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3Table of ContentsTable of Contents .3Preliminaries . 9Education Advantage . 10CommVault Advantage . 11Education Services Forums . 12Customer Education Lifecycle . 13CommVault Certification . 14Classroom Resources . 15CVLab and On Demand Lab Environment. 16Additional Education Resources . 17Course Building Blocks . 18Course Objectives . 19Agenda . 20Common Technology Engine . 21Module 1 – CommCell Administration .23Topics . 24Accessing the Administrative Functions . 25CommCell Console Access . 26Web Console Access . 28Command Line Access . 29Navigate the CommCell Console . 31Parts of the CommCell Console . 32Properties, Tasks and Views . 33Customizing the CommCell Console . 34Configure User Administration. 35User Management . 36System (Client) Owners . 38Client Computer Groups. 39CommCell Administrative Tasks . 40www.commvault.comThe Information contained in this document is subject to change without notice. No unauthorized use, copy or distribution.

4 CommServe DR Backup Process . 41CommCell Update Process . 44Daily Administrative Tasks . 46Running Data Protection Jobs . 47Viewing Job Status . 48Viewing Schedules . 49Alerts and Reports . 50Module 2 – Storage Configuration and Management .51Topics . 52Configure MediaAgents. 53MediaAgent Functions . 54Indexing Structure . 56Add and Configure Disk Libraries . 57Understand Disk Libraries . 58Deduplication Building Blocks Guidelines . 60Detect and Configure Tape Libraries . 62Supported Libraries and Settings. 63Tape Media Lifecycle . 66Media Handling . 68Module 3 – Storage Policies – Concepts and Design .70Topics . 71Understanding Storage Policies. 72Purpose of Storage Policies . 73Understanding the Basis of a Policy. 74Storage Policy Structure . 75Simpana Deduplication . 77Dedicated Deduplication Storage Policy . 78Global Deduplication Storage Policy. 79Storage Policy Deduplication Settings . 80Understanding Retention . 83What is Retention? . 84www.commvault.comThe Information contained in this document is subject to change without notice. No unauthorized use, copy or distribution.

5Sample Retention Policy . 86Data Aging and Pruning . 87Storage Policy Aging Rules . 88Data Aging Example . 90Object Based (Subclient) Retention . 91Aging Deduplicated Data. 93Understanding Secondary Copy . 94Using Secondary Copies . 95DASH Copy. 97Module 4 – Client Administration .99Topics . 100Understand Clients. 101Understanding Client Structure .