Electric Duct Heaters Brochure

ELECTRIC DUCT HEATERSThe Neptronic electric heater is manufactured using the most advanced technologies available. Total automation fromdesign to production using integrated CAD/CAM systems not only assures maximum efficiency, but also prevents errorsin plans and specification data.The most advanced CNC technology for sheet metal fabrication is used in manufacturingthe heaters. All these factors are key to offering standard features that our competitors offer only as options, and allowsus to respond in record time to your needs and to the most demanding specifications.Advantages HECB Networkable Electric Duct Heaters Up to 40kW per sq. ft. (CSA) and 24 kW per sq. ft. (UL) Patented EAS Electronic Air Flow Sensors(US 7,012,223) Modulating, ON/OFF or staging Unique interactive software Standard from 0.5 to 1000 kW, larger loads availableTypical ApplicationsHVAC systemsVAV boxesFan coil unitsLoad bankstestingMake-up air /Air handlersProcess airheatersTransport /Railcar / MarineTypical InstallationSlip-inThe slip-in type electric heatersare designed so that the entireframe can be inserted into the duct.Using a slip-in heater permits theinstallation of the entire ventilationduct system before the heatersbecome available.2FlangedFlanged heaters are designed sothat the heater is an integral part ofthe duct work. The heater frame isattached to matching duct flanges.Standard 1" (25.4mm) flanges onthe heater frame are used to attachit to the duct.neptronic.comRound CollarRound collar electric heaters areavailable for installation on roundduct systems. They are providedwith one male and one femaleadapter for ease of installation.

System OverviewDisconnect switch (Lockable)Cuts the power supply to theheater in order to safely performinstallation and maintenancetasks. (Standard when requiredby code, otherwise optional)EnclosureManufactured with the appropriategalvanized steel gauge to assurerigidity and corrosion protectionSlip-In type framePermits the installation of the entireventilation duct system beforethe heaters become available.Retrofits are much simpler;smaller dimension slip-in heatersrequire no extra supports.Control terminal blockPatented built-in ElectronicAir Flow sensorsNo mechanical air flow switchrequired. Shuts off heater if air flowis too low.Line voltage terminal blockStage fusesProtects the individual heaterstages. (Standard when requiredby code, otherwise optional)Protective screenPrevents accidental contact withheating elements (optional)ContactorProvides power to theindividual stages of the heaterTransformerSupplies power to thecontrol circuit. Supplied with a fuseControl panelVariety of Heating ElementsOpen CoilTubularFinned Tubular Grade C NiCr60(60% Nickel and 16% Chrome) Incoloy 800 (Nickel alloy) Incoloy 800 (Nickel alloy) Grade A NiCr80(80% Nickel and 20% Chrome) Stainless steel 304 or 316 Stainless steel 304 or 316 U or W shapes depending onheater dimension U or W shapes depending on heaterdimension. Stainless steel fins areavailable as an option to allow formore efficient heat dissipation.AdvantagesAdvantagesAdvantages Excellent heat dissipation Less sensitive to humidity and dust Good heat dissipation Minimal pressure drop Suited for demanding environments Less sensitive to humidity and dust Fast response time Excellent mechanical resistance Suited for demanding environments More kilowatts per sq.ft. Excellent mechanical resistance Quick deliveryHeating element not in directcontact with air Heating element not in directcontact with airneptronic.com3

MountingVerticalHorizontalRight ExtensionAirFlowTop ExtensionAir FlowCenter ExtensionCenter ExtensionLeft ExtensionBottom ExtensionPanel OptionsBottom Control PanelA bottom control panel can be supplied, when requiredfor easy installation and maintenance.This option is available for all heaters (Slip-in, flangedand round collar) of small dimensions.INSULATION 1" (25.4 MM)Insulated Control PanelAn insulated control panel is recommended for high ducttemperatures. Insulation material, 1" (25.4mm) thick isinstalled between the panel and the hot area to preventcondensation on electrical components.Remote Control PanelIn certain cases it may be more convenient to installthe control panel remotely from the heater or in a separate room.A remote control panel is available as an option.Zero Clearance ConstructionAll Neptronic heaters are designed and approved for zero clearance to combustible material. Zero clearance constructionmeans that there is no restriction on the distance between combustible materials and the section of the duct housing ofthe heater, or the heater itself. The control panel must be accessible for servicing.Enclosure TypesNeptronic heaters come with enclosure types Nema 1 (Standard), Nema 12 (Dust proof), Nema 4 and Nema 4x(Outdoor applications).Special Heaters Process Heaters for applications requiring a high discharge temperature up to 1200ºF with proven standards Heaters to fit in air handling and make-up air units Specially designed for large kW and

HECB Networkable ControllerBENEFITSSave EnergyStandard Features Embedded and configurable energy conservationstrategies Automatic or dynamic load shedding Limit electric heater consumption based onmultiple variables Provides real-time temperature measures andpower consumption data Accepts any industry standard input signal Quick and simple input signal selection viaDIP switches Modulating, on/off, and/or up to 10 stages Real-time feedback output of heater capacity Automatic PID Remote feedback with TDU LCD thermostat(eliminates the use of expensive staged thermostats) Zero voltage crossing SSR Patented EAS Electronic Air Flow Sensors(US 7,012,223)Save Time View heater status and alarms remotely via networkor thermostat Remote monitoring (status, alarms, diagnostics,and trending) Wall-mount remote user interface (view temperature,setpoint, heater status and alarms)Integrate Integrate with BMS and intelligent buildings viaBACnet MS/TP or Modbus Multiple BACnet/Modbus points to propel youtowards the Internet of Things (IoT) Ensure better management of energy consumptionfor the futureNetwork Communication BACnet MS/TP or Modbus RTU (selectable viaDIP switch) Select MAC address via DIP switch or via networkBACnet MS/TP MS/TP @9600, 19200, 38400 or 76800 bpsBACnet scheduler (up to 6 events)Firmware upgradeable via networkCOV (change of value)Copy and broadcast configuration to other HECBcontrollers via menu or network Automatic baud rate detection Automatic device instance configurationModbus RTU Modbus RTU @9600, 19200, 38400 or 57600 bps RTU Slave, 8 bits (configurable parity and stop bits) Connects to any Modbus RTU masterneptronic.com5

Heater Selection SoftwareWhether you are an engineer or a contractor, our software allows you to select the required electric heater by enteringbasic data (duct dimensions, airflow, power, voltage, number of stages, control signals, etc.) from a user friendly window.The selection software then calculates the optimum specifications for each electric heater. The comprehensive heaterspecifications, as well as the approval list, may be edited or inserted in the project file.Interactive Online SoftwareLinked to an automated manufacturing process. Neptronic’sweb-based selection software allows you to easily selectthe required electric heater by entering the basic data.Specifications entered aretransformed in parametric designElectric heater is produced byautomated machines Multiple components & options available to design your heaters Allows you to make as many changes as you want in your selection Retrieve immediately your heater’s schedule and specification Creates mechanical and electrical drawings Generates approval specification sheets Saves your project history in a database Access to part list Access to current lead times6neptronic.comHeater is ready in recordtime produced with minimumhuman inputs.

Thermostats & Temperature Sensors for Electric HeatersRoom Controller thermostatRoom Controller thermostatWall thermostatTRO24-EXT1TRO5404STS3 / ITO3 For modulating, ON-OFF, stagingor pulsed heater Backlit LCD display 2 heat / cool analog ouputs(0-10VDC) 4 TRIAC outputs (for ON-OFF,pulse or floating signal) Selectable internal/externaltemperature sensor Selectable proportionalcontrol band Fahrenheit or Celsius scaleselectable For modulating, ON-OFF, stagingor pulsed heater Backlit LCD display 2 heat / 2 cool analog outputs(0-10VDC) 1 TPM (time proportionalmodulation) output (0 or 22VDC) Selectable internal/externaltemperature sensor Selectable proportionalcontrol band Fahrenheit or Celsius scaleselectable Modulating, ON-OFF orstaging heater STS3 with sensor 3.3 KΩ oravailable in 10 KΩ ITO3 wall thermostat must beused with external duct orwall sensor Fahrenheit or Celsius scaleselectableRoom temperature sensorDuct temperature sensorWall temperature sensorSTR1STC8TMA54 Wall sensor for remotetemperature reading Sensor 3.3 KΩ or 10 KΩ available Duct sensor for remotetemperature reading Sensor 10 KΩ and 3.3 KΩ High accuracy, fast thermalresponse Epoxy encapsulated sensor High stability Features a fully configurableProportional-Integral-Derivative(PID) 2 heat / cool analog ouputs(0-10VDC) Selectable internal/externaltemperature sensor Fahrenheit or Celsius scaleselectableneptronic.com7