Ca se S t ud yE-Commerce WebsiteForOnline Grocery StoreFMCG – e COM M eR C e Web S i Te – MA G en TOC l i en t O v e r v i e wA b o ut C lient: is Kuwait based grocer y and generalbe charged for shipping according to booking slotmerchandise retailer. They are online selling grocer y andthat they have selected. It can be free or PAID. Theregeneral merchandize like Food, Baker y & Pastr y, Drinks,will be the standard search functionality allowingHealth & Beauty, Mom & Baby, Household, Pet suppliesusers to find products by keywords and within moreand General Products.advance search parameters.R e qui r em ent Ov er v ie w : Client wanted to designand develop a new website to sell grocer y and generalmerchan dise. All work would be done on Magento CE.Website was required to have dual language (English andArabic). Website currency would be KD (Kuwait Dinar) .P r o po s ed Solution: The proposed solution will allowend client to manage the catalog, categories, subcategories, products, orders, content pages, shipments,and cust omers within single administration panel of theMagento. End Client will be able to manage the productswith categories or sub categories and upload multiplepictures for each product. There will be NO integrationwith the payment gateway for handling the e-transaction.Payment will be handled on deliver y time. Customer willSilverTouch Technologies Limited co pyright 1992-2012 all rights reser ved. Property of SilverTouch Technologies Ltd.

Online Grocery StorePr oj ec t D e s c ri p t ionThis pro ject developed has been done on Magento ver- with MySQL 4x. Following are main tasks of this projectwhich Silver Touch has executed.1. Design Crea tion & i ntegra tion: We have created a new website design for the client matching to its logo and brandingmaterial provided. Upon client approval, design has b een integrated into website.2. Cash on Deliver y: No payment gateway has been integrated in this website. However, we have integrated Cas h onDeliver y Payment method for accepting orders.3. Slot booking Selection: For estimating shipment cost, we have custom developed Slot Booking System in which endcustomer can select a data and time of slot when he or she wants deliver y of the products. There are PAID and FREE slotsin the system. If free slots are not available, client may have to opt for PAID slot for shipment of ordered products. Afterselecting booking slot only, client can proceed for checkout process.4. SMS Ga teway integra tion: We have integrated SMS gateway into this website using Magento J2T SMS gatewayextension. This is ver y generic extension which allows to set / configure an SMS gateway which supports GET or POSTmethods for transmission of message.5. Cloud Ser ver Deplo yment: Based on client request, we have done cloud ser ver deployment for staging website set up.6. WAP Site Set up: Silver Touch has also set WAP website for accessing from mobile devices which will be mobile friendlyversion of website.7. iphone A pplica tion Development: Client also requested us to develop an iphone application from scratch whichcustomers can download and install on their iphone.8. Offer Mana gement: Under this module, client can create and manage multiple offers for the website like Offer byDepartment, Half Price, Buy 1 Get 1 Free, Special Price Offer and All offers.9. Da ta Migra tion: We have done data migration for Products, Orders & Customers using custom scripts. This was donetwo time to cover all latest records from current website. Following were records for data migration:9.1. Products Data (around 2,500 items).9.2. Customers Data (Around 6,500)9.3. Orders Data (Around 18,000)10. Ma gento extension i ntegra tion: Silver Touch has integrated following extensions into this website:10.1. Yoast Blank SEO Theme10.2. Quick One Page Checkout10.3. CashOnDeliver y10.4. Banner Ads Management10.5. Super menu Professional10.6. Fooman Speedster10.7. Cache Control10.8. OnePica ImageCDN2

Online Grocery StorePr oj ec t D e s c ri p t ion10.9. AJAX Cart Pro10.10. Advanced Per missions11. Ma gento Customiza tion: Following is a list of c ustomization done in Magento for this project.11.1. Barcode number based search11.2. Express Shopping11.3. Scrolling Basket11.4. Mobile Number based Sign up & Sign in11.5. Avoid Re-Adding Pop Up Display11.6. Deliver y Booking Slot Management11.7. Presentation of Special offers11.8. Made in Kuwait11.9. Total SavingTypes of users: This website has following types of users:1. Front e nd Users: At front end website, there will be following types of users.1.1. Site Visitor: This type of user will be able to browse all the CMS managed pages and products on the website.They will need to get registered with the site for making purchases. Guest Checkout is NOT allowed.1.2. Registered Customers: This type of users will have their personal login infor mation in order to login in thewebsite. This type of us er will be able to interact with the website in different manners like, make a purchase, track theorder, changes password and access My Account section.2. b ack end Users: At back end website, there will be following types of users.2.1. Sub-Admin (Restricted Privileges): This type of user will have limited access to back end. Site admin will beable to create this type of user and assign per mission to them.2.2. Site Admin: This type of user will ONLY be one user. This admin user will have full access to all features andfunctionalities of the website. This user will be able to manage the websites with all different modules mentioned in thisscope of document.O b j ect iv e s1. One of the main objectives of this website is to develop an optimized and FAST website using which customers can easilybrowse products and place an order.2. To make a mobile friendly version of website so increasing accessibility of website through devices and generating morebusiness.3. To prepare an iphone native application of website so iphone customers can download it and can easily place an order fromtheir iphone devices.3

Online Grocery StorePr oj ec t A p p ro a c h / Ac tiv ities :T he P r ojec t w a s divided i nto v ari ous phas es to a c h i e ve th e b e st re su l ts i n l e ss ti m e w i th o p ti m a l u t iliz a t ion ofa v a i l ab le r eso ur c es.1. P h a se i: S ystem Requi rement Study2 . Pha s e ii: Temp la te Integrati on3 . Pha s e iii: Ma gento Impl ementati on Cus tom i z a ti o n A PI I n te g ra ti o n .4 . Pha s e iV: CBA , Pay Pal Ex pres s Checkout, SS L I n sta l l a ti o n5 . P h a se V: Testing al l features and m aki ng depl o ym e n t p l a n .6 . P h a se V i : Go Live.Tech n o l o g yD ev el o p m e n t e n v i r onm entTechnolog ySpe ci fi ca ti o nsTechnolog y & FrameworkMa gento-1.4.xLangua gesPHP 5 Opera ting SystemWindo ws XP / 7Da tabaseMS SQL 4 Web Ser verLinux Ser verD ep l o y m e n t e n v iro nm entTech n o l o g ySp e ci fi ca ti o nsTechnolog y & FrameworkMa gento-1.4.xLangua gesPHP 5 Opera ting SystemLinuxDa tabaseMS SQL 4 Web Ser verLinux Ser ver4

Online Grocery StoreDu r a t i o n1. Project Actual Efforts: 2744 Man Hours2. Project Life Cycle: 343 DaysR es u l t s A c h i e v e dClient has now improved version of website which is ver y user friendly and business making.b en ef it s1. Customers can now browser website and make an order with high perfor mance optimized website.2. Customers can access website now from their sma rt phones as well which is mobile friendly version of website.3. Customers can view website now from their iphone devices as well which is native mobile application version ofwebsite.4. Website is also available in Arabic language so loc al customers can view this website in their local language.K ey Ch a l l e n g e s1 . We b s ite Per fo r ma nce Opti m i zati on2 . i Pho ne Mo b ile A ppl i cati on Dev el opm ent3 . Sl o t Book ing S ystem Dev el opm ent4 . WAP ver sion o f Webs i te Dev el opm ent5 . D u al La ng ua ge Impl ementati on- Engl i s h & Ara b i c5

Online Grocery StoreP r oj ect F lo w c h a rt6

Online Grocery StoreDeliver best products, software solutions and services,on time with quality, and as per customer expectationsA b ou t S i l v e rTo u c hSilverTouch, a company established in 1992 is widely accepted for its IT solutions with a huge customer base in more than20 countries across the world.SilverTouch is actively engaged in Enterprise software development, enterprise content management, document managementand IT consulting ser vices such as Business process optimization, process consulting, implementation and customization ofERP. SilverTouch leads brilliantly in new technical developments such as: Mobile Application development ser vices on iPhone,iPad, Blackberr y, Android, J2ME and Windows mobile platfor ms. Even now, SilverTouch helps its global clients for majordevelopments, deployments and managements of their mobility solutions and enterprise application development programs.SilverTouch has alliance with several industr y leaders such as Microsoft, Apple, Cisco, IBM, Oracle, SAP, Java, Dell, VM ware,Symantec, Sonic Wall which provides a competitive edge over other industr y peers and targets to understand and cater to alltypes of requirements that concer n our clients, thereby, leading to ser ve them precisely to their satisfaction.For more infor mation, please visit m or email [email protected] india HeadquarterUnited Kingdomnorth AmericaS ilv e r To uc h Te c hno lo gie s L imite d2nd F lo o r, S a f f r o n,nr. Pa nc hw a t i C ir cle ,A hme da ba d- 380 006.Pho ne : 91 - 79 - 2656 31 58E - m a il : in f o @s ilve r t o u c h . c o mWe b : w w w. s ilve r t o u c h . c o mS i l v er Tou c h Tec h n ol og i es U K Li m i t ede ss ex Tec h n ol og y & i n n ov a t i on C en t r e,U n i t 7 , T h e G ab l es, O n g ar - C M 5 0 G A ,U n i t ed K i n g d omP h on e : 4 4 - ( 0 ) 1 2 7 - 7 3 6 - 4 6 8 9E- m a i l : i nf o @ si l v e r t o ucht e c h. co . ukWe b : w w w. si l v e r t o uc ht e ch. c o . ukS i l v er Tou c h Tec h n ol og i es i n C4 9 7 R ou t e 2 7 ,i s el i n , n J 0 8 8 3 0U n i t ed S t a t esP h on e : 1 2 0 1 2 9 9 3 5 2 9E- m a i l : i nf o @ se m a pho r e - software. c omWe b : w w w. se m a pho r e - so f t ware. c om copy righ t 1992-2012 a ll r ights r e s e r v e d. Pr o pe r ty o f S ilver Tou c h Tec h n ol og i es Lt d .I NDIA U K U SA NE T HE RLAN D S AUSTRAL IA F RAN CE GERMAN Y7Thi s st at ement of work is p r o p r i e ta r y o f Si l v e r To u c h Te c h n o l o g i e s L t d . an d co n t ains t r ad e s e cr et s and co nf id e nt ial in f o r mat io n w hich is sol e l y t h epr oper t y o f SilverTouc h Tec h n o l o g i e s L td . T h i s s ta te m e n t o f w o r k i s in t en d e d f o r int e r nal us e o nly. T he r e f o r e, it s hall n o t b e u s ed , r e p r o d uced, c opi e d,di scl osed a nd tra nsmitted, in w h o l e o r i n p a r t, w i th o u t th e e xp r e ss co n s en t o f S ilv e r To u ch Techn o lo g ie s L t d .