Driving Under theInfluence (DUI)Medication-AssistedTreatment (MAT)Integration/OutreachPilot ProjectStakeholder Informing WebinarNovember 5 & 6, 20201

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DUI MAT Project Team Barbara Aday-Garcia, Executive Director Janice Forbes, DUI MAT Project Manager Michealine Flower, DUI MAT Program Liaison CADTP Executive Board OversiteThe DUI MATProject Team Craig FrenchKarla HendrixJaime CamposJennifer Montgomery DHCS DUI Division Kelly Cowger Tracy Langlands Timi Schnaars Contracting Division Waheeda Sabah Sheeari Narayan3


Background andOverviewThe Big Picture5

70% of the 67,000 drug overdose deaths in 2018 involved an opioid2/3 of all opioid deaths involve synthetic opioids6

The Opioid Crisis and DUIFunded by the Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility(, the report found that among drug-tested fatallyinjured drivers in 2016: 38% tested positivefor some form ofmarijuana 16% tested positivefor opioids 4% tested positive forboth marijuana andopioidsThe publication alsohighlights the frequencyof poly-drug use7

In 2018 California had The OpioidEpidemic inCalifornia 2,428 opioid overdose deaths 786 fentanyl overdose deaths 8,832 opioid overdoes ED visits 19,808,224 opioid prescriptionsSource: California Opioid Overdose SurveillanceDashboard8

CountyRatesCountsLakeSan Francisco32.4626.1523270Lassen23.47RatesCountsSan Mateo7.4261Merced7.36197Contra s lameda5.53100Sonoma12.85645.588Kern12.16111Santa Barbara5.3525Plumas11.772Butte5.1411Yuba10.828Del Norte4.671Santa Cruz10.4729San Joaquin4.4733Nevada10.4510FresnoSan Bernardino4.444.14490Shasta9.8116Santa Clara3.9885Ventura9.7687Yolo3.919Riverside9.4236El nislausSan Luis Obispo8.388.124521Sutter2.53Napa2.293San ras7.794TuolumneMariposaMarinSan hama00Source: California Opioid Overdose Dashboard9

MAT Expansion ProjectsMAT ACCESS POINT EXPANSIONSUD PROVIDERSOVERDOSE PREVENTION MAT Access Points Toolkits Access Point Transitions Naloxone Distribution NTP Treatment Capacity Counselors in Rural Eds DUI MAT Integration Tribal MAT Special PopulationsJUSTICE INVOLVED Media Campaign County Touchpoints MAT in Criminal Justice SettingsPRIMARY CARE Treating Addiction in PrimaryCareHOSPITALS ED Bridge Program Project SHOUT Fentanyl Drug Take-Back CURES PDMPTECHNICAL ASSISTANCE SOR ConsultingMENTORING RESOURCES 24/7 MAT Coaching CSAM Mentoring Evaluation DHCS Staff Waivered Prescriber Support MAT Workforce Academic Detailing10

SAMHSA 1.4 billion - NationwideCalifornia Receives 210 million for SOR IIFunding andAccountabilityDHCS to Issue and Oversee SOR II ContractsDUI MAT Pilot Project - One of over 30 Projects in SOR IICADTP awarded contract to manage DUI MAT 2.0Up to 40 DUIP Subcontractors for DUI MAT Pilot Project11

MATExpansionProjectSOR IIObjectivesDevelopDevelop additional MAT locations with a focus on rural locationsProvideProvide MAT access to specialized and underserved communitiesTransformTransform entry points for individuals with opioid use disorders and createeffective referrals into treatmentCoordinateDevelop coordinated referral processes to manage high-risk transitionsEngageEnactEngage current and potential MAT prescribersEnact overdose prevention activities to prevent opioid misuse and overdosedeaths12

The successful completion ofthe DUI MAT 2.0 Pilot Projectwill help to fulfill the MATExpansion objective of:Over 650 MAT Access Points Community Access Points Primary Care Hospitals / Emergency Depts.ExpandingAccess to MAT“Transform entry points forindividuals with opioid usedisorders and createeffective referrals intotreatment”and the supporting goal of“Adding 200 new MATaccess points throughoutCalifornia.” SUD Clinics Jails Residential Treatment Tribal Health Centers DUI Providers Community Mental Health Youth Specific Sites13

DUI MAT 1.0Project Demographics 27 Subcontractors 20 DUI Programs 17 Counties 45 DUI MAT ServiceLocations 227 People Assigned tothe ProjectProject Outcomes Over 23,700 Prescreens 111 DUI MAT Clients 92-2nd LevelAssessments 38% Opioid 62% Poly-SUD Primary Referrals OTP/MAT OutpatientTreatment 43 Best PracticesIdentified14

Humboldt- HARTCalifornia Opioid Overdose Surveillance Dashboard MapCalifornia Deaths - Total Population - 2017All Opioid Overdose: Age-Adjusted Rate per 100,000 ResidentsFortuna/EurekaDUI MAT SOR IContra CostaContra dEl CerritoNevadaAlameda- Axis Community Health,Solutions for Positive Choices,Oroville/ChicoPrevention Education Programs, ChicoCommunity Recovery Resources (CoRR),PleasantonSacramento- Bridges Professional Treatment Services,San Mateo- OHS,Grass ValleySacramentoSan MateoKings County- Kings View Community Services, HanfordSanta Cruz- Janus, Santa CruzCounty of San Luis ObispoSan Luis Obispo- Drug & Alcohol Services, San Luis ObispoSanta Barbara- Zona Seca, Inc., Santa BarbaraLos Angeles- The High Road Program,Los Angeles- NE Valley Health Corporation NEVHC,Los Angeles- Safety Consultant Services, Inc.,OrangeOrangeOrangeOrangeOrange-ABC Traffic Program,ABC Traffic Program,KCS Services,KCS Services,School Ten, Inc.,PasadenaSan FernandoBellflowerAnaheimSanta AnaFullertonGarden GroveBellflowerKern- Steps,BakersfieldRiverside- The Awareness Group, IndioRiverside- The High Road Program, RiversideSan Diego- ECS Accord,San Diego- OHS,San Diego- SDSU DUIP,National CitySan MarcosSan Diego15

“Very good project for DUI clients to help identify other areas of needbesides alcohol abuse. This gave our program more visibility in ourcommunity to different programs and meetings we had notpreviously been invited to meet with.” – Jason Espinoza, ProgramManager – OHS, San MateoDUI MAT 1.0SubcontractorFeedback “Not every person exposed to the information and/or servicesavailed themselves of DUI MAT info/services, but those that DIDbenefited GREATLY! And the ‘planting of seeds’ will likely benefitcountless others down the road.” John Durbin, Project Manager /Development and Training Coordinator – Bridges ProfessionalTreatment Services “The most rewarding was knowing what an epidemic there is ofopioid & polysubstance addiction in our communities & knowing thatwe were participating in a solution. I was filled with pride on beingselected to participate in the effort.” – Gloria Mullendore ExecutiveDirector – Safety Consultant Services & School Ten16

“Now that we have established this framework, we hope to continueusing our training to help clients with possible OUD identification.Moreover, as we now understand the barriers in our County for OUDtreatment, it is something we want to continue to do our part infinding and making those connections and exploring avenues tonetwork those services.” – Cherine Child, CEO – ABC TrafficProgramsDUI MAT 1.0SubcontractorFeedback “Training was excellent. All the forms made sense and are helpfulwhile managing the case.” – Jeff Davied, Operations Director –TheAwareness Group “The Program Liaison was extremely helpful and always availablefor any question I or any other staff had. Site visits helped toestablish best practices and fine tune record keeping.” ElaineHansen, Staff Counselor –The High Road Program, Pasadena “The MAT material was very professional, valuable for the clientsand the staff. Project staff were readily available to help withwhatever was needed or requested.” – Dixie Gregoire, ClinicalSupervisor - Kings View Community Services17

DUI MATIntegration/OutreachPilot ProjectDUI MAT 2.0Project Details18

Approximately 118,000 people enroll in DUI programs each year. The DUI MAT pilot program was developed to optimize DUIPrograms to become new and effective access points for MAT andother treatment referrals. It has the potential to reduce DUI recidivism, increase publicsafety on the roadways, and help more people suffering from OUDand other polysubstance addictions.Overview DUI MAT 1.0 was active from January 2, 2019 through September29, 2020. Subcontractors active beginning May 1, 2019. DUI MAT 2.0 is funded through the State Opioid Response II (SORII) and MAT Expansion 2.0 grants through SAMHSA for 24 months,beginning September 30, 2020 through September 30, 2022. DUI MAT 2.0 Subcontractors are scheduled to begin on February 1,2021 with launch to clients on March 1, 2021. The DUI MAT projectgoes through September 30, 2022.19

Provide enhanced treatment options for clientswith OUD and Poly-SUD: Identification and CaseManagement Framework and Integration intoCounty treatment systems and MAT.Benefits ofBecoming aDUI MATSubcontractorDUIP receives compensation for participation,paid quarterly upon successful completion ofdeliverables.Comprehensive support from the DUI MATProject Team.Stronger visibility and relationships with Countyadministrators, Courts, and Probationdepartments.20

1. Develop and implement effective and efficientprograms, processes, and people to offer DUI clientsnew options for OUD/SUD treatment and recovery.DUI MATProject Goals2. Collect standardized data for reporting and analysis.3. Develop treatment referral resources in localcommunities; Strengthen relationships with theCounty, law enforcement, and treatment providers.4. Develop sustainable best practices.5. Meet and achieve all project deliverables.21

The DUI MATPilot ProjectIdentification ofPolysubstance AbuseCase ManagementFramework Screening At enrollment At a face-to-face Attends under-the-influence Screening Instrument Assessment Linkage to Treatments MonitorData CollectionBest PracticesTechnical Calls andVisitsVirtual TrainingSessionsTouch BaseProgramProject Website22

CADTPKey Functionsof ProjectManagementTeamRecruit, select, andsupport DUIprogramsubcontractorsFacilitate webinars,online training,conference calls,and programmaterialsCollect, parse, andreport project dataLiaison with DHCS,DUI programs,court and CountyrepresentativesManage projectfunds includingpayments tosubcontractorsAnalyze and reportproject results23


CHP 2-day Workshops are intended for professionals working inDHCS licensed programs with the goal of establishing a systematicapproach to recognizing and evaluating drug use and impairment,in order to establish early recognition and interventionopportunities.CHP TrainingRequired forSubcontractorsThe CHP may provide training virtually.Updates will be provided.CEUs will be provided for CADTP andCCAPP Counselors.25

SubcontractorApplication ProcessHow to Apply26

DUI TreatmentProgram licensed inthe State ofCaliforniaA business in goodstanding andqualified to dobusiness in CaliforniaComplete a Requestfor Application (RFA)Agree to the Scopeof Work (SOW)ApplicantRequirements27

74,900 over the course of the project 10,700 per quarter for 40 DUIProgramsGuidance, support, training from CADTP’s DUI MAT Project TeamEachSubcontractorWill Receive:Pilot Program framework and materials Project websiteVirtual training sessionsTechnical assistance calls and virtual supportOnsite technical visit(s)28

Request for ApplicationContentsTheRequest forApplications(RFA) Purpose/BackgroundScope of Work Contents Services Overview Time Schedule Description of Services to bePerformed Qualification Requirements Deliverables Schedule Content Requirements Contract Requirements Evaluation and Scoring Federal Requirements SelectionThe Scope ofWork (SOW) Staffing Budget Example Budget Example Deliverables29

Statement of Interest – 1 Page Max Organizational Chart – 1 Page MaxYourApplication WillInclude: Plan of Operations –3 Pages Max Budget and Budget Narrative – 3 Pages Max Staffing Budget See the RFA for detailed instructions forcompleting the application.30

Examples andDocuments Budget Budget Narrative Staffing Budget31

ProjectTimelinesImportant dates!32


DHCS shall score applications and awardgrants to DUI Program applicantsScoring andSelection DHCS will confer final award decisions CADTP shall notify each DUI program ofaward decision CADTP will create and issue subcontracts tothe awardees34

To download the documents included in the application package, goto: in the application package:ApplicationPackage Request for Application (RFA)Exhibit A – Scope of WorkExhibit B – Budget TemplateExhibit C – Staffing BudgetBudget Narrative ExampleInforming Webinar Slide DeckPlease email [email protected] to indicate your intention to applyfor the DUI MAT Integration/Outreach Pilot Project 2.0This is not required but will help us to be aware of the number ofincoming applicants.Mail completed applications to [email protected]

Janice Forbes, Project ManagerDUI MATProject TeamContactInformation 760-316-3003 [email protected] Michealine Flower, Program Liaiso