Life’s Good!From installation to maintenance and repair, LG runs more than60 global air conditioning academies, each provides training forair conditioning professionals.What is LG?LG Electronics is a division of the LG Group founded in 1947. LG air conditionerswere first manufactured in 1968. With inverter driven commercial and residentialair conditioning equipment and controls, LG is among the world’s largest volumecompressor and HVAC manufacturers with 8 production sites.2

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What is VRF?Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) technology was introduced as a system tominimize losses found in conventional HVAC systems. A water source VRF systemis engineered to minimize ductwork by eliminating large air handlers, giving backvaluable mechanical room and ceiling plenum space. Water source VRF is ideal forretrofit projects with the ability to utilize existing water pipe systems. The factorymounted controls simplify the installation. The modular design of a VRF systemprovides exceptional dehumidification and temperature control by rapidly adaptingto changing loads. Superior energy savings are achieved by giving occupants thechoice to condition only the zones being used. Energy efficient and easy to design,install, and maintain, a VRF system has low life cycle cost compared to othersystems on the market today.4

6Why LG VRF?20Multi V Water II Units46Accessories5

Why LG VRF?Multi V Water II is engineered to bring together efficiencyand easy installation. With an LG Multi V Water II systemyour residence or building consumes less energy.6

Why LG VRF?DEHUMIDIFICATIONAND COMFORTCONTROLEFFICIENTDESIGNQUALITY ANDRELIABILITYWith the use of inverters and multiple compressor water source units, theLG Multi V Water II system offers superior load matching, which preventsconstant cycling or large temperature swings. Tight temperature controlthrough precise load matching ensures maximum comfort, efficient operation,and superior dehumidification.Without using large distribution ducts, Multi V Water II removes losses that areunavoidable in other systems. With the use of optimized scroll compressorsand inverter technology, Multi V Water II systems minimize energy consumptionto levels previously unattainable by non-VRF systems. The modular designoffers comfort on demand allowing the choice to use the systems only in thezones where it is needed, further promoting reduced energy consumption.Water heat recovery is possible in systems with multiple water source units.Multi V Water II Heat Recovery can add refrigerant side heat recovery.With controls that alternate compressors and protect against oil migration andshort cycling, the Multi V Water II offers unmatched quality and reliability. LGhas expertise in compressor design, motors, and printed circuit boards, resultingin superior quality control. Multi V Water II is backed up with a 2-year parts andadditional 4-year compressor warranty.7

Why LG VRF?STYLISH DESIGNMulti V indoor units are available in a wide range of styles to fit any interiordesign. With indoor unit choices including cassettes that mount flush to theceiling, ducted units that are completely concealed in the ceiling, and mirrorfinished wall mounted units that fit into any décor, the LG Multi V systemoffers unparalleled aesthetic design.MirrorDucted4-Way Ceiling CassetteFloor Standing2-Way Ceiling CassetteVertical/Horizontal Air HandlerQUIET8Work without distraction. With indoor units that can operate at sound levelsas low as 23dB(A), and water source units that operate as low as 49 dB(A),LG Multi V Water II creates a comfortable environment so quiet it is almostundetectable. The compact water source unit fits easily in small indoormechanical rooms that are separate from occupied spaces and furtherreduce sound.


Why LG VRF?Architectural AppealADAPTABLE ANDFLEXIBLESMALLERCHASES ANDPLENUMSMulti V Water II units can be adapted to a wide range of building types andsizes including but not limited to schools, hotels, hospitals, and offices. MultiV Water II is ideal for retrofit projects where existing condenser water pipingsystems can be utilized. Water source units are installed indoors, eliminatingthe need for multiple condensing units mounted on a roof or at grade level,which allows for a cleaner exterior look to a building. For taller buildings, MultiV Water II units offer flexibility to be mounted in mechanical rooms located onfloors closer to the indoor units, shortening the refrigerant pipe runs. Multi VWater II units modular design means water source units can be commissionedin stages so tenants can move in as each tenant space is completed. Flexibleand logical placement of system components, shorter pipe lengths, and fewerjoints lower installation costs and minimize the potential for leaking.The LG Multi V Water II system uses refrigerant piping to move heat resultingin smaller space requirements compared to water piping or air ducts. Thishelps reduce the overall construction and material cost of your building andgive back leasable space.Multi V Water II indoor Unit (eliminate soffit)10Conventional Duct Soffit


Why LG VRF?Engineering AdvantageINTUITIVEDESIGN12The LATS Multi V design and layout software provides an intuitive method oflaying out a Multi V Water II system. LATS Multi V checks refrigerant pipinglengths and elevations, and assists with the sizing of indoor and water sourceunits by calculating capacity based on design conditions. LATS Multi V isthe industry’s only software that can import AutoCAD drawings and lay outthe Multi V Water II system to scale, without the need to add AutoCAD software to your computer. When the user finishes the AutoCAD systemlayout, all of the refrigerant piping lengths will be calculated and a drawingfile with the Multi V Water II system can be exported.

Why LG VRF?ENERGYMODELINGLG stands behind efficiency and performance with proof. You can find MultiV Water II in the EnergyPro building energy simulation software fromEnergySoft . EnergyPro is approved by the California Energy Commission andcan be used for documentation with the California Title 24 Standards as wellas energy codes throughout the United States including ASHRAE 90.1 andLEED . The software accurately models energy consumption based on buildingdesign, orientation, location, and other design conditions taking into accountyour specific utility rate structure.13

Why LG VRF?SUSTAINABILITYThe architectural and engineering community is adopting a balanceddesign approach that considers energy and water consumption, repetitivemaintenance costs, the impact of development on the environment, andthe building’s initial cost as equally important factors in developing highperformance, sustainable buildings that will increase building value.The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air ConditioningEngineers (ASHRAE) and the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) havebeen instrumental in developing and documenting voluntary best practicestandards that provide the construction industry an all encompassingbalanced approach for developing sustainable buildings.ASHRAE Standards provide best practices for safe refrigerant handlingand proper building ventilation, controlling building temperature and relativehumidity, energy and water efficiency. The USGBC has developed holisticdesign standards for constructing new and retrofitting existing buildingsknown as LEED – Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. TheLEED Green Building Rating System is a voluntary, consensus based programfor developing high performance, sustainable buildings. Based on wellfounded scientific standards, LEED emphasizes state-of-the-art strategiesfor sustainable site development, water and energy conservationas well as a guide for selecting construction materials that are easily renewableand manufactured to promote indoor environmental quality.The LEED rating system provides a complete framework for assessingbuilding performance and meeting sustainability goals. Based on a systemof prerequisites and credits, often referring to ASHRAE Standards, LEED projects earn points during the certification process and then are awarded oneof four available certification levels: Certified, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. TheLEED rating system does not endorse products, but sets performance criteriato award prerequisites and points toward certification.14

Why LG VRF?The Multi V variable refrigerant flow air conditioning system is engineered forsustainable green building and provides opportunities for designers to claimnumerous LEED prerequisites and points.1. The Multi V Water II system uses refrigerant R410A.2. M ulti V Water II offers exceptional energy performance by using state ofthe art controls, high efficiency variable speed evaporator fan assemblies,and a combination of variable and constant speed compressors thatprovide unmatched unloading performance.3. T he modular design of Multi V Water II uses multiple indoor units allowingthe designer to provide individualized control for each occupant.4. L G’s family of local controllers, central controllers, building managementcontrollers and communication gateways make it easy to monitor energyusage and control the Multi V Water II system operations based onbuilding usage or indoor air quality.5. M ulti V Water II units compact size and ease of installation allow thedesigner to maintain existing walls, floors, and roofs to take advantage ofcredits listed under Material and Resources credits.15

Why LG VRF?COMMISSIONINGANDTROUBLESHOOTINGInstallation and Commissioning SupportLG is committed to the success of every Multi V Water II project. Properinstallation is important to operation and system longevity. Installation andcommissioning training conducted at our training centers provides studentswith the knowledge and tools to properly install Multi V Water II systems.For on site startup and commissioning, our technical staff or an approvedtechnical agent is on hand to record system operation to start the warrantyvalidation process.LGMV (LG Monitoring View) Service ToolAligning with LG’s commitment to quality, the LGMV service tool provides theuser a window into the inner workings of our sophisticated operating systems.From a laptop computer, this tool is used to monitor low side and high sidepressures, status of liquid injection, hot gas by-pass valves, operating frequencyof the inverter compressor, electronic expansion valve (EEV) position and superheat values for all connected indoor units. The software provides an accuratepicture of an operating system without the need to manually check systemtemperatures, access the refrigerant circuit for system pressures, or performtime consuming resistance and voltage tests. This service tool provides themost effective troubleshooting method for LG Multi V Water II equipment.Easy to maintainThough highly advanced, Multi V Water II equipment is simple to maintain,mainly consisting of cleaning filters. Fan motors use permanently lubricated ballbearings. LGMV software provides a window into the system for the technicianto quickly check operating conditions as part of an annual or semi-annualmaintenance program.16

Why LG VRF?17

Why LG VRF?TRAININGAt LG we are committed to excellence in Multi V Water II design and installationtraining. We offer complete training for engineers, architects, installers andservicers to ensure every Multi V Water II installation is successful.Engineers and ArchitectsWe have designed a comprehensive workshop tailored to specifying engineersand architects. Training includes a complete product and controls introductionwhich explains advanced features and benefits of the LG Multi V Water IIsystem. A live tutorial covers the setup and use of the LATSTM Multi V designand layout software. A standard feature of all LG training is open foruminteraction between the facilitator and all attendees.18

Why LG VRF?Installers and CommissionersLG offers multiple levels of training. Level One is an Installation FundamentalsClass. Level Two is Multi V Commissioner Training Class. Level Three is aService/Maintenance Class.The installation fundamentals course encompasses best practices forinstalling, piping, and wiring all Multi V systems. In depth technical topicssuch as sequence of operation all systems are covered. Lab activitiesare designed to reinforce classroom discussion, including topics such asV-Net controls. Time is also set aside to provide hands-on experienceusing LGMV (commissioning and troubleshooting software) used onoperating equipment in our training labs.19



Multi V Water II UnitsAdvanced Compressor ESSORSThe oil injection mechanism ensures a reliable oil filmon moving parts even at low speed operation, allowingthe inverter compressor to safely operate at lowspeed. Also, concern over oil migration is minimized.The compressor discharge is specially designed tominimize the amount of oil leaving the compressor.Oil that may leave the compressor is then broughtback to the compressor using an oil separator afterthe discharge and the