTraining Command (NATTC) in Florida, NKO (E-Learning, etc ). Some may be directed by yourchain of command (Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint courses), and the remainder is voluntary (NKO, ELearning, college courses, etc.). Sailors are advised to seek out mentors, including your CommandMaster Chief, Senior Enlisted Advisor, Leading Chief Petty Officer, Leading Petty Officer andCommand Career Counselor, and to make use of your Base Navy College or Education Office vastresources. All are uniquely qualified to help you along the way.1


AS CAREER MILESTONESAviation Support Equipment Technicians operate, maintain, repair, and test automotive electrical systems in ground equipment,diesel systems, and associated automotive, hydraulic and pneumatic systems. They also maintain gas turbine compressor units,ground air-conditioning units, perform metal fabrication, repair and painting of tow tractors and other aircraft servicing units.YEARS OFSEACAREERAVERAGETRAININGTYPICAL CAREER PATHSERVICESHOREMILESTONES TIME TODEVELOPMENT26-30ASCMPROMOTE21.3 Yrs24-26ASCMASCS21.3 Yrs19.320-23ASCMASCSASC21.3 Yrs19.316.116-20ASCSASCAS119.3 Yrs16.111.612-16ASCAS116.111.68-12AS1AS211.6 Yrs6.04-8AS2AS36.03.01-4AS2AS36.0 Yrs3.01 /-ApprenticeTraining,ASAA, ASAN,or AS31 :- Master Training Spec.- QARCourses:- SE Maint. Mgr.- NALCOMIS Logs and Records- Maintenance Material ControlManagement- Support Equipment Asset Manager- QA AdminCourses:- SE Maint. Mgr.- SE Welding- Production Control- Support Equipment Asset Manager- QA AdminPQS:- Master Training Spec.-CDI/QARCourses:- SE Maint. Mgr.- SE Welding- Production Control- Support Equipment Asset ManagerPQS:-CDI/QAROJT: -Trouble ShooterCourses:-SE Corrosion-Aircraft Paint/Finish-SE WeldingPQS:-SE Tire and Wheel- Hydraulic ContaminationOJT: -CDICourses:-SE Corrosion Control-Aircraft Paint/Finish-SE WeldingPQS:-SE Tire and Wheel- Hydraulic ContaminationOJT: -Trouble ShooterAS A1 Course483636Follow-on Sea/Shore Tours(36 Months)4th Sea Tour (36 Months)Duty: USS ShipBillet: Prod/Maint LCPO/DeptLCPO/CMC3rd Shore Tour (48 al ProgramsBillet: Div/Prod/QA LCPO/CMDCPO/Inspector3rd Sea Tour (36 Months)Duty: USS ShipBillet: Prod/QA/Div LCPO/SEA482nd Shore Tour (48 Months)Duty:FRC/NAS/NAR/Instructor/Special ProgramsBillet:Div/Prod/QA LPO/CPO/InspectorQualifications: CPO NAVLEAD362nd Sea Tour (36 Months)Duty: USS ShipBillet: WC Sup/LPO/QA/Prod. ControlQualifications:EAWS/ ESWS/ NAVLEAD481st Shore Tour (48 Months)Billet: WC SupDuty: FRC/NAS/NARQualifications: NAVLEAD361st Sea Tour (36 Months)Billet: SE TechnicianDuty: USS ShipQualification: EAWSRecruit Training (8 weeks) / 'A' School (10weeks) 'C' School for NEC billet3

AVIATION SUPPORT EQUIPMENT TECHNICIANSENIOR CHIEF(Master)NAMESKILL TRAINING(Schools,courses and assignments directly related to occupation)REQUIRED SKILL TRAININGCourse TitleCourse LocationCIN/CSE/ACE IDCourseLengthDateCompletedRECOMMENDED SKILL TRAININGCourse TitleCourse LocationCIN/CSE/ACE IDCourseLengthDateCompletedDAPACMEOCACOADAMS (facilitator)Senior Enlisted AcademyVariousVariousVariousVariousRhode dNone.S-501-0110P-920-1300NAVY ENLISTED CLASSIFICATION CODE (NEC) OPPORTUNITIESCourse TitleCourse LocationCIN/CSE/ACE IDAS-7609 Support Equipment Maintenance Manager8800 Aviation Maintenance/Production Chief9549 Acquisition Logistics Specialist9590 Support Equipment Asset Manager9595 Hazardous Material Control ManagementTechnicianC-500-3202C-4D-2013C-600-3210* See Notes for 91

* NEC 9549 NOTES: Personnel assigned to acquisition-related billets perform critical functions within acquisition typeactivities (i.e., Integrated Logistics Support (ILS), Naval Air Training Management Support Activity (NATMSACT) asdefined in DoD Directive 5000.1 and DoD Instruction 5000.2. These activities are responsible for acquisition systemsdevelopment, acquisition, and logistic support or acquisition programs oversight, review, and acceptance of supplies andservices under their cognizance. As such, they perform critical functions relating to systems design (reliability andmaintainability), the development of acquisition/logistics plans and documents, system integration, logistics support analysis,provisioning, configuration, management, systems modifications, and site activation or program planning, oversight, andacceptance of supplies and services. Additionally, these individuals are responsible for various requirements related to thedevelopment and execution of budgets, acquisition and logistics support of programs.NEC is awarded as follows:1. Acquisition Logistics Specialist: Upon completion of the Defense Acquisition University (DAWIA) courses ACQ-101and LOG-101.2. Acquisition Manufacturing and Production or Quality Assurance Specialists: Upon completion of the DefenseAcquisition University (DAWIA) courses ACQ-101, PQM-101, and 6 months of satisfactory performance in the acquisitionbillet.3. DAWIA training courses are obtained and funded for Navy personnel through the Defense Acquisition CareerManagement (DACM) Office via the DON Acquisition Training Registrar, Naval Acquisition Career Management Center,5450 Carlisle Pike, P.O. Box 2033, Mechanicsburg, PA 17055 using quotas that are assigned to the requesting command.Individuals must be currently in, or ordered to, an identified Acquisition billet.92

PERSONAL AND PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT (Completed at reporting 30 day Career Development Board)Command Address:QD Phone Number:Division Officer: Phone Number:Command Master Chief:Phone Number:Leading Chief Petty Officer: Phone Number:Sponsor/Mentor: Phone Number:Depart/Division Career Counselor:Phone Number:ADSD: REPORT DATE: EAOS: PRD:PAYGRADE E8 (3 Years time in service required to be eligible for advancement to E-9)SEA / SHORE: /Date Advanced: Eligible Advancement Date: Number of times up: HYT Date:Security Clearance Level Date Last updated: Command INDOC completeCAREER DEVELOPMENT BOARDS: Use with OPNAVINST 1040.11(series) & Career Counselor HandbookReason for Convening/Discussion Items: (Upon completion update (CIMS) Career Information Management System)Reporting (within 30 days for active duty or three drill weekends for SELRES) (Date Conducted):6 month progress check (Date Conducted): 12 Months 24 Months36 Months 48 Months 60 Months Special Program/Member RequestAdvancement Center: Visit NKO Navy Advancement page located under the Career Management TabCorrespondence Courses Catalog of CoursesSelection Board Ineligible (Conducted): Non Select 3 times (Conducted):Commissioning Programs Applications (Conducted): (prior to submission, command endorsement)Enlisted to Officer Commissioning Program Application & Administration Manual OPNAVINST 1420.1(series):Medical Enlisted Commissioning Program (MECP) Limited Duty Officer Chief Warrant OfficerPhysical Fitness Test Failure (Conducted): Career Status Bonus (election message received) (Conducted):HYT 24 months (Date): HYT 12 months (Date): HYT Waiver Date: Approve/DisapproveTransfer Early Separation: Fleet Reserve Retirement Options:Career Management Calendar: home/careermanagementcalendar93

SELECTION BOARD CHECK LIST FOR SCPO PROMOTION TO MCPOStep 1 - Review your Official Record to see what documentation, qualifications, etc. may be missing or requiring an update.This should be accomplished every six months after promotion to Second Class. However, it is imperative that this isaccomplished six months prior to a selection board. Check the following three major sections to verify your Official Record:a) BUPERS Online BUPERS Online ( is your main tool for board preparation and helpsyou to be proactive in making the most of your promotion opportunity. You should review your;1) Official Military Personnel File (OMPF): All active duty and reserve personnel having a BOLaccount, a CAC (with appropriate certificates) and a CAC-enabled computer can now view their OMPFonline by selecting the OMPF option on the BOL main menu page. This is the preferred method ofobtaining OMPF information to eliminate the unnecessary time-lags caused by waiting days or weeks toreceive a requested CD ROM.2) If Deployed: Click on “Request Record on CD” to order your Official Military Personnel File(OMPF). This must be accomplished four to six months before a board convenes, which will allow time fordelivery and updating of your record if required.3) Check your Performance Summary Record (PSR) and Enlisted Summary Record (ESR) on click on “ODC, OSR, PSR, ESR” linkb) Electronic Service Record (ESR) Self-Service ESR: This can be viewed at ( or onthe Navy Standard Integrated Personnel System (NSIPS) ESR server onboard ship.c) Electronic Training Jacket (ETJ) Log-on to Navy Knowledge Online (NKO) and review your entire ETJmaking sure that each section is correct. If not click on "Data Problems" on bottom of each page which will guideyou on how to make corrections or updates.Step 2 – Submit appropriate missing documents to the selection board.a) Selection board packages provide candidates the opportunity to submit any documents missing from the sectionsof their records which are viewed by the selection boards. MILPERSMAN 1070-080 specifies which documentsfrom the enlisted permanent personnel record are provided to the selection board for review. Any documents themember has verified as missing from those sections of their permanent personnel record may be submitted as aselection board package.b) For submissions directly to the board and for those circumstances where the eligible candidate cannot get theirofficial record updated and confirmed prior to the selection board convening date:1. All correspondence should be on plain white paper for readability; paper clipped (no staples, binders,folders, or tabs) and submitted under cover letter to the president of the board. Candidates must verify thecorrect subject line and board number (see below) is on their cover letters to ensure their packages appearbefore the proper board.2. Correspondence must include your Full name and SSN, must be affixed and legible on all documentssubmitted, and must be postmarked not later than that date listed in the associated NAVADMIN andaddressed to:NAVY PERSONNEL COMMAND CUSTOMER SERVICE CENTERPRESIDENTFY-XX ACTIVE/RESERVE E9 ENLISTED SELECTION BOARD #XXX5640 TICONDEROGA LOOP BLDG 768 RM E302MILLINGTON TN 38055(Active 210 / SELRES 205 / FTS 206)(Use of special handling mail (certified or registered) is not advised due to significant delays in handling.)c) Ensure official record reflects any individual augmentation mission. (awards, evals, NEC, etc).d) Check /GeneralInformation.htm) to verify that the selectionboard has received your correspondence (if sent).94

NOTE: It is highly recommended that if corrections or updates are made, review your OMPF, or if deployed, reorder your CD-Rom to confirm changes. (NOTE: Please allow 60 days for changes to take effect)Step 3 - After reviewing your service record - such as evaluations, awards, qualifications, etc. - start reviewing what you cando to improve yourself, such as:a) Request a Career Development Board (CDB) through your chain of command.b) Take a good, hard look at the type of Collateral Duties you are assigned. R