Operation and MaintenanceInstructions ManualJU/JW MODEL ENGINESFORFIRE PUMP APPLICATIONSThis manual covers John Deere Enginesprepared by Clarkefor fire pump serviceClarke UK, Ltd.Unit 1, Grange WorksLomond RoadCoatbridgeML5 2NNUnited KingdomTELE: 44(0)1236 429946FAX: 44(0)1236 427274Clarke Fire Protection Products, Inc.3133 E. Kemper RoadCincinnati, OH 45241U.S.A.TELE: 1.513.771.2200 Ext. 427FAX: 1.513.771.5375www.clarkefire.com4/17C13960 revAN

CONTENTSSUBJECTPAGE61.0 INTRODUCTION1.1 IDENTIFICATION/NAMEPLATE61.2 SAFETY/CAUTION/WARNINGS7122.0 INSTALLATION/OPERATION3.02.1 TYPICAL INSTALLATION122.2 ENGINE STORAGE132.2.1 Storage Less than 1 year132.2.2 Extended Storage Maintenance Procedure132.3 INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS142.4 SPECIFIC FLYWHEEL COUPLING ALIGNMENT INSTRUCTIONS152.4.1 Listed Driveshaft152.4.2 Driveshaft152.4.3 Other Coupling Types182.5 WEEKLY TEST182.6 STARTING/STOPPING THE ENGINE182.6.1 Special Notes to Equipment Installer of an LPCB Approved (LPS1239) Engine Model182.6.2 To Start Engine192.6.3 To Stop Engine202.6.4 Emergency Operation – ETR Engines Only2121ENGINE SYSTEMS3.1 FUEL SYSTEM213.1.1 Diesel Fuel Specification213.1.2 Bleeding the Fuel System223.1.2.1 JU4/6 UF, NL233.1.2.2 JU4/6 LP243.1.2.3 JW6 UF, NL243.1.3 Draining the Condensate from the Fuel Filter253.1.4 Changing Fuel Filter Cartridge253.1.4.1 JU4/6 UF, NL263.1.4.2 JU4/6 LP263.1.4.3 JW6 UF, NL263.1.5 Fuel Tanks273.1.6 JU Fuel Injection Pump Components273.1.7 JW Fuel Injection Pump Components283.2 AIR/EXHAUST SYSTEM283.2.1 Ambient Conditions283.2.2 Ventilation293.2.3 Standard Air Cleaner29Page 2 of 54

3.2.4 Crankcase Ventilation303.2.4.1 Open Crankcase Ventilation303.2.4.2 Crankcase Ventilation System313.2.5 Exhaust System313.3 LUBRICATION SYSTEM313.3.1 Checking Sump Oil313.3.2 Changing Engine Oil323.3.3 Changing Oil Filter Cartridge323.3.4 Oil Specification323.3.5 Oil Capacities333.4 COOLING SYSTEM333.4.1 Intended Engine Operating Temperature333.4.2 Engine Coolant333.4.3 Water333.4.4 Coolant Capacities343.4.5 Coolant Inhibitor343.4.6 Procedure for Filling Engine353.4.6.1 Engines without Coolant Recovery Tank353.4.6.2 Engines with Coolant Recovery Tank363.4.7 Providing Raw Water Supply to the Engine Heat Exchanger3.4.7.1 Raw Water Supply363.4.7.2 Cooling Loop363.4.7.3 Setting Raw Water Flow Rate373.4.7.4 Raw Water Outlet383.4.7.5 Raw Water Quality Strainers, Deterioration of Heat Exchanger (CAC)383.4.7.6 Backflow Preventers383.4.7.7 Raw Water Outlet Temperature383.4.8 Flow Paths of Engine Cooling System383.4.9 Important Service Notice393.4.9.1 Water Pump Cavitation403.5 ELECTRICAL SYSTEM403.5.1 Wiring Diagrams403.5.2 Checking Drive Belt Tension and Adjustment413.5.3 Speed Switch413.5.4 Magnetic Pick-Up413.5.5 Mechanical Engine Control & Alarm Board (MECAB) Speed Switch Troubleshooting413.5.6 Field Simulation of Pump Controller Alarms433.5.7 Battery Requirements443.6 ENGINE SPEED ADJUSTMENT4.0364444MAINTENANCE SCHEDULEPage 3 of 54

4.1 ROUTINE MAINTENANCE445.0TROUBLE SHOOTING456.0PARTS INFORMATION456.1 SPARES456.2 ENGINE MAINTENANCE PARTS LIST457.0OWNER ASSISTANCE468.0WARRANTY468.1 GENERAL WARRANTY STATEMENT468.2 CLARKE WARRANTY468.3 JOHN DEERE WARRANTY469.0ATCM CALIFORNIA EMISSION REGULATIONS FOR STATIONARY ENGINES4910.0INSTALLATION & OPERATION DATA (See Page 5)5011.0WIRING DIAGRAMS (See Page 5)5012.0 PARTS ILLLUSTRATION (See Page 5)5013.0APPENIX (Alpha Index)51APPENDIX “A”52Check factory availability for a manual in one of the following -7C13961C13962C13963C13964NOTEThe information contained in this book is intended to assist operating personnel by providinginformation on the characteristics of the purchased equipment.It does not relieve the user of their responsibility of using accepted practices in the installation,operation, and maintenance of the equipment.NOTE: CLARKE FPPG Reserves the right to update the contents of this publication withoutnotice.Page 4 of 54

Technical Catalog Discontinuation NoticeEffective January 2015,Clarke has done away with the Technical Catalogs. The Technical Catalogs consisted of the followingtechnical documents:oooooooooModel Specific Installation and Operations Data (I&O)NFPA20 Cooling Loop C13977NFPA20 Lead Acid Battery Specifications C131885NFPA20 Exhaust Piping C06918NFPA20 Fuel Line Plumbing C132026DC Jacket Water Heater Wiring DiagramsAC Wiring DiagramsParts IllustrationLanguage Translation PagesAll the above can be located on as follows:For all documents listed above, use the following steps to get to the document pages that youare looking for:Page 5 of 54

This manual provides all the information necessary tooperate your newly acquired engine safely andefficiently, and perform routine servicing correctly.Please read it carefully.1.0 INTRODUCTIONSCOPE OF SUPPLYThe following paragraphs summarize the “Scope ofSupply” of the Engine: The CLARKE Engine supplied has beendesigned for the sole purpose of driving astationary Emergency Fire Pump. It must notbe used for any other purpose. Shall not be subjected to Horsepowerrequirements greater than the certifiednameplate rating (for UL/cUL/FM/LPCBonly). Engines must be sized to cover fully themaximum power absorbed by any particulardriven equipment together with a safetyfactor on no less than 10%. (For Non-listedonly). Derates for elevation and temperature need tobe considered for maximum pump power. Fuel delivery settings are factory set with-inthe injection pump and must not be tamperedwith or adjusted. Minor RPM adjustments tomeet pump requirements are permissible. The engine shall be installed and maintainedin accordance with the guidelines stated inthis manual. Periodic running checks to ensurefunctionality should be kept to a maximum of½ hour per week.MODEL NUMBERING & IDENTIFICATIONThere are two identification plates attached to eachengine. Clarke Identification Plate: Engine Model,Serial Number, Rating and Date of Manufacture areshown on this identification plate. The JU Seriesidentification plate is mounted on the stiffening platethat connects the two mounting feet at the rear of theengine.The JW Series identification plate ismounted on right rear engine mount.Note that there are five types of identification plates,dependent on whether the engine is a “Non-Listed”or “Listed/Approved” Model. These are typicalexamples. (See Figure #1).Clarke Identification PlatesUSA Non ListedUK Non-ListedUSA Listed/ApprovedUK Listed/Approved1.1 IDENTIFICATION/NAMEPLATE Throughout this manual, the terms “Engine”and “Machine” are used. The term “Engine” refers solely to the dieselengine driver as supplied by CLARKE. The term “Machine” refers to any piece ofequipment with which the engine mightinterface.Figure #1Page 6 of 54

UK Listed/ApprovedJohn Deere Identification Plate: The secondidentification plate contains the John Deere ModelNumber and Serial Number. On the JW Series, theJohn Deere Serial identification plate is located onthe left-hand side of the engine between the intakemanifold and starting motor. On the JU Series, theJohn Deere identification plate is located on the rightside of the cylinder block behind the fuel filter.1.2 SAFETY/CAUTION/WARNINGSFigure #1 cont’dThe Clarke eight digit model numbers reflects thebase engine type, number of cylinders, coolingsystem, approval listing and a power rating code.Example: JU6H-UF50 J John Deere base engine prepared byCLARKE U base engine series (4.5 liter 4 cylinder or6.8 liter 6 cylinder) 6 number of cylinders H Heat Exchanger cooled (R Radiator) UF Underwriters Laboratories Listed/Factory Mutual Approved, (LP LPCB LossPrevention Council Board Approved, NL Non-Listed, AP APSAD) 50 A power rating codeThe Clarke 10 digit model numbers reflects the baseengine type, number of cylinders, cooling system,approval listing, manufacturing location, emissionscode and a power rating code.Example: JU6H-UFAB54 J John Deere base engine prepared byCLARKE U base engine series (4.5 liter 4 cylinder or6.8 liter 6 cylinder) 6 number of cylinders H Heat Exchanger cooled (R Radiator) UF Underwriters Laboratories Listed/Factory Mutual Approved, (LP LPCB LossPrevention Council Board Approved, NL Non-Listed) A Manufacturing Location (A Cincinnati,B Coatbridge) B EPA NSPS Complaint (A NonEmissioned, C EPA Tier 2 Certified,D EPA Tier 3 Certified, E EPA Interim Tier4 Certified) 54 A power rating codeATTENTION:This engine has components andfluids that reach very high operating temperaturesand is provided with moving pulleys and belts.Approach with caution. It is the responsibility of thebuilder of the machine using a Clarke engine tooptimize the application in terms of maximum enduser safety.BASIC RULESThe following recommendations are given to reducethe risk to persons and property when an engine is inservice or out of service.Engines must not be used for applications other thanthose declared under “Scope of Supply”.Incorrect handling, modifications and use of nonoriginal parts may affect safety. When lifting theengine, take care to use suitable equipment to beapplied to the points specially provided as shown onthe appropriate Engine Installation Drawing. Engineweights are shown in figure #2ENGINE MODELJU4H-UF10,12,14,20,22 ,24, UFAB26,NL14,20,22,24, ,52,54,H8,H0,H2,58, NL30,32,34,40,42,50,52,54,K4,LP50,54, L4,JU6H-AP30, 34, 50, 54, 60, 84JU4H-UF84, JU4H-LP84JU4H-UFADJ8, UFADJ2, UFADHGJU4H-UFAEA0, UFAEE8, 19,21,23JU4R-UF40,49,51,53,NL40,49,51,53,UFAEA9, E7, F1JU6H-UF30,32,34,50,52, AARG,Q8,PG,S0,UFKARG,Q8,PG,Page 7 of 54WEIGHT lbs(kg)910 (413)935 (424)1085 (492)873 (396)956 (434)982 (445)1657 (750)1693 (766)

S0,NL60,62,74,84,R4,NLKARG,Q8,PG,S0, LP60,84JU6R-NLAAD9, JU6R-NLAAD1,JU6R-NLAA29, JU6R-NLAA31, JU6RNLAA33, JU6R-NLAAG7, JU6RNLAAL7, JU6R-NLAAL9, JU6RNLAAL1, JU6R-NLAAM7, JU6RNLAAM9, JU6R-NLAAM1, JU6RNLAA57, JU6R-NLAA49, JU6RNLAA51, JU6R-NLAA53,JU6R-NLKAD9, JU6R-NLKAD1,JU6R-NLKA29, JU6R-NLKA31, JU6RNLKA33, JU6R-NLKAG7, JU6RNLKAL7, KU6R-NLKAL9, JU6RNLKAL1, JU6R-NLKAM7, JU6RNLKAM9, JU6R-NLKAM1, JU6RNLKA57, JU6R-NLKA49, JU6RNLKA51, JU6R-NLKA53, JU6RUFAAD9, JU6R-UFAAD1, JU6RUFAA29, JU6R-UFAA31, JU6RUFAA33, JU6R-UFAAG7, JU6RUFAAL7, JU6R-UFAAL9, JU6RUFAAL1, JU6R-UFAAM7, JU6RUFAAM9, JU6R-UFAAM1, JU6RUFAA57, JU6R-UFAA49, JU6RUFAA51, JU6R-UFAA53, JU6RUFKAD9, JU6R-UFKAD1, JU6RUFKA29, JU6R-UFKA31, JU6RUFKA33, JU6R-UFKAG7, JU6RUFKAL7, JU6R-UFKAL9, JU6RUFKAL1, JU6R-UFKAM7, JU6RUFKAM9, JU6R-UFKAM1, JU6RUFKA57, JU6R-UFKA49, JU6RUFKA51, JU6R-UFKA53JU6R-NLAA67, JU6R-NLAA59, JU6RNLAA61, JU6R-NLAAPF, JU6RNLAAQ7, JU6R-NLAARF, JU6RNLAAS9, JU6R-NLAA83, JU6RNLKA67, JU6R-NLKA59, JU6RNLKA61, JU6R-NLKAPF, JU6RNLKAQ7, JU6R-NLKARF, JU6RNLKAS9, JU6R-NLKA83, JU6RUFAA67, JU6R-UFAA59, JU6RUFAA61, JU6R-UFAAPF, JU6RUFAAQ7, JU6R-UFAARF, JU6RUFAAS9, JU6R-UFAA83, JU6RUFKA67, JU6R-UFKA59, JU6RUFKA61, JU6R-UFKAPF, JU6RUFKAQ7, JU6R-UFKARF, JU6RUFKAS9, JU6R-UFKA83JW6H-UF30 (JDFP-06WA),38,NL30JW6H-AP30JW6H-UF40 50, 60,JW6H-AP50, 60point should always be over the equipment Center ofGravity.1744 (791)Figure #3Figure #4 shows the typical lifting arrangement of abase mounted engine and pump set when the base (ormodule) is furnished with lifting holes.1744 (791)1844 (836)2012 (910)2003 (906)2053 (929)Figure #2Figure #3 shows the typical lifting arrangement of abare engine. Note the lifting points on the engine arefor lifting the engine only. Caution, when lifting, liftWhen Clarke furnishes the base (or module) for theengine and pump set, the combined weight of thePage 8 of 54

engine and base (or module) will be indicated on theunit. Caution, when lifting, lift point should alwaysbe over the equipment Center of Gravity.Note: The engine produces a noise level exceeding70 dB(a). When performing the weekly functionaltest, it is recommended that hearing protection beworn by operating personnel.CLARKE UK provides the machine manufacturerwith a “Declaration of Incorporation”for the Engine, when required, a copy of which isenclosed in the manual. This document clearly statesthe machine manufacturers’ duties andresponsibilities with respect to health and safety.Refer to Figure #5.Page 9 of 54

GRANGE WORKS, LOMOND ROAD, COATBRIDGE, UNITED KINGDOM, ML5 2NNTEL: 0044 1236 429946 FAX: 0044 1236 427274DECLARATION OF INCORPORATIONWe hereby declare that the engine is intended to be incorporated into other machinery and mustnot be put into service until the relevant machinery, into which the engine is to be incorporated,has been declared in conformity with the essential health and safety requirements of themachinery Directive 2006/42/EC and consequently the conditions required for the CE Mark.We declare that the engine is manufactured in accordance with the followingStandards and Directives:Directive 2006/42/EC, 2004/108/EC, 2006/95/ECStandards EN ISO 12100:2010, EN 60204-1:20061) Description – Diesel EnginesManufacturer – Clarke UKModel Number –Serial Number –Year of Manufacture –Contract Number –Customer Order Number –2) The engine has moving parts, areas of high temperatures and high temperature fluids underpressure. In addition it has an electrical system which may be under strong current.3) The engine produces harmful gases, noise and vibration and it is necessary to take suitableprecautionary measures when moving, installing and operating the engine to reduce riskassociated with the characteristics stated above.4) The engine must be installed in accordance with local laws and regulations. The engine mustnot be started and operated before the machinery into which it is to be incorporated and/or itsoverall installation has been made to comply with local laws and regulations. The engine mustonly be used in ac