Unify OpenScapeContact Center EnterpriseAtos Unify OpenScape Contact CenterEnterprise V10 (R2)Helping organizations deliver business continuity and remote worker solutionacross multiple contact channels, enable effective user experience and selfservice and improve business decisions with actionable intelligence costeffectively and simply.OpenScape Contact Center V10 is anomni-channel integrated contact centersolution for on-premise and hosted cloudenvironments that empower organizations to connect with customers for effective communication and collaborationwhile improving agent operational efficiency, customer and business engagement and ease of integration across itsecosystem at a competitive price.OpenScape Contact Center (OSCC) delivers intelligent routing for a mid-to-largecontact center, with up to 1,500 activeagents on a single site. Multiple OpenScape Contact Center servers can be networked across physical or virtual sites forincreased scalability of up to 7,500 activeagents. Whether using inbound or outbound interactions, single-site or multi-site,or even if you want to integrate with yourexisting CRM system, OpenScape ContactCenter Enterprise provides the capabilitiesyou need for your contact center. You can: Achieve first-contact resolution with intelligent multi-platform routing and 360degree contextual engagement view; Improve interaction handling efficiencywith intuitive, multi-channel agent webclient; Streamline contact center operationswith powerful management tools; Deploy easily with modular growth andscalability.OpenScape Contact Center V10R2 improves on earlier releases by: Enabling operational continuity whilegiving agents device choices with theAgent Portal Web integrated softphoneoption. Contact centers can more easilydeploy agents to work remotely withnew WebRTC softphone capability Remote OSCC Manager support to enable operational continuity for contactcenter managers and supervisors Enhanced Contact Media Service (CMS)recording now includes recording forboth OSCC and non-OSCC user recordings which expands recording capabilities and enhances broader business engagement support OSCC Analytics enhancement withCMS recording now integrates nativeCMS recording in Softcom Life of Call(LoC) for enhanced customer journeyintelligence. Analytics offerings is alsoincreased with release of full suite ofOSCC Analytics solution which includesSupervisor Lite for entry level supervisor analytics capabilityOpenScape Contact Center V10R2 includes features below to be released afterthe general availability is announced. Release of CMS Voice Portal deliveringenhanced self-service with automaticspeech recognition (ASR) and text tospeech (TTS) Integrated video and screenshare supportAdditional benefits include: Improved ecosystem integration RESTAPIs enable integration with 3rd partyTrusted partner of your Digital Journeyapplications and flexible corporate webchat page configurations Expanded social channels communication with out-of-box support for Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp Improved self-serviceability and administration with OSCC Web Manager andWeb Supervisor. Improved upgradeprocess from major OSCC version tominor version delivers costs and timesavings Improved digital transformation capability with full chat AI bundle that leverages Atos Google partnership and alsosupports integration with other AI provider IT Policy and Security enhancementswith improved single sign on (SAML2)authentication Improved deployment options withsupport for managed hosted GoogleCloud Platform (GCP) deployment Unify platform support: OpenScapeVoice (V9R3, V9 R4, V10) OpenScape4000 V8R2, OpenScape Business V2and OpenScape UC V9 R4.For managers, the OpenScape ContactCenter Enterprise Manager application offers next-generation visualization tools forcontact center engagement managementand reporting. This enables supervisorsand administrators to reach optimum contact-center performance.Multi-channel presence and collaborationtools can extend engagement to experts,decision makers and knowledgeableworkers across the organization, as well asacross off-site locations.

OpenScape Contact Center Enterprise'smodularity and support for both traditional and IP-telephony, including SIP, provideinvestment protection and acceleratedROI. Whether the contact center is centralized, or users are distributed across diverse locations, departments or functions,OpenScape Contact Center Enterprise isdesigned to help improve your businessoperations and finances.The audio notification preferences such asthe volume can be modified.Agent ChoiceAgent Portal WebIntegrated Softphone,video and screenshareThe Agent Portal Web is a browser-basedclient with a user-friendly graphic interfacesupporting all media channels in the contact center such as voice, callback, webchat, Email and social media contacts.With the OpenScape Contact Center V10R2 the Agent Portal Web client has beenenhanced with an integrated (WebRTC)softphone, video and screenshare capability providing support for operational continuity while giving agents device choices.The agent can handle inbound and outbound voice and video contacts by usingtheir computer audio and video devices.Embedded dial padFigure 1: Agent Portal Web Integrated SoftphoneThe Agent Portal Web continues to provide support for LDAP (lightweight directory access protocol), handling of team andspeed lists and the 360 customer viewfeatureThe following benefits are also providedwith the Agent Portal Web Integrated Softphone, video and screenshare capability: Business Continuity - Integrated softphone helps improve the agent experience by reducing application clutter ontheir screen.Figure 2: Agent Portal Web with video and screenshare support Reliability & Security - Built in encryption (https and voice data traffic) ensures secure communication. Convenience & Simplicity - Designedwith installation and configuration simplicity. Simply connect to the public internet - no need for complex networksetup. All Agent Portal Web features areretained. Cost effectiveness - Leverage the current OSCC environment. Upgrade to latest version and then connect remotely. Easy ordering - Integrated and easycommercial process. Ordering and installation delivered as part of existingOSCC licensing.Agent Portal Web also includes improvedagent notification to provide audio alertsto the agent when handling email and callback contacts.2Trusted partner of your Digital JourneyFigure 3: Agent Portal Web audio notification

Contact Media ServiceThe Contact Media Service (CMS) is a replacement for the Call Director SIP Service(CDSS) providing announcement andmessaging for voice contacts. As of OpenScape Contact Center V10 R2, the CMShas been enhanced with the following additional capabilities:Support for integrated SoftphoneWith OSCC V10 R2 the CMS has been enhanced to provide support for the AgentPortal Web Integrated softphone by offering softphone ports for use in softphonecommunication. The CMS works as a WebRTC server providing a gateway betweenWebRTC and SIP/RTP to the OpenScapeVoice. Each CMS server instance can support up to 300 registered WebRTC clientsand multiple CMS servers can be used toscale up to support the specified 1500agents in an OSCC system instance. Support is currently available for the OpenScape Voice (OSV) switch platform. Support for OpenScape 4000 and OSbizswitch platforms is planned for future release.Figure 4: Contact Media Service (CMS) RecorderSupport for video & screenshareWith OSCC V10 R2, CMS is also enhancedto provide support for video & screenshare communication by offering video &screenshare ports. It mediates the communication between WebRTC and switchplatform. This feature will be a late releaseof OSCC V10 R2Support for RecordingCMS voice recording support for OpenScape Contact Center users was releasedwith OSCC V10 R1 (FR2). With OSCC V10R2, the CMS voice recording has been expanded to support recording of non-OSCCusers to help increase choice, provide convenience and reduce cost of implementing recording solutions in the customerscommunication environment.Support is only currently available on theOpenScape Voice switch platform and willbe expanded to other Unify switch platforms in future release.Recording capabilities include: record, search, playback and exportor share agent voice conversations manage recording with the Web Supervisor or use mobile supervisorwhen mobile.An existing OSCC system must be installed in the environment to record nonOSCC usersFigure 5: Contact Media ServiceSupport for Voice Portal The CMS Voice Portal is the new fullyenabled Interactive Voice Response(IVR) providing support for AutomaticSpeech Recognition (ASR) and Text toSpeech (TTS) capabilities as well as enabling complex voice session automated responses. The ASR and TTS capabilities are powered by Nuance speechprocessors. The CMS voice portal isbuilt on the same underlying mediaserver application and its addition expands the overall capabilities of theContact Media Service. OSCC Enterprise V10 CMS VoicePortal TTS, OSCC Enterprise V10 CMS VoicePortal ASR, The CMS Voice Portal base licenseis required to enable this capability.The following key licensable features areavailable with the CMS Voice Portal. OSCC Enterprise V10 CMS VoicePortal session port OSCC Enterprise V10 CMS VoicePortal (base)OpenScape Contact Center Enterprise V10 R23

Remote OpenScapeContact Center ManagersupportLoC Integrated recordingOpenScape Contact Center Manager hasbeen tested with Windows Server 2016"RemoteApp" so contact center managerscan work remotely. It enables the OpenScape Contact Center manager application appear to run on the user's desktoplike a local application even though it ishosted/run on the virtualized machine atthe remote locationThis complements the overall OpenScapeContact Center strategy to support remote worker so all contact center userscan work remotely and securely.Supervisor Lite dsFigure 6: OSCC Analytics (LoC) Integrated RecordingOpenScape Contact CenterAnalytics (powered bySoftcom) enhancementWith OSCC V10 R2, CMS recordings arenow integrated in OSCC Analytics Life ofCall (powered by Softcom) so managersand supervisors can now: Listen to recording directly from customer journey trace Enhanced supervisor insights of agentcontact handling for quality checks andtraining exercisesAlso new Supervisor Lite (entry-level analytics) is now included in sales tools. Pared-down version of the full supervisor product Includes pre-made KPIs and dashboardof most important stats Easily customizable Set alerts, receive SMS and email notificationsA 30-day free evaluation license of Supervisor Lite is included with an OSCC V10 R2system.Note: The full OSCC Analytics (Softcomsuite) is now added to our sales tools.Figure 7: OSCC Analytis (LoC) Product Suitehalf, and help extend their self-service options.The OpenScape Contact Center virtualagent /chatbot solution released sinceOSCC V9 R3 provides support for textbased conversational communication viaemail, web chat and social media communication with native support for Google'sDialogflow enabling Artificial Intelligence(AI) and Natural Language Processing.The solution includes Virtual Agent RESTAPI which allows integrating the VirtualAgent with other AI/NLP provider.Benefits include:Reporting options add to existing comprehensive reporting capabilities throughgraphical visualizations, such as the heatmap. Reducing average handling times asthe chatbot handles routine repetitiveconversations with ability to transfer tolive agent if needed.Support for Chat Bots Driving new revenue through improvedonline sales conversion;The Chat Bot (or Virtual Agent) is able tounderstand what a customer types, discern their intent, respond in a conversational manner, act on the customer's be- Leverage expanded Artificial Intelligence capabilities with integration tomultiple vendors via the Chat Bot API interface.4Trusted partner of your Digital JourneyOSCC supports more than one Artificial Intelligence profile per OSCC tenant. This allows chatbots to handle multiple areas ofinterest. For example, a profile can be configured to handle requests related to language (e.g. German or English) or could beused to assign chatbots to handle requests based on a company's departments (e.g. sales, helpdesk or returns)REST SDKThe SDK ecosystem is enhanced with release of REST SDK capability. PreviousSDK interfaces (based on COM method)will continue to be available. This newREST interfaces will expand OpenScapeContact Center capability to support current and future SDK integration methodsand expose OSCC functionality to customapplications.The REST SDK released with OSCC V10 includes support for Voice (includingEvents), Callback, Web Collaboration, Social Media, Agent Presence, Call, Agent,Routing Controls and Real Time Statistics.Support for Email and other business pro-

cess media functionality will be deliveredin future releases.Enable Bulk Changes ofAgents' SkillsCurrently managers edit each individualagent's skills to allow them handle changing business requirements; for example,during a shift change. For organizationswith large number of agents this repetitivechange becomes time consuming, errorprone and inefficientManagers can now implement bulkchanges to agent skill sets, helping to improve reaction time and processing efficiency with the ability to:Figure 8: Multiple virtual Agent Profiles per tenant Edit skills, skill level and preferences formultiple agents at one time Export to CSV and reimport with changes, if needed.Unified Communication(UC)/Contact Center (CC)co-existence also withOpenScape 4000 switchplatformThis feature enables agents to work withboth OSCC and UC applications on theOpenScape Voice and now with the OpenScape 4000 switch on the same switchextension. The agent is able