Finding your soulmateWe at Kasamba see our clients’ day to day struggle tofind and keep the love they deserve. Therefore wedecided to gather words of wisdom from our bestadvisors who were handpicked by our staff.The advisors’ wisdom encapsulate dozens of years ofglobal experience that was designed to help you throughone of the biggest challenges of our time- finding yoursoulmate.We invite you to take in every chapter in this eBook anduse its insight to help you in your journey.“A lover has to be chosen from soulcraving. To choose just becausesomething mouthwatering stands beforeyou will never satisfy the hunger of thesoul. And that is what the intuition is for;it is the direct messenger of the soul.”Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes2

Table of contents1. Finding your soulmatePage 42. Four big questionsto ask yourself afterthe first datePage 83. How to overcomeemotional baggagebefore starting anew relationship?Page 124. What if he's notreally the one?Page 165. What if yoursoulmate is alreadymarried?Page 206. A practical guide totuning yourintuition for findinga loving soulmatePage 267. Five Love MythsThat May BeHurting YourRelationshipPage 323

The drive behind our desire for “the one”and how to align with its energy– by Maya MoonWhile there is certainly no denying the romantic, sexual,emotional and general sense of happiness finding oursoul-mate brings, if we look deeper into the spiritual anduniversal drive that both humans and all "earthlings"share, we find an interesting common denominator.Whether following Christian-Judaism, the Darwin theoryor alternate theories of how we came to be, one thingstands vividly clear; without procreation no species wouldcontinue to exist.Our deepest spiritual and ancient ancestral drives andinstincts for survival quite clearly support that a "soulmate" or companion is as much a need as it is a desire.Whether we imagine Adam and Eve wandering throughEden or the evolution of the Homo sapiens and evenearlier instances of what we now call "man"; the survivalof self and species literally depended on finding others.Without this instinct to secure a life mate, companion orpartner the world would be a place of chaos and almost4

no variation of species including the rainbow of culture,color and existence of human beings.Our spiritual core or self is in a sense the "control center"for guiding us towards love and in the recognition of oursoul mate, twin flame or life partner. It could be said thatour spirituality is "hard-wired" for love; and has theinnate ability to be the source and path that unites uswith the person we are intended to share our lives withfor the highest possible outcome. If you have everattended a social function or party and amongst a largegroup found your attention drawn to a particularindividual, perhaps noticing that person also seems to befocused on you. This is an example of our spiritualessence and energy at work, the higher power that existswithin all humans to fulfill the destiny of love and spiritualconnection.It is that unexplained drive that urges us to seek aparticular individual above another. And for those thatfollow this natural and highly evolved guidance, we oftenfind that person we have dreamt of, imagined or longedfor.In the same context that our body alerts us to thirst,hunger or other needs, our spiritual energy or core is trulyour "love monitoring center". For those that have learnedto rely on this energy and influence, they are led not onlyto love but to those best suited, compatible and often"meant to be". And is why we should follow our spiritualinfluences even when perhaps we are guided towardssomeone not within our usual or traditional type or socialnetwork.Love is a basic instinct and just as vital to our survival asall other instincts. Sometimes we just need a reminderthat our spirituality serves that purpose much better and5

more fully than any matchmaker or trying to force our selfto love or unite with someone, when that specialsomething just doesn't seem to exist. From that firstglimpse or first kiss, true love is not just emotional butone of the strongest and most spiritual experienceshumans are blessed with.For no matter what has been, or lies behind; ahead justup the road love waits, always, forever and for all. Andwith a little faith and a lot of hope; your spiritual instinct,all that drives each earthling to continually exist andpersevere lives the undeniable and core existence for thesurvival of love.6

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Four big questions to ask yourself after thefirst date – by Psychic YazminThere are some relationships that have such strongchemistry that regardless of the circumstances you stillsomehow seem to gravitate together (soulmate) bondsand just simple destiny!There are other relationships that start off moredifferently and when or having gone out on your first dateit is always good to figure out or ask yourself a fewpersonal questions about your new date/relationship.Here are four important questions that you should thinkabout whilst moving ahead in a relationship and sharinga soulmate link with a partner.The following simple questions you could ask yourself inorder to make a decision on moving ahead moreharmoniously and giving the chances of the relationshipbeing a long term union.8

1. First instant connection:When seeing your date: How did it feel? Was it likeconnecting with someone that you had already met withbefore? Seeing your soulmate has been heard of to bejust like “connecting with a best friend” even though youhave never spent time with this person before.Sharing similar sense of humor and being able to share anunderstanding of simplistic jokes points of view in life andmaybe even other simple subjects.You will feel an instant connection and will thrive off thatconnection (becoming who you are at your best).Sharing these deep connections on first instance showsyou the soul mate connection, but also gives you anindication of where you see things heading.2. Feeling a strong sexual attraction:When on first instance meeting your potential partner, itis not uncommon to feel a strong sexual chemistry feeling an emotion of pure lust and desire. A soulmaterelationship or a past life’s connection mean that you arereconnecting with that person from another life. Also,connecting with them is like re- establishing a formersexual relationship past bond.Asking yourself how you feel and how you see them alsocan intensify that desire lust and sexual intensity.3. Understanding one another’s needs:How you feel with your date being involved inconversation? How at ease you were with debating ortalking about things or uneasy circumstances/situations?9

While being with your soulmate, you should feel aninstant feeling of understanding and knowing them. Thismay make you feel uncomfortable.Sharing that intense spiritual soulmate bond will give youa sense of unity understanding as if it was a teamrelationship. Even while just being together in the mostdifficult of situations or circumstances, you shall feel acollectiveness and confidence in them and their way ofcommunicating with you and others on your behalf.4. Did you feel safe?Feeling a sense of togetherness and just knowing thisperson has your best interests at heart.They may have gone out of their way to make sure thatyou have travel arrangements sorted out for your wayback home. Feeling that definite assurance and support abonding with your soulmate that you feel with no other.Having a soulmates connection, it is very likely that youfeel a deep sense of “home”, that you are in a placeposition and situation where you are being taken care oflove, safety and comfort. When you are at home you feelsafe and an assurance that you can be you in every waypossible.Thinking about these key things and emotional feelingscan help you make a safe soulmate relationship based onthese intense feelings and help you move forward in aharmonious bonding soulmate relationship.10

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How to overcome emotional baggagebefore starting a new relationship?– by Divine Messenger ZucoSo you might have some baggage. Welcome to the club!Baggage is of itself not a bad thing. But if your baggage isgetting in the way, it may be time to empty that cute HelloKitty suitcase and see what can stay and what should go.The first step is the easiest. Be honest with yourself.You’d be surprised how little of that we actually do. Byhonesty, I mean be clear with yourself about who you are,what you need and what you are dealing with right now.What is your issue?Everyone has at least one. or a million. Every one of ourlife paths is different. It’s ok to have them. But be straightwith yourself about what and why. Now that you knowwhat you’re dealing with and why, you cannot ignore it.Somethings can take time to resolve. Some problemsdon’t have immediate answers. If you lack a cure, thendon’t fall back on treatment. That means having an outletto discuss your worries, concerns, stressors and triggers.Having a strong support system that includes, friends,12

family and even advisors can ensure that you don’tbecome overwhelmed!The problems and memories that you had before yourprince came into your life are all still very much there. Lifeis and feels better. But the past hasn’t vanished. You stillneed to maintain all your coping skills and still deal withthe stress that you will inevitably have to confront duringa relationship.Past relationships do have a way of leaving a mark on usthat can cause us to become anxious around similarsituations. You might find yourself tripping up andreacting out of memory. An example would be if your newpartner did or said something to remind you of anunpleasant event. In turn, without thinking youoverreact. You’re now in a situation where you have toexplain yourself. Worse yet, you have to try to justify whyhim suggesting that you catch a movie on a Thursday isone of the most offensive things that he could do. Youcan’t. So be prepared to be honest about why youreacted. It can become an opportunity for much morecloseness and a way to build trust. It’s obviously not aseasy as just getting over it. Some problems havesolutions, while others don’t.Now I’ll outline a way of overcoming and managing thosepesky heavy items that you can’t take with you on yourflight. Overcoming is the act of successfully dealing withor gaining control of something difficult. You gainexperience through overcoming your baggage. Baggagethat has become too heavy or difficult to carry around.You’ve overcome a lot in your life. The fact that you areeven here is proof of that.Baggage is defined as personal belongings that areconfined to a compartment or vessel. Baggage is about13

what’s in the bag. It’s not garbage. It’s part of who youare. It’s like your life could be if it fit into a bag. In that baghas all your experiences, tools and memories. Some areheavier to carry around. Some are like a Rubik’s cube thatyou haven’t figured out yet. But still essential in you beingable to navigate this world and your life.As your relationship grows, as you get to know andunderstand your new partner, you may discover that theytoo have similar baggage. That you both “get it”. There isnothing quite like being able to understand andunderstood at exactly the same time. It’s even betterwhen you can share how you feel about an experiencethat your partner can not only identify with, but help youovercome.Yes, your partner may be the only person that can helpyou identify and overcome some issues. Not all, ofcourse. No one is in your life to solve all your problems.But everyone has something that they can add to yourbaggage or take away from it.Make sure that when it's time to board that flight to themoon, that you travel light! Leave the oversize issuesbehind and be ready to enjoy life to the fullest!14

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What if he's not really the one?– by ChrisalisEver felt like you are banging your head off a brick wallwhen it comes to love? Feels as if no matter what you tryyou cannot get ahead in a relationship or smooth over theproblems you are experiencing with your partner? Whatif he is not really “the one” or not “the one for right now”?You do have choices, you do have free will and you dohave the right to decide on what you want in your ownlife.No one said soul mate relationships are easyIn fact, they can be the most difficult relationships weencounter as they not only make our emotions andresponses so intense but can also make us crazy withwanting to stay in a relationship that is not working for uson any level.Relationships take work and if your partner is not puttingin their fair share of the emotional, physical and mentalwork then it should not be left to you alone to fix things.16 page