AnesthesiaAkzent ColorAnesthesia and excellentventilation for neonatal,pediatric and adult patients Intelligent, intuitive operating concept Ultra compact high-end anesthesiaworkstation Ergonomic, space saving design High contrast color display Tidal volumes from 5 to 1500 ml Ventilation frequency from 3 to 100 min-1 Integrated, heated breathing system

Akzent ColorThe flexible ultra compact high-end anesthesia unitSuccess and quality of an anesthesia procedure is considered optimal if the physician can concentrate fully on the patient. With AKZENT COLOR, Fritz Stephan GmbH is offering an easyto-use anesthesia unit that is as intuitive as it is ergonomic, and hence allows its operator to focusthe attention entirely on the patient.The ability to accommodate a wide variety of patient profiles with just one anesthesia workstation is indispensable for routine clinical care nowadays. The solution: AKZENT COLOR.The extremely flexible high-end anesthesia unit helps providing professional care for all patients,from premature babies to adults and, thanks to its ultra-compact construction, even fits into thesmallest operating room.HighlightsThe ventilatorAKZENT COLOR offers outstanding ventilationcharacteristics for all patient groups, reaching thestandard of an intensive care ventilator. In the neonataland paediatric fields in particular, AKZENT COLORsets the standard with regard to the precision of itsanaesthesia ventilation. Ventilation modes VCV, PCV,VC- and PC-SIMV and PSVcare are available, alongwith manual and spontaneous breathing, and all modescan be set by the operator to minimal flow, low flow orhigh flow conditions.Breathing systemThe breathing system is designed for the complete patient range from premature babies to adults, and achieves impressive precision in its gas exchange function.As a fully integrated and heated unit, it is extremelysimple to operate, easy to maintain, and requires aminimum of hoses and pipes.

AnesthesiaOperating conceptThe user guidance and menu navigation is clearlystructured and easily understood. This, combined withan ergonomic design, makes for intuitive and reliableuse both during routine clinical care and in emergencysituations. Switching between operating modes canbe performed quickly and easily by turning a singlecentral control knob.Design and constructionAKZENT COLOR is considered to be the most compact high-end anesthesia workstation on the market.With its slimline construction, it can be used withoutdifficulty even where space is at a premium, such as inpreoperative rooms.Graphical color displayThe newly developed display is very clearly laid outand has excellent contrast. Two different user interfacedesigns are provided for the operator to choose between. The first option was specifically designedfor brightly lit rooms, while the second has clear advantages in darkened surroundings, such as operatingtheatres.Integrated monitoringAKZENT COLOR provides detailed monitoring inwhich the key parameters for ventilation and anesthesia are displayed to the physician in a clear and wellstructured fashion. The aim is allowing the operator tointerpret the anesthesia data easily and hence improvepatient safety.Monitoring of anesthetic gases can be provided asan option by an integrated gas measurement modulewhich, depending on the model, may include automatic gas identification.

Akzent ColorIntuitive anesthesia: Effective therapy for patientsExcellent ventilation for the completespectrum of patientsWith the proportion of elderly intensive care patientsand premature babies in the operating room constantlyincreasing, the demands placed on anesthesia ventilation and breathing systems are also growing. Fordecades now, Fritz Stephan GmbH has been regularlysetting new standards in the field of neonatal andpediatric ventilation.This great store of expertise has been especially usefulin developing the AKZENT COLOR’s ventilationtechnology, which gives excellent results for neonataland pediatric ventilation as well as for the ventilationof adults. At its heart is the microcontroller drivenventilator, which has already proved itself thousands oftimes in the STEPHANIE pediatric respirator.This allows tidal volumes ranging from 5 to 1500 mlto be applied at a frequency of 3 to 100 min-1, with aprecision that is normally achieved only by dedicatedpediatric or ICU ventilators.A series of pressure controlled ventilation modes areprovided specifically for pediatric patients or patientsrequiring intensive medical care. The S-IMV mode,for instance, used in combination with flow orpressure triggers, can significantly reduce the effortof breathing. Also available is PSVcare, a mode whichprovides assisted, pressure-supported spontaneous breathing and is equipped with an apnoea backup function to ensure patient safety.Breathing systemThe breathing system of AKZENT COLOR is specifically designed for the ventilation of premature babiesand adults with minimal flow, low flow and high flowrequirements. It is equipped with five different operating modes, which are suited to virtually all patienttypes and can easily be set by turning a single controlknob.The number of hoses and pipes was reduced deliberately to the absolute minimum. Another advantage isthat reconfiguration is not necessary when changingbetween pediatric and adult patients, which meansthat patient safety is increased significantly.

AnesthesiaIntegrated heating prevents condensation from formingin the breathing system even when the unit is used fora longer period. The absorber container can, of course,be removed and refilled in order to replace the sodalime without any interruption of ventilation.Most importantly for the operator, the clearly structured design of the breathing system means that it canbe cleaned quickly and easily after use, and only a fewparts need to be removed for sterilisation.Special design features make incorrect reassembly of thecomponents virtually impossible. An important contribution to cost savings is that the sensors used for flowmeasurement are extremely robust and provide a longdurability. They can easily be cleaned in water and canbe autoclaved without disassembling at up to 134 C.Intuitive usabilityIntuitive usability and the means to set parameters andalarm thresholds accurately are of critical importancefor a modern, user-friendly anesthesia system.AKZENT COLOR impresses in this respect with itslogical design and clearly structured user guidance andmenu navigation. Focus on the essential controlelements and significant reduction in complexity meansthat it has never been easier to work with an anaesthesia unit.The central control knob is playing a key role here.It allows the various operating modes of the AKZENTCOLOR to be selected directly, with just one singleoperation. Switching between operating modes can bedone quickly and safely. This is especially invaluable inemergency situations, when the attention of the physician needs to be focussed completely on the patient.Safety in clinical use Quick automatic self-test on starting the unit, whichcan be interrupted by the operator in an emergency Reliable operation of the unit even during a powerfailure thanks to its internal back-up battery In the event of an extended power failure, it is possible to perform full anesthesia by means of manualventilation using N2O or vaporisers Fully automatic monitoring of input pressure fromthe central gas supply system Safe handling and short familiarization periods dueto a simple and intuitive operating concept Change of soda lime without interrupting ventilation Quick and hygienic cleaning thanks to smooth surfaces

Akzent ColorErgonomic, compact and individual250 mm1436 mm450 mmEquipment featureAKZENT COLORwithout anesthesia moduleAKZENT COLORwith anesthesia moduleAnesthetic gas measurement– Automatic anesthetic gas identification–optionalElectrochemical O2 cell optionalParamagnetic O2 cell–optionaloptionaloptionalExternal PNT-B/C (Vte 5-150 ml)

AnesthesiaDesignModern operating theatres are equipped with a multitude of machines so as to provide the best possible carefor the patient. This makes it all the more importantthat modern anesthesia workstations are designed to becompact and ergonomic.These requirements are fulfilled perfectly by theAKZENT COLOR, whose slimline constructionmakes it one of the smallest high-end units on themarket. No matter whether it is fitted with a mobilestand, attached to the wall or mounted on the ceilingsupply unit, AKZENT COLOR is always versatileand can be adapted to fit perfectly into the spaceavailable.Accessories and equipment Integrated patient gas monitoring with electrochemical or paramagnetic O2 cell Extendable writing shelf Configurable drawer units Gas bottle holder for 2 to 4 cylinders Patient monitor support arms Fluid management system O2 dosimeter for standard rails Additional „VENTSAFE“ backup system Fastening sets for mounting AKZENT COLOR onwalls or on the ceiling supply unitWall-mounted unit:Ceiling pendant mounted unit:

Fritz Stephan GmbHMedizintechnikKirchstraße 1956412 GackenbachGermanyTechnical SpecificationsGeneral specificationsParametersClass according toAir1 . 12 l/min (graduation: 0,5)O2Fine:Coarse:– Wall-mounted unit 740 x 770 x 250 mm (WxHxD)– Mobile Unit740 x 1400 x 250 mm (WxHxD)N 2OFine: 0; 0,1 . 11 l/minCoarse:1 . 10 l/minWeightOperating unit– Wall-mounted unit 45 kg– Mobile Unit65 kgTidal volume VteoptionalPower supplyVentilation freq.70 . 1500 ml5 . 150 ml (PNT Type B/C)3 . 100 min-190-240 V AC, 50-60 Hz, 120 VAI:E ratio3:1 . 1:612 V DC, approx. 2 hours,approx. 30 min with Anestheticgas measurement modulePmax5 . 70 mbar93/42 ECCII bDimensionsMainsBatteryGas supply0 . 11 l/min (graduation: 0,1)1 . 11 l/min (graduation: 0,5)Peep0 . 30 mbarPplateau0 . 95%O2-Flush 25 l/minAir2,8 - 6,5 barMonitoringO22,8 - 6,5 barDisplayColor TFT; 8,4''N2O2,8 - 6,5 barPressurePinsp, Peep, PmeanVentilation systemVolumesVte, MVSystem compliance compensationGasesoptionalINO2INCO2, EtCO2INAGA, EtAGABellow-in-bottle system; standing, visible BellowAutomatic connection of the ventilation systemHeating of ventilation systemDimensions approx.320 x 410 x 230 mm (WxHxD)Weightapprox. 7 kg (without soda lime)Absorber volume2,4 lAPL valve0 . 70 mbarOperating modes of the ventilation systemAGA: Sev, Des, Enf, Iso, Hal, N2OVentilation freq.fGraphs displayedP(t), V'(t), ScalingoptionalCO2(t)SupervisionAlarmsVisual, audibleClear text messagesStand byPressurePawManual ventilation / spontaneous breathingVolumeMV, Vte, Apnoesemi-closedMACAge: 1 - 120 yearssemi-openGas measurementoptionalINO2INCO2, EtCO2INAGA, EtAGAFG out (additional fresh gas outlet)Ventilation modesAGA: Sev, Des, Enf, Iso, Hal, N2OVCVVolume controlledmandatoryLeakage compensationPCVPressure controlled, mandatoryPC-S-IMVPressure controlled,synchronized mandatoryData outputVC-S-IMVVolume controlled,synchronized mandatorySensorsPSVcareAssisted pressure supportventilation withbackup ventilationGas ControlLow presure O2:Low pressure Air:Low pressure N2O:N2O-Ratio ; SD-CardFlow/volumePneumotachographInternal PNT up to 160 l/minExternal PNT B/C up to 25 l/minFIO2El.-chem. O2 celloptionalParamagnetic O2 cellTechnical changes without notice! Fritz Stephan GmbH 09/2012Akzent ColorFon 49 6439-91 25-0Fax 49 6439-91 [email protected]