Hatchet by Gary PaulsenYour Mission!You are about to embark on a journey in the Canadian Wilderness, where ayoung boy named Brian must face many difficult obstacles. In order to buildbackground knowledge and to help you understand important ideas whilereading Hatchet, you have been assigned to a group, in which you’ll become an“expert” in a certain field:*The explorers are responsible for researching Canadian geography,weather, and climate.*The pilots are responsible for research on airplanes and flight aviation.*The survival specialists are responsible for researching survival skills in thewilderness.*The wildlife explorers are responsible for research on Canadian wildlife andlandscape.*The medics are responsible for researching first aid and important survivalkit items.With your group members, research answers to your assigned questionsusing the provided links in the resources section below. Begin by jottingdown your answers on notebook paper in your reading folder or in Word.Once you have researched everything, make a final copy of answers andpictures in a SWAY presentation. Ideas must be presented in a neat andorganized way, while taking into account conventions. Avoid overcrowdingslides by describing and talking about them, rather than writing a lot ofinformation on your slides. Be creative, and demonstrate higher-levelthinking! Practice presenting, as you’ll be sharing your expertise with theclass. Have fun it’s time to research, survival experts!

Resources:1. Explorer: O Canada!* Go to Google Maps. Locate 5 Canadian cities. Include a map ofCanada, then mark the location of the 5 cities you found on your map.*Go to s-forkids.html. Choose 3 interesting facts from Canada's history to tellabout.* Research the climate and living conditions of the Canadian wilderness.Record your findings, and include a picture of what you think thelandscape looked like where Brian stayed.Canadian WeatherCanadian Climate2. Pilot: Roger that, over and out!* Check out some airplane information! Go to:Parts of an AirplaneAviation Explorer*Include a picture of a Cessna bush plane, and label the following:propeller, fuselage, rudder, and landing gear.*Next give a description and the importance of each part.*Now that you know the basic parts of a plane, tell how it flies, and besure to mention the 4 forces of flight. Visit: Forces of Flight*If time permits, create different paper airplane models thatdemonstrate force and that will help explain ideas while presenting.

3. Survival Specialist: At first I was afraid, I was petrified * Go to: does S.T.O.P. mean? What should you ALWAYS do if lost? Givetwo examples of a shelter you could make. How can you attractattention? List three tips given about water. Explain improvisation.* Choose any 3 survival tips to include in your presentation.Include a picture of at least one survival tip.* How do you build a fire?4. Wildlife Explorer: Grab those binoculars!*What kind of animals live in Canada? Go to:National Geographic Kids*Look up the following animals: moose, porcupine, wolf. Include sizeand weight, diet, lifespan, and at least three other facts about eachanimal.*Describe the animals using descriptive language and adjectives.*Include pictures of each animal.

5. Medic: Here’s the 411!* What if Brian gets hurt? What should he do? Go to: Give the first aid procedure for each ofthe following: blisters, bruise, cuts & scrapes, fever, frostbite, sprain,sunburn.*Survival Kit What are the important items in a kit? Describe them.What is the purpose of each?*Include a picture of one unfamiliar item to help us better understandit.

Group Members’ Names:Expert Area:CATEGORY432Covers topic indepth withdetails andexamples.Subjectknowledge isexcellent.Includes essentialknowledge aboutthe topic. Subjectknowledgeappears to begood.Includes essentialinformationabout the topic,but there are 1-2factual errors.Content isminimal ORthere are severalfactual errors.OrganizationContent is wellorganized anduses headings orother means togroup relatedmaterial.Content islogicallyorganized for themost part.There is no clearor logicalorganizationalstructure.AttractivenessGood use ofgraphics andcreativity toenhance SWAYpresentation.Use of graphicsand creativity,but occasionallythese detractfrom the SWAYpresentationcontent.Use of graphicsand creativitydistract from theSWAYpresentationcontent.5 misspellingsand/orgrammaticalerrors.More than 5errors in spellingor grammar.ContentConventionsNo misspellings 3 or feweror grammatical ationSkills1-2 skills wereGroup spokeclearly, loudly, at nota good pace, and demonstrated.made eyecontact.3 or more skillswere notdemonstrated.Research SkillsAs a group,utilized researchskills mostly withno assistance.As a group,utilized researchskills with a lotof assistance.As a group,utilized researchskills with someassistance.Total / 20 points x 2 / 40 points