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HOW CAN YOU ACHIEVECONVENIENCE AND COMPLIANCEIN THE OPERATING ROOM?ACCESS WHEN YOU WANT IT. SECURITY WHERE YOU NEED IT.The Anesthesia Workstation gives anesthesia providers instant access to medications while ensuring pharmacy of tighter control in the operating room. Thisautomated system securely stores all medications and supplies for a full day ofcases in one convenient place and automatically tracks inventory used, cuttinghours of manual documentation.ANESTHESIA PROVIDERS“It has to fit into my workflow.” Unique breakaway bar enables emergencyaccess to medications Fast yet secure fingerprint access High capacity anesthesia cabinet—helpsprevent stockouts that slow case turnaround Quick medication removal with “scan and go”technology—no interaction with keyboard orscreen required Automates reconciliation of controlledsubstances and eliminates countbacks Eliminates the need for tackle boxes,backpacks, or fanny packs Helps reduce medication errors throughintegration with Codonics Safe Label SystemPHARMACY“It needs to ensure compliance.” Secures controlled substances 24/7 Tracks inventory usage and expiration dates Enables accurate placement of items during restock withSafetyStock bar code confirmation option Simplifies recordkeeping to more easily resolve discrepancies Provides oversight capabilities with inventory managementand reporting tools to better control hard-to-obtain items andsupport regulatory inspections Improves charge capture—documented increases of up to 90%1

Bar code scanner debits inventoryLarge high-resolution touchscreen display is easy to readArticulating arm allows usein sitting or standing positionsTouch & Go advancedbiometric ID technologyGuiding lights quicklyidentify the proper drawerSharps bin/waste container (optional)“With Omnicell’s Anesthesia Workstation, you have every medicationat the point of care. The speed and ease of use of scanning make ittruly user-friendly.”Randy J. Marcel, MDChief of AnesthesiologyBaylor Regional Medical Center at Plano, Texas

“Once the [Joint Commission] inspectors discovered we were usingthe Omnicell Anesthesia Workstation to automate management ofour narcotics—that was all they needed to see to be assured thatour drugs were properly handled.”Mark Antoszyk, CRNAHead Nurse AnesthetistCarolinas Medical Center, NorthEastGREATER CAPACITY MEANSGREATER CONVENIENCECompared to the leading competitor 2Codonics Safe Label Systemimproves medication safety andlabeling compliance (optional)Unique breakaway bar enablesemergency access to medicationsReturn bin securesnarcotics waste (optional)20%More storage space 23Additional, uniqueline items permatrix drawer5xThe number ofmaximum single-dosecompartments per drawerANESTHESIA WORKSTATION: AVAILABLE IN TWO PRODUCT DESIGNSAnesthesia Workstation — 13-drawer unit that can support a full day’s surgical casesAnesthesia TT Tabletop — Smaller 3-drawer unit that is ideal for procedure areasAnesthesia Workstation works seamlessly with the Omnicell medication dispensing cabinetsystem, sharing the same database and OmniCenter server. (Uses Microsoft Windows 7Operating System.)Based on pre- and post-installation data: Carolinas Medical Center NorthEast: Unaccounted floor stock dropped from an average of 5,000 a month to 115. Erie County MedicalCenter: Charge capture increased to 90% or greater. South Jersey Healthcare: Charge capture increased from less than 50% to over 82%. (Case studies available from Omnicell).12Data on file at OmnicellBest in KLAS Awards – Medical Equipment & Infrastructure Report, July 2014, 2014 KLAS Enterprises, LLC. All rights reserved.

HOW CAN YOU FURTHER IMPROVEMEDICATION SAFETY AND EFFICIENCY IN THE OR?COMBINE THE ANESTHESIA WORKSTATION WITH THE CODONICSSAFE LABEL SYSTEMThe Codonics Safe Label System SLS 500i * improves the safety and efficiency ofmedication management. It uses bar code technology to provide visual and audibleconfirmations and helps eliminate labeling errors by providing the anesthesiologistwith a full-color, Joint Commission–compliant label. Helps reduce the three most common medicationerrors made in the OR: vial/ampoule swaps, mislabeling,and syringe swaps Meets regulatory requirements for labeling medicationsin the OR—complies with Joint Commission, ISO, ASTMstandards, and ASA guidelines Adds an electronic audible and visual “triple” safetycheck when dispensing and administering medications Eliminates need to handwrite labelsINTEGRATION CREATES LEANER WORKFLOWInteroperability between the Anesthesia Workstation and Codonics Safe Label Systemsaves steps for anesthesia providers—which is critical in high pressure OR environments.Single Sign-On/Sign-Off — Login by biometric ID or other methods simultaneouslyprovides access to the Anesthesia Workstation and Safe Label System. Logging offautomatically restricts access to both systems.Single Scan — After scanning a vial or ampoule on the Safe Label System, a labelis printed and the medication information is sent to the Anesthesia Workstation,decrementing the inventory and capturing the appropriate patient charge. Thereis no need to scan the item twice.Drug n& ich 2DBar Code*Specifications subject to change without notice; patent pending. 501(k) cleared to market as Class II (K101439)

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