SAP LumiraAbout the TutorialSAP Lumira is known as a visual intelligence tool that is used to visualize data and createstories to provide graphical details of the data.Data is entered in Lumira as dataset and you can apply filters, hierarchies, and columnsto prepare documents. You can choose various charts like Bar charts, Pie charts, etc. tovisualize the data effectively. This basic tutorial explains how to use SAP Lumira.AudienceSAP Lumira is meant for Business Analysts who can alter data structures and correlationsin whatever way they want. They can create data visualizations and stories from multipledata sources. SAP Lumira helps to adapt data to organizational needs to create storieswith visualizations.PrerequisitesBefore you start proceeding with this tutorial, we are assuming that you are already awareof the basics of SAP HANA. If you are not exposed to SAP HANA, then we will suggest youfirst to go through our short tutorial on SAP HANA.Copyright & Disclaimer Copyright 2018 by Tutorials Point (I) Pvt. Ltd.All the content and graphics published in this e-book are the property of Tutorials Point (I)Pvt. Ltd. The user of this e-book is prohibited to reuse, retain, copy, distribute or republishany contents or a part of contents of this e-book in any manner without written consentof the publisher.We strive to update the contents of our website and tutorials as timely and as precisely aspossible, however, the contents may contain inaccuracies or errors. Tutorials Point (I) Pvt.Ltd. provides no guarantee regarding the accuracy, timeliness or completeness of ourwebsite or its contents including this tutorial. If you discover any errors on our website orin this tutorial, please notify us at [email protected]

SAP LumiraTable of ContentsAbout the Tutorial . iAudience . iPrerequisites . iCopyright & Disclaimer . iTable of Contents . ii1.Lumira – Overview . 1Key Terms of SAP Lumira Data Set . 1SAP Lumira – User Interface . 22.Lumira – Data Sources . 43.Lumira – Data Acquisition . 54.Lumira – Editing Acquired Data . 85.Lumira – Viewing Connections . 96.Lumira – Excel File as a Data Source . 107.Lumira – Working with CSV Files . 138.Lumira – Connecting SAP HANA Views . 159.Lumira – Download from SAP HANA . 1810. Lumira – Universe as a Data Source . 20Connecting to a Universe Data Source . 2011. Lumira – Using Query with SQL . 23Connecting to a Query with SQL Data Source . 23Specifying Query with SQL connection properties . 2612. Lumira – Working Modes . 2813. Lumira – Prepare Phase . 29Dimension and Measure Panel . 2914. Lumira – Visualize Phase . 32Visualization Tools . 3315. Lumira – Compose Phase . 3516. Lumira – Share Phase . 37ii

SAP Lumira17. SAP Lumira – Creating a New Document . 38Saving Documents . 3818. Lumira – Creating Charts . 40Adding a chart in Chart builder . 4019. Lumira – Chart Types . 4220. Lumira – Conditional Formatting . 44Creating a Conditional Formatting Rule . 44Saving Charts . 4421. Lumira – Preparing Data in Prepare Tab . 4622. Lumira – Editing Data . 49Filtering Data in Columns and Charts . 4923. Lumira – Formatting Numbers and Dates . 5124. Lumira – Enriching Data . 53Creating Hierarchies . 53Creating a Custom Hierarchy . 5625. Lumira – Working with Datasets . 59Adding Datasets . 59Merging Dataset . 60SAP Lumira – Appending Datasets using Union Operator . 6126. Lumira – Visualizing Data . 63Creating Charts . 63Creating a Chart Directly using Chart Builder . 65Plotting Measures as a Dimension in a Chart . 6627. Lumira – Legend Colors . 69Adding Custom Charts . 7028. Lumira – Creating Stories . 71Creating Stories with Charts and Data. 7229. Lumira – Slideshows . 7530. Lumira – Customizing Stories . 7731. Lumira – Sharing Charts, Stories & Datasets . 7832. Lumira – Publishing Datasets to HANA . 82Publishing to the SAP Lumira Cloud . 83Publishing to the SAP Lumira Server . 84Publishing Datasets to Explorer . 85Publish to SAP Stream work . 86iii

Lumira – OverviewSAP LumiraSAP Lumira is known as a visual intelligence tool to create and visualize stories on dataset.It was earlier known as Visual Intelligence tool where you could visualize data and createstories to provide graphical details of the data.Data is entered in Lumira as data set and you can apply filters, hierarchies, calculatedcolumns to build documents on Lumira. You can choose various charts like Bar charts, Piecharts, etc. to visualize the data effectively.ExampleYou can put multiple charts on a story page to create presentation and can add imagesand text fields in these pages.These stories can be published to other platforms using the publish option in theapplication: SAPSAPSAPSAPSAPBusiness Object BI PlatformBusiness Object ExplorerLumira ServerHANACommunity Network (SCN)Features of LumiraThe key features of Lumira are as follows: It allows you to predict future outcomes and forecast as per the changing marketsituations. You can create data visualizations and stories from multiple data sources. It helps you to adapt data to organizational needs to create stories withvisualizations. You can share the visualizations on different platforms like SAP HANA, BO Explorer,Business Objects BI Platform, etc.Key Terms of SAP Lumira Data SetData is entered in Lumira as dataset and it contains Attributes/Dimensions andMeasures. Measure: Measures are defined as numerical data types. Example: Quantity sold,Revenue, Unit Price, Average cost, etc. Attributes/Dimensions: Data containing details about the measures is calledAttributes or Dimensions in dataset. This represents the object on which analysisis done. Example: Customer, Product, Order, Time, Region, etc.1

SAP LumiraHierarchies: Hierarchies are used for drilling the data to sub levels and defines aparent-child relationship. Example: Time Hierarchy, Region hierarchy. Custom Calculations: You can create custom calculations in Lumira dataVisualization, which are not available in data set or at database level. Example:You have a “Salary” column in the data set, you can add a new calculated columnwith name “Bonus” and can apply a calculation on Salary to get the value of thiscolumn.SAP Lumira – User InterfaceWhen you login to Lumira Data visualization tool, there are four tabs at the top:PreparePrepare is used to import data set in SAP Lumira. Data is cleansed and converted intoappropriate measures or attributes for the reports. You can add new custom calculationshere.VisualizeThe Visualize tab is used to add graphs and charts on the data that has been importedand organized in Prepare tab. You can add different attributes and measures to the Labelaxis.2

SAP LumiraComposeThe Compose