ASVAB Extra Sample Test 1Word Knowledge1.Collusion most rruptMildBrightFor questions 7 to 11, choose theword that has nearly the samemeaning as the underlined word.7.Mr. Emerson rebuffed hiscoworker by refusing alloffers of assistance.A.B.C.D.Malleable most minous most Repugnant most ysseyCoalesce most nearlymeans:A.B.C.D.Foible most nearly edThe Salvation Army hasmany services to help thecity’s indigent population.A.B.C.D.ImportantNeedyFortunateYoung

9.It was many years beforechurch members could putthe bitter schism behindthem and move forwardtogether.A.B.C.D.10.Quitting his job with noprospects for newemployment left Joseph in aprecarious cDissatisfiedPracticalRiskyTiredHealthyThe word most opposite inmeaning to foray is:A.B.C.D.RaidRetreatSpeciesPatternThe word most opposite inmeaning to trite is:A.B.C.D.14.It didn’t take long for themalcontent factory workersto voice their anger over thenew rules.A.B.C.D.11.SecretIdolBeliefSplit13.The word most opposite inmeaning to precipitous is:A.B.C.D.15.LavishGradualRandomCoarseThe word most opposite inmeaning to subjugate iskArrangeStretchThe word most opposite inmeaning to brevity is:A.B.C.D.GoodnessAncestryLengthSupport

Paragraph Comprehension1.Read the passage below andanswer questions 1 to 6.A.In 1962, the Cuban Missile Crisisplaced the world on the verge of anuclear war. Although not a singlemissile was launched, the crisis isconsidered by many to be theclosest man has come to a nuclearwar.After the failed attempt in 1961 byCuban exiles to invade Cuba, FidelCastro, Cuba’s leader, was certain ofanother attack by the United States.To help defend his country, Castro,an ally of the Soviet Union, askedPremier Nikita Khrushchev formilitary aid. The USSR sent missilesand supplies to build launch pads inCuba. These missiles could easilyreach American soil.In October of 1962, the UnitedStates discovered the Cuban missilebases. U.S. President John F.Kennedy met with governmentofficials and for seven days debatedthe situation. He decided to impose ablockade around Cuba to preventfurther shipment from the SovietUnion to Cuba. The situation wasmade public and the Americanpeople waited tensely. Kennedysecretly brokered an agreement withKhrushchev. The Soviet Unionagreed to remove the weapons fromCuba. Kennedy agreed not to invadeCuba and to also remove USmissiles from Turkey.What caused Castro tothink the U.S. would attackCuba?B.C.D.2.Khrushchev sent aid toCuba.Kennedy alertedCastro of an attack.There had been aprevious failed attack.The situation had beenmade public.Which of the following isthe main idea of thispassage?A.B.C.D.The standoff in 1962over Soviet Missiles inCuba is known as TheCuban Missile Crisis.An agreement betweenPresident John F.Kennedy and PremierNikita Khrushchevended the CubanMissile Crisis.The Cuban MissileCrisis of 1962The world waitednervously as tensionsbuilt up between theUnited States and theSoviet Union.

3.What would be a good titlefor the third paragraph ofthe passage?A.B.C.D.4.B.C.D.Remove missiles fromTurkeyImpose a blockadearound CubaInform the AmericanpeopleSupport Cuban exilesin an invasion of CubaBased on the passage, theauthor would agree that:A.Kennedy Imposes aBlockade around CubaUSSR Agrees toRemove Missiles fromCubaU.S. and the SovietUnion SecretlyNegotiate End to theMissile CrisisThe World WaitsNervously WhileTensions RiseBetween TwoCountriesAccording to the passage,Kennedy’s first act was to:A.5.B.C.D.6.The Soviet Union wasfalling behind in thearms raceThe world is a muchsafer place after end ofthe Cuban MissileCrisisPresident Kennedywas not an effectiveleader in a time ofcrisisThe Cuban MissileCrisis was one of theUnited States’ mosttense situationsWhat would be a good titlefor the second paragraph ofthe passage?A.B.C.D.Nuclear Weapons Ableto Reach U.S.Cuba Defends Itselfwith Soviet NuclearWeaponsCuban Exiles Fail inAttempt to InvadeCubaCuba and Soviet UnionAre Allies

Read the passage below andanswer questions 7 to 11.A topic of debate among drivers isfrequently whether a motorcycle ismore dangerous that an automobile.Most experienced drivers wouldagree that while it is moreexhilarating to ride a motorcycle thanto drive an automobile, it is illogicalto therefore conclude that thisexhilaration leads to careless drivingand, therefore, more accidents,deaths, and injuries to motorcycleriders than car drivers. The criticalconcept to be understood here is notexhilaration, which is a given, buthow the exhilaration comes aboutand is a cause of serious injury anddeath of motorcycle riders.There is safe and unsafe thrillseeking. “Exhilaration” is defined asthe “state of being stimulated,refreshed, or elated.” An example ofsafe exhilaration is the excitement ofsledding downhill, which results inthe sled rider feeling stimulated,refreshed, or elated.Unsafe exhilaration, which is usuallythe consequence of reckless thrillseeking, is therefore a state of beingover-stimulated, frightened, anddepressed by terror.Which then causes exhilaration thatis more dangerous, the car or themotorcycle? The answer is that thetwo forms of exhilaration are theconsequences not of the motorcycleor the automobile, per se, but of theoperation of the respective vehicles.Without an operator, both vehiclesare metal entities, sitting in space,neither threatening nor harmful toanyone.Therefore, neither the motorcycle northe car is more or less dangerousthan the other is; it is the attitude oftheir operators that creates thedanger, death, and dismembermentresultant from accidents.7.According to the passage,an example of safeexhilaration is:A.B.C.D.8.According to the passage,the author would agree that:A.B.C.D.9.Riding a motorcycleDriving a carSledding downhillParachutingIt is unsafe to ride amotorcycleMotorcycles can besafeCars are safer thanmotorcyclesExhilaration leads tocareless drivingWhat would be a good titlefor this passage?A.B.C.D.ExhilarationAutomobile andMotorcycle SafetyHow to Drive SafelyWhich is Safer—theCar or the Motorcycle?

10.According to the passage,unsafe exhilaration is theresult of:A.B.C.D.11.Arithmetic Reasoning1.DrivingReckless thrill seekingOver stimulationElationAccording to the passage,what causes dangerresulting in drivingaccidents?A.B.C.D.Driving a motor cycleDriving a sports carExhilarationThe attitude of thedriverFamily Video stocks 1003drama movies, 518 sciencefiction movies and 253children’s movies. Howmany more drama titlesthan children’s titles doesFamily Video have in stock?A.B.C.D.2.Mr. Vlasic needs to buy 2pens each for the 17students in his class. Ifpens come in packs of 6and each pack costs 2.35,what is the minimumamount that Mr. Vlasic mustspend?A.B.C.D.3.7501003485265 11.75 14.10 7.05 15.00Brandon earns 1,050 aweek and Brad earns 160 aday. If both of them work 8hours a day, 5 days a weekwho earns a higher hourlywage? How much higher isit?A.B.C.D.Brad; 6.25Brandon; 6.25Brad; 10.00Brandon; 10.00

4.Matthew’s dad is 5 times asold as him. If the differenceof their ages is 28, how oldis Matthew?A.B.C.D.5.6.4567Dana and Megan have to fill500 envelopes for a charity.At the end of the morningDana has filled 3/20 of theenvelopes and Megan hasfilled 1/4 of them. How manyenvelopes have they filledtogether?A.B.C.D.24021018478300 school children went ona field trip. 30% of themwere first graders, 45%second graders, and therest were third graders.How many more firstgraders were there thanthird graders?A.B.C.D.8.9.5153045A dress that costs 155.00is on sale with a discount of25%. What is the sale priceof the dress?A.B.C.D.7512520050A school garden had beendivided into 7/8 squaremeter plots for students. Ifthe area of the garden is210 square meters, howmany students can getplots?A.B.C.D.7. 38.75 116.25 130.00 122.50Marlo pays 750 rent eachmonth. Bea’s rent is 12%higher. What is the ratio ofMarlo’s rent to Bea’s rent?A.B.C.D.5:615:1625:2825:26

10.A cake recipe calls for 5cups of flour to bake 2cakes. How many cups offlour will be needed to bake7 cakes?A.B.C.D.11.12.3524.517.512The scale of the model of acar is 1:24. If the full-sizecar is 12 ft long, how long isthe model?A.B.C.D.A bag contains 6 blackmarbles and 4 whitemarbles. Sally takes out ablack marble and does notput it back. What is theprobability that the nextmarble she picks will alsobe black?A.B.C.D.14.4 inches5 inches6 inches7 inchesOn the throw of a six-sideddie, what is the probabilitythat you will roll a numberless than 3?A.B.C.D.13.Mangoes are sold at 8.40 adozen. How much will 15mangoes cost?A.B.C.D.15.1/21/61/32/3 12.60 11.50 10.70 10.50Rosita buys 300 feet of yarnfor a craft project. If theyarn costs 12 cents a yard,how much does Rositaspend?A.B.C.D.16.6/109/251/25/9 36.00 1,200.00 360.00 12.00Mrs. Lafferty’s 5 childrenare 6, 8, 14, 15, and 17 yearsold. What is their averageage?A.B.C.D.14131211

Mathematics Knowledge1.10!is equal to:7!A.B.C.D.2.6 ?6 x628.9.32032–4A.B.–22C. 3D.3141210.x 2x 2x 0x 1What is the name of aquadrilateral with four equalsides?A.B.C.D.Solve for a:7a 2 3a – 5 2a4810284–8Solve: 3 6x 3x 3A.B.C.D.946816–72–3Evaluate the expression(x y)3 5x 7y ,if x 0 and y 3.A.B.C.D.2(5 16 ) (14 12 ) 3 ?A.B.C.D.5.6696–16564 ?A.B.C.D.4.7.33Solve for x:5(2x –1) 3(4x gramRhombusPentagonA 55 angle is:A.B.C.D.A right angleAn acute angleAn obtuse angleAn exterior angle

11.An isosceles triangle:A.B.C.D.12.20 cm40 cm60 cm80 cmThe area of a rectangle is144 in2. If the length of therectangle is 16 in., what isits width?A.B.C.D.14.Has no equal sidesHas two equal anglesHas no acute anglesHas two obtuse angles3 in.5 in.9 in.12 in.The circumference of acircle is equal to 10π cm. Itsradius is:A.B.C.D.10 cm7.5 cm5 cm10π cmHow much will it cost topaint a circular patio ofradius 7 m if the cost of thepaint per square meter is 2.00?A.B.C.D.The side of an equilateraltriangle is 20 cm. Itsperimeter is:A.B.C.D.13.15.16. 308.00 154.00 77.00 616.00A rectangular box has alength of 7 ft, a width of 3 ft,and a height of 2 ft. What isits volume?A.B.C.D.67 ft342 ft342 ft224 ft3

General Science1.The scale used to measurehow acidic or alkaline asubstance is is called the:A.B.C.D.2.B.C.D.6.C is the chemical symbolfor the element:A.B.C.D.4.Baking sodaConcreteTable saltWaterA.B.C.D.Reflection of lightInterference of lightDiffraction of lightDispersion of light7.The heated metal lidexpands less than theglass jarThe heated glass jarcontracts while themetal lid expandsThe heated metal lidexpands more than theglass jarThe heated glass jarexpands while themetal lid contractsA car goes from 0 to 60 mphin 5 seconds. What is itsaverage A rainbow is formed as aresult of:A jar with a metal lid is hardto open. You hold the lidnear the fire and the lidloosens. This is because:A.pH scaleCelsius scaleRichter scaledB scaleWhich of the following isnot a compound?A.B.C.D.3.5.60 mph per second5 mph per second300 mph per second12 mph per secondThe arrangement of starscalled the big dipper is partof the:A.B.C.D.Great BearconstellationLittle Bear constellationOrion constellationAndromedaconstellation

8.A black hole is a volume ofspace:A.B.C.D.9.D.11.A large craterA vast desertAn area of very hightemperatureA giant stormAn occluded front is:A.B.C.D.13.The great red spot seen onJupiter is:A.B.C.10.From which noradiation can escapeThat does not containany matterThat is extremely coldThat contains noenergy12.Isobars are linesconnecting regions ofequal:A.B.C.D.PressureTemperatureHumidityWind speedA dormant volcano:Which of these is an abioticcomponent of anecosystem?A.B.C.D.A.B.C.D.Has never eruptedIs capable of eruptingWill never erupt againIs currently eruptingEarthquake magnitudes aremeasured using a:A.B.C.D.14.A type of cold frontA type of warm frontA warm front overrunby a cold frontA cold front overrun bya warm front15.Which of these are phChronograph16.Primary InsectsArachnidsThe four blood groups are:A.B.C.D.A, B, C, and DA, B, AB, and OA, B, AB, and BAAB, BC, CD, and DA

3.Mechanical Comprehension1.A machine does not:The bar shown in thediagram below pivots aboutpoint P. Forces F1 and F2are applied at the pointsshown. If F1 and F2 areequal in magnitude thenwhich of the following istrue?FA.B.C.D.FChange the direction ofa forceReduce the effortneeded to lift a heavyloadTransfer a force to adifferent locationReduce the amount ofenergy needed toperform a taskP4.A.B.C.D.2.F1 exerts a greatertorque on the bar thanF2.F2 exerts a greatertorque on the bar thanF1.F1 and F2 exert equaltorques on the bar.We cannot tell whetherF1 or F2 exerts agreater torque.2B.C.D.The needle magnifiesthe force appliedThe pencil is too thickFor the same force, theneedle applies greaterpressure on the paperThe needle is longerand applies force for alonger duration8A.B.C.D.Why is it easier to punch ahole in a piece of paper witha sharp needle than with ablunt pencil?A.The lever below pivots on afulcrum. An effort of 2 lbs isapplied on one side of thefulcrum to lift a load of 8 lbson the other side of thefulcrum. What is themechanical advantage ofthe lever?5.24816The lever described in theprevious question is a:A.B.C.D.First class leverSecond class leverThird class leverFourth class lever

6.The force F needed to liftthe 100 lb load in the pulleysystem below is:9.A.B.C.D.F10.100 lbsA.B.C.D.7.A.B.C.D.8.B.Levers and wheel andaxleA lever and an inclinedplaneFixed and moveablepulleysA p