Magento vs. ShopifySelecting the best commerce platformfor your business.

Table of Contents34The importance of choosing the rightcommerce platform.Experience-driven commerce.5Plan for future growth, today.6Delivering and managing your commerce experience.7Performance considerations.8Getting the right assistance when you need it.2

The importance ofchoosing the rightcommerce platform.The right digital commerce platform can dramatically transformhow you do business both online and offline. A fast, flexible,cloud-based solution delivers memorable customer experiences,streamlines your operational efficiency, and creates phenomenalgrowth opportunities.This guide explores five key areas for consideration as you search fora digital commerce platform right for your business.3

Experience-drivencommerce.In today’s online marketplaces, consumers aren’t just looking to buy products, theywant to experience engaging, immersive shopping environments. To satisfy theseexperiential demands, your platform solution must be flexible enough to continuallyoffer innovative brand interactions.Magento IT-free features like a drag-and-drop PageShopify Shopify environments are generated usingBuilder as well as Content Staging and Previewrigid, standardized web templates which limitallow you to create and deploy the uniqueinnovation, leaving you with a store resemblingbrand experiences your customers expectevery other Shopify merchant A vast range of native extensions are available Shopify extensibility and integrationsfrom Magento technology providers, withwith 3rd party solutions are less extensiveover 3,600 options available via Magentothan MagentoMarketplace to manage payments, tax,shipping, and more While some experiential elements canbe modified, several of the most important Sell complex, configurable products whileenabling shopping experienceslike buy online and pick up in-store,pre-ordering, as well as ship from store Integrations with 3rd party digital tools likemarketing automation systems, CRMs, andERPs allow for additional customizationand cohesiveness4customer interactions can’t be customizedsuch as the checkout process

Plan for future growth,today.Don’t let a static commerce platform dictate your definition of a winning eCommerceexperience. Search for a scalable solution with out-of-the-box features andfunctionality which satisfies the needs of your growing business from day one.Magento The Magento platform is designedShopify Many successful merchants find themselvesfor endless customization without imposingquickly outgrowing Shopify’s basic plans andany limits on the featuresare then forced to look for alternatives whenand functionality you can implementscaling up and outin the future Features required by large and growingcompanies including order management, Magento is compatible with thousands ofthird-party solutions, allowing integration ofcomplex product catalogs, and subsiteadditional digital tools which further enrichfunctionality, aren’t supported by Shopifyyour customers’ brand interactions Magento enables rapid expansion – whetherSince Shopify is engineered for B2C use cases,their template-based approach is unable toyour business focus is B2B, B2C, or both – withhandle the complexities of B2B transactionsdedicated stores for your brands which can beand associated workflowscentrally managed without re-platforming orcreating additional niche commerce platforms Very few companies operating multiple sites ata global scale rely on Shopify Easily enable cross-border expansion with fullout-of-the-box localization, multi-language,multi-site, multi-brand support, as well asintegration with popular payment processorsand shipping providers, all convenientlymanaged under a single instance5

Delivering & managingyour commerce experience.Delivering an unforgettable eCommerce experience is one part of the equation butdeploying and maintaining it is another. A commerce platform should have a strong,feature-rich infrastructure capable of efficiently managing daily operations whileactively supporting your brand expansion efforts.Magento Merchants can deploy several multilingualsites, accept local payment methods, andinterface with global shipping providers, allcentrally managed under a single Magentoinstance and accompanying license Magento Marketplace offers a wide range ofhigh-quality extensions and optimizationstailored to specific business goals, frompayment and fulfillment to customer supportand marketing The flexibility of Magento enables merchantsto roll out their commerce experiences inphases and continually evolve their brandexperiences over time Powerful features like Magento BusinessIntelligence and Magento Shipping significantlyimprove the operational agility of larger,complex businesses6Shopify While Shopify has expanded support formultiple languages and currencies, eachinstance supports only one language andcurrency, requiring additional costly licensesfor multi-country or multi-brand merchants –each instance is also isolated and must bemanaged separately with its own databaseand content Shopify’s smaller app marketplace meansfewer, readily-available commerce solutionswhile some use cases may require additionalcustom coding, increasing complexity and timeto market, assuming it’s an area where Shopifyeven allows customization For customizable platform elements, Shopifyuses a proprietary coding language withlimited developer support, transforming sitedevelopment projects – and even routinemaintenance –into a difficult, costly process Shopify imposes limits on product attributesand catalog size, restricting its ability to servicemerchants with large, complex product setsor unique selling requirements suchconfigurable goods

Performance considerations.You wouldn’t race someone with an underpowered engine, so why would yourcommerce platform be any different? When driving into all-new business territory,you’ll need a scalable eCommerce solution which offers reliability and resilience atboth the local and global level.ShopifyMagento Magento powers more than 315,000 sitesglobally with representation across a varietyof industry verticals including healthcare,beauty, home, fashion and apparel, electronics,sports, media, and more Magento powers 70 of the top 500 companieson the Internet Retailer Top B2C eCommerce500 list1 and 40 of the top 300 B2B customerson the Internet Retailer B2B eCommerce300 list2 Magento Commerce runs on Amazon WebServices, and with its Global cloudinfrastructure ensuring 99.99 percentoperational uptime and scalability, youcan deploy sites no matter where yourbusiness operates Magento provides exceptional performancemonitoring tools, letting merchants retain totalcontrol over their eCommerce environmentswith options to optimize and tailor their sitesto specific business goals or deliverdifferentiated shopping experiences Powerful business intelligence tools areincluded with Magento Commerce whichprovide value-added insights to run yourbusiness efficiently7 Shopify powers 10 of the Internet Retailer Top500 companies Shopify’s multi-tenant architecture meanspeak demand on one merchant’s Shopify storecan in turn degrade the performance of otherShopify stores – including yours Shopify’s technology stack is locked down,leaving merchants with no way to monitor,manage, or optimize site performance, whiledata exchanged between its core app andadd-on apps is throttled, potentially slowingsite performance and degrading the customerexperience during high traffic periods Shopify has basic reporting tools providinglimited data analysis tools and insights

Getting the right assistancewhen you need it.Implementing, maintaining, and expanding a successful eCommerce business issomething few can accomplish on their own. For those times when you requiresupport, it’s important to have the right talent readily available to offer assistance.Magento Magento is supported by the people resourcesShopify Shopify’s use of the proprietary Liquidof more than 260,000 developers worldwidelanguage leaves a limited pool ofwho are continually generating newdevelopers equipped to help on projectsinnovations and functionality and availableand implement sitesto help merchants create compelling,differentiated digital commerce experiences Shopify has a smaller partner community,located mainly within North America, with A global community of Solution Partners,merchants launch and grow theirare available to address a wide variety of useeCommerce sitescases and offer expertise in a range of servicesfrom site design, implementation, support, andmerchandising to leveraging today’s mostinnovative business technologies8less experience in helping a wide variety ofTechnology Partners, and Community Insiders

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