Project Submittal – Metal Deck w/Coated BeamsSubmittal Packet – Bare Fluted Metal Deck - Coated Beams1. Plan Set Details "Typical" Conditions for Bare Fluted Metal Deck and Coated Beam Substrateswith links to UL Listed Assemblies and Safti-Frame Detailed Assemblies2. Product Profiles with links to Profile Submittal Sheets commonly used for Bare Fluted MetalDeck and Coated Beam Substrates3. Documentation:a. STCb. Safti-Frame LEED Information***Click on Blue Highlighted to follow Direct Links***Additional Assemblies, Solutions, & Information available at www.saftiseal.comHeader Assemblies - HJC ClipBacking Assemblies - NSB & FBPInstallation, Recommendations, RepairChemical Compatibility with SealantsMaterial Safety Data SheetsBuy American Act CertificationInstall Guide/Tips Fluted Deck & BeamsInstall Guide Beam Penetration - Offset Leg ProfileInstall Guide Beam Penetration - Snipped Single PieceInstall Guide Beam Penetration - Tabbed TrackAssembly and Product Certifications and LeedsUL, ASTM & Code StandardsUL2079 (5th Edition) & CAN/ULC S115ASTM E814, E1966, E2837A1003, A653, A924, C645, C754, C955Sound Tested according to ASTM E90-092012 & 2015 IBCLeed PointsMR 2.1 & 2.2 - Construction Waste: up to 2ptsMR 4.1 & 4.2 - Recycled Content: up to 2 ptsMR 5.1 & 5.2 - Regional ProximityEQ 4.1 - Low Emitting MaterialsEQ 9 - Enhanced

Project Submittal – Metal Deck w/Coated BeamsMineral Wool orFire ProofingMineral WoolFlute FillSafti-Frame Track orSafti-Strip SealantSafti-Frame Track orSafti-Strip Sealant4 pcf Mineral Woolcompressed 33%1" ShaftLiner Board5/8" Type XGypsum Wallboard(When Exists)Fastener below ObstructionMax 24" from O/H1(When Exists)Fastener below ObstructionMax 24" from O/HSteel StudMax 24" O/CPerpendicular Flute & Parallel BeamSafti-Frame Det. UD1UL Ref. HW-D-0513Shaft Wall Perpendicular & Parallel BeamSafti-Frame Det. UD10UL Ref. HW-D-05042Safti-Frame (FC)Flute Cover(Continuous)Safti-Frame Track orSafti-Strip SealantSafti-Frame Track orSafti-Strip SealantFraming Fastener(Slotted Profile)Drywall Fasteners1" BelowSaftiFrame ProfileDrywall Fasteners1" BelowBlazeFrame ProfileSteel StudMax 24" O/C5/8" Type XGypsum Wallboard5/8" Type XGypsum WallboardCentered Under Flute - Flute CoverSafti-Frame Det. UD6UL Ref. HW-D-05443CT, CH, or IShaft StudMax 24" O/C5/8 Type XGypsum WallboardAngle or Z-clipattached to Beam orSteel Track Frame4Safti-Seal CompositeTrack/SealantFire Proofing orMineral Wool onlycover Angle or Z-clipSteel StudMax 24" O/CCentered Under ValleySafti-Frame Det. UD8UL Ref. HW-D-0499Metal Pan DeckStructural Steel SupportFire ProofingSteel StudMax 24" O/C5/8 Type XGypsum WallboardSafti-Seal CompositeTrack/SealantPartition perSchedule5Beam PenetrationSafti-Frame Det. SS1UL Ref. HW-D-04956www.saftiseal.comUnder Beam - Offset LegSafti-Frame Det. SS2UL Ref. HW-D-0502

Project Submittal – Metal Deck w/Coated BeamsMin. 14ga strap/angleMetal Pan DeckFire ProofingMetal Pan DeckStructural SteelSupportStructural Steel SupportFastener Attachment24" O/C max.Fire ProofingSafti-Seal CompositeTrack/SealantPartition perSchedule7Partition perScheduleCantilevered Under Beam - Offset LegSafti-Frame Det. SS28UL Ref. HW-D-05028Safti-Seal CompositeTrack/SealantShaft Wall Under Beam - Offset LegSafti-Frame Det. SS4UL Ref. HW-D-0631Metal Pan DeckMetal DeckStructural Steel SupportStructrual Steel SupportFire ProofingZ-Clip Attachment ClipsFire ProofingZ-Clip Attachment Clips4 pcf Mineral Woolcompressed 33%Safti-Seal CompositeTrack/SealantSafti-Seal CompositeTrack/SealantPartition perSchedule9Under Beam - Z-ClipsSafti-Frame Det. SS16UL Ref. HW-D-0502Shaft Wall Under Beam - Z-ClipsSafti-Frame Det. SS20UL Ref. HW-D-063110Fastener Attachment 24" O/C max.Fastener Attachmentinto Z-Clip 16" O/CPartition perScheduleSafti-Seal CompositeTrack/SealantFastener Attach intoZ-Clip 16" O/CMineral WoolJ-Runner orU-Shape TrackPartition perScheduleZ-Clip OutriggerSafti-Seal CompositeTrack/SealantZ-Clip Outrigger(16" O/C)Safti-Frame "ISA" Angleor Safti-Strip on Angle5/8" Type XGypsum Wallboard11Parallel Beam 24" - Z-Clips/Drywall RipsSafti-Frame Det. SS23UL Ref. HW-D-059712Steel StudMax 24" O/CParallel Beam 24" - Z-Clips/Drywall RipsSafti-Frame Det. UD26UL Ref. HW-D-0597/

Project Submittal – Metal Deck w/Coated BeamsFastener Attachment 24" O/C max.Mineral WoolMineral WoolCompressed 33%Installed Gap perDeflection RequirementsSafti-Seal CompositeTrack/SealantSafti-Frame Track orSafti-Strip SealantGusset PlateBrace Studs13Partition perScheduleSteel StudMax 24" O/C5/8" Type XGypsum WallboardChase Wall - PerpendicularSafti-Frame Det. UD4UL Ref. HW-D-0506Chase Wall - Diagonal BracingSafti-Frame Det. SS33UL Ref. HW-D-050614Fire ProofingMineral WoolCompressed 33%25ga Hat Channel16" O.C. to SupportDrywall Spans Over 16"Drywall ControlJoint (Optional)Installed Gap(See Notes)Safti-Seal CompositeTrack/Sealant5/8" Type XGypsum Wallboard(When Exists)Fastener below ObstructionMax 24" from O/H15Steel StudMax 24" O/CStair Shaft - Control JointSafti-Frame Det. UD11UL Ref. HW-D-0543Control Joint(Optional)Safti-Seal CompositeTrack/SealantPartition perScheduleStair Shaft Beam - Control JointSafti-Frame Det. SS5UL Ref. HW-D-0502/054316Fastener Attachment 24" O/C max.Fire Proofing25ga Hat Channel16" O.C. to SupportDrywall Spans Over 16"Mineral WoolZ-Clip Attachment Clip(16" O/C)Control Joint(Optional)Nominal Gap(See Notes)Safti-Frame Track orSafti-Strip SealantInstalled Gap perDeflection RequirementsSafti-Seal CompositeTrack/Sealant175/8" Type XGypsum WallboardPartition perScheduleStair Shaft Beam Z-Clips - Control JointSafti-Frame Det. SS18UL Ref. HW-D-0502/054318www.saftiseal.comSteel StudMax 24" O/COffset Under Valley - Mineral WoolSafti-Frame Det. UD13UL Ref. HW-D-0499

Project Submittal – Metal Deck w/Coated BeamsConcrete Column/WallFastener Attachment24" O/C Max.5/8" Type XGypsum WallboardConcrete DeckInstalled Gap perDeflection RequirementsSafti-Frame Track orSafti-Strip SealantSteel Stud 3" fromSafti-Frame ProfileResilient Channel1/2" distance fromStud to DrywallPartition perScheduleSafti-Frame "VT" Profileor Safti-Strip SealantInstalled Gap(see notes)Sound Wall - Resilient ChannelSafti-Frame Det. VM11UL Ref. HW-D-04981920Vertical Joint - ConcreteSafti-Frame Det. VM1UL Ref. WW-S-0055Safti-Seal CompositeControl Joint BackerFire Proof CoatingSafti-Frame Track orSafti-Strip SealantStructural SteelColumnPartition perScheduleSteel StudInstalled Gapmax. 3/4" distance21093 Control JointZinc or VinylVertical Joint - I-BeamSafti-Frame Det. VM3UL Ref. WW-S-0055/HW-D-055822Fire Rated Control JointsSafti-Frame Det. VM27WFCi Ref. Report #12033Two HourOne Hour5/8" Type XGypsum Wallboard.50"Width Per TableSafti-Frame"FSB" Profile.50"Safti-Frame"FSB" Profile.50"Reveal Trimor Control JointReveal Trimor Control JointNon-Combustible Light Gauge Metal BackingMeets Requirements of:ADAAG Section 4.26 (Grab Bars, Hand Rails, and Shower Seats)OSHPD 2013 CBC (Details ST5.00, ST5.01, and ST5.03)23Fire Rated Reveal TrimsSafti-Frame Det. VM7WFCi Ref. Report #12142Notched Strong Back BackingSafti-Frame Det. PS51See Load Tables for Horizontal and

Project Submittal – Metal Deck w/Coated BeamsDSL2 - Single WallSL1 - Chase WallDL2 - Single WallDL1 - Chase WallJR - Shaft WallJRS - Shaft WallSafti-Strip – Roll MaterialODSL - Offset Leg

Project Submittal – Metal Deck w/Coated BeamsODL - Offset Leg SolidOJR - Offset Leg J-runnerDP- Safti-Frame Deck PlugSWCP - Shaft Cavity PlugRCS - Resilient ChannelBT - Bottom TrackOSA - Bypass Cavity ObstructionsOAN - Bypass Cavity

Project Submittal – Metal Deck w/Coated BeamsFCA – Flute Cover AngleFC - Flute CoverCJB - Fire Rated Control Joint BackerFSB - Fire Rated Reveal Trim BackerNSB - Notched Strong BackFBP - Flush Backing PlateHeader SystemHJC - Header, Jamb, Cripple

Project Submittal – Metal Deck w/Coated BeamsSafti-Seal BenefitsSafti-Seal Tested Wall AssembliesSafti-Strip "gasket" Joint Protection1/2" to 3/4" Exposed Deflection GapsDirect Attachment - No Caulk at Substrate5/8" Type X Gypsum SheathingReduced Sound Transfer3 1/2" Fiberglass Insulation Cavity FillSound Dampened Metal ProfilesExposed Head of Wall and Deflection GapsLevel III Dynamic Cycle (seismic) RatedLifetime Protection - No Joint FatigueSTC - 51Single Wall Unbalanced - (TL 17-289)STC - 55Single Wall Balanced - (TL 17-288)STC - 63Chase Wall Unbalanced - (TL 17-293)STC - 64Chase Wall Balanced - (TL 17-292)NVLAP accreditedASTM

Project Submittal – Metal Deck w/Coated BeamsLEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design)The following information is provided to assist Architects and Persons responsible for obtaining a U.S.Green Building Council (USGBC) Certification.Safti-Frame composite steel/intumescent profiles are manufactured in Auburn, WA and consist of a ratioof steel to intumescent (by weight) of approximately 90% and 10% respectively. Our product profilesqualify for the following credit requirements:Steel:Credit MR 2.1 & 2.2 - Construction Waste Management: up to 2 pointsCredit MR 4.1/4.2 – Recycled Content RequirementsSteel used in the manufacture of our steel profiles contains approximately 32.3% recycled steelconsisting of 25.5% Post-Consumer and 6.8% Pre-Consumer.Credit MR 5.1/5.2 – Regional Materials Requirements (Applies for some projects)Steel used in the manufacture of our steel profiles is purchased from sources within 500 miles of ourmanufacturing facility (Auburn, WA). Steel may contain local materials and recycled content, not all ofthe steel content generally comes from local sources.Intumescent:Credit EQ 4.1 – Low Emitting Materials: Adhesives & SealantsCured intumescent and adhesives used in the manufacture of our profiles contain less than 10 g/l volatileorganic compounds (VOC) and comply with limits established by the South Coast Air QualityManagement District (SCAMQD) Rule #1168, and the Bay Area Air Quality Management DistrictRegulation 8, Rule 51.Credit EQ 9 – Enhanced AcousticalWhy is there no LEED Certification on the product label?According to USGBC: “USGBC certifies buildings, not the materials that are used to construct thebuildings. Only USGBC can use the LEED logo. All others violate USGBC’s registered trademarkrights.”