Invisalign fundamentals courseWelcome to the start of your Invisalign journey.Practice:Your role:

Table of contentsOpportunity in your office. 02Invisalign product portfolio. 03Case assessment tool. 04Invisalign Photo Uploader app. 05iTero Element scanner. 06Invisalign Doctor Site.07Invisalign Go office workflow. 08Successful patient conversions. 10Doctor section. 12Treatment submission process.12Treatment monitoring. 13Retention. 144 common case types. 16ClinCheck . 18Starting treatment. 20Team section. 22Successful patiernt conversations.22Talk tracks.24Placing attachments. 26Invisalign Go treatment goals. 2801

Opportunity in your office75 %of adult patientscould benefit fromteeth straightening*What does that mean for your office?Take 5 minutes to understand the opportunity in your office.How many hygiene visits do you have a week?A.x 0.75 B.If you convert only 5% of those patients, what would that mean to your office growth?B.D.x 0.05 C.x Invisalign fee x 4 week/m D. *Data Source: *Brunelle JA, Bhat M, Lipton MA. Prevalence and distribution of selected occlusal characteristics in the U.S. population, 1988-1991.,J Dent Res. 1996;75 Spec No:706–13.02per/mper/m

Invisalign product portfolioInvisalignProductInvisalignExpress 5Number ss e13UnlimitedInvisalign PackageUp to blefor purchaseOne setincludedfor 1 yearOnerefinementavailablefor purchaseTwo setsincludedfor 2 yearsUnlimitedfor 5 yearsOne setOne setincludedfor 2 yearsUnlimitedfor 5 yearsClinicalscopeVery mildRelapseto mildMildtreatmentMild tomoderateAestheticallyorientedMild tomoderateMild tomoderateModerateto severeInvisalign Go systemThe Invisalign Go system was made to combat the barriers dentists face with Invisalign treatment, including:Difficultywith patientselectionNotclinicallyconfidentChairtime tcommunicationand conversionThe Invisalign Go system includes: Treatment designed for mild to moderate malocclusion cases Up to 20 aligners Treatment of second pre-molar to second pre-molar Arch width expansion Pre-restorative anterior alignment One set of additional aligners03

Case assessment toolThree easy ways to run a case assessmentInvisalign PhotoUploader app (IPU)iTero Element scannerInvisalign DoctorSite (IDS)Benefits of the Invisalign case assessment tool: Helps simplify patient and product selection Quickly determine if chief concerns can be addressed with the Invisalign Go treatment Access the Case Assessment tool in multiple ways04

Case assessment toolInvisalign Photo Uploader appMaterials needed: iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch with iOS 11.0 or later. Samsung Galaxy S5(Android 5.0), S7(Android 6.0.1), S8(Android 7.0), and S9 (Android 8.0.0)Step 1. Create a patientStep 2. Take initial extra-oral photosOpen the MobilePhoto Uploader app,create a new patientand add patient info.For extra-oral photos,position the patientin front of a nondistracting background,with some distance toprevent backgroundshadows.Stand directly in frontof the patient and alignwith the photo guide onthe template.Step 3. Take initial intra-oral photosStep 4. Request a case assessmentProvide the patientwith cheek retractorsand show how touse them.Align the phototemplate grid with thepatient’s teeth to takeall intra-oral photosrequired.Step 5. Select the chief concernsStep 6. Receive case assessment resultsYour case assessment resultwill be delivered via notificationto your device.If the result is: RecommendTreatment, the doctor can takeaction in IDS and create thetreatment plan.If the result is: Don’t RecommendTreatment, the doctor has twooptions listed, 1) Proceed with partial treatment and switch tocomprehensive, or 2) Refer to a specialist05

Case assessment tooliTero Element scannerYou can also start an Invisalign Go case assessment using the iTero Element 2 and iTero Element Flex scanners.Step 1. New scan Select “New Scan” Fill out required information Select the scan sleeve button to begin scanningStep 2. Submit case Select the magnifying glass icon to process the digital image Then select the envelope icon to send the scan to your“My iTero” to be viewed or submitted Select “Invisalign Go Case Assessment”Step 3. Evaluate case assessment results“Invisalign Go treatment recommended” Proceed with Invisalign Go treatment06“Invisalign Go treatment possible” Continue with partial Invisalign Go treatment Switch to Comprehensive Refer to a specialist

Case assessment toolInvisalign Doctor SiteYou can also access this feature using the Invisalign Doctor siteStep 1. Create patient’s toreAcademySupportSupport Select “Add new patient” Enter patient’s dataStep 2. Submit casePatientsAccountStoreAcademySupport Upload intral-oral pictures (10 mexapixel or higher; JPEGformat) in original format. Extra-oral pictures are optionalat this point. Identify missing teeth and landmark teeth Submit case for assessmentStep 3. Evaluate case assessment resultsPatientsAccountStoreAcademySupport Review case assessment result on patient’s filePatientsAccountStoreAcademySupport Evaluate case assessment result and proceed withnext steps accordingly:- Refer to Specialist (see Case Referral)- Submit the case (see Submission Process)07

Invisalign Go office workflow01Notes080204050607080903

Invisalign Go office workflowWorksheetTake 15 minutes to work with your team to complete the following worksheet.ActivityAssigned eceptionOtherReceptionOtherReceptionOther09

Successful patient conversionFinancial conversation exercisePlease fill in the blanks, then create your own talk-tracks using the scenarios provided. Feel free to make theseas specific as possible using your actual financing options so you may reference this sheet to help with theseconversations in the future.Name of third-party financingCurrent Invisalign fee“As low as” numberScenario“Yes, but I bet it’s expensive.”What response could lead to a potentialInvisalign patient?“I understand your concern. I would have the same concern; thegood news is we offer flexible options that may fit comfortablywith your lifestyle. Did you know the doctor cares so much aboutyour orthodontic treatment that he/she is willing to offerfinancing (0% low interest, etc.)?”“It’s also important to understand that straightening your teethmay prevent more treatments and expenses in years to come.”“Yes, but I don’t have any insurance.” or“I would, but my insurance doesn’t cover this.”Fifteen-year-old Trey arrives at his hygiene appointmentwith his parents. Trey’s father mentions that his son hasbeen asking for braces. You mention a consultation but heimmediately declines, claiming he “does not have 5,000laying around the house.”Thirteen-year-old Katherine is coming in for another cleaning.Her crowded teeth make it difficult for her to floss properly.Her older brother drops her off and says their mother will bepicking her up in an hour. During her appointment, Katherinementions that her friend started Invisalign treatment and “it’sreally cool.” She asks you how much it is.10“Many dental insurance plans cover Invisalign treatment just asthey would other orthodontic treatments and may cover up to 3,500 of your treatment cost. Even without insurance coverage,we have options that may comfortably fit your lifestyle.”

Successful patient conversionPayment options worksheet exampleTake 10 minutes to work with your team to complete the following worksheet.Current Invisalign feeConcernCostYour orthodontic treatment includes: Comprehensive orthodontic exam Orthodontic x-rays, records, and impressions Professional dental photographs Invisalign clear aligners Vivera retainers Additional aligners for fine-tuning 1500Less ortho insurance coverageYour investmentMonthly payments (24 months, zero down, 0% interest)Monthly payments (18 months, zero down, 0% interest)Monthly payments (12 months, zero down, 0% interest)Cost if paying with cash11

Doctor sectionTreatment submission processPrescription formTips & tricks Retain an original copy of all records; submitted records will not be returned. For your own records take alginate impressions to create study models or take an intra-oral scan if desired.Invisalign submission box checklistThe following records are required for Invisalign treatment submission: Upper and lower PVS impressions or intra-oral scan Online Prescription Form Online photos (extra-oral are optional)Procedure – Prescription form01PatientsAccountStoreAcademySupport02Go to the patient’s file andselect “Start 03Choose Invisalign Gotreatment 5Upload intra-oral scan orindicate that you will sendPVS impressions.07Check summary of thePrescription Form beforesubmitting oad radiographs (optional step).Upload patient photos.08StoreFill out questions with specificpatient treatment plan.Patients04Account09Print shipping page with barcode andinclude in the Invisalign submission box.Optional: Print the Prescription Formsummary with barcode and include inthe Invisalign submission box.PatientsAccountStoreAcademySupportFinal submitted PrescriptionForm available at Patient FilePage for reference.

Doctor sectionTreatment monitoringAppointment plan Check the Appointment Plan to see what is programmed for each monitoring appointment. In this documentyou will find treatment requirements and detailed instructions on the actions you need to take on that specificappointment. You can download the pdf from the Treatment Overview section in the Latest Documents section on the Patient’sfile on IDS, or check it in the Treatment tab on the ClinCheck Treatment Plan.Procedure – Prescription form Follow the steps indicated for the specific monitoring appointment in the Appointment Plan. The basic actions you have to take during monitoring appointments: Check for fit of current aligners Check to ensure all attachments are intact. Replace attachments if needed Check all contacts with unwaxed dental floss to determine if there are tight contacts Proceed with IPR or placing/removing attachments if programmed Deliver next sets of aligners13

Doctor sectionRetentionVivera retainersRetention Retention is the phase of orthodontic treatment that maintains the teeth in their orthodontically corrected positionsfollowing the cessation of active orthodontic tooth movement. The paradigm today is that retention is for life.Definition Vivera retainers are the premium option for removable clear retention.How to order Vivera retainersStep 1. Select Vivera