South Sarasota County EditionSummer 2020General, Cosmetic & Emergency DentistryFEATUREDARTICLES3David A.Napoliello,MD, FACSAlternative LINX4JohnsonMedicalCenterFlex Appeal8SouthFloridaEye Clinic20,000 Documented EyeFloater Laser SessionsFor additionalhealth care information,visit us on the web atHealth Care PatronPRSRT.STD.U.S. POSTAGEPAIDTampa, FLPermit No.2397Carrier-Route Pre SortFlorida’sLargestHealthCare InformationPublicationsFlorida Health Care NewsTheonlinepresenceofFloridaHealthCare NewsEmergency dentistryaddresses the problem aswell as the painNorman Jewett recommends services andfacilities to peopletemporarily living inand around Sarasota.His work is part of a concierge servicehe owns and operates that caters toout-of-towners in the area for theseason or on vacation.ALEXANDER GAUKHMAN, DMDNorman’s service finds hotels andrestaurants for clients, locates area healthcare providers and makes arrangementsfor activities, including procuring teetimes for golfers and boat rentals for thosewishing to spend a day on the water.Recently, Norman found himself inneed of his own service after waking upwith pain raging throughout his mouthand into his jaw. His first thought was tocontact Alexander Gaukhman, DMD, ofVenetian Dental.“When I woke up that morning,the upper right side of my mouth washurting so bad I really couldn’t get outof bed,” Norman describes. “The painwas to the point where I couldn’t eat,drink or do anything.”Norman was not a patient ofDr. Gaukhman at the time, but over theyears he had referred several clients toVenetian Dental and in return receivedrave reviews about the care they received.“Being a concierge, I went over andtalked to the folks at Venetian Dentalwhen they first came into the neighborhood,” Norman remembers. “So I knewthey had emergency services and that youcould pretty much call them anytime. SoI called Venetian Dental, and they got mein that same day.”That was impressive enough, butNorman was more amazed with how thedentist and staff treated him. He says thatdespite being a newcomer to the practice,he was made to feel like family.“I’ve had a lot of people tell me howgood and how polite they are, and I experienced that right away,” he relates. “Theydidn’t know me, but they said, Come onin, and they took care of me like theyknew me, like I was their best friend.”Dr. Gaukhman determined that thecause of Norman’s pain was an abscess,a bacterial infection of the tooth thatcan begin in the root or the spacebetween the gums and tooth. Thoughit is generally accompanied by painand swelling, an abscess often requiresextraction of the affected tooth, whichis what Norman required.“Dr. Gaukhman did a really nicejob of pulling the tooth,” Norman says.“He also cut out some of the soft tissueunderlying the tooth. That was to keepthe infection from spreading downinto my heart or into my blood, whereit could get down into the new hips Irecently had replaced and infect those.They took good care of me.”Pain Tells a StoryNot all dental emergencies crop up onweekdays between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m.the way Norman’s did. When they don’t,patients need a dental practice that offersemergency services to diagnose andtreat their condition appropriately andeffectively. Venetian Dental is committedto treating those patients as well.“Th e most common emergencieswe see are extreme tooth pain causedby abscesses, broken teeth and mouthtrauma from accidents,” Dr. Gaukhmanobserves. “These are situations that needto be treated immediately. We alsosee lost fi llings and broken dentures,bridges and crowns. These also requirecare as soon as possible.“It is important that these patients areseen quickly so we can relieve their painand get their dental issue resolved. I orManateeMemorial HospitalNo Better Placeone of my associates at Venetian Dentalis available 24 hours a day whenevera patient calls with an emergency. Wecan schedule an appointment for themthe same day or first thing the next day.We also see patients after hours and onweekends in one of our three locations,Venice, Sarasota or Osprey.”Not all dental emergencies involvepain, but tooth or mouth pain is oftena good indicator that something needsattention. When tooth pain is sudden andexcruciating, it can be related to a seriousinfection that can damage the tooth to thepoint that it fails and requires extraction.“Some people will get an infection but let it go until it becomes anabscess, and then the damage is done,”Dr. Gaukhman explains. “Often, thetooth cannot be saved and has to beremoved. In these situations, we give thepatients all the information about what todo and what not to do after the extractionso that they heal without complications.“This post-extraction information includes how to take care of theextraction site and their mouth as awhole to keep them healthy. We takevery good care of our patients whocome in with emergency needs. Manyof them, like Norman, refer others tous because of the excellent treatmentthey received here.”Dr. Gaukhman points out that ifemergency dental services aren’t available,patients are basically left with one option.(see The Right Care, Right Now, page 2)7AdvancedRejuvenationHearing LossIs Reversible

Page 2 Florida Health Care News Summer 2020 South Sarasota County EditionGeneral, Cosmetic & Emergency DentistryFlorida HealthCare News215 Bullard ParkwayTemple Terrace, FL 33617(813) 989-1330LINX(continued from page 1)“Patients with tooth painand no access to an emergencydentist generally have to suffer,”he says. “They could go to theemergency room, where theywill likely be prescribed antibiotics and pain medication,but they will not have their realdental problem addressed untilthey can make an appointmentwith their dentist during regularbusiness hours.”The dentist adds thatVenetian Dental’s services goabove and beyond in other ways.“As part of our services, wecan create or repair dentures onthe premises in one day.”A 10 Out Of 10Luckily for Norman, there wasan emergency dentist availablewhen he needed one, and he wasextremely pleased with the serviceshe received. The dentist’s effortsrelieved Norman’s pain and allowedhim to put his life back in order.“Dr. Gaukhman numbedthe area a little and then wasvery careful with the extraction,”Norman remarks. “When he wasdone, he stitched it up.The day after, it was sore,but since then it’s beenabsolutely perfect. I’vehad no problem at all.”Being a concierge,i t’s i m p o r t a n t f o rNorman to make surethe services he recommends are top-notch.After being treated byDr. Gaukhman, Norman knowsthat when he suggests VenetianDental, he’s referring clients to oneof the area’s top dental providers.“Going to Venetian Dentalwas a very good experience,Spotlight on Same-Day DentistryPeople who have traumatic memories ofgoing to a dentist orsuch a low tolerance for painthat even a simple cleaning isan ordeal will often postponebadly needed dental care.Visitors to an emergencydentistry practice may havewaited until an easily fixableproblem has escalated toan emergency. Frequently,in these cases, the toothcannot be saved. Fortunately,Venetian Dental offerssedation and may be able toperform a root canal or toothextraction the same day, evenon weekends.Venetian Dentalspecializes indenture repairs,extractions,root canals andcrown repair. Infact, the practice offers theoption of gettingcrowns replaced ina single visit, a processcalled CEREC dentistry.Traditionally, those inneed of a crown could expectto visit the dentist twice: onceto have impressions and atemporary crown made, and asecond time to have the newlyfabricated, permanent crownplaced. The time betweenvisits – usually two to threeweeks – is to allow impressions to be sent to a selecteddental lab, where a permanentcrown is made.Barry LevineExecutive PublisherCEREC dentistryeliminates many of the stepsinvolved in making crowns.For example, CERECuses state-of-the-art opticalimaging and computer aideddesign/computer aidedmanufacturing (CAD/CAM)to design and mill customized crowns that fit perfectlyand match the color of thepatient’s surrounding teeth.With CEREC, there’s noneed for clay impressions thatrequire patients to hold messygoop in their mouths until ithardens.“CEREC is digitaldentistry,” Dr. Gaukhmannotes. “It uses a digitalcamera to takephotos of thepatient’s teeth.Then, it createsimages on acomputer thatwe use to digitallydesign the crowns.This information issent to CEREC’s millingmachine, which fabricates thecrowns from blocks of ceramicthat match the color of thepatient’s other teeth.”The crowns are manufactured in the office atVenetian Dental just beforethey are cemented into thepatient’s mouth. If somethingisn’t right with a crown,Dr. Gaukhman doesn’t have tosend it back to the dental lab.He can correct the issue in theoffice and remake a new crown.Gina L. d’AngeloCFO/HRRoy CummingsEditorial SupervisorMichelle BrooksCreative DirectorBrian LevineProject CoordinatorPatti DiPanfiloLaura EngelEditorial StaffLaura EngelProduction AssistantNerissa JohnsonGraphic DesignerWith his abscess healed, Norman can eat again without absolute 10 out of 10,” hestates. “They made me feelcomfortable in every way, shapeand form. The staff was smilingand upbeat, and they were alllaughing and joking.“And when Dr. Gaukhmancame in, even he was laughingand smiling. They really treatedme well. I would highly, highlyrecommend Venetian Dental.”Coming from someone whomakes recommendations for aliving, that says a mouthful.FHCN article by Patti DiPanfilo. Photos byNerissa JohnsonJordan PyszPhotographyDominic DonnellAldy LaracuenteBob MizeGary SmithSteve TurkDistributionJordan Pysz. mkbAlexander Gaukhman, DMD, earned his dental degreeat Nova Southeastern University College of Dentistryin Fort Lauderdale. He completed hisundergraduate studies at Florida AtlanticUniversity in Boca Raton. Dr. Gaukhman isa diplomate of the International Congressof Oral Implantologists and a memberof the American Academy of ImplantDentistry, Academy of General Dentistry,Florida Dental Association, SarasotaDental Association and AmericanDental Association.Venetian Dental ServicesVenetian Dental specializes in all aspects of dentistry,including but not limited to: Deep Dentalcleaningimplants Extraction ZOOM! whiteningof teeth Root Crownscanals Bleaching Invisalign Lasersurgery Dentures Partials BridgesBetter Bite, Better SmileDr. Gaukhman is accepting new patients andwelcomes the opportunity to help you improve yoursmile and bite function. 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That is a hiatal hernia.tion to this pain, known“The normal positionas heartburn, there mayof the stomach is a majorbe nausea, regurgitation,force in reflux managebad breath and, eventually,ment. When the stomachtooth decay. These areand its connection to theesophagus are in the wrongsome of the telltale signsanatomical position, theof a common conditionDAVID A.known as gastroesophageal NAPOLIELLO, MD, FACS proper food depositingreflux disease, or GERD.mechanism is broken. ThisThe term gastroesophageal refers to contributes significantly to the heartburnthe stomach (gastro) and the esophagus, or and regurgitation associated with GERD.”food pipe. The esophagus empties into theWith GERD and hiatal hernia,stomach through a circular band of muscle people can experience all of the usualcalled the lower esophageal sphincter (LES). symptoms of GERD and also sufferIf the LES doesn’t open and close properly, additional symptoms attributeddigestiv