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GSA Fleet Value Proposition2

GSA Office of Fleet Management Mandatory source for non-tactical Vehicle Purchasing (FPMR101-26.501) Mission and agency directive, funding type or appropriations may determinewhether agency leases or buysAutoChoice on-line ordering toolProfessional engineering services including technical assistance and vehicle designservices;Professional contracting teams and customer service staff;Assistance with schedule 23V ordering Non-mandatory source for Vehicle Leasing Own and operates ⅓ of the Federal FleetFull service leasing providerOver 206,000 leased vehiclesDomestic and overseas operationReliable funding (revolving fund)3

Leasing with GSA Fleet AgendaNetworkBenefitsOfferingsCard BenefitsFleet Overview and Cost Savings Offerings Implementing Operational EfficiencyFleet planning, Fuel Considerations, Geographic Considerations, and Driving habitsCurrent GSA Offerings Questions4

Overview, Card Benefits, SolutionsLeasing with GSA Fleet5

GSA Fleet Leasing Network Dedicated and knowledgeable Customer Service Staff Engineers for non-standard assistance National Maintenance Control Center: trained technicians toauthorize maintenance and repairs over 100 andrecommend service shops Accident Management Center: customer solution wheninvolved in accidents in GSA Fleet vehicles Loss Prevention Team: provide active fleet card monitoring forfraud, waste and abuse6

Benefits of GSA Leasing Online ordering, AutoChoice Large Selection FY16 prices averaged 19.8% below the dealer’s invoice Predictable budget planning & no agency capital outlay All-inclusive rates Automated information systems Guaranteed vehicle replacements: modern, safe, efficient Reduce fleet administrative burden Less vehicle downtime Streamlined fleet solutions GSA Fleet Card with Loss Prevention Team7

GSA Vehicle Offerings Sedans Police Use Vehicles Light Trucks 4X2 and 4X4 Stake, Dump and Utility Trucks Cab and Chassis Vehicles Medium and Heavy Duty Trucks Buses Ambulances Wreckers and Carriers8

GSA Fleet RatesAn all-inclusive monthly and mileage rate that covers: Vehicles and Replacements Vehicle Information Management System Maintenance & Accident Management Fuel Fleet Card and Tag Management Disposal of Replaced Vehicles9

GSA Fleet Card Each vehicle assigned a GSA Fleet card to purchase: Fuel Minor maintenance and repair of government-owned or operated vehicles vehicle-related accessories 100 dollars10

Loss Prevention Team11

Fleet Overview – Driving EfficiencyGovernment-wide Purchases Through GSAFY10FY11FY12FY13FY14FY15FY16Total 0953,013% AFV Purchases67%80%75%82%81%83%83%AFV 21%13%14%Improved MPG(GSA leased vehicles)12

GSA Fleet Cost Saving Efforts No increase in leasing rates the past 5 years Government-wide annual cost per vehicle by ownership:Agency OwnedCommerciallyLeasedGSA Fleet LeasedFY2011 7,062 13,103 5,757FY2012 7,026 8,058 5,872FY2013 7,434 14,258 5,735FY2014 7,583 14,995 5,524FY2015 7,519 10,319 4,68213

Cost Per Mile ComparisonFederal Ownership TypeFY2013FY2014FY2015Agency Owned 1.0610 1.1193 1.0474Commercially Leased 1.0088 0.8257 1.0474GSA Fleet Leased 0.6503 0.6761 0.573914

Federal Fleet Requirements,Solutions, Offerings15

Federal RequirementsLaw/MandateRequirementsFleet ManagementRegulation (§102-34.50)Agencies may only obtain the minimum size of motor vehiclenecessary to fulfill mission and must obtain motor vehicles thatachieve maximum fuel efficiency, limit motor vehicle body size,engine size and optional equipment to what is essential to meet youragency’s missionExecutive Order13693: Planning forSustainability in the NextDecade Reduce federal fleet per-mile greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by30% by 2025 from a 2014 baseline By 2020, 20% of new fleet acquisitions must be comprised of zeroemission and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles Increase to 50% by 2025 Plan for refueling infrastructure that can record vehicle levelrefueling dataEnergy Independenceand Security Act of 2007(EISA) Acquire only low-GHG emitting vehicles with some exceptions MY17 Passenger Cars: 300 g/mile max CO2 emission (295 forMY18) MY17 Light-Duty Trucks: 375 g/mile max CO2 emissionEnergy Policy Act1992/2005 (EPAct) 75% of light duty vehicle acquisitions must be alternative fuelvehicles in metropolitan areas16

FY17 Electric VehiclesOffered by GSA Fleet8E Ford FocusNEW! 8E Nissan LeafNEW! 8E GM Bolt BEV115 Mile Range107 Mile Range238 Mile RangePurchase 16,160.00Purchase 20,075.77Purchase 34,810.66Lease 182/month, .063/mileLease 182/month, .063/mileLease 182/month, .063/mileIncremental 1,515.00Incremental 5,430.77Incremental 20,165.66SPECIAL! Break Even Rate 199/month, .063/mileNo IncrementalOnly available in ZEV states: CA, CT,MA, ME, MD, NJ, NY, OR, PA, RI, VT17

FY17 Plug-in Hybrid Electric VehiclesOffered by GSA FleetSubcompact Sedans8P ChevroletVolt PHEVPurchase: 30,300Lease: 182/month, .08/mileIncremental: 15,655.00Purchase: 27,143.758P Ford CMAX Lease: 182/month, .08/mileEnergi PHEV Incremental: 12,498.75Compact SedansPurchase: 28,209.309P Ford Fusion Lease: 184/month, .10/mileEnergi PHEV Incremental: 9,838.419P Hyundai Purchase: 27,961.85Sonata PHEV Lease: 184/month, .10/mileIncremental: 9,590.96NEW! Minivan20P Chrysler Pacifica PHEVPurchase: 38,458.78Lease: 228/month, .19/mileIncremental: 17,341.70 18

Federal Sustainability Requirements forProducts Purchased with Fleet Card Ensure that re-refined engine lubricating oil and retread tiresare purchased if available Recycled, bio-based, FEMP-designated or non-ozonedepleting products should be used where practical For alternative fuel vehicles, agency cardholders mustpurchase alternative fuel where readily available at areasonable cost19

Implementing Sustainability:Fleet PlanningOptimizing Your FleetGreaterability tomeet federalrequirementsReducedagency fleetcosts20

How to Optimize Know your agency and your fleet Clearly define agency mission and goals Use the tools available to you Explore all available vehicles and options Use vehicle allocation methodology (VAM) Right-size vehicle fleet Have a mixed fuel portfolio Substitute vehicles for Fleet Solutions Use Dispatch Reservation Module and look to Motorpool options Look to STR/Short term rentals in place of vehicles that are sitting21

Improving Overall Fleet SustainabilityFUEL ECONOMYMore GreenLess GreenSmallLargeTransmissionContinuouslyVariable (CVT)AutomaticVehicle ClassSedanTruck/SUVSizeBattery/ElectricEngine DisplacementSmallerBiggerVehicle ridDiesel/CNG/E85Advanced PowertrainGasOlder 22

Why More Efficient Vehicles?GHG EmissionReductionsNo/less fleet GHG emissions fromuse of electricityOperating costsLower fuel cost per mile andmaintenance costsSupport marketdevelopmentLead by example in growing theelectric vehicle marketPerformanceQuiet, comfortable, and quick23

Ancillary Services and Solutions AFV Guide & Tool Desktop Workshops Dispatch ReservationModule Electric Vehicle ChargingStation Solutions Short Term Rental (STR)Program Standardized LawEnforcement UpfitPackages Telematics FedFMS Training & Education Newsletters Vehicle Consolidations24

Automated SolutionsData to effectively and efficiently manage your fleetAssist withcomplianceAccess ty to findvehicles thatmeet yourneeds25

Electric Vehicle Charging InfrastructureLevel 1Level 2Level 3 (DC Fast Charging)2-5 miles of rangeper hour of charging10-20 miles of rangeper hour of charging60-80 miles of rangeper 30 minutes of charging120V charging, 7-21 hours forfull charge. Charging cordprovided standard withvehicle.240V charging. 2-5 hours forfull charge. Stations cancollect data with optionaldata/network services.480V charging. Delivers fullcharge in 30 minutes-1 hour.Stations can collect data.Harder to capture data byvehicle. Least expensive.Works with any type ofPHEV/EV. Moderatelyexpensive.Not all EVs can use all DCfast charger connectiontypes. Most expensive.26

GSA EVSE BPA 2 Firms received Awards Apollo Sunguard Systems, Inc. (BPA GS-30F-GA082)Pacific Lighting Management, Inc. (PLEMCo) (BPA GS-30F-GA083) 6 EVSE manufacturers under Category 1 ChargePoint, EVSE LLC, Garage/Juice Bar, Leviton, Efacac, Telefonix78 different configurations1 year of data network services included in station price for majority of CLINS 1 Data network awarded under Category 3 ChargePoint No installation services awarded27

GSA Fleet Lease Offering GSA Fleet will lease level 2 charging stations only Four different models: Wall mounted, single portWall mounted, dual portPedestal mounted, single portPedestal mounted, dual port Stations will include 1 year of network connectivity and datacollection GSA Fleet HQ will have access to the dataIntegration with WEX/GSA’s Inventory System possible Asset will be stored in GSA’s Fleet Management System First orders will be placed mid- to late-April Delivery to all 50 states and Puerto Rico within 60 days of orderplacement28

Charging Stations for Lease Method of Award: Lowest Priced Technically Acceptable(LPTA)ConfigurationMonthlyRateWall Mount, Single Port 85.39Wall Mount, Dual Port 129.65Pedestal Mount, Single Port 94.41Pedestal Mount, Dual Port 138.6729

Charging Station Lease Terms Agencies are required to sign a Memorandum of Agreement(MOA) with GSA Fleet in order to participate in this offering Lease will be a 48-month fixed period with one 12-monthoption period to be automatically renewed, unless the agencynotifies GSA of its intent to discontinue the lease After the 12 month option period, asset can be transferred to the leasing agencythrough an excess property transfer Lease covers charging station equipment only Installation and maintenance of the stations is the responsibilityof the leasing agency30

Charging Station Order ProcessLease vs. BuyLease1Buy1Contact AFV Team [email protected] agencies to (the EVCharging Stations tab)2AFV Team provides relevant documentsMOA, Order Form, Fact Sheet3Order form and MOA are completed andreturned to GSA, GSA Contracting Officer placesorder4AFV Team supplies leasing customer withaccountability form, GSA AFV Team enters assetin NEW EVSE FMS once completedAccountability Form is returned3Agency Contracting Officer can placeorder directly against BPAin accordance with FAR 8.403(C)requirementsAgency Contracting Officerdetermines acquisition threshold (ForLPTA, if cost is 3,500 & SAT, thenCO can use BPA pricing per CLINAward Doc. as “fair opportunity” foreach firm) All order and deliveryarrangements made by agency31

Telematics BPA - 2 Categories Awarded Category 1 - GPS Tracking Speed, location data, Idling, utilizationCategory 2 - GPS Tracking & Vehicle Diagnostics Speed, location data, Idling, utilization AND Maintenance, Fuel Consumption,EmissionsDescriptionGPS TrackingGPS with Vehicle DiagnosticsDevice (per unit) 100.00 100.00Installation (per unit) 46.55 46.55Monthly Wireless Plan &Web Access 10.00 12.00Total Upfront Costs 146.55 146.55Annual Service Cost 120.00 144.0032

Customer Feedback We’re ListeningModernized GSA Fleet Drive-thru and AutoChoice SystemsProvided new after hours roadside assistance programReleased Customer Leasing Guide, inclusive of Fair Wear andTear policyIncreased training opportunitiesStreamlined the acquisition process for leasing customersAdded order status as provided by the manufacturer inAutoChoiceFacilities Vendor and Customer Self Service (VCSS) emailnotificationExpanded WEX Acceptance33

On the Horizon Fleet Drive-thru and FEDFMS modifications for FAST ALDreporting GSA Fleet2GO Mobile Application Federal Fleet Manager Certification Program34


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