ORACLE SOLUTIONS FOR UTILITIESTechnology and Application for Your Utility’s FutureOracle and UtilitiesAround the world, utilities are under pressure. Citizens demand energy andwater that don’t undermine environmental quality. Financial stakeholders lookfor operational efficiency at a time when aging workforces and infrastructuresneed replacement. Regulators seek action on Smart Grid and Smart Meteringinitiatives that add intelligence to infrastructure. Customers seek choice andconvenience—but without additional costs.Pressures like these are forcing today’s utilities to re-examine every aspect oftheir business, from supply to consumption. And no utility can address thesechallenges alone.Oracle has positioned itself as utilities’ software partner of choice in the questto respond positively to these pressures. To do so, Oracle brings togethera worldwide team of utility experts, software applications that addressmission-critical needs, a rock-solid suite of corporate operational software,high performance servers and storage, and world-leading middleware andtechnology. The result: flexible, innovative solutions that increase efficiency,improve stakeholder satisfaction, future-proof your organization—and help yourorganization transform into a next-generation utility.


The Oracle DifferenceEnd-to-End SolutionsOracle provides utilities with the world’s most complete set of software choices. We help you addressemerging customer needs, speed delivery of utility-specific services, increase corporate administrationefficiency, and turn business data into business intelligence. Underpinning all these applications isOracle’s world-renowned middleware and technology.ChoiceOracle helps utilities address immediate problems while building toward a more cohesive, efficient ITfuture. You can begin with one best-of breed solution that addresses a specific pain point. Or you canimplement several pre-integrated applications that ease the development and administration of crossdepartmental business processes. You may also standardize on the complete Oracle applications andtechnology footprint to focus accountability and significantly reduce the resources you must spend onvendor relations.The Oracle Solution Footprint for Utilities3

Configuration, Not CustomizationCustomizing vendors’ off-the-shelf software is expensive, time-consuming, and uncertain. And once thecustomizations are in place, you have made it far more difficult and costly—or impossible—to upgrade thesoftware as new market and regulatory requirements emerge.Yet no two utilities operate identically.Oracle solves this problem by letting you adapt software to your needs through configuration. Duringimplementation, you make a series of choices that tailor operations to your precise requirements. And Oraclepreserves those choices throughout multiple updates and upgrades. You get the cost advantages of off-the-shelfproducts with the operational efficiencies inherent in software that works the way you need it to work.IntegrationBy basing all applications on an increasingly robust set of IT industry standards, Oracle makes it easy tointegrate applications from any vendor. Your staff does not need to learn proprietary, potentially obscurelanguages or cope with complex and one-off procedures. Integrating Oracle applications with existing legacy orother non-Oracle packages is a straightforward process that helps make for faster implementations and smootheroperations.When you choose multiple Oracle applications, you receive, in a growing number of cases, pre-packagedintegrations that ease the integration process even further.As you implement and use a variety of Oracle applications over time, you will gradually migrate toward Oracle’sApplications Integration Architecture (AIA). This single platform for Oracle’s productized and standardizedintegrations reduces the time and cost of application integration, dramatically eases upgrading and testing,and in general, helps lower total cost of ownership for the complete set of Oracle applications and technology.InnovationThe speed of market change in the utilities industry puts a premium on technological innovation.Because Oracle addresses database, middleware, and applications in a cohesive whole, our development teamsquickly spot innovations in one part of the “solution stack” that can deliver benefits in others. Even before atechnology innovation, for instance, is ready for general release, Oracle applications and middleware developersare updating their software so that it takes full advantage of the technology change.The same applies to innovations in applications or middleware, which quickly spread to all parts of the OracleUtilities offerings.The result: New technology delivered quickly and seamlessly to serve your unique needs.PartnersOracle’s outstanding set of integration and technology partners supplement our products and services with visionand commitment that ensures you receive the very best that the software industry can offer, exactly when andwhere you need it.4

Oracle Applications for Customers and BillingOracle offers the utilities industry a complete set of applications and technologies to handle the entire customerlifecycle and related business processes.Customer Care and BillingOracle Utilities Customer Care and Billing is a complete billing and customer care application for utilities servingresidential, commercial, and industrial customers. It addresses both customer and financial data managementwhile handling receivables functions like payment processing, “budget” and multi-party billing, and credit andcollections. It incorporates such customer relationship features as order entry, contract management, and affinityprograms. Its ability to show a 360-degree view of the customer provides a firm foundation for the contact center.Various editions of Oracle Utilities Customer Care and Billing work in specific market models. You can choosean edition based on market structure—competitive or regulated. You can choose an edition that addresses servicetype—water, electricity, gas, or a combination. Oracle Utilities Customer Care and Billing editions also addressthe needs of integrated, distribution, retail, cooperative, and publicly owned utilities.Customer Relationship ManagementOracle Siebel Customer Relationship Management meets the complex customer and marketing needs ofcompetitive retailers. It addresses sales, service, self-service, marketing, customer order management, valuemanagement, customer master, and partner relationships. It can also supplement legacy or incomplete billingsystems that do not include CRM capability.Utilities using Oracle’s E-Business Suite, PeopleSoft, or J.D. Edwards enterprise applications have additionalsuite-specific customer relationship management options. These include complete suite-specific CRM packagesas well as modules like Oracle Service Contracts and Oracle Teleservice.BillingOracle Utilities Billing Component is another way to supplement an insufficient legacy billing application thatcannot be changed. It performs the complex billing required by many Smart Metering programs that involveinterval metering.Customer Self-ServiceOracle Utilities Customer Self-Service helps utilities give customers the web-based options they demand forpaying bills, analyzing consumption, and reducing costs. It helps utilities provide the information customersneed, when they need it, in languages and formats tailored to their specific personal or corporate situations.Oracle E-Business Suite customers may also address some of this functionality through modules like OracleiSupport.Quotation ManagementOracle Utilities Quotation Management helps utilities create, calculate, and process the pricing structures neededby specific groups of customers. It helps meet the needs of large industrial customers involved in complex demandresponse or multiple-supplier programs.5

Rate ManagementOracle Utilities Rate Management speeds the accuracy, timeliness, and competitive response of pricing design andanalysis. It ensures that you have a complete and accurate assessment of the implications and long-term effects ofquotes you provide to customers.Oracle Applications for Mission-Critical Utility OperationsMeter Data ManagementOracle Utilities Meter Data Management decouples the handling of meter data from other mission-critical utilityoperations. As utilities increasingly move toward interval billing, Oracle Utilities Meter Data Managementpermits all applications to receive the metering information they need in the format that fits their uniquerequirements. Utilities without very large volumes of metering data can choose to handle all metering and billingfunctions within Oracle Utilities Customer Care and Billing.Field ServiceOracle Utilities Mobile Workforce Management ensures that field crews reach the sites of scheduled appointmentsand emergencies on time, via the best route, with the right skills and equipment to get the job done. Utilities canalso address field service via modules within various Oracle corporate administration suites. If they need only toschedule customer appointments, they may also choose Oracle Siebel Field Service.Work and Asset ManagementOracle Utilities Work and Asset Management addresses maintenance and repair, construction work management,and replacement in addition to supply chain functionality. Utilities may also address asset needs with modulesfrom Oracle E-Business Suite such as eAM.Project Portfolio ManagementOracle Primavera project portfolio management applications can be leveraged to gain operational efficienciesacross the enterprise to effectively manage their entire project portfolio. The solution allows you to deliverprojects across generation, transmission and distribution, and new clean-energy ventures. Oracle Primaverahelps you successfully execute capital expansion and maintenance projects, optimize an aging but highly skilledworkforce, improve resource planning and utilization. Finally, Oracle Primavera helps manage and monitor budgetallocations against key performance indicators (KPI’s), and helps predict and mitigate the impact of weather,competition, and government regulation.Network Management System (for both Outage and Distribution Management)Oracle Utilities Network Management Systems is a comprehensive, integrated suite of real-time outage anddistribution management applications. It works with your existing SCADA, GIS, and similar systems to acceleratenetwork restoration, improve operational efficiency and system reliability, and better manage distribution assets.SupplyOracle Utilities Portfolio Management links the retail sales and wholesale procurement books; it permitsassessment of exposure for price/load forecasts. Oracle Utilities Load Analysis collects, manages, analyzes,and stores large volumes of energy data. Oracle Utilities Load Profiling and Settlement executes settlement,forecasting, data aggregation, profiling, and financial market settlements.6

Visual ApplicationsVisual Apps for Oracle Utilities combines the power of Oracle’s AutoVue Enterprise Visualization solutionswith Oracle Utilities Work and Asset Management and Mobile Workforce Management solutions. Visual Appsfor Oracle Utilities add a visual dimension to asset and workforce management processes, allowing asset teamsand service technicians to access, view, digitally annotate and collaborate on asset information and case-relateddocuments (schematics, blueprints, 3D models, etc.) directly from within their Oracle Utilities Work and AssetManagement or Oracle Utilities Mobile Workforce Management environment. Greater visibility and enhancedcollaboration help increase workflow efficiency, improving service performance, enhancing customer satisfactionand reducing operating expenses.Business IntelligenceOracle Utilities Business Intelligence is a complete business intelligence solution, built for Oracle Utilitiesapplications, and designed with extensability in mind. It provides pre-built technical business processes forOracle Utilities solutions such as: Customer Care and Billing, Network Management System, Work and AssetManagement and Mobile Workforce Management, enabling utilities to perform separate or combined analyticreporting for those specific utilities applications. Additionally, the user interface works with the pre-built datawarehouse to show configurable KPIs through various graphical metaphors or tabular reports.Oracle Applications for Smart Grid and Smart MeteringSmart GridOracle’s smart grid software is a solution set uniquely positioned to provide utilities with the end-to-endapplications to help solve their technology needs for the roll-out of Smart Grid. The role of operationalapplications starts with distribution management features of Oracle Utilities Network Management System(which includes Outage Management and Distribution Management capabilities) and world-class Oracle FusionMiddleware to handle complex event processing, batch operations, streamlining of business processes, alignmentof business applications, exponential data growth, and visualization for embedded spatial capabilities. In addition,the interaction with the utility customer is changing and is supported by applications including Oracle UtilitiesCustomer Care and Billing, Oracle Utilities Meter Data Management and Oracle Utilities Advanced OutageAnalytics. Our Smart Grid Gateway is the link to these mission-critical systems and the equipment that powersthem.Smart MeteringOracle’s smart metering software is a solution set that offers customers new ways to conserve energy, potentiallyreducing their bills and their carbon footprint. Oracle Utilities Meter Data Management can serve as thefoundation for a Smart Metering initiative. It integrates with multiple advanced metering solutions and acts asa central data repository. It provides validated, ‘clean’ data for downstream systems such as billing, customer care,network