Addictions and Mental Health DivisionCounty Contact Information FormCounty: Tillamook'----Address:906 Main Avenue,City, State, Zip: Tillamook, OR 97141Name and title ofperson(s) authorized to representthe county in anynegotiations and sign any agreement:NameFrank Hanna-WilliamsTitleName,Executive DirectorTitle12. Addiction Treatment Services Contact InformationNameFrank Hanna-Williams,Agency Tillamook Family Counseling Center.Address906 Main Avenue,City, State, Zip Tillamook, OR 97141Phone Number (5023) 842-8201 Fax (503) 815-1870E-mail frankhw[email protected],13. Prevention Services Contact InfOImationNameDaeh Christensen' - - - - - - - - - - - - - - , - - -Agency Tillamook Family Counseling CenterAddress906 Main Ave,City, State, Zip Tillamook, OR 97141Phone Number (503) 812-5505 Fax (503) 815-1870,E-mail [email protected]

14.Mental Health Services Contact InfonnationNameFrank Hanna-WilliamsAgency Tillamook Family Counseling CenterAddress906 Main Avenue,City, State, Zip Tillamook, OR 97141Phone Number (503) 842-8201 Fax (503) 815-1870,E-mail- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -Name MaryAnn Dearborn'---Agency Tillamook Family Counseling CenterAddress906 Main AvenueCity, State, Zip Tillamook, OR 97141Phone Number (503) 842-8201 Fax (503) 815-1870E-mail [email protected] ----------Name Pam MabryAgency Tillamook Family Counseling CenterAddress 906 Main AvenueCity, State, Zip Tillamook, OR 97141Phone Number (503) 842-8201 Fax (503) [email protected]

Addictions and Mental Health Division - Attachment 1LIST OF SUBCONTRACTED SERVICES FOR TILLAMOOK'-----COUNTYFor each service element, please list all of your treatment providersubcontracts on this form. In the far right column indicate if the providerdelivers services specific to minorities, women, or youth.Name--Tillamook FamilyCounseling CenterApprovallLicenseID NumberServiceElementAMHFundsinSubcontractNo services insub-contract

Addictions and Mental Health Division - Attachment 6COUNTY FUNDS MAINTENANCE OF EFFORT ASSURANCECounty: TILLAMOOK.As required by ORS 430.359(4), I certify that the amount of county fundsallocated to alcohol and drug treatment and rehabilitation programs for2009-2011 is not lower than the amount of county funds expended during2007-2009.----:Frank Hanna-Williams ----:--:Name of County Mental Health Program DirectorSignatureDate

Addictions and Mental Health Division - Attachment 7PLANNED EXPENDITURES OF MATCHING FUNDS (ORS 430.380)AND CARRYOVER FUNDSCounty: TILLAMOOKC--Contact Person:Frank Hanna-Williams,Matching FundsSource of FundsTillamook CountyGeneral FundAmountsProgram Area 50,000 for years 2009- Mental Health2010AlcoholJDrug 50,000 for years 2010- Administration2011ConsultationlEducationCarryover FundsAMH Mental Health FundsCarryover Amount from2007-2009None anticipatedPlanned ExpenditureService ElementAMH Alcohol & DrugFunds Carryover Amountfrom 2007-2009None anticipatedPlanned ExpenditureService Element

TILLAMOOK FAMILY COUNSELING CENTERHIGH PRIORITY NEEDS2009 - 2011 COUNTY IMPLEMENTATION PLANMENTAL HEALTHChildren & Adolescents Family-centered counseling forchildren and youth withdiagnosed mental healthconcernsInitiates a liaison format,assigning an agency clinician tolink with each of three (3)school districts in TillamookCountyInitiate home-based, skillbuilding services to benefitfamilies of youth withbehavioral/emotional issues;add one full-time position by2011Improve youth/family accessto services by adding oneadditional satellite location inTillamook County by 2011Adults Older AdultsEnhance level of services toaddress the concerns ofindividuals presenting withdepression and anxietyCollaborate with TillamookCounty Health Department tosupport individuals with cooccurring chronic illnesses andmental health disordersOrient clinicians to encouragenatural support development intheir work with agencyconsumersCollaborate with the TillamookCounty Sheriff on developing astrategy to bring in-housemental health services to thecounty jailConsider options for utilizing Maintain wellness outreachinitiative through the use ofsenior meal site locationsacross Tillamook County;assess with partner agenciesopportunities to broaden thisformat to other venuesImprove collaboration witholder adult serving agencies toidentify and serve those withmental health disordersExpand geriatric mental healthclinician capacity to one fulltime positionEstablish a format for mentalhealth consultation withpartner community agencies onbehalf of older adults

Assess internally the scope ofsex abuse victim treatment percurrent evidence-basedpractices peer community supports forshort-term respite/and hospitalstep down for consumers withmental illness and those at riskfor psychiatricComplete the development ofthe supported housing project(funding already approved)aimed at providing permanenthousing for four (4) mentalhealth consumersUtilize consumers of servicesas a component of apublicicommunity informationstrategy

TILLAMOOK FAMILY COUNSELING CENTERHIGH PRIORITY NEEDS2009 - 2011 COUNTY IMPLEMENTATION PLANALCOHOL AND DRUG SERVICESChildren & Adolescents Utilize the current youthprevention coalition as aformat to survey substance useon an annual basis Family-centered counseling forchildren and youth whopresent with substance abuseconcerns Maintain the focus on theproblem of underage drinkingin Tillamook County currentlybeing targeted by the countyprevention coordinator Coordinate early interventionand referral of youth andfamilies who are identified bypartner community agenciesAdults Develop an ongoingcommunity information forumto provide information andeducation regardingalcohol/drug use/abuse andtreatment issuesConsider an ongoing familygroup for those related toagency conswners; utilize afocus group of familymembers to validate andoutline a process around thisPresent one (1) forum to theTillamook Medical Associationtargeted to address concernsrelated to the abuse ofprescription psychiatricmedication; review strategieswith agency psychiatric staffOlder AdultsIncrease geriatric cliniciancapacity to a full-time staffperson (currently at half-time) Provide a level of consultationto agencies serving seniors toimprove awareness andidentification of those withsubstance abuse concerns Maintain wellness outreachproject through senior mealsites across Tillamook County

aimed at addressing thisconcernDevelop a service componentaimed at addicted parents ofat-risk youth; service will targetparenting as a stressor torecovery; work withcommunity partners to assessneed and to secure resourcesPartner with relatedcommunity agencies, includingSerenity Club, to encourage thedevelopment of recoveryhousing in Tillamook County;consider housing developmentusing the Oxford House model

TILLAMOOK FAMILY COUNSELING CENTERHIGH PRIORITY NEEDS2009 - 2011 COUNTY IMPLEMENTATION PLANPROBLEM GAMBLING INTERVENTIONChildren & Adolescents Maintain linkages withTillamook County schools re:prevention, education, earlyintervention Administer teen survey ofgambling activity. Distributeand communicate finding tokey community partnersAdults Present problem gamblinginformation to individuals atvarious worksites across thecountyMaximize distribution ofinformation throughbrochures, public informationand mediaPrioritize gambling treatmentservices to individuals, familiesand groupsOlder Adults Maintain gambling informationcontent through wellnessoutreach project across seniormeal sites across TillamookCounty Prioritize gambling treatmentservices to individuals, familiesand groups

2. Description of Planning ProcessIn December of 2007, the Mental Health and Chemical Dependency AdvisoryCommittee in Tillatnook began to discuss some community needs rehted to the upcomingImplementation Plan review. At the same time, the behavioral health director reviewed someof the same needs with the agency clinical director and key clinical staff at Tillatnook FamilyCounseling Center.It was decided that a Focus Group format would be a path to ensure broadparticipation in the development of the Implementation Plan and the Advisory Committeeworked with the TFCC director to develop a list of key participants. Additionally, thiscommittee asked the director to compile a draft of emerging needs for mental health, alcoholand drug and problem gambling services for this upcoming 2009 - 2011 biennium. The draftwas distributed to the list of potential Focus Group participants with instructions for themto review and add to the list of emerging needs. A date for the Focus Group meet was set(March 13"') and a facilitator was hired for this group to organize the process and to helpprioritize needs as they emerged. The intent was to outline priority areas for theImplementation Plan and for the community to have some input in to its behavioral healthcare system targets. 20 people participated in the Focus Group process and those individualsrepresented some of the following community stakeholders:Juvenile DeptChild We1fareBoard of County CommissionerSernors with DisabilitiesSerenity ClubRinehart Clinic

ClergyEducatorsConsumers of Mental Health and Substance Treatment ServicesConsumer AdvocatesPriority areas for implemeotation were then forwarded on to the TFCC director to fold intoa written plan for the 2009 - 2011 program years.The community's primary behavioral healthcare ageocy, Tillamook FamilyCouoseling Center, will continue to incorporate the beliefs, customs and traditions ofconsumers wheo services are provided. Particular atteotion will be giveo to the servicedelivery and the ongoing poverty that is experieoced by a segment of the community that isserved here. As a result, plans of care must include a careful look at streogths and barriers toservice so that outcomes for both mental health and substance abuse services can besuccessful.TFCC continues to seek qualified bi-lingoal staff to assist in providing services to agrowing Hispanic community in Tillamook Couoty. Curreotly we have two (2) bi-lingualstaff with Master's degrees who provide behavioral healthcare services. Drawing qualified bilingoal staff to rural, coastal Oregon is a challenge requiriog us to pursue this on an ongoingbasis. Our plan is to pursue connections with schools (through internships) as a way toimprove access for consumers who are mono-lingoal (Spanish).3. State Hospital LinkagesTillamook Family Couoseling Center is linked to the state hospital system through itsservices to consumers with severe and persisteot mental illness. Curreotly there are 2.0 PTE

stilff dedicated to serve this population with a clinical supervisor who provides ongoingadministration for the program and staff.Pam Mabry, LCSW, is the Clinical Supervisor for this unit. She functions as the stiltehospital liaison and works closely with stilff when individual consumers are in the dischargephase or when they are moving forward for a stilte hospital placement. Additionally, thissupervisory position functions as lead for placements that may occur with adult foster homesor other types of housing within the community and beyond. Tillamook is a member of theMid-Valley Behavioral Care Network (MVBCN). MVBCN has a designated HousingCoordinator and a system to assist member counties with housing options for consumerswho may need enhanced levels of care in the community. MVBCN works closely withcontracted impatient providers (Salem Hospital and Good Samaritiln, Corvallis).As a member of the Mid-WilIametre Acute Care Region, hospital and acute careservices admissions and discharges are managed through a designated coordinator. Autilization review process is maintilined with representiltives from member counties and withinpatient providers.4.There are no subcontracts for residential or detoxification services.5. Addictions CoordinationTillamook Family Counseling Center works closely with county Parole and Probation toidentify consumers in need of addictions treatment. Routinely, a designated team ofprobation officers meet with the addictions treatment team at TFCC to review treatmentprogress/issues related to the ongoing caseload. More recendy, the two "teams" have beenmeeting to "cross-train" and share knowledge that is specific to each agency. This is beingdone in an attempt to address some of the barriers/challenges often related to thecollaboration between corrections and A/D treatment. In addition, the county has

contracted with TFCC to provide alcohol and drug intervention to individuals within thecounty jail setting. This process has allowed for some early assessment/intervention and forservices continuation once a jail sentence is completed. TFCC proposes to continue workingwithin this coordinating format for the upcoming 2009 - 2011 program years. Recently,funding limitations have reduced the level of services that will be available through our jailservices contract with Tillamook County. That contract has ended. At this time (4/08) itdoes not appear that funds will be available during the next biennium.6. High Priority NeedsIn looking at the top areas/priorities in the local comprehensive plan (SB555), eachof them coordinates with key service areas that are referenced in the 2009 - 2011Implementation Plan. I will reference each of the top priorities below then refer to theservices identified in the plan that relate to each priority:a) Family SupportAs identified by the comprehensive plan, family support covers a broad range ofissues relating to the ability of a family to maintain on a daily basis. This would include theability to keep one's family safe and having the skills to meet basic needs (food, shelter). Thisarea addresses concerns related to living wage jobs, affordable housing and access to childcare.Connection with 2009 - 2011 PlanThere is continued acknowledgruent that practical life skills support a family's abilityto survive within a community. A key component of child and family counseling