Department of the ArmyPamphlet 25–40Information Management: Publishing andPrintingArmyPublishing:Action OfficersGuideHeadquartersDepartment of the ArmyWashington, DC30 April 2002UNCLASSIFIED

Report Documentation PageReport Date30 Apr 2002Report TypeN/ATitle and SubtitleInformation Management: Publishing and Printing: ArmyPublishing: Action Officers GuideDates Covered (from. to)Contract NumberGrant NumberProgram Element NumberAuthor(s)Project NumberTask NumberWork Unit NumberPerforming Organization Name(s) and Address(es)Department of the Army Headquarters Washington, DCPerforming Organization Report NumberSponsoring/Monitoring Agency Name(s) andAddress(es)Sponsor/Monitor’s Acronym(s)Sponsor/Monitor’s Report Number(s)Distribution/Availability StatementApproved for public release, distribution unlimitedSupplementary NotesAbstractSubject TermsReport ClassificationunclassifiedClassification of this pageunclassifiedClassification of AbstractunclassifiedLimitation of AbstractUUNumber of Pages250

SUMMARY of CHANGEDA PAM 25–40Army Publishing: Action Officers GuideThis pamphlet has been completely revised. The title has been changed fromAdministrative Publications: Action Officers Guide to Army Publishing: ActionOfficers Guide to reflect the consolidated nature of this new publication. Thisrevision-oConsolidates the procedural guidance from AR 25-30 (The Army PublishingProgram) with the previous version of this pamphlet. This consolidationcreates this three-part publication. Part One contains general topics forplanning, writing, coordinating, revising, submitting, processing, anddistributing publications. Part Two contains information that pertainsspecifically to administrative publishing, particularly electronicpublishing. Part Three contains information that pertains to other domains(doctrinal and training publications, technical and equipment publications,multi-Service publications, and so forth). Material not directly related todepartmental publishing has been placed in an appendix.oContains extensive new and updated information on how to develop, staff, andsubmit Department of the Army publications for publishing and Army-widedistribution.

*Department of the ArmyPamphlet 25–40HeadquartersDepartment of the ArmyWashington, DC30 April 2002Information Management: Publishing and PrintingArmy Publishing: Action Officers Guide25–40 and incorporates proceduralinformation from AR 25–30.Summary. This pamphlet updates information on how to develop, staff, and submit Department of the Army publicationsfor publishing for all domains.Applicability. This pamphlet applies tothe Active Army, the Army NationalGuard of the United States, and the U.S.Army Reserve.History. This pamphlet revises DA PamContentsProponent and exception authority.The proponent for this pamphlet is theAdministrative Assistant to the Secretaryof the Army (AASA). The AASA has theauthority to approve exceptions to thispamphlet that are consistent with controlling law and regulation. The AASA maydelegate this approval authority, in writing, to a division chief within the proponent agency who holds the grade ofcolonel or the civilian equivalent.Suggested Improvements. Users areinvited to send comments and suggestedimprovements on DA Form 2028 (Recommended Changes to Publications andBlank Forms) directly to: U.S. ArmyPublishing Agency (JDHQSV–PAP–A),2461 Eisenhower Avenue, Alexandria,VA 22331–0302.Distribution. This publication is available in electronic media only and is intended for command levels C, D, and Efor the Active Army, the Army NationalGuard (ARNG), and the U.S. Army Reserve (USAR).(Listed by paragraph and page number)Part OneDepartmental Publishing, page 1Chapter 1Planning a Publication, page 1Section IIntroduction, page 1Purpose 1–1, page 1References 1–2, page 2Explanation of abbreviations and terms 1–3, page 2Planning a publication 1–4, page 2General guidelines for proponents 1–5, page 2Section IIResearching the Subject and Determining the Target Audience, page 3Researching the subject 1–6, page 3Determining the target audience and command level of distribution 1–7, page 3Section IIIMedia andAuthorizedAuthorizedAuthorizedDates, page 4distribution media 1–8, page 4publishing media 1–9, page 4media for prescribing forms 1–10, page 5*This publication supersedes DA Pam 25–40, dated 1 October 1997.DA PAM 25–40 30 April 2002UNCLASSIFIEDi

Contents—ContinuedPublication dates 1–11, page 5Section IVNumbering DA Publications, page 6The numbering system 1–12, page 6Reusing numbers 1–13, page 6Numbering CD–ROM publications 1–14, page 6Numbering miscellaneous publications 1–15, page 6Chapter 2Writing a Publication, page 6Section IWriting Effective Publications, page 6Organizing publications 2–1, page 6Preparing well-written publications 2–2, page 7Determining RGL 2–3, page 8Section IIEffective Style in Departmental Publications, page 10Formal versus informal style 2–4, page 10Neutral language 2–5, page 11Jargon 2–6, page 11Using abbreviations and acronyms 2–7, page 11Mailing and e-mail addresses, titles, dates, and telephone numbers 2–8, page 11Using office symbols 2–9, page 12Using textual notes 2–10, page 12Footnotes 2–11, page 12Parenthetical comments 2–12, page 12The use of “Commander” versus “Comanding General” 2–13, page 12Names of individuals and technical terms 2–14, page 13Recognition of agencies or individuals 2–15, page 13Certifications 2–16, page 13The metric system 2–17, page 13Advertisements and trade names 2–18, page 14Section IIIPreparing Illustrations and Tables, page 14Essentiality of illustrations 2–19, page 14Unacceptable artwork 2–20, page 15Line illustrations 2–21, page 15Figures 2–22, page 15Tables 2–23, page 15Forms 2–24, page 16Negatives 2–25, page 17Publishing illustrations in color 2–26, page 17Illustrators’ signatures 2–27, page 17Size of artwork 2–28, page 17Submission and retention of artwork 2–29, page 17Service provided by USAPA 2–30, page 18Section IVUsing References in Publications, page 18Types of references 2–31, page 18Using specific references 2–32, page 18Citing forms and publications 2–33, page 19iiDA PAM 25–40 30 April 2002

Contents—ContinuedCiting parts and divisions 2–34, page 20Citing required and related publications 2–35, page 21Section VUse of Copyrighted Material, page 22Problems concerning copyrighted material 2–36, page 22Copyright protection 2–37, page 22Liability for infringement 2–38, page 23Manuscripts submitted voluntarily for publication in periodicals 2–39, page 23Obtaining permission without charge 2–40, page 24When to purchase licenses 2–41, page 26Chapter 3Coordination and Publications Management, page 26Coordination procedures 3–1, page 26Coordination comments 3–2, page 27Post-publication comments 3–3, page 27Chapter 4Review and Submission, page 28Editorial services 4–1, page 28Submitting publications and forms to the PCO and the forms management officer (FMO) 4–2, page 28Preparing DA Form 260 4–3, page 28Preparing the DD Form 67 4–4, page 28Chapter 5Processing, Authentication, Reprints, and Rescinding a Publication, page 28Processing new, changed, or revised departmental publications 5–1, page 28Authentication 5–2, page 29Reprints 5–3, page 31Rescinding a publication 5–4, page 31Chapter 6Distribution, page 31Distribution management 6–1, page 31Establishing initial distribution 6–2, page 31Levels of distribution for publications 6–3, page 32Reduction in Unit Publications Program (RUPP) requirements 6–4, page 33Special distribution 6–5, page 33Sale to the public 6–6, page 33Sale to eligible foreign governments 6–7, page 34Requirements in support of DA contracts 6–8, page 34Local reproduction authority 6–9, page 35Part TwoDepartmental Administrative Publications, page 36Chapter 7The Army Electronic Publishing System, page 36The Electronic Publishing System 7–1, page 36EPS publications database 7–2, page 36SGML tagging 7–3, page 36EPS input data file formats 7–4, page 37Submission of digital files 7–5, page 37Tabular material 7–6, page 38Artwork 7–7, page 38DA PAM 25–40 30 April 2002iii

Contents—ContinuedTable of contents 7–8, page 38Lists of tables and figures 7–9, page 38Chapter 8Administrative Publications Media, page 38Choosing the type of administrative publication to use 8–1, page 38Titles for administrative publications 8–2, page 41Army regulations 8–3, page 42DA pamphlet 8–4, page 42DA circulars 8–5, page 42DA and HQDA directives 8–6, page 42DA memorandums 8–7, page 42Numbered HQDA letters 8–8, page 42Department of the Army general orders 8–9, page 42New administrative publications 8–10, page 43Revisions to administrative publications 8–11, page 44Chapter 9Numbering Scheme for Administrative Publications, page 47Numbering administrative publications 9–1, page 47Numbering Army regulations 9–2, page 47Numbering Department of the Army circulars 9–3, page 47Numbering Department of the Army court-martial orders 9–4, page 47Department of the Army general orders 9–5, page 48Department of the Army memorandums 9–6, page 48Department of the Army pamphlets 9–7, page 48DA posters 9–8, page 48Numbered HQDA letters 9–9, page 48Chapter 10Format, page 48Section IManuscript Preparation for ARs, DA Pams, DA Cirs, and Multi-Service ARs, page 48Army document format 10–1, page 48Division numbering and titling 10–2, page 57Security classifications and protective markings 10–3, page 57Summary of change 10–4, page 57Foreword and preface 10–5, page 57Title page 10–6, page 57The heading 10–7, page 57Authentication block 10–8, page 58History statement 10–9, page 58Title page summary paragraph 10–10, page 58Applicability statement 10–11, page 59Proponent and exception to policy authority statement 10–12, page 59Army management control process statement 10–13, page 59Supplementation statement 10–14, page 60Suggested improvements statement 10–15, page 60Supersession notice 10–16, page 60Table of contents 10–17, page 61Body content and format 10–18, page 61Purpose paragraph 10–19, page 61Reference paragraph 10–20, page 62Preparation of references for appendix A 10–21, page 62ivDA PAM 25–40 30 April 2002

Contents—ContinuedExplanation of abbreviations and terms paragraph 10–22, page 63Responsibilities paragraph 10–23, page 63Policies and procedures 10–24, page 64Notes and footnotes 10–25, page 64Abbreviations and acronyms 10–26, page 64Reports 10–27, page 64Glossary 10–28, page 65Appendixes 10–29, page 65Index 10–30, page 66Tables 10–31, page 66Figures 10–32, page 67Section IIPreparation of DA Memos, Numbered HQDA Letters, and DAGOs, page 67DA memos 10–33, page 67Numbered HQDA letters 10–34, page 70Department of the Army general orders 10–35, page 73Section IIIImplementing DOD Directives and DOD Instructions, page 75Issuing DOD guidance 10–36, page 75Army implementation 10–37, page 75Chapter 11Coordination of Administrative Publications, page 75The importance of coordination 11–1, page 75Required coordination 11–2, page 75Monitoring the staffing of the manuscript 11–3, page 80Preparing a suspense log 11–4, page 81Coordination procedures 11–5, page 82General guidelines for electronically staffing administrative publications 11–6, page 84Old coordination 11–7, page 85Nonresponse 11–8, page 85Nonconcurrence 11–9, page 85Chapter 12Manuscript Review, Submission, and Processing, page 85Publications review 12–1, page 85Manuscript preparation and submission 12–2, page 88Request to publish 12–3, page 88Routine USAPA processing, new and revised publications 12–4, page 88Priority issuance of new or revised departmental administrative publications 12–5, page 92Administrative revisions of departmental administrative publications 12–6, page 92Major functional revision of departmental administrative publications 12–7, page 93Part ThreeOther Publications, page 93Chapter 13Doctrinal, Training, Training Support, and Organizational Publications and Products, page 93Section IMedia, page 93Media 13–1, page 93Doctrinal publications 13–2, page 93Training publications 13–3, page 93DA PAM 25–40 30 April 2002v

Contents—ContinuedGraphic training aids 13–4, page 94Professional bulletins 13–5, page 94Section IIPreparing Publications, page 96Proponents and preparing agencies 13–6, page 96Development, preparation, and distribution 13–7, page 96Doctrinal, training, training support, and organizational publications schedule 13–8, page 96Publications cost data and publishing funds 13–9, page 97Section ingNumberingpage 97Army training and evaluation program 13–10, page 97field manuals 13–11, page 98graphic training aids 13–12, page 101modification tables of organization and equipment 13–13, page 101professional bulletins 13–14, page 101precommissioning publications 13–15, page 102soldier training publications 13–16, page 102tables of allowances 13–17, page 103tables of distribution and allowances 13–18, page 103tables of organization and equipment 13–19, page 103training circulars 13–20, page 104Section IVCoordination and Publishing, page 104Coordinating drafts and memorandums of transmittal 13–21, page 104Review comments 13–22, page 105Approval 13–23, page 105Requests for publishing 13–24, page 105Command or agency doctrinal and training literature 13–25, page 105Chapter 14Technical and Equipment Publications, page 106Section IEquipment Publications Management, page 106Equipment publications schedule 14–1, page 106Priorities for preparation 14–2, page 106Section IIPublications Coverage, page 106General 14–3, page 106Publications on nondevelopmental items 14–4, page 10