USER GUIDEUC Software 5.2.0 September 2014 3725-46211-001 Rev APolycom VVX Business Media PhonesApplies to Polycom VVX 300, 310, 400, 500, 600, and 1500 phones,Polycom VVX Camera, and Polycom VVX Expansion ModulesPolycom, Inc.1

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ContentsBefore You Begin . 8Who Should Read this Guide? . 8Typographic Conventions . 8Get Started . 9View Your Phone Keys and Hardware . 9VVX 300 and VVX 310 Phones Hardware . 10VVX 400 and VVX 410 Phones Hardware . 12VVX 500 and 600 Phones Hardware . 14VVX 1500 Phone Hardware . 16Secure Your Phone with the Security Slot . 18Navigate Your Phone Interface . 18Understand Phone Screens . 18Understand Phone Icons and Status Indicators . 22Enter Information in Data Fields . 26Enter Information Using the Dialpad . 27Enter Information Using the Onscreen Keyboard . 28Use PinYin to Input Chinese Characters . 29Log In to and Lock Your Phone .31Log In to Your Phone . 31Log In and Out of Your Phone . 31Change Your Password . 32Sign In and Out of Lync on Your Phone . 32Lock Your Phone . 33Lock and Unlock Your Phone . 33Change Your User Password . 34Audio Calls .35Place and Answer Audio Calls . 35Place Audio Calls. 35Redial a Number . 39Use H.323 Protocol to Place Audio Calls . 39Answer Audio Calls. 41Switch among the Handset, Headset, and Speakerphone . 43Mute Audio . 43End Audio Calls . 44Hold and Transfer Calls . 44Hold and Resume Calls . 44Transfer Calls . 45Park and Retrieve Calls . 45Polycom, Inc.3

Polycom VVX Business Media Phones User GuideUC Software 5.2.0Park Calls . 45Retrieve Parked Calls . 46Manage Multiple Calls . 46Manage Calls on VVX 1500 phones . 47Manage Calls on VVX 300, 400, 500, and 600 Phones . 48Ignore or Reject Incoming Calls . 49Ignore or Silence Incoming Calls . 50Reject Incoming Calls . 50Reject Calls from a Contact . 50Reject Calls with Do Not Disturb . 50Redirect Incoming Calls . 51Forward Incoming Calls . 52Forward Incoming Lync Calls . 53Divert Calls to a Contact . 53Initiate and Manage Conference Calls . 53Tips for Conference Calls . 54Initiate Conference Calls . 54End Conference Calls . 55Hold and Resume Conference Calls. 55Split Conference Calls . 55Manage Conference Call Participants . 55Work with Shared Lines . 56Missed Calls on Shared Lines . 56Use Multiple Appearance Directory Number - Single Call Appearance . 57Use Shared Line Appearance . 60Record Calls on VVX 500, 600, and 1500 Phones . 68Guidelines when Recording Calls . 68Record, Pause, and End Recordings. 68Record Conference Calls. 69Play Recorded Calls . 70Video Calls .72Tips for Video Calls . 72Use a VVX Camera with the VVX 500 and 600 Phones .