Amazing SecretsofPsychic HealingBenjamin O. Bibb, DD.andJoseph J. Weed

How this book will help you to radiant healthAre you completely healthy? Always? If not, you should be. Are any of your family, friendsor acquaintances suffering from poor health, injuries or even long-standing afflictions? Theyneed not, if you decide you want to help them, for help them you can, and yourself as well.How? you ask. This book will tell you how, for you do have the ability to heal. Right nowyou may not be aware that you have it, but you do. This gift of God is part of the birthright ofevery man and woman; it lies dormant in you waiting to be awakened. Only a small effort onyour part is required to stimulate it to powerful and effective action, so just read on anddiscover for yourselfTHE AMAZING SECRET WAYS TOoRelieve pain in a matter of minutes (see Chapter 2)oHeal wounds, cuts and abrasions the day they are suffered (see Chapter 2)oRepair bone fractures quickly (see Chapter 2)oEnd the pain of arthritis by eliminating its cause (Chapter 3)oDramatically change and improve the appearance of blemish-ridden skin (Chapter 5)oCorrect ailments of the ears, nose and throat (Chapter 6)oTreat failing eyes and bring them back to normal sight (Chapter 7)oStrengthen the heart and repair any malfunctions that may hamper its action (Chapter10)oWash out infections from the intestines and bowels and re-establish their normalfunctioning (Chapter 13)oSearch out and correct liver and gall bladder problems (Chapter 11)oRelieve prostate pain and restore normal action (Chapter 12)oClear impurities from the blood, a very important treatment everyone can employwith profit (Chapter 15)oBalance glandular functions and thus heal diabetes (Chapter 16)oRelieve toothache and clear out tooth infection (Chapter 14)oInstruct your inner mind to automatically correct any malfunction that may develop(Chapter 18)oEffect many other surprising and marvelous healings (Chapter 17)Right here in print for the first time you will find the step-by-step procedures wherebyhundreds of people with no previous medical knowledge of any kind have been taught tobecome successful healers. These are men and women from all walks of life, most of them nodifferent from you. Some are secretaries, salespeople, bookkeepers, mechanics, teachers andstudents, and some are professional people such as lawyers, ministers and doctors-yes, doctors.Read on and let them tell you in their own words what they have learned and how thisknowledge has served them, enabling them to accomplish seeming miracles of healing. Along2

with their reports are explained the exact techniques taught them in the classes of one of theworld's greatest healers, Benjamin 0.Bibb, D.D. This man is outstanding not only for the greatnumber of remarkable cures he has effected, but chiefly because he is able to describe in detailjust what he does and to teach others how to do it. This book is based upon his class teachingsand supported by the case histories of a vast number of confirmed healings. By following theinstructions given herein, you too can become a successful healer.THE TEACHING OF BEN BIBBBen Bibb's methods are simple and easy to understand. Most of his pupils learn them in twoto three weeks and some even more quickly. Once a student has the amazing secret techniqueexplained and understands it, the development of skill is then only a question of practice. If youwould know what this secret is, just read on. You will find in the chapters to follow not only acomplete description of the method employed so successfully by Benjamin O. Bibb, D.D. butalso his personal instructions in how to use it to heal psychically or mentally, for this bookdescribes the complete course taught by Ben Bibb in his classes. The step-by-step instructionsmake it seem easy, as you will soon discover. First, however, you should know and appreciateto some extent the scope of this ability of yours once it is unfolded. For this reason there isexplained herein what can be done, what is possible for you to do and what has been done bythe graduates of Ben Bibb's classes. These students are no more gifted than you are; anythingthey can do, you also can do.INSTANTANEOUS SELF-HEALINGFor example, here is a case of instantaneous self-healing. One student of Bibb's wasattempting to repair a stall shower that didn't work. Endeavoring to get at the valves, hediscovered that someone had cemented them over. Annoyed at the stupidity of this, he startedto chip away at the cement with a hammer and cold chisel. Due partly to the cramped quartersin the small shower stall and partly to his irritation, the hammer slipped on the head of thechisel and struck him on the wrist. Ignoring the pain, he continued, but he struck his wristagain, and then again. The fourth blow was so severe he thought he might have damaged thebone. Coming out of the shower stall into the light he saw a purple welt about four inches longswelling up along his left wrist and forearm. The pain was intense, so he ceased work andstarted a healing treatment as instructed in the Ben Bibb class. Almost immediately the painbegan to subside. In a few moments the throbbing ceased, the swelling diminished and thediscoloration started to fade. Within ten minutes all pain was gone, the welt had disappearedand there was no indication his wrist had been so severely damaged a few moments before.A miracle, you say? No, just an example of what the mind can do when properly directed.This man is no different from you and his abilities are no greater than those you possess. Hejust knows the Secret. His name is Glenn Whitten and he lives in Statesville, North Carolina.He has given permission for this report to be published and will confirm it if requested.YOUR MIND CAN HEALIn the foregoing example the mind is mentioned as the healing agent. Powerful healingability resides in that little understood and often underrated faculty of yours called the mind;not the brain, the mind! There is a vast difference. The mind uses the brain like a tool, but islimited all too often by the brain's erroneous convictions as to what can be done and whatcannot. The human mind is capable of doing many surprising things, as science is justbeginning to discover, and the ability to heal without medicine or surgery is one of them. Weare blessed today with many men and women who are able to heal and help others. Some are3

called psychic healers; others, who operate in a religious atmosphere, are called faith healers.Recently it has become clear that all use their minds to heal even though most of them actinstinctively and do not fully understand the process involved. They thus have great difficultyin transmitting to others a comprehension of what they do. Few attempt it and those who dohave but little success. Yet Ben Bibb knows quite clearly what he does and how he does it andcan transmit this amazing secret to others. In this book he will disclose it to you.There are on file literally hundreds of reports of healings by the pupils of Ben Bibb andconfirming acknowledgments from the people who have been helped. These pupils are men andwomen like yourself with little or no medical knowledge or training. This is emphasizedbecause it is normal for you to question your own ability to heal. The knowledge that so manypeople, literally hundreds, have already learned to heal themselves and others should encourageyou to try it yourself, so read on.A SINUS HEALINGLet us look at the case of May McLoughlin. She had been troubled for years by chronic sinusattacks. At times her head would ache so badly behind the nose and eyes that she would beunable to see. These attacks would also weaken her legs so she could hardly stand. Thisdebilitated condition would usually prevail for about twenty-four hours after the actual pain inthe head had subsided. Edith Jacques, who had been trained by Ben Bibb, gave her a treatmentand within one hour the pain was gone. Three hours later she was walking without difficultyand hungry for her dinner. Since then, four months prior to this writing, the sinus attacks havenot retuned.RELIEF FROM PAINEveryone who has given this system a fair trial is willing to endorse it. They all say, "Itworks!" A letter from Vera Gatto of Paterson, New Jersey to Ben Bibb is an example:I was in constant pain in my lower back due to many extreme bouts with surgery. My physicians alltold me I would have to live with it because they could no longer give me anything but temporary relieffrom my constant agony of pain. But now, since my treatment by you six months ago, I have beenwithout pain. What a miraculous healing!Blessing you always,Vera GattoThus writes a grateful woman.In the pages that follow are detailed instructions together with practical examples to supportevery phase of this Medipic technique, as the students refer to it. The phrase Medipic is usedbecause pictures are sent mentally from the healer to the sufferer in a manner which will beexplained to you as you read along.THIS IS A SCIENTIFIC METHODBear in mind that this healing method is not to be classified as inspirational, religious orspiritual. It is scientific, and in all probability will be incorporated into standard medicalpractice within the next few years. Most doctors already agree that the patient is largelyresponsible for healing himself and that their efforts are bent toward removing the blocks tothat self-healing. The Medipic technique is but an extension of this idea and consists in part ofan intelligent, well-directed stimulation of the inner mind toward that end. This is not meant toimply there is no place for Divine Power in this healing method. On the contrary, no work of4

man, great or small, can be accomplished without Divine Assistance, but some human effort isrequired. If one desired to build a bridge, how foolish he would seem if he requested DivineAssistance and then sat back doing nothing as he waited for the bridge to appear. What personplanning a dinner would just ask for Divine Assistance and then relax in an easy chair whilewaiting for the table to set itself and the dinner to manifest. Buildings and bridges and yes, evencathedrals and cakes are created by human hands, human minds and human effort. DivineAssistance, yes, but not without human planning and work. So it is also with healing. Such isthe Medipic Technique.In the chapters that follow this technique is explained in complete detail and the AmazingSecrets of Psychic Healing are revealed.You have only to put the miracles of psychic healing into practice to realize restored healthand peace of mind for yourself and those you love.Ben O. Bibb, D.D. Joseph J. Weed5

Contents6How This Book Will Help You to Radiant Health.2Chapter1Discover the Amazing Secrets of Psychic Healing Now8Chapter2Dramatic and Rapid Psychic Repair for AccidentalInjuries. Learn how to repair damaged bones and injuredtissue with surprising speed by employing the secretMedi-Pic treatment. Examples of successful healings bystudents like yourself21Chapter3The Miraculous Psychic Healing Treatment for Reliefand Frequent Care of Arthritis, Rheumatism andSimilar' Problems. Case histories given that you canfollow and duplicate.30Chapter4Remarkable Psychic Healing Cures for Asthma andOther Respiratory Ailments Including Emphysema,Pneumonia and Tuberculosis. Supporting case histories37Chapter5Psychic Healing Harmonies for Correcting SkinAilments Including Shingles, Boils, Warts and SimilarSkin Infections. Specialized treatments with case historyexamples of successful cures are included.46Chapter6The Secret Psychic Technique for Diagnosing Ear,Nose and Throat Problems. Ailments affecting theseareas are described and successful psychic treatmentsgiven in detail, with supporting examples and casehistories52Chapter7Seventh Sense Psychic Healing Methods for EyeTroubles. This is a most important chapter. Here weconsider the various eye afflictions such as cataract,glaucoma, etc. and give detailed instructions in theremarkable psychic healing treatments for their relief andcure. Supporting case histories are included59Chapter8Instant Relief From Headaches: How TelevisualHealing Can Cure Their Causes. Various reasons forheadaches are examined in detail and psychic healingtechniques given with explanatory actual case histories65Chapter9Secret Medi-Pic Methods for Handling Tumors andParasitic Internal Growths, Leading to TheirElimination. Case histories71

Contents (continued)Chapter10Medi-Pic Methods for Strengthening and Healingthe Heart. How you can repair heart damage andrelated problems by mental instruction given to theinner mind77Chapter11Secret Psychic Healing Treatments for BanishingGall Bladder and Liver Ailments. These problemsare sometimes related and frequently stem from thesame general causes. Here you are given effectivemethods to successfully cure these problems withsupporting case histories.83Chapter12Amazingly Successful Psychic Healing Treatmentsfor Kidney, Bladder and Prostate Malfunctions.Learn how to psychically flush out the kidneys, repairbladder ailments and reduce prostate pain anddifficulty.91Chapter13Psychic Healing Remedies for Stomach and BowelDisorders. How the causes are sought, corrected andhealing effected by Medi-Pic101Chapter14Psychic Healing Treatments for the Relief ofToothache, Tooth Infection and Spinal Afflictions.The ache and pain can usually be relieved in a matter ofminutes by proper psychic treatment. Repair andcomplete correction may take longer107Chapter15How To Psychically Analyze and Correct Vein,Artery and Blood Problems. Correcting techniquesare described and supported by actual case historyexamples of successful treatments115Chapter16New Seventh Sense Glandular System BalancingSecrets for Correcting Diabetes and SeriousAilments of the Thyroid and Pancreas.122Chapter17Healing Colors and Their Various Medi-PicApplications for Miraculous Healing of People andAnimals130Chapter18Amazingly Simple Self-He