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ContentsIntroduction.5Getting to know your remote.5How your Harmony One works.5Activities, devices, and inputs.5The buttons on yourHarmony One.6What’s on the Harmony One’s screen.7Using your Harmony One.9Viewing your touch screen menus.9Selecting an Activity.9Switching between Activities.9Turning off your devices.9Using the Help button.10Using your favorite channels.11Controlling your devices individually.11Charging your remote.11Setting the date and time.12Setting the backlight timing.12Setting up your Harmony One for the first time.13Overview of the setup process.131.Creating your user account.142.Connecting your Harmony One to your computer.143.Setting up the devices you want to control.154.Setting up Activities for your Harmony One.155.Updating the remote.16Testing your setup.17Changing your setup.18Adding and changing your Activities.18Renaming an Activity.18Adding and changing your devices.18Adding an extra device (passthrough) to an Activity.19

Changing how buttons work in an Activity.20Customizing the on-remote help.20Controlling the Remote Assistant.21Viewing the on-remote tutorial.21Personalizing your Harmony One.22Changing the order of Activities on your Harmony One’s screen.22Selecting or changing a theme on your Harmony One.22Adding custom-labeled buttons to an Activity.22Adding a slideshow to your Harmony One’s screen.23Viewing a slideshow on your Harmony One’s screen.23Adding additional features to your Harmony One.24Teaching your Harmony One new commands using your old remote.24Naming a new command your remote learned.24Types of delays or speed settings.25Adjusting the delay between IR commands (speed settings).26Maintaining your Harmony One.27Upgrading your Harmony One firmware.27Testing your remote settings after a software upgrade.27Upgrading to a new Harmony remote.27Troubleshooting problems with your Harmony One.28Figuring out which inputs your system uses.30Figuring out which type of input control you have.30Step 1— Turn on all your devices.31Step 2 — Watch the TV.32Step 3 — Listen to the sound.32Getting help with your Harmony One.33Contacting Customer Support.33Finding answers to questions.33Getting help with your online setup.33Using the On-Remote Help.34Logitech’s Harmony Remote user forums.34

Appendix A - Device Information.35Appendix B - Glossary.36Appendix C - Product Specification.39

IntroductionThe Harmony Advanced Universal Remote is your answer to effortless homeentertainment. The Activities button puts control for all your devices in one convenientlocation. You can go from watching TV to watching a DVD to listening to music with thetouch of a button. You no longer need to type in codes to get your remote working withyour entertainment system. The guided online setup walks you through the step-by-stepconfiguration of your Harmony One with your entertainment system and then you’ll beready to sit back and enjoy!Whether you’re new to Harmony products or you consider yourself an expert, this UserManual provides you with useful information to get you going.Getting to know your remoteHow your Harmony One worksThe Harmony One is an Activity-based infrared (IR) universal remote control. Using theHarmony Remote Software, you can configure the Harmony One to control up to 15 devices.The Harmony One delivers powerful Activity-based control by using Smart State Technology . This technology allows the Harmony One to keep track of the devices it controls,so it always knows which of your devices are on. Using Smart State Technology , the Harmony One switches effortlessly from watching a DVD to listening to music on the stereowith the touch of a button.Activities, devices, and inputsActivities are the basis for how the Harmony One works. Things like watching a DVD,listening to radio, playing a game are all examples of Activities you can set up for yourremote using the Harmony Remote Software.When you select an Activity, your Harmony One sends a series of commands to yourentertainment system to turn on the necessary devices and configure them for theselected Activity. After you select an Activity, your Harmony One assigns the buttons onyour remote so they control the proper devices and the screen displays other commandsfor that Activity.For information on how to select an Activity, or how to switch between Activities, seeSelecting an Activity.Devices are the components of your entertainment system. They’re things like your TV,cable box, DVD player, or game system.Inputs are how your devices are connected. For example, if your DVD player is connectedto your TV using the Component 1 input, then the TV needs to be set to Component 1 todisplay the DVD picture properly.

The buttons on your Harmony OneThe Harmony One’sbuttons may havedifferent functions orcontrol different devicesdepending on whichActivity you’re in. Formore information, seeChanging how buttonswork in an Activity.The system off button turns off all the devices in the currentActivity.OffThe arrow keys help you page through items on the touch screen.OptionsDevicesThe function buttons are dynamic and select different functionson the remote or the Activity.The Activities button returns you to the Activities starting point.ActivitiesThe Help button starts the on-remote help.HelpThe Menu button opens the on-screen menu for the deviceselected. For information on selecting devices, seeMenuOffMy Activities1/2 pagesThe page up and page down arrows help you navigate throughyour on-screen guide or menu.Tue 4:51The Info button opens the information section of your on-screenguide.InfoOptionsThe Exit button closes your on-screen menu or guide.ExitDevicesThe Guide button opens your on-screen guide.GuideActivitiesHelp MenuInfoExitGuide OKVolThe volume button changes the volume.VolThe navigation pad arrows allow you to move through menus oron-screen guides.OKCh The channel button changes the channels.ChThe mute button mutes the sound.Replay1Skip2abc4ghi7pqrs clear5jkl8tuv0The previous channel buttons returns you to the last channel youwere on.3def6The play area puts your play, pause, skip and other buttons in onearea for quick tuv3defThe number pad has the digits 0-9.6mno9wxyz0EThe enter button enters a selection from the number pad.enter clearThe clear button clears an entry from the number pad.

What’s on the Harmony One’s screenCommands common to your ActivityWhen you select an Activity, your Harmony One’s screendisplays all the commands related to that Activity, notjust the ones related to the primary device of thatActivity. For example, if you’re watching a DVD, yourscreen displays functions and commands for your DVDand other devices you use in the Watch a DVD Activity.OffWatch a DVD1/2 pagesTue 4:51Chptr AspectChptr-FrameAdvanceAngleZoomDevicesFavorite channelsOffFav. Channels1/2 pagesYou can set up your favorite channels on your Harmonyso that you’ve quick access to the channels you watchthe most. You can also add your own icons to customizethe screen for your favorite channels.Tue 4:51NBSDBCT TALKTVCurrentActivityActivitiesDevicesOffMy Activities1/2 pagesTue 4:51Watch TVThe Activities screen is your starting point on theHarmony One. From this screen, you can select yourActivities.Watch a DVDListen to MusicDevicesOptionsDevicesOffWhen you press the Devices button, the Harmony One’sscreen displays a list of your devices. From this screen,you can control individual devices.Devices1/2 pagesTue 4:51TVDVDOffMy Activities1/2 pagesTue 4:51ActivitiesWatch TVOptionsWatch a DVDWhen you press the Options button, the HarmonyOne’s screen displays a list of remote options so youcan customize certain features and functions on theremote.Listen to MusicOptionsDevices

Status iconsAThe status indicator flashes wheneveran IR command is being sent from yourHarmony One.BThe battery indicator shows you the statusof the battery. To ensure your Harmonystays properly charged, see Charging yourremote.CABOffMy Activities1/2 pagesTue 4:51The current date and time display on yourremote screen. To set the date and timeon your remote, see Setting the date ide OKVolReplay14ghi7pqrsclearChSkip2abc C5jkl8tuv03def6mno9wxyzEenter

Using your Harmony OneOffMy ActivitiesViewing your touch screen menus1/2 pagesTue 4:51Watch TVThe arrow keys help you page through eachmenu.The arrow keys illuminate only if there aremultiple pages.Watch a DVDListen to MusicDevicesOptionsSelecting an ActivityOffThe Activities screen displays the Activities youhave created for the remote. You can start anActivity by touching the item on the screen.My Activities1/2 pagesTue 4:51Watch TVWatch a DVDListen to MusicOptionsDevicesSwitching between ActivitiesTo select a new Activity, press the Activities button, and select the Activity you want toenjoy.The Harmony One will take care of powering on the needed devices, and powering off theones not needed.Turning off your devicesPress the system off button to power off all the devices used in the Activity.You don’t need to press the system off button when switchingbetween Activities. The Harmony One ensures the pro