UIP1869VOWNER'SMANUAL Page 1 Monday, September 5, 2005 11:34 AMContentsWELCOME /FEATURESTERMINOLOGYCONTROLS & FUNCTIONSGETTING STARTEDSetting up your Broadband PhoneExpanding Your PhoneInstalling the BeltclipOptional Headset InstallationInstalling Uniden's Cordless Telephone Customization ToolUsing the InterfaceMain Menu OptionsGlobal SetupSetting Up the HandsetSetting Display OptionsBASICSUsing Your PhoneRedialing a CallAdjusting the Ringer and Speaker VolumePrivacy ModeMuting the RingerMuting the MicrophoneFind HandsetHandset ConferencingUsing One Touch Voice Mail AccessPHONEBOOKUsing the Handset PhonebookUsing the Base PhonebookUsing Speed DialCALLER IDUsing Caller IDMULTI-HANDSET FEATURESMulti-Handset FeaturesUsing the Room/Baby MonitorUsing the IntercomTransferring a ubleshooting73ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONNote on Power SourcesGeneral Information818183PRECAUTIONS & WARRANTYI.C. Page 2 Monday, September 5, 2005 11:34 AMWelcomeWith the UIP1869V broadband Internet telephone, Vonage's Internet phone service andyour broadband connection, you can access the Internet and make phone callssimultaneously. The UIP1869V connects directly to your broadband modem. It separatesvoice signals from data signals and sends voice traffic to its cordless handsets and datatraffic to your computer.If you a have a local switch or router supporting a LAN, the UIP1869V will pass all Datatraffic through to your LAN.Note: Illustrations in this manual are used for explanation purposes.Some illustrations in this manual may differ from the actual unit.Features WELCOME/FEATURES [2]WELCOME/FEATURESwww.uniden.com5.8GHz Digital ExpandableCorded/Cordless Telephone SystemCaller ID/Call Waiting100 Programmable Memory Locations in the Base and Each Cordless HandsetDownloadable ImagesRecordable Ringer Tone Page 3 Tuesday, August 2, 2005 9:06 AMThis series features AutoTalk and AutoStandby . AutoTalk allows you to answer a call by just removingthe handset from the cradle so you don't have to waste time pushing buttons. AutoStandby allows you tohang up by simply returning the handset to the cradle.To protect you against mis-billed calls that might result from your phone being activated by otherequipment, this series has Random Code digital security, which automatically selects one of more than10,000,000 digital security codes for the handset and base.Digital Spread Spectrum Technology uses a wider frequency band than standard digital transmissions. Theresult is a more secure conversation with the clarity of digital sound, extended range, and minimalinterference from other cordless phones.IntegriSound Built in sound quality which provides life-like conversations.With DirectLink mode, you can use two or more handsets as radio transceivers (walkie-talkies).Be sure to visit our web site: www.uniden.comUniden is a registered trademark of Uniden America Corporation.AutoTalk, AutoStandby, DirectLink, IntegriSound and Random Code are trademarks of Uniden America.Vonage , The Broadband Phone Company , and Vonage Digital Voice are registered service marks ownedand used under license from Vonage Marketing, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Vonage Holdings Corp.[3] osoft and Windows are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in theUnited States and/or other countries. Page 4 Tuesday, August 2, 2005 9:06 AMAccessibilityIf you have a disability and need customer service assistance or if you have any questions about howUniden's products can accommodate persons with disabilities, please call the accessibility voice/TTYline:1-800-874-9314A representative is available to talk to you M-F, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, CST. After hours, you can leave us amessage, and we will call you back. Information is also available on our website,, underthe "Accessibility" link.Terminology Standby Mode -The handset maybe sitting or off the cradle, but is NOT in use. talk/flash or speaker hasnot been pressed. The corded base handset is on the base and speaker on the base has notbeen pressed. No dial tone is present. Talk Mode The handset is off the cradle and talk/flash or speaker has been pressed, or pick up thecorded base handset and speaker on the base is pressed and enabling a dial tone. VoIP Voice over Internet Protocol, a method of sending voice signals over broadband Internetconnections. Station The main base or any registered handset. Configuration utility - The internal user interface that allows you to change configurations settings in theUIP1869V. You can access the configuration utility with an Internet web browser.TERMINOLOGY [4] Page 5 Tuesday, August 2, 2005 9:06 AMControls & Functions17238591011612413[5] CONTROLS & FUNCTIONSNew Message LEDVolume (up) (P. 45)Volume (down) (P. 45)Talk/flash (P. 40 & 41)Back/hold/intercom(P. 23, 42 & 70)6. */tone (P. 65)7. Ear Speaker17 8. Soft keys (P. 22)18 9. end (P. 40)10.Joystick (P. 23)11.speaker (P. 40)12.# (P. 65)13.Handset Microphone19 14.Handset Charging Contacts15.Handset Antenna16.Beltclip Hole17.Speakerphone Speaker and Ringer18.Headset Jack19.Handset Battery Compartment20.USB jack20www.uniden.comCONTROLS &FUNCTIONS1415 5. Page 6 Monday, September 5, 2005 11:34 AM21 22 23 243225333435363738262741 42LEDs28 29 30314039PowerLAN43 44 45 46WAN Phone1 Phone2Phone1PowerLANStatusStatusStatusPhone 2InactiveWANStatusLEDStatuswww.uniden.com30. do not disturb /DND LED (P. 47)31. /tone/ (P. 66)32. LCD Display33. /vol / (volume up/down)(P. 45 & P. 28)34. soft Keys (P. 22)35. speaker/speaker LED (P. 40)36. flash (P. 41)37. mute (P. 48)38. exit (P. 58)39. mic (microphone)40. #/ (P. 66)41. Phone 1 port42. Phone 2 port43. Internet (WAN) port44. Ethernet (LAN) port45. Reset switch46. Power portCONTROLS & FUNCTIONS [6]CONTROLS &FUNCTIONS21. phonebook (P. 51)22. In use LED23. New Message LED24. call id (P. 64)25. Corded Base Handset26. Base Speaker27. Curl Cord28. intercom/hold (P. 70 & 42)29. find handset (P. 48) Page 7 Tuesday, August 2, 2005 9:06 AMSafety RecommendationsTo ensure general safety, follow these guidelines: Do not open or disassemble this product. Do not expose the product to moisture. Do not perform any action that creates a potential hazard to people or makes theequipment unsafe. Ultimate disposal of this product should be handled according to all national laws andregulations. Do not touch the wires on the cable ports or the wires of cables connected to a port ashazardous voltage may be present on these wires when the equipment is powered on. The plug-socket combination must be accessible at all times because it serves as the powerdisconnect. To avoid electric shock, do not connect the UIP1869V to any RJ-11 telephone wall jacks.Use caution when connecting cables. This could damage the UIP1869V or the telephonewiring in the building. Do not work on the system or connect or disconnect cables if lightning or thunder arepresent in your area. Do not cover or block the air vents on the top or bottom surface of the UIP1869V.Overheating can cause permanent damage to the unit. Read the instructions completely before connecting the system to its power source.[7] GETTING STARTEDwww.uniden.comG E T T I N G S TA RT E DSetting up your Broadband Phone Page 8 Tuesday, August 2, 2005 9:06 AM911 dialing is not automatic.Vonage services do not include traditional 911 emergency dialing. You mustsuccessfully activate the 911 dialing feature (register and subscribe) by following theinstructions at Vonage's version of 911 is outlined in theVonage User Guide; your responsibilities as a Vonage subscriber are outlined in theVonage Terms of Service contract. It is important you read these documents (includedwith your broadband phone) and understand this feature and its limitations.noteIf you ordered yourUIP1869V directly fromVonage, it will alreadybe activated for you.Before You Start!To activate your broadband Internet phone service visit will need your MAC address, a twelve-character ID that identifies yourUIP1869V. The MAC address is located on the bottom of your UIP1869V broadbandphone. Be sure to enter all of the characters exactly as they appear on the sticker.(All letters should be upper-case.)Note: If you are an existing Vonage customer and are upgrading your device, pleasecall our customer care department at 1-VONAGE-HELP (1-866-243-4357). CustomerCare is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.STEP 1: Check Your EquipmentCheck your broadband setup and the other equipment you will need: A broadband modem and a broadband Internet connection A computer with an Ethernet port (or a local Ethernet switch or router) Two CAT-5 Ethernet cables If you subscribe to a second phone line or want to use a backup phone off of theUIP1869V, you will need a standard telephone cable (RJ-11)www.uniden.comGETTING STARTED [8]G E T T I N G S TA RT E D911 Service Notice Page 9 Monday, September 5, 2005 11:34 AMIf your broadband provider has given you a static IP address, you will need a specialconfiguration for your UIP1869V. See the User Interface Guide at for more information on configuring for static IP addresses.STEP 2: Connect Your UIP1869VOnce your account is set up, you can connect your UIP1869V.1) Use the coil cord to connect the corded handset to the base.2) Use the blue Ethernet cable to connect your broadband modem to the blue RJ-45 portlabeled Internet (WAN). If you have a home router then use the blue Ethernet cable toconnect one of the LAN ports on your router to the Internet (WAN) port on your UIP1869Vinstead.[9] GETTING STARTEDwww.uniden.comG E TT I N G S TA RT E DCheck Your Broadband ConfigurationThe UIP1869V supports the two most common broadband connection protocols:DHCP and PPPoE. If your broadband connection uses DHCP, you do not need tochange any settings on the UIP1869V. If your broadband connection uses PPPoE,you will need to enter your user name and password in Step 3.

UP771BH CH08 Page 10 Monday, September 5, 2005 3:26 PMnote You can also connect awireless access pointto the Ethernet (LAN)port, if desired. Phone1 is not aseparate line. Anyphone connected toPhone1 will share VoIPline 1 with all theUIP1869V's cordlesshandsets.4) OPTIONAL: If you have a second phone you want to use for line 1, connect it to Phone1.If you have subscribed to a second VoIP line you can connect an analog phone or Faxmachine to Phone2.CAUTIONDo not connect the UIP1869V to a regular telephone wall jack.www.uniden.comGETTING STARTED [10]G E T T I N G S TA RT E D3) Use the yellow Ethernet cable to connect your PC to the yellow RJ-45 port labeledEthernet (LAN). If you use a switch or router for a local network, connect it to theEthernet (LAN) port instead.

UP771BH CH08 Page 11 Monday, September 5, 2005 11:38 AMG E T T I N G S TA RT E D5) Use the included AC adapter to connect thePOWER port to a 120 Vac continuous poweroutlet.CAUTIONTo avoid risk of fire or electrical hazard,use ONLY the included AC adapter!All the LEDs will flash several times, andthe Power LED will remain on. If theUIP1869V was properly recognized byVonage's network, the Phone 1 LED will illuminate. Test your connection by makinga call with the corded handset and browsing to a web page from your PC. If youhave any difficulty, see the Troubleshooting section.Configuring Your UIP1869V (PPPoE users only)If you use PPPoE to connect to the Internet (common for DSL users), yourbroadband service provider assigned you a user name and password. You will needto enter this user name and password into the UIP1869V. The UIP1869V can takethe place of any additional PPPoE software you received from your ISP, allowing youto establish and maintain your broadband connection without running any extraprograms on your computer.Follow the steps below to configure the UIP1869V to use a PPPoE-based connection.1. Make sure your computer is directly connected to the UIP1869V's LAN port.2. On your computer, open an Internet web browser window.[11] GETTING Page 12 Tuesday, August 2, 2005 9:06 AMwww.uniden.comGETTING STARTED [12]G E T T I N G S TA RT E D Enter (the UIP 1869V broadband telephone system's default IPaddress) in the address field of your browser and hit the ENTER key. A screen with fields for your username and password will appear. Enter "admin" in bothfields for now (you should set a new password later using the Advanced tab's userconfiguration screen). Then click "OK". Select the Setup Tab at the top of the screen, then select "WAN Configuration" from themenu on the left. This opens the WAN configuration Setup Screen. In the pull down menu labeled "WAN Interface Type" (see image below) select PPPoE. Thisopens the PPPoE configuration screen. Enter the username, password and service name (if required) provided by your ISP. This isthe same info you enter every time you log in. Click "Apply". When asked if you want to save the UIP 1869V configuration, click "Yes". When the lights on the UIP 1869V stop flashing, check for Internet access by browsing toa web page. Page 13 Tuesday, August 2, 2005 9:06 AMnote Use only the Uniden(BT-0003)rechargeable batterypack supplied withyour cordlesstelephone. Replacement batterypacks are also availablethrough the UnidenParts Department.1) Press down on the handset battery case cover (use the finger indention for a better grip)and slide the cover downward to remove.2) Place the battery pack in the battery compartment with the connectors on the battery andon the compartment aligned.3) Place the batt