Table of ContentsDirectory . 1Staff . 2Attendance Policies and Procedures 3Dress Code .6General Guidelines 7Bell Schedules 8Prevention and Safety .9District Discipline Guidelines . 10Parking Lot Rules 21Uniform Complaint Procedure .22Please consult the calendar enclosed with this handbook for all schoolrelated dates. Please note that all dates are tentative and subject tochange. If you have any questions regarding dates or activities, pleasecalltheActivitiesOffice.1

SCHOOL DIRECTORYActivities (ASB) Office.974-6110 Athletic Clearance/EligibilityStudent Identification Cards / ASB CardsSchool InsuranceSchool Activities Dances/YearbooksAttendance Office.974-6100 Report/Excuse AbsenceChange of AddressChange of SchoolIllnessLeaving CampusCareer Center.974-6113 College and Career InformationStudent Employment and Work PermitsDaily BulletinHomework RequestsCounseling Office. .974-6103 College Requirement /Application InformationScheduling ChangesScholarshipsStudent Services Office.974-6105 Registration to Park Vehicles on CampusAssistance with Personal ProblemsRegistrar’s Office.974-6123 Transcripts and DiplomasStudent Store.974-6112 Lost and FoundP.E. ClothesShop Cards and Lab FeesTextbook Room.974-6128 TextbooksCheck-out procedures1

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Attendance Policies and ProceduresDid You Know?The Covina-Valley Unified School District only receives funding for students who are actually in attendance atschool. Funding is no longer received for excused absences, including those related to illness, medicalappointments, or for the purpose of attending funeral services for a member of the student’s immediate family. Ifyour student must miss school for a reason other than illness, it is important that he or she attends school forwhatever portion of the day possible.Education Code Sections 48200, 48269, 48262, and 4867 set forth requirements that a parent, guardian, or otherpersons having charge of any child shall send the child to school. Truancy, tardiness, and absence from schoolwithout an approved excuse are strictly prohibited by these sections. Students are held accountable for daysmissed from school.Clearing AbsencesIt is the parent’s/guardian’s responsibility to notify the Attendance Office by telephone or written note within twodays when a student is absent. The number to call is 974-6100. An absence which is not cleared within twoschool days may be considered unexcused. It is parent privilege to clear absences, not a right. The administrationasks that a parent or guardian does not excuse an excessive amount of absences for their student withoutscheduling a meeting with the Assistant Principal for pre-approval. Excessive absences may be referred to theSART team (see below).Leaving Campus MiddayStudents who need to leave campus after attending one or more classes must obtain a “Request to Leave School”pass from the Attendance Office prior to leaving the campus. Parents will not be able to excuse these absences ata later time if their student has left campus without a pass. Parents who come to the campus to pick up theirstudent must present a valid photo identification card at the time of pick-up.School Attendance Review Team (SART)A School Attendance Review Team (SART) meets at the request of the Assistant Principal when a student’sabsences, whether excused or unexcused, become excessive. Parents and student are required to attend themeeting. SART will develop an attendance and behavioral contract for the student and parent. Failure to abideby the contract may result in a referral to the School Attendance Review Board.School Attendance Review Board (SARB)The School Attendance Review Board, or SARB, meets with students and parents referred by the DistrictSupervisor of Child Welfare and Attendance. The Board consists of members of local Police Departments,Psychologists, Probation Officers, School Resource Officers, and District Supervisors of Child Welfare andAttendance. The Board will determine if the responsibility for poor attendance rests with the parent or the childand make the appropriate legal referral.TardiesStudents are expected to be on time to class. If detained by a teacher, the student should ask the teacher for apass. Students who are late to class without a satisfactory excuse will be given an unexcused tardyby their teachers. Students who are tardy will be assigned detention. Detention hours should be served promptly.Students With a Free PeriodStduents with a free period during the school day must remain on campuClosed Campus1

Northview High School is a closed campus, and we believe that providing a safe and orderly campus environmentis important. Therefore, all students are required to stay on campus for the entire school day. However, studentsare permitted to leave with parental approval under the following circumstances:1.2.3.Students who have lunch passesStudents who have off-campus coursesStudents who have medical or dental appointmentsStudents who have parental permission to leave during the school day for medical or dental appointments, oremergency reasons must report to the Attendance Office before leaving. Attendance Office personnel will issuethe student form “Request to be Excused from School” (Form P-8).VisitorsBecause Northview High School is a closed campus, all non-students, including parents, guardians, other familymembers, and former students must check in with the office where they need to conduct business. Nonstudents/staff are not permitted to enter the central campus without specific permission from a school official.Student visitors are not allowed during the school day. Please make other arrangements for out-of-town guests.Emergency Message RequestsIn order to avoid interrupting class instruction, and to allow office staff to attend effectively to their primaryresponsibilities, we request that parents not ask to have messages delivered to students during the school dayunless there is an emergency. This includes delivery of gifts, balloons, flowers, cards or other personalcelebration items. The office will not accept delivery of items to students.SERVICES AVAILABLE IN THE STUDENT SERVICES OFFICEAttendance Checks Parents who wish to utilize this service can make arrangements by contacting the AssistantPrincipal.Dance Clearance Forms All students attending a major dance must complete a Dance Clearance Form. All nonNorthview guests or dates must have a personal interview with a Northview Assistant Principal prior to the ticketpurchasing deadline to receive a guest pass. NO guest passes will be issued at a dance. Students who owelibrary or textbook fines, detention hours, or SWAPs are not eligible to attend major dances, including the Prom.All rules relating to student conduct and dress during school hours are in effect during dances. Students wholeave a dance early MAY NOT return to the dance, and are prohibited from loitering on school property.Health Clerk A Health Clerk is assigned to Northview High School for one-half day per week. The HealthClerk reviews immunization requirements and other documents, helps to organize Vision and Hearing screenings,provides first aid assistance when on campus. A District Nurse is on call to respond to emergencies, andParamedics are called when appropriate.Health-Related Modifications to Academic Program Parents of students who require modifications to theiracademic programs due to health-related concerns should contact the student services offices. Student serviceswill work with families and their physicians, Counselors, School Psychologists, and others to determineappropriate services which could include, but are not limited to, the following options: Adaptive/ModifiedPhysical Education, Home Study, reduction of school day, implementation of a 504 plan, referral to PregnantMinors Program, assignment of a Health Instructional Aide.Health Services Students requiring first aid, needing to take prescription or over-the-counter medications whileon campus, carrying inhalers, or needing other access to health services or health-related information, includingtobacco use cessation programs, should report to the attendance clerks or the student services Secretary.2

Intra/Inter District Permits (Transfers of Attendance) Parents of students residing in the Northviewattendance zone who want to request permission for their student to attend another District high school or a publicschool outside of the district must make an appointment to meet with an Assistant Principal. The AssistantPrincipal is responsible for determining if the reason for the parent’s request meets those approved by the CovinaValley Board of Education for releasing students to other high schools. Similarly, parents whose students resideoutside of the Northview attendance zone who want to request that their students attend Northview must firstobtain a permit (also called a release or transfer of attendance) from their home school/district. They then mustmake an appointment with a Northview Assistant Principal who will review the permit to determine if the reasonfor the request meets those approved by the Covina-Valley Board of Education for accepting students on permit.If approved, the Assistant Principal will explain to the family the conditions for remaining on permit and theannual process for renewing the permit.Lunch Pass Application Sophomores, juniors and seniors who wish to eat lunch off campus are required to havea lunch pass at a cost of 5 with an ASB card and 10 without an ASB card. If they are making appropriateprogress toward graduation: have paid all fines, completed all detention and SWAPs, and have parental andAssistant Principal’s permission, less than 10 tardies total to their classes, less than 3 truancies, NO suspensions,and no excessive disciplinary interventions, they may receive a lunch pass. Students must attain the proper GPAfor their grade level in order to leave campus for lunch. Please ask the Student Services office for details. Lunchpasses may be revoked at any time at the Assistant Principal’s discretion. Parents must sign the lunch passrequest in person in the Assistant Principal’s Office. Students who lose/misplace their lunch pass must have anew lunch pass application signed by the parent to replace it. Students who do not carry their lunch pass will notbe permitted to leave campus at any time. No exceptions. Lunch pass eligibility will be revised every 6 weeks.Parking Permits District Regulation 5131.1 states that students are required to register their cars with theAssistant Principal’s Office and park in the designated student parking lot. Students must observe safe drivingpractices and other school regulations or risk losing their on-campus driving privileges. Cars which are illegallyparked, or cars without identification stickers issued by the Assistant Principal, are subject to citation. Studentparking is based on a first-come, first-served basis. Students who require assistance with parking problemsshould contact a campus supervisor. Campus supervisors will make regular checks of all parking facilities;however, Northview High School is not responsible for damage to or theft of student vehicles. Vehicles aresubject to search whenever there is a reasonable suspicion of involvement in an unauthorized activity.Textbook ProceduresStudents are encouraged to pick up their textbooks in the textbook room (located in the library building) whenthey schedule in August. This will help to reduce the “rush” on the first day of school. Students are responsiblefor all textbooks that are issued to them, and no new textbooks will be issued until previous books have beenreturned. For example, if a student has Health, a semester class, no book will be issued for a new second semesterclass until the Health book has been returned. It is important that this procedure be followed in order to ensure anadequate supply of textbooks for all students. Free book covers are available in the library and textbook room.Students are reminded that all books should be covered in order to prevent damage. Students are financiallyresponsible for their textbooks. Students who leave textbooks in classrooms do so at their own risk and areresponsible for their replacement if the textbooks