OFFICE OF THE ASSISTANT SECRETARY OF DEFENSE1500 DEFENSE PENTAGONWASHINGTON, D.C. 20301-1500July 10, 2020MANPOWER ANDRESERVE AFFAIRSKimberly A. HoldenDeputy Associate Director, Talent Acquisition and Workforce ShapingOffice of Personnel Management1900 E Street, NW, Room 6500Washington, DC 20415Dear Ms. Holden,Approval of the Department of Defense (DoD) Pathways Programs Memorandum ofUnderstanding (MOU) to use the Pathways Programs within the DoD as required by section362.104 of title 5, Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), is requested.The enclosed MOU provides the information required by title 5, CFR 362.104 and theOffice of Personnel Management Pathways Programs Implementation Guidance. It includesthe list of exceptions to the Recent Graduates 1 year program limit as allowed in title 5, CFR362.301 and identification of the DoD Pathways Programs Officer and the DoD PresidentialManagement Fellows Coordinator.Your favorable consideration and approval of the MOU is appreciated. Should youhave any questions, my point of contact is Ms. Kelly Cruz, Director, Employment andCompensation, Defense Civilian Personnel Advisory Service, whom you may reach at 571372-1536 or by email at [email protected] HintonPrincipal DirectorCivilian Personnel PolicyEnclosure:As stated

EnclosurePathways Programs Memorandum of UnderstandingBetween theU. S. Office of Personnel ManagementAnd theDepartment of DefenseI. PURPOSE AND SCOPE.In accordance with section 362.104 of title 5, Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), thisdocument is an agreement between the above-named parties. The purpose of this Memorandumof Understanding (MOU) is to clearly identify the roles and responsibilities of each party as theyrelate to the implementation of the Pathways Programs (PP). This agreement must be reexecuted every 2 years.II. BACKGROUND.Section 362.103 of 5 CFR authorizes agencies to make appointments to positions placed in theexcepted service pursuant to the PP. Part 362 requires the agency head or his or her designee toenter into a PP MOU with the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) prior to makingappointments under any PP authority.III. POSITIONS COVERED.Coverage is for any position at General Schedule grades 1 through 12 (or equivalent levels underanother pay and classification system, including the Federal Wage System), for which a PPinitial appointment allows and for which the individual is qualified.IV. RESPONSIBILITIES OF THE PARTIES.A. OPM Responsibilities:1. Provide implementation guidelines and technical assistance;2. Review agency agreements in a timely manner;3. Provide guidance on how the agency shall submit data on the number of PPprojected hires and participants hired;4. Publicize information to potential applicants on eligibility requirements andhow to apply to the PP;5. Provide the agency with a vehicle to publicize hiring under the PP; and6. Centrally manage the Presidential Management Fellows (PMF) Program inaccordance with 5 CFR part 362, subpart D.In addition, OPM retains exclusive authority to:1. Establish and maintain an oversight program;

2. Establish caps on the number of individuals who may be hired under the PP ornoncompetitively converted from the PP to positions in the competitiveservice; and3. Revoke an agency's authority to use the PP.B. Department of Defense (DoD) Responsibilities:1. DoD PROGRAMS. The PP for the DoD consists of the:a. Internship Program;b. Recent Graduates Program; andc. PMF Program.2. DoD specific naming conventions are listed in the attached DoD ImplementingGuidance.C. DELEGATIONS OF AUTHORITY. DoD authorizes the Military Departments, theDefense Agencies, and the DoD Field Activities (hereafter referred to as "DoDComponents") to use the PP as identified in the DoD Implementing Guidance.D. PROGRAM EXTENSIONS. Extension of a PP Recent Graduate or PMFappointment, up to 120 days, is decided on a case-by-case basis. Extensions will only beapproved for a reason that was beyond the control of the organization and/or theparticipant. (Examples: death in participant's immediate family, extended illness of theparticipant, organization directed furloughs). Extension requests will be submitted to theDoD Component's PP/PMF Coordinator, as appropriate, for coordination of the finaldecision.E. FORMAL TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT. DoD Components willadhere to 5 CFR part 362 in the design and implementation of a formal training anddevelopment plan within 45 days of the participant's appointment as a Pathways Intern,Recent Graduate, or PMF. The design and implementation of the training will vary basedon the occupational series, position requirements, and the specific PP. Training forRecent Graduates will consist of at least 40 hours of interactive formal training per year.Training for PMFs will consist of at least 80 hours of interactive formal training per year,as well as at least one 4 to 6 month developmental rotation that may be within theorganization or component, or in another DoD Component or Federal agency.Additionally, training plans may include projects and developmental assignments, asappropriate. The Recent Graduates Programs identified in the attached listing ofexceptions to the -1 year limit will not exceed 2 years. A 120 day extension may beadministered in accordance with paragraph D above. A formal training and developmentplan will not be required for Interns appointed for short-term temporary work notexceeding 90 days, such as summer jobs. Completed training will be documented in theemployee's record.F. MENTORS. Mentors will be assigned to Recent Graduates and PMFs within 90 daysof their appointment. Mentors may be assigned to Interns.2

G. IMPLEMENTING GUIDANCE. For the Department of Defense:1. PP opportunities will be identified on a fiscal year basis;2. Vacancy announcements will be posted to OPM's USAJOBS for all intern andrecent graduate positions; all PMF vacancy announcements will be posted onthe PMF Talent Management System (TMS): Applications for intern and recent graduate positions will only be acceptedthrough USAJOBS; applications for PMFs will only be accepted through thePMF TMS.4. Candidates will be assessed based on basic eligibility for specific PP usingOPM qualification standards and in accordance with the requirements in 5CPR part 302. However, for PP Interns, DoD Components may establishagency-specific qualification requirements, use the OPM QualificationStandard for Schedule D Pathways Internship Positions, or use the OPMqualification requirements for the competitive service;5. Qualified candidates for RG/Intern positions will be rated and ranked using acategory-like rating;6. Veterans' preference will be applied in accordance with 5 CFR part 302;7. PP Intern positions announced with not-to-exceed (NTE) dates are fortemporary, short-term use only, such as summer employment programs. TheseNTE positions will not be used for subsequent noncompetitive conversions toother PP program appointments; i.e., conversions to non-NTE Pathways Intern,Recent Graduate, or PMF appointments or conversions to the competitiveservice; and,8. DoD may use the Pathways Internship Program to hire legal interns on an NTEbasis after posting a public notice announcement on USAJOBS informinginterested applicants of the position, location, and how to apply. Suchappointments will be for temporary, short-term periods and will not provideeligibility for conversion to the competitive service. However, NTE legalinterns may be considered for excepted service appointments pursuant tosections 213.3102(d) or (e) of 5 CFR, as appropriate.H. DoD is committed to:1. Providing OPM requested information regarding the use of the DoD PP;2. Adhering to any caps on the PP imposed by the Director of OPM;3. Providing OPM information about job opportunities for individuals interestedin participating in the PP;4. Providing a meaningful on-boarding process for each PP participant; and5. Providing equal employment opportunity in all actions taken within the PP.I. COORDINATORS. The DoD Pathways Programs Officer and the DoD PMFCoordinator are identified on the attachment and information will be updated aschanges occur.3

V. TERMINATION, SUSPENSION, OR REVOCATION.The Director of OPM may revoke this Agreement when DoD's use of the PP is inconsistent withExecutive Order 13562, 5 CFR part 362, or this MOU.VI. FUNDING.This MOU does not include the reimbursement of funds between the two parties.VII. EFFECTIVE DATE AND SIGNATURE.This MOU shall be effective upon the signature of OPM and the DoD authorized officials for aperiod of 2 years.KIMBERLYHOLDENDigitally signed by KIMBERLYHOLDENDate: 2020.07.15 14:19:35 -04'00'Kimberly A. HoldenDeputy Associate DirectorTalent Acquisition and Workforce ShapingVeronica E. HintonPrincipal DirectorCivilian Personnel PolicyAttachments:DoD PP Officer and Presidential Management Fellows Coordinator InformationDepartment of Defense Recent Graduates Exceptions to One Year Training4

DoD PP Officer and Presidential Management Fellows Coordinator InformationDepartment of Defense Pathways Program Officer:NAME: Dianna MarshGRADE/TITLE: GS-14, Human Resources SpecialistADDRESS: Defense Civilian Personnel Advisory Service, Mark Center, 4800 Mark CenterDrive, Suite 06E22, Alexandria, VA 22350-1100TELEPHONE: (571) 372-2193FAX: (571) 372-1704EMAIL: [email protected] SUBMITTED:Department of Defense Presidential Management Fellows Program Coordinator:NAME: John DaxonGRADE/TITLE: GS-13, Human Resources SpecialistADDRESS: Defense Civilian Personnel Advisory Service, Mercantile Building, 40 NE Loop410, San Antonio, TX 78216TELEPHONE: (210) 308-1967FAX: (210) 340-0866EMAIL: [email protected] SUBMITTED:5

OrganizationDepartment ofthe ArmyLengthDepartment of Defense Recent Graduates Exceptions to One Year TrainingSeriesJustificationParticipants are required to complete all priority one training as well asbasic instructional and instructional design courses offered throughATSC's Staff and Faculty Development Program. These currentlyinclude the Army Foundation Instructor Facilitator Course Phase 1 and2 and the Foundation Training Developer Course Phase 1 and 2.Participants must attend an MOS and/or other training/educationInstructional Systems Spec (1750)producing courses to gain a practical understanding of the ADDIEprocess (analyze, design, develop, implement, and evaluate), and to gaina greater appreciation of the competencies required to develop trainingcourses. Each participant is required to rotate through various trainingand education organizations/directorates to practice applying theirknowledge of the ADDIE or current instructional design model.Acquisition workforce certification level and graduation requirementdictates a minimum 2 years to satisfy training, experience, and*All DAWIA occupations developmental skills. Length of assignments provide transition pointfrom Recent Graduate to competitive service.24 mosDoDI 1300.26 established the Financial Management (FM) CertificationProgram effective 11/20/13. Individuals assigned to positions with anFM certification "designation" must comply with FM certificationrequirements within 2 years from notification. This requirement applies05XX to all designated FM positions.1515ACDP Apprentice, Master Apprentice Training plan (MATP)**Army Career Development requirements, dictates 2 years to satisfy the on-the-job and formalProgram (ACDP) Army Apprentice training requirements. Length of ACDP Apprentice assignments providepositions a transition point from Recent Graduate to competitive service.6

1550 Acquisition workforce certification level and graduation requirements08XX dictate a minimum of 2 years to satisfy training, experience, anddevelopmental skills. Length of assignments provide a transition pointfrom Recent Graduate to competitive service.All other *DAWIA (i.e., 1103, 0346,.)Department ofthe Navy24 mosDepartment ofthe Air Force24 mosDoDI 1300.26 established the FM Certification Program effective11/20/13. Individuals assigned to positions with an FM certificationdesignation must comply with FM certification requirements within 205XX years from notification. This requirement applies to all designated FMpositions.Duration and length of developmental program is based on specificComputer Scientist (1550) acquisition career field requirements. Some have as many as 16 classes.Cost Estimating It is impossible to complete prescribed *DAWIA training in less than 2(1515) years as that is the minimum amount of job experience time required toobtain certification.Engineers (08XX)Finance (05XX)Logistics (0346, 2010)Comm and Info (2210)Contracting (1102)Program Management (1101)DoD InspectorGeneralDefense ThreatReductionAgency24 mos24 mosRigorous training program with formal training, OJT tasks anddevelopmental assignments. Required to demonstrate competencies in511 key areas which cannot be observed in a 1 year period.Requires mandatory classes to achieve *DAWIA Level II certification,long-term rotational assignments, and mandatory experience andContracting (1102) exposure to various types of contract actions.7

*Acquisition workforce/DAWIA certification requirements dictate aminimum of 2 years to satisfy training, experience, and developmental*Management and Program Analysis skills. The assignment length provides a transition point from Recent(0343) Graduate to competitive service.Defense ContractManagementAgency24 mosDuration and length of an employee's developmental program is basedon specific acquisition career field requirements. Most have extensivetraining requirements above and beyond 20 classes. It is impossible tocomplete prescribed *DAWIA training in less than 2 years as that is theminimum amount of job experience time required to obtain certification.This is a rigorous training program with formal training, OJT tasks anddevelopmental assignments. Employees are required to demonstrate*Contracting (1102) com