Department of the ArmyHeadquarters, U.S. Army Cadet Command1st Cavalry Regiment RoadFort Knox, Kentucky 40121-5123USACC Regulation 145-9Effective 1 April 2021Functional AreaCADET COMMAND RESERVE OFFICERS’ TRAINING CORPS COMPONENTSELECTION AND COMMISSIONING REGULATIONFOR THE COMMANDER:OFFICIAL:JOHN R. EVANS, JR.Major General, U.S. ArmyCommandingHistory. This publication augments Army appointment and commission regulationsArmy Regulation (AR) 145-1, Senior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (SROTC)Program. Organization, Administration, and Training, AR 135-100, Appointment ofCommissioned and Warrant Officers of the Army (Army National Guard and ArmyReserve, and AR 601-100, Appointment of Commissioned and Warrant Officers in theRegular Army. Specifically, this USACC regulation provides definitive guidance andprocedures for the branching, commissioning, and accessing of Reserve Officers’Training Corps (ROTC) Cadets selected for Active Duty (AD), Reserve Duty (RD),Educational Delay (DL) or the Early Commissioning Program (ECP) to include forms,checklists and examples of Memoranda.Summary. This publication outlines the Component Selection and commission processfor all Cadets to include Regular Army, Reserve Component, Guaranteed ReserveForce Duty (GRFD) scholarship recipients, and Early Commissioning Officers. Specificguidelines are outlined on Distinguished Military Graduate criteria, administrativeprocedures for erroneous commissions, and how to complete commission documentsfor all components Regular Army and Reserve Forces Duty (RFD).iUSACC Regulation 145-9 1 April 2021

Applicability. This regulation applies to Headquarters, U.S. Army Cadet Command(USACC) and its subordinate units.Proponent and Exception Authority. The proponent for this regulation is the DeputyChief of Staff, G1. The proponent has the authority to approve exceptions or waivers tothis regulation that are consistent with controlling laws, regulations, and USACCpolicies. Activities may request a waiver to this regulation by providing justification thatincludes a full analysis of the expected benefits and must include formal review by theactivity’s senior legal officer. All waiver requests will be endorsed by the commander orsenior leader of the requesting activity and forwarded through their higher headquartersto the policy proponent.Army Management Control Process. This regulation does not contain managementcontrol provisions.Supplementation. Supplementation of this regulation and establishment of local formsare prohibited by subordinate commands of USACC.Suggested Improvements. Users are invited to send comments and suggestedimprovements on DA Form 2028 (Recommended Changes to Publications and BlankForms) directly to HQ, USACC, and Attention: ATCC-PA, Fort Knox, KY 40121-5123.Distribution. Distribution of this regulation is intended for HQ USACC and itssubordinate units. Distribution is in electronic format only.Summary of ChangeUSACC Regulation 145-9CADET COMMAND RESERVE OFFICERS’ TRAINING CORPS, COMPONENTSELECTION AND COMMISSIONING REGULATIONTHIS REVISION o Eliminates Regular Army branching guidance. Talent Based Branching accessionfile preparation will be addressed in a separate publication currently underdevelopment pending staffing.o Eliminates reference to Outcome Metrics List, reverts back to Order of Merit List.(Paragraphs 2-3a-c).o References DA Pamphlet 600-8-105, Military Orders, regarding discharge ordersfrom ROTC to accept an appointment, format 502 (paragraph 3-6n).iiUSACC Regulation 145-9 1 April 2021

o Eliminates USACC Form 145-5-1. This Form is included in USACC Circular 601XX-1, annual accessions guidance and saved on the USACC SharePoint forPublications/Policies.o Revises Height / Weight Certificate Subject line. Discontinue use of last 4 SSNand replace with DoD ID # (Figure 3-1).o Revises current appointment criteria (paragraph 3-3).o Revises guidance for Green to Gold ADO nurse candidates. Do not execute aRegular Appointment on any Green to Gold ADO Army Nurse Corps candidatewithout a passing grade on the National Council of Licensure Examination(NCLEX) (Figure 3-3).o Revises format for discharge of USAR. Discharge ROTC Cadet from USAR(Format 502), to accept commission, IAW DA Pamphlet 600-8-105, dated 1 April2019 (Figure 3-4).o Deleted Appendix C, Officer Appointment Checklist Form is published in USACCCircular 601-XX-1, revised annually.o Revises Appendix B: Revised to comply with current procedures for PersonnelSecurity Management (PSM) in the ROTC Program. Select branches areaffected by updates to T5 investigation requirements.o Paragraph 2-3a –c Revises language on accession policies regarding GRFDcontracted Cadets (scholarship, non-scholarship, and MJC graduates).o Paragraph 2-3c. Added language regarding Military Junior College Cadets’process for requesting revocation of Reserve Forces Duty dedicatedscholarships. Ike Skelton recipients must submit USACC Form 205 120 daysprior to commission at the MJC program.o Paragraph 3-3. Significant changes to made to this paragraph for clarification onAppointment Eligibility Requirements.oiiiParagraph 3-3f. Added new guidance regarding physical fitness standards.Reads as: Complete the Army Combat Fitness Test (ACFT) - The PMS mustadminister this test within 120 days prior to appointment and may conduct retests as needed to verify physical fitness. Cadets who fail to meet the minimumpassing standards for the ACFT will not be processed for disenrollment and maybe appointed per Army Directive 2020-06, dated 12 June 2020 and SupplementalGuidance #1 for the Use of the ACFT during IMT and Commissioning, dated 14October 2020.USACC Regulation 145-9 1 April 2021

oChanged Paragraph 3-4 to Exceptions to Annual Accessions Process. Clarifiescategory of Cadets who must be considered in the Annual Component Selectionand RA Branching Board prior to commission. (1) Military Junior Collegegraduates and (2) End of Camp Commissionees.o Paragraph 3-7f. Revised paragraphs 3-fg (1) – (3) to add language from HQDAFY21 ROTC Accessions Guidance dated 8 October 2020 that establishesdeadlines for ARNG to have an LOA and or be appointed into the ARNG.o Paragraph 3-7m. Revised to clarify discharge authority in cases of SMPdisenrollment actions. Reads as follows - NOTE: SMP participants remainobligated to complete their Military Service Obligation (MSO) with their ReserveComponent unit upon disenrollment actions from the SROTC Program.Reference USACC Pamphlet 145-4, Chapter 8 for disenrollment actions.o Added paragraph 5-2 e. Now reads: Early Commissioning Program (ECP) 2LTscommissioned by MJC(s) will access into the same Reserve Component in whichthey served following MJC commissioning while completing their baccalaureatedegree, unless selected for Regular Army accession by the ASA(M&RA), asdescribed in paragraph 3a.oParagraph 5-2f. Revised to read: MJC 2LTs with an approved GRFD revocationmay request active duty component during their accessions window. Therevocation request must be submitted NLT 120 days prior to commissioning atthe MJC.oAppendix D - renamed ECP Accession File/OMPF.oAppendix D - Added GRFD (Guaranteed Reserve Forces Duty) ContractEndorsement (CC Form 202-R, 203-R, or 204-R (non-scholarship revocation) or205-R (MJC revocation) (as applicable).o Appendix D – Added ROTC Contract (DA Form 597-4) (EAPContract/addendum), Cadet incurs a one year ADSO for each year of EAP.o Appendix F is changed to Appendix E with paragraphs E-1 thru E-5 providingexamples of required ECP documents.o Appendix E-1 ECP Request For Assignment Orders. Paragraph 2c changed toread as: Evidence of qualifying height/weight (body fat) and that the ACFT wasadministered within 120 days of commissioning.o Appendix E-2 Paragraph 1d revised to read as: Maintain height and weightrequirements in accordance with AR 600-9, The Army Body CompositionProgram, and physical fitness standards as required by TC 3-22.20, ArmyReadiness Training. I will participate in the Army Combat Fitness Test andivUSACC Regulation 145-9 1 April 2021

height/weight verification at my RC unit of assignment and provide a copy to theROTC program.o Appendix E-3 is an updated example of a correct Letter of Acceptance from theapplicable state TAG Officer Strength Manager.vUSACC Regulation 145-9 1 April 2021

Contents1-1. Purpose . 11-2. References . 11-3. Explanations of abbreviations and special terms . 11-4. Responsibilities. 11-5. Objectives . 1Chapter 2 – Component Selection . 22-1. Definition . 22-2. Component Files . 22-3. Commissioning Policies . 22-4. Campus Order of Merit List (OML) . 42-5. Distinguished Military Student (DMS) and Graduate (DMG) . 42-6. Cadet Command Order of Merit List (OML) Model . 52-7. Talent Based Branching (TBB) . 52-8. Campus Evaluation Report (CER) . 6Chapter 3 – Commissioning . 63-1. Definition . 63-2. Commissioning Authority . 63-3. Eligibility for Appointment . 6Figure 3-1. PMS HT/WT Certificate Memorandum for Record . 83-4. Exceptions to Annual Accessions Process . 103-5. Appointment in the Reserve of the Army . 103-6. Regular Army (RA) Appointment guidelines . 113-7. PMS Responsibilities . 133-8. Commissioning of ROTC Graduates . 163-9. Erroneous Appointment Procedures. 16Figure 3-2. Memorandum of Appointment Reserve of the Army . 18Figure 3-3. Memorandum of Appointment (Regular Army) . 19Figure 3-4. Discharge ROTC Cadet from USAR (Format 502), to accept commission. 20Chapter 4 - Accessioning . 214-1. Definition . 214-2. Commission/Accession Documents . 214-3. ROTC Nurse Student Commissions . 23Chapter 5 - Early Commissioning Program (ECP). 235-1. Definition . 235-2. General . 235-3. Responsibilities. 245-4. Administration of ECP LTs . 305-5. Education Assistance Program (EAP) . 31Appendix A – References . 31Section I - Regulatory Publications . 31Section II – US Army Cadet Command Regulatory Publications . 32Appendix B - Personnel Security Management (PSM) – ROTC Program . 33B-1. PMS Responsibilities: . 33viUSACC Regulation 145-9 1 April 2021

B-2. Reporting of Derogatory Information: . 35Appendix C – Completion of DD Form 1A (Commissioning Certificate) . 36Appendix D – ECP Records (Accession File/OMPF Checklist) . 38Figure D-1. ECP Accession File/OMPF Checklist. 39Figure D-2. ECP Accession File/OMPF Checklist. 40Figure D-3. ECP Medical Treatment Record . 41Figure D-4. ECP Accession File (USACC Cadet Record) .