TABLE OF CONTENTSNeptronicToll Free: 1 800 361-2308TEL: (514) 333-1433Fax:(514) 333-3163Business hours: from Monday to Friday,8:00A.M. to 5:00P.M.(Eastern time)E-Mail: [email protected] Selection Software.2Manufacturing.3Description of Components .7Frame .10Slip-In Electric Heater - Type I.10Flanged Electric Heater - Type F.10Round Collar option .11Horizontal or Vertical Mounting .11Optional Accessories:.11Control panel .12Standard Control Panel .12Control Panel Options .12Enclosure Types (control panels) .13Special electric heaters .14Materials & Dimensions.15Heating Elements .16Open Coil Elements - Model C .16Standard Tubular Elements - Model T .16Finned Tubular Elements - Model F.16Selection Guide.17Static Pressure Loss .17Selection and Installation Tips.18Calculation of Required Capacity .18Minimum Air Velocity .18Air Flow Conditions.19Electric Heater Current Calculation .20Voltage Selection.20Electrical Construction.22Electric Control .22Pneumatic Control .23Electrical Components .26Neptronic Electronic Heater Controller- HEC.27HEC Controller .27Typical Wiring Diagrams.28Legend.30Sensors and Thermostats .32Duct Mount Temperature Sensor - STC8-13.32Wall Mount Temperature Sensor- STR1.32VAV Wall Mount Controller- TRO24-EXT1 .33VAV Wall Mount Controller- TRO5404 .34Wall Mount Thermostat- STS3 .33Wall Mount Controller for Make-Up Air- TMA54.35Option Summary Sheet .37Nomenclature .38Specifications .39Formulas and Conversions

INTRODUCTIONA Wide Range of HVAC ProductsFounded in 1976, Neptronic is a private corporation that designs, manufactures and distributes products for the HVACindustry. Our product line includes intelligent controllers, electronic actuators, actuated valves, humidifiers and electricheaters.Our products are designed and manufactured by over 250 dedicated employees in our 7,500 m2 (80,000 ft2) state-ofthe-art facility located in Montreal, Canada. Using a vertical integration model, our entire manufacturing chain is underone roof from software and hardware development, to SMT circuit board assembly, to sheet metal fabrication, to product testing ensuring that our products are engineered to last.With our continued commitment to research and development, we provide innovative products and technologies forthe ever evolving challenges of the HVAC industry. We are ISO 9001:2008 certified and committed to supplying reliableproducts and quality service around the world. Exporting over 85% of our sales, we have an exclusive distribution network around the globe that provides comprehensive solutions to our worldwide customers.170406www.neptronic.com1

HEATER SELECTION SOFTWAREA Neptronic Innovation: Heater Selection SoftwareNeptronic is the first manufacturer of electric heaters to offer to its clients, the possibility to obtain specificationsdirectly on our web site: selection software allows access to technical data and formulas to specify Neptronic heaters and much more.Whether you are an engineer or a contractor, our software allows you to select the required electric heater by enteringbasic data (duct dimensions, airflow, power, voltage, number of stages, control signals, etc.) from a user friendly window. The selection software then calculates the optimum specifications for each electric heater.The comprehensive heater specifications, as well as the approval list, may be edited or inserted in the projectfile.Easy to SelectYou are in control of all your projects andwill be able to assign your own referencenumbers. Modifications are made directlyfrom your computer.To obtain a price, forward the selected listof heaters to one of our representatives forfast and efficient service.The unique selection software allows datato be transferred automatically betweenthe representatives and our manufacturing plant, eliminating errors that can ariseduring data transfer.2www.neptronic.com170406

MANUFACTURINGState-of-the-Art TechnologyThe Neptronic electric heater is manufactured using themost advanced technologies available: Total automation from design to production using integratedCAD/CAM systems not only assures maximumefficiency, but also prevents errors in the transfer ofplans and specification data between the client, theR&D department and manufacturing personnel. The most advanced CNC technology for sheet metalfabrication is used in manufacturing the heaters.All these factors were key in designing a complete line ofelectric heaters that are sturdy, easy to install and whichinclude standard features that our competitors offer onlyas options, such as control panel doors with removablehinges.Fast and Efficient ManufacturingA Guarantee of QualityModern equipment allows us to respond in recordtime to your needs and to the most demandingspecifications.This infrastructure is supported and managed by ourhighly skilled specialists to whom quality workmanshipis of utmost importance.170406www.neptronic.com3



OVERVIEW2 knockoutsDisconnect switchSlip-In type frameControlterminal blockLine voltageterminal blockStage fusesTransformerContactorControl panelProtective screenfig.2.16www.neptronic.com170406

DESCRIPTION OF COMPONENTSMagnetic ContactorProvides power to the individualstages of the heater.StandardSolid State Relay (SSR)Proportionally controls theamount of power transmitted tothe heating elements. Allowsquiet operation and is exceptionallyreliable.Standard for proportional heatersPneumatic Electric ControlConverts a proportional pneumaticcontrol signal to a proportionalelectric signal.Standard for proportional unitswith pneumatic signal170406TransformerSupplies power to the controlcircuit. Supplied with a fuse.StandardManual Reset ThermalCut-OutA secondary safety device whichremoves power to the elements ifoverheating occurs.Standard when required by code,otherwise optionalDisconnect SwitchCuts the power supply to theheater in order to safely performinstallation and maintenancetasks.Standard when required by code,otherwise optionalAutomatic Reset ThermalCut-OutAn automatic reset, primarysafety device. Removes powerfrom elements if overheatingoccurs.StandardNeptronic HECElectronic ControllerA unique control and safetycomponent. Controls and optimizesthe power transmitted to the heatingelements according to the ducttemperature and air flow.Standard for proportional heaters.FusesProtect the total load and/orthe individual heater stages.Standard when required bycode, otherwise optionalwww.neptronic.comAirflow SwitchSafety component used toprevent a heater from operatingif there is no airflow.Standard for ON/OFF heatersPneumatic Electric SwitchConverts a pneumatic ON/OFFsignal to an electric signal.Standard for heaters withpneumatic ON/OFF signalMercury ContactorProvides power to the individualstages of the heater. Allowsquiet, reliable operation.Optional7



FRAMESlip-In Electric Heater - Type IThe slip-in type electric heaters are designed so that the entireframe can be inserted into the duct.Advantages of slip-in electric heaters:A system using a slip-in heater permits the installation of theentire ventilation duct system before the heaters becomeavailable. Retrofits are much simpler, smaller dimensionslip-in heaters require no extra supports.To order a Neptronic slip-in heater, specify the dimensions ofthe duct and the selection software will automatically calculatethe optimum heater dimensions.fig.2.2Installation:Allow for a proper sized opening on one side of the duct, see fig. 2.2, as well as installation clearances to avoid anyobstructions around the duct. The Neptronic slip-in heater has a standard 1" (25.4mm) flange on each side of thecontrol box and can be attached directly to the duct with sheet metal screws.Flanged Electric Heater - Type FFlanged heaters are designed so that the heater is an integralpart of the duct work. The heater frame is attached to matchingduct flanges, see fig. 2.3. Standard 1" (25.4mm) on the heaterframe are used to attach it to the duct.Flanged heater dimensions match the dimensions of the duct.Custom flanges can be provided for heaters requiring extra support or for large heaters.fig.2.3Installation:The Neptronic electric heater comes with 1" (25.4mm) standard flanges installed around the frame and on each sideof the control box. It can be attached directly onto the duct with sheet metal screws.Note: Round collar option available with flanged electric heater type F10www.neptronic.com170406

FRAMERound Collar optionRound collar electric heaters are available for installation onround duct systems with a standard diameter of 6" to 24"(152mm to 609mm). They are provided with one male and onefemale adapter for ease of installation.Installation:The Neptronic round collar electric heater comes with a 1"(25.4mm) extension on each side of the frame. The heater isattached directly onto the duct using sheet metal screws.fig.2.4Zero Clearance ConstructionAll Neptronic heaters are designed and approved for zero clearance to combustible material. Zero clearance construction means that there is no restriction on the distance between combustible materials and the section of the duct housingthe heater, or the heater itself. The control panel must be accessible for servicing.Horizontal or Vertical MountingNeptronic electric heaters are designed to be installed in either horizontal or vertical ducts. Please specify the airflowdirection with an H for horizontal and a V for vertical to ensure correct orientation of the components in the nfig.2.5standardfig.2.6Optional Accessories:Protective Screens:Optional protective screens are available to prevent accidental contact with the heating elements.Option 10 or 01: Protective screens on one side only - 10 left of the control panel, 01 right of the control panel.Option 11: Protective screens on both sides of the heater.170406www.neptronic.com11

CONTROL PANELStandard Control PanelThe control panel attached to the heater exceeds the frame dimensions by 1" (25.4mm) on the top and bottom. Ifinstallation conditions do not allow for this standard extension, a control panel with dimensions equal to the heaterframe can be provided.The standard extension of the control panel is to the left. If installation conditions do not permit the extension to theleft, you must specify the direction for the extension of the control panel.Control Panel OptionsBottom Control PanelA bottom control panel can be supplied, when requiredfor easy installation and maintenance.This option is available for all heaters (Slip-in, flangedand round collar) of small dimensions.Insulated Control Panelfig.2.7INSULATION 1” (25.4mm)An insulated control panel is recommended for high ducttemperatures.Insulation material, 1" (25.4mm) thick is installedbetween the panel and the hot area to prevent condensation on electrical components.fig.2.8Remote Control PanelIn certain cases it may be more convenient to install thecontrol panel remotely from the heater or in a separateroom. A remote control panel can be supplied uponrequest.fig.2.912w