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Table of Contents1.Overview . 5Introduction . 5Getting Support . 62.Safety Requirements . 7FCC Part 15 . 8RF Exposure. 9Industry Canada Compliance . 9For Mexico . 93.Getting Started . 10About Your New Telephony Gateway . 10What's in the Box. 10Items You Need . 11Getting Service. 12System Requirements . 13Recommended Hardware . 13Windows . 13Mac OS . 13Linux/Unix . 13About this Manual . 14What About Security?. 14Ethernet or Wireless? . 154.Battery Installation and Removal . 17Introduction . 17Basic Battery Installation and Replacement . 18Extended Battery Installation and Replacement . 20Battery Usage and Storage Conditions . 22Battery Disposal Guidelines . 22Getting Battery Status . 235.Installing and Connecting your Telephony Gateway . 24Front Panel . 25Rear Panel . 27Selecting an Installation Location . 28Desktop Mounting Instructions . 28Factors Affecting Wireless Range . 29Release 24 STANDARD 1.0 April 2017 2017 ARRIS Enterprises LLC. All Rights Reserved.Touchstone TG1682G Telephony Gateway User Guide3

Connecting the Telephony Gateway . 30Configuring Your Wireless Connection . 316.Configuring Your Ethernet Connection. 33Requirements . 33How to use this Chapter . 33TCP/IP Configuration for Windows Vista . 33TCP/IP Configuration for Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10 . 34TCP/IP Configuration for macOS. 347.Using the Telephony Gateway . 36Setting up Your Computer to Use the Telephony Gateway . 36Indicator Lights for the TG1682G . 37Wiring Problems . 38Patterns: Normal Operation (LAN and Telephone) . 38Patterns: Normal Operation (WAN and Battery). 39Patterns: Startup Sequence . 39Using the Reset Button . 41Resetting the Router to Factory Defaults . 42Booting from Battery . 428.Troubleshooting . 43The Telephony Gateway is plugged in, but the Power light is Off . 43I'm not getting on the Internet (all connections) . 43I'm not getting on the Internet (Ethernet) . 43I'm not getting on the Internet (Wireless). 44My wireless Internet connection stops working sometimes . 44I can get on the Internet, but everything is slow . 44I don't have a dial tone when I pick up the phone - why? . 449.Glossary . 46Release 24 STANDARD 1.0 April 2017 2017 ARRIS Enterprises LLC. All Rights Reserved.Touchstone TG1682G Telephony Gateway User Guide4

Chapter 1OverviewIntroductionGet ready to experience the Internet’s express lane! Whether you’re checking out streamingmedia, downloading new software, checking your email, or talking with friends on thephone, the Touchstone TG1682G Telephony Gateway brings it all to you faster and morereliably. All while providing toll quality Voice over IP telephone service and both wired andwireless connectivity. It also provides a Lithium-Ion battery backup to provide continuedtelephone service during power outages.The Touchstone TG1682G Telephony Gateway provides four Ethernet connections for use asthe hub of your home/office Local Area Network (LAN). The TG1682G also provides802.11a/b/g/n/ac wireless connectivity for enhanced mobility and versatility. In addition, theTG1682G provides for up to two separate lines of telephone service.The Telephony Gateway also offers integrated MoCA 2.0 home networking providingInternet access and transfer of multimedia content between devices over coaxial cable in thehome.Release 24 STANDARD 1.0 April 2017 2017 ARRIS Enterprises LLC. All Rights Reserved.Touchstone TG1682G Telephony Gateway User Guide5

Chapter 1: OverviewInstallation is simple and your service provider will provide assistance to you for any specialrequirements.Getting SupportIf you need assistance with your ARRIS product please contact your service provider.For additional technical information and product User Guides please visit the ARRIS Supportwebsite at 24 STANDARD 1.0 April 2017 2017 ARRIS Enterprises LLC. All Rights Reserved.Touchstone TG1682G Telephony Gateway User Guide6

Chapter 2Safety RequirementsThe ARRIS Telephony Gateway complies with the applicable requirements for performance,construction, labeling, and information when used as outlined below:CAUTIONPotential equipment damagePotential loss of serviceConnecting the Telephony Gateway to existing telephone wiring should only be performedby a professional installer. Physical connections to the previous telephone provider must beremoved and the wiring must be checked; there must not be any voltages. Cancelation oftelephone service is not adequate. Failure to do so may result in loss of service and/orpermanent damage to the Telephony Gateway.CAUTIONRisk of shockMains voltages inside this unit. No user serviceable parts inside. Refer service to qualifiedpersonnel only!CAUTIONRisk of explosionReplacing the battery with an incorrect type, heating a battery above 75 C, or incinerating abattery, can cause product failure and a risk of fire or battery explosion. Do not dispose of infire. Recycle or dispose of used batteries responsibly and in accordance with localordinances. The Telephony Gateway is designed to be connected directly to a telephone.Connecting the Telephony Gateway to the home’s existing telephone wiring should onlybe performed by a professional installer.Do not use product near water (i.e. wet basement, bathtub, sink or near a swimmingpool, etc.), to avoid risk of electrocution.Do not use the telephone to report a gas leak in the vicinity of the leak.The product shall be cleaned using only a damp, lint-free, cloth. No solvents or cleaningagents shall be used.Do not use spray cleaners or aerosols on the device.Avoid using and/or connecting the equipment during an electrical storm, to avoid risk ofelectrocution.Release 24 STANDARD 1.0 April 2017 2017 ARRIS Enterprises LLC. All Rights Reserved.Touchstone TG1682G Telephony Gateway User Guide7

Chapter 2: Safety Requirements Do not locate the equipment within 6 feet (1.9 m) of a flame or ignition source (i.e. heatregisters, space heaters, fireplaces, etc.).Use only the AC power adapter (if provided) and power cord included with theequipment.Equipment should be installed near the power outlet and should be easily accessible.The shield of the coaxial cable must be connected to earth (grounded) at the entrance tothe building in accordance with applicable national electrical installation codes. In theU.S., this is required by NFPA 70 (National Electrical Code) Article 820. In the EuropeanUnion and in certain other countries, CATV installation equipotential bondingrequirements are specified in IEC 60728-11, Cable networks for television signals, soundsignals and interactive services, Part 11: Safety. This equipment is intended to beinstalled in accordance with the requirements of IEC 60728-11 for safe operation.If the equipment is to be installed in an area serviced by an IT power line network, as isfound in many areas of Norway, special attention should be given that the installation isin accordance with IEC 60728-11, in particular Annex B and Figure B.4.In areas of high surge events or poor grounding situations and areas prone to lightningstrikes, additional surge protection may be required (i.e. PF11VNT3 from AmericanPower Conversion) on the AC, RF, Ethernet and Phone lines.When the Telephony Gateway is connected to a local computer thr