UNICORN start 1.1User Manual

Table of ContentsTable of Contents12Introduction . user information .User documentation .UNICORN start 1.1 overview .689Installation of UNICORN start 1.1 . requirements .Installation overview .Additional software installed by UNICORN start 1.1 .Installation procedure . UNICORN start 1.1 .Configure e-license .Upgrade UNICORN start .182836Uninstall UNICORN start 1.1 .Removing additional software components .3742Getting started .433.13.2Launch UNICORN start 1.1 .Help functions .4452System Control .534. .Connect to system .Start a run .Monitor a run .54585964Create a method .735.1742.52.6345Overview . Editor .Methods in UNICORN start 1.1 .7578Create and edit methods .815. with methods .Open a method .8284Predefined methods and phases .865. .Create a predefined method .Edit phase properties .879193Fraction collection .975. .Fractionation setup .Fractionation without Frac30 .Fractionation with Frac30 .9899100102Import and export methods .Column handling .107113UNICORN start 1.1 User Manual 29223562 AA

Table of Contents6View and present the results .1156.16.2116117Introduction .Evaluation module interface . interface .Result navigator .Chromatogram .118121123View and present the results .1246. and view results .Locate results .125131Optimize the presentation of chromatograms .1366. integration 75176Baseline operations .178Edit the baseline manually .Optimize the baseline with a morphological algorithm .Optimize the baseline with a classic algorithm .179182186Fraction and peak operations .1957. Fraction Histogram .Match protein activity to a curve .196199Compare different runs .2017. a peak integration .Baseline calculation .Display peak data .Edit the integration parameters .Integrate part of a curve .Exclude peaks . and compare chromatograms .Open and compare curves .Shift curves .Create a mirror image .202205212213Rename folders, results, chromatograms, curves and peak tables .Save results .Import and export results .2152162187. and compile the results . 1537.18Customize the chromatogram layout .Edit curve presentation .Change the axes .Print chromatograms and peak data .Save report as PDF .Import results .Export results .219221USB export and import operations with ÄKTA start .2278.18.2Export a method to a USB memory stick .Import results from a USB memory stick .228229Administration .2309.1231System administration .UNICORN start 1.1 User Manual 29223562 AA3

Table of Contents9.2Database administration . overview .Database maintenance .23823910 Troubleshooting .25110.110.210.310.410.5Installation and uninstallation .System connections .System access errors .Database functions .Evaluation errors .Appendix AEvaluation functions and instructions .259Smoothing algorithms .Baseline calculation theory .Peak table column components .260263269Index .276A.1A.2A.34252253255256257UNICORN star