ONLINE SERVICES AGREEMENTUpdated October 17, 2019We suggest you carefully read this document. Please completely review the informationcontained herein; usage of any of the services described herein constitutes your agreement andconsent, allowing you to take advantage of the many benefits of online services.ContentsI.INTRODUCTION . 5a. General Terms Applicable to All Users . 5b. Agreement to Receive Electronic Communications and Consent to the Service . 6c. Account Requirements . 7d. Service Access . 8e. Geographical Constraints . 9II.ONLINE SECURITY GUARANTEE . 9a. Keeping Your Account Information Safe . 9b. Protecting Your Privacy . 9c. Your Responsibilities . 10d. Contact Us . 10III.MOBILE BANKING GUARANTEE . 10IV. BILL PAY SERVICE . 11a. Terms and Conditions of the Bill Pay Service ("terms and conditions") . 11b. Service Definitions . 11c. Bill Pay Service Guarantee. 12d. Bill Payment Scheduling . 12e. Expedited Payment . 12f. Payment Authorization and Remittance . 13g. Payment Methods . 14h. Payment Cancellation Requests . 15i. Stop Payment Requests . 15j. Prohibited Payments . 15k. Exception Payments . 151

l. Bill Delivery and Presentment . 15m. Exclusions of Warranties. 17n. Service Fees and Additional Charges . 17o. Failed or Returned Transactions. 17p. Alterations and Amendments . 18q. Biller Limitation . 18r. Returned Payments . 19s. Information Authorization . 19t. Credit Information . 19V. INTERNAL FUNDS TRANSFER . 19a. Daily Processing Deadlines . 19b. Internal Transfer Limits. 21c. Payment, Advance or Funds Transfer Authorization and Remittance . 21d. Failed or Returned Transactions. 22e. Funds Transfer/Payments Cancellation Requests . 22f. Withdrawal Transaction Limitations . 22g. Your Liability for Unauthorized Transfers . 22VI.EXTERNAL TRANSFERS . 23a. Types of Transfer Requests . 23b. Daily Processing Deadlines . 23c. External Transfers Fees . 24d. External Transfers Dollar Limits . 24e. External Transfers Authorization and Remittance . 25f. External Transfers Cancellation Requests . 26g. Withdrawal Transaction Limitations . 26h. Your Liability for Unauthorized Transfers . 26VII.SEND MONEY WITH ZELLE AND OTHER PAYMENT SERVICES . 27a. Types of Send Money Requests . 28b. Sending Payments . 29c. Receiving Payments . 31d. Requesting Payments . 32e. Service Definitions . 33f. Daily Processing Deadlines . 342

g. Fees . 34h. Zelle and Other Payments Services Dollar Limits . 35i. Payment Authorization and Payment Remittance . 35j. Payment Cancellation, Stop Payment Requests and Refused Payments for OtherPayment Services . 38k. Withdrawal Transaction Limitations . 38j. Your Liability for Unauthorized Zelle Transactions . 39k. Other Liability . 39k. Failed or Returned Transactions. 39l. Information Authorization . 40m. Disclaimer of Warranties. 41n. Consent to Emails and Automated Text Messages . 41o. Mobile Devices. 42p. Consent to Share Information. 42q. Refused Payments; Returned Payments . 43r. Wireless Operator Data . 43s. Limitation of Liability . 44t. Indemnification . 44u. Use of Our Online Banking Site and/or Mobile App . 45v. Service Providers . 45w. Prohibited Payments . 45VIII. MOBILE DEPOSIT SERVICE . 46a. Services . 46b. Acceptance of Terms . 46c. Fees . 46d. Hardware and Software . 47e. Limitations. 47f. Eligible Items . 47g. Image Quality . 48h. Endorsements and Procedures . 48i. Receipt and Crediting of Items . 48j. Availability of Funds . 49k. Geographical Constraints . 493

l. Disposal of Items . 49m. Deposit Limits . 49n. User Warranties and indemnification . 49o. Ownership and License . 50IX.ONLINE STATEMENT DELIVERY SERVICE . 50a. Service Requirements . 50b. Eligible Accounts . 51c. Online Statement Delivery . 51d. Termination Rights . 52e. Receiving Statement Photocopies . 52f. Minimizing Risks . 52X.TEXT BANKING & ALERTS SERVICE . 53a. Text Banking . 53b. Alerts Service . 55XI.DOWNLOAD SERVICES. 58a. Transmission and Storage . 58b. Additional Limitations of Liability . 59XII.PRIVACY AND SECURITY . 59a. Privacy and User Information . 59b. Password and Security Procedures . 60c. Electronic Device Software . 61d. Address of Banking Changes .